OpenSUSE :: Cannot Access OpenGL For Compiz

Feb 26, 2011

Failed to activate desktop effects using the given options. Settings will be reverted to their previous values.

Check your X configuaration.

You may also consider changing advanced options, especially changing the composting type. I cannot use OpenGL, hence my Compiz is useless.. I have ATI 5850s

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Ubuntu :: Compiz / OpenGL - Show A Black Screen Of The 13

Feb 24, 2011

The first issue is that none of the screensavers that come with ubuntu that have GL in the name work on my system. They just show a black screen.Of the 13 that came when i first installed the only ones that work are cosmos, fibrelamp, floating feet, floating ubuntu and fuzzyflakes. All the others show nothing at all. Fair enough I thought,I can live with that so downloaded a few games and things. All worked til I tried my first 3d game(oolite). On starting this I am just faced with a black screen and nothing happens. I think that the 2 issues may be related and that its likely to be a open GL issue. I have installed latest AMD drivers and my card(4350) seems to work fine. Edit: Just tried to use visualisations while using Rhythmbox and these dont work either.They show up on screen but cause my system to freeze,so I am sure I have a graphics problem

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Slight Stuttering In OpenGL Program If Using Compiz

Nov 15, 2010

I'm using currently ubuntu 10.10. Having a nvidia gt220 with the proprietary drivers. I used compiz for a while. It works quite well, with vsync on and so on. But one thing bothers me all the time: In any opengl program (like a game or the unigen benchmarks) or on video playback (no matter if its the default video player, xbmc or what ever) I see some kind of stutter. About every second or so it jumps one frame forward and then two back. Till the next second it plays fluid.

To be able to observe this easily you need a video (or a opengl scene) where the whole screen scrolls in a medium speed but smooth. Than you can observ how it "jumps" every second. If the scrolling is too slow you wont observe it. Now, if I turn composite off this disapears. All play fluid. Ofcourse I get tearing as long as I do not also disable the composite extension in the xorg.conf, but this is another story. Is there a possibility to fix this stuttering with compiz active? Cause I use this pc to watch movies quite often so this would render compiz unusable.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 - User Interface (UI) Disappeared + Compiz & OpenGL - Cannot Control Anything Anymore

May 19, 2011

I blew my UI (Unity) and dont know how to get it back. I wanted to set my Desktop cube using Compiz and selected OpenGL, but this blew my whole UI away and I cannot control anything anymore. From the empty screen I opened the application console using crtl + F2 There, a Login shows up but I do not know how to login (yeah LOLing here too). Username and my Password didnt make it. I could also not setup any new root password there. What data is needed here? Root, Username? Ubuntu 11.04 ubuntu ubuntu Login:

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General :: Access Serialport (RS232) Data Using OpenGL?

Apr 27, 2010

how to access serialport(RS232) data using OpenGL.Heard about SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer),but didn't get how to use SDL and OpenGL to access RS232 data.

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Fedora :: Wine/opengl/32 To 64 Bit - Cannot Load OpenGL When Try To Start WoW

Oct 19, 2009

I just upgraded from FC8 (32-bit) to FC11 (64-bit). In doing so, I backed up my entire World of Warcraft folder so I could try to avoid having to download and install it all over again. However, I've now reinstalled wine (64-bit now), and the nvidia drivers from the rpmfusion repos (also 64-bit), and when I try to start WoW, it says it cannot load OpenGL. I'm wondering if anyone knows what's up, and if there's a solution that doesn't involve reinstalling WoW.

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OpenSUSE :: Cairo Dock With OpenGL Not Running - 11.3?

Jul 21, 2010

I recently upgraded from 11.2 to 11.3. I had to manually install nVidia drivers to get the desktop working correctly (compiz was enabled), now the system runs fine except for cairo-dock which doesn't start on KDE boot.Running it from console and choosing Yes when asked for using OpenGL, it returns an error

djechelon@MONSTR:~> cairo-dock
Cairo-Dock version: 2.1.3-7
Compiled date: Mar 18 2010 20:45:24
Running with OpenGL: 1

cairo-dock: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: GTK_WIDGET_NO_WINDOW

After upgrade to 11.3 I performed a full distro upgrade via YaST by updating all the packages if a newer version was available, so I'm using the latest version of all the packages on my system. I searched with YaST for the package containing that libgtkglext and forced its upgrade in order to reinstall it. No fix.Here is my repository list



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OpenSUSE :: KDE Desktop Effects Cannot Revert To OpenGL

Jan 27, 2011

Last night I was playing around with Desktop Effects and set the composting engine to Xrender, it was openGL. And things started to slow down tremendously. There is now lag on Alt+F1, lag when mousing over hidden taskbar, lag when moving windows, etc. I was trying to get rid of a trail of images when moving windows around. I created more problems. Things got even better when I tried to change back to openGL:

"Failed to activate desktop effects using the given configuration options. Setting will be reverted back to previous values. Check your X configuration. You may also consider changing advancde options, especially changing the composting type." The same thing happens when I click on "Default", the default options disable desktop effects.

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OpenSUSE :: KWin OpenGL Compositing Self-check Failed?

Oct 28, 2010

I have recently updated my ATI drivers to Catalyst 10.10 ( from the AMD website and I have not been able to get KWin to enable compositing.

I am using:
openSUSE 11.3 x64
KDE 4.5.2


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Slow Graphics - OpenGL Does Not Work

Feb 14, 2010

I have installed Suse Linux 11.2 and I had problem with graphics, when I moved windows there were many lines showing, I have installed an original driver for it and now instead of lines moving windows is very slow. When I try to activate compositing with flip with it gives an error and OpenGL does not work. Only XRender works and windows are faster but scrolling is still slow.
My Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4570
Installed Driver: ATI Radeon HD 4500 Series

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Dual Display Not Saving And OpenGL Crashes

Jul 20, 2010

I am having a few strange issues with my new SUSE 11.3 install. This is my first time attempting to use it as my full time OS, so I can't say if these problems existed in previous versions.

1.) When I configure extended desktop, it works fine, but the settings do not save. Anytime I reboot my system, I have to reconfigure the Dual Display settings

2.) If I enable openGL effects, or use an OpenGL screen saver my system locks up and I can not restart X. (I have to power cycle the computer)

3.) I get corrupt icons sometimes in my system tray and desktop. (They look like a TV that is tuned into a non broadcasting number)

I have a Quadro 1700, and I read about installing the NVIDIA drivers instead of the ones that come with SUSE.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Radeon Driver Opengl Support ( Lack Of )?

Sep 20, 2010

I'm an owner of a ATI mobility radeon X1300 card. Since ATI tagged my card as legacy, i'm stuck with the open source radeon drivers. Wich doesn't bother me, as i know they are slower and openGL support doesn't equal fglrx. What does bother me is that the current version 7.9 dev. claims to have full opengl support up to 2.1. I'm trying to use a extention that is part of the openGL version 1.3 and it's failing. This is a known issue for a long time now and it really disappoints me. "Compressed textures" is what i'm talking about.

Is there any way to make sure that drivers aren't tagged with something they support if they obviously don't? I guess the KDE4 kwin vs drivers thing is the same as i'm trying to say now. Drivers should be documented with what they effectively support and not what they should support. What can I do to make this public to xorg developers? I could only think about posting this here as i have no idea where to put it elsewere. Could someone please point me in the right direction to where i should send this complaint?

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Ubuntu :: No Access To Certain Plugins As Unity And Compiz

Jun 6, 2011

I have recently purchased an ASUS Eee PC (netbook) model 1215T MU10. It has the AMD Athlon II Neo K125 (1.70GHz) processor and a AMD 'nile' platform with an integrated AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics card. It has 2 gigs of DDR3 ram. I received the netbook with no OS and installed Ubuntu 11.04 Natty as its only OS. How to make this OS as functional as possible on the computer which it is installed. I have tried to do this myself and noticed I could not access certain plug-ins such as Unity and Compiz ccss. I fiddled with things and eventually ended up having to do a fresh install of the OS and coming to the realization that I have not a clue what I am doing. I have seen video reviews of the unity interface and would absolutely LOVE to have some of the cool things it can do happening on my display.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Mednafen - Configure: Error: *** OpenGL Header File Not Found

Jul 22, 2011

I'm having some problems compiling mednafen on Suse 11.4. When I run configure, things work fine until I get the following series of errors:


configure: error: *** OpenGL header file not found! I've seen references in a few places that these type ("Present But Cannot Be Compiled") can usually be ignored, but in this case ./configure fails and I can't make. I am unsure why this is, as I've installed mednafen on Suse 11.4 before and it runs fine. I've tried installing various OpenGL-related packages that I can find (Mesa, freeglut, glib, etc) but nothing seems to solve the problem

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OpenSUSE :: Using Compiz On KDE?

Apr 21, 2010

I recently started using OpenSuSE, coming from a year on Kubuntu as my introduction to Linux operating systems. I had tried out Compiz and liked it, though I used KWin more often than not, and I thought I'd give it a try. However, when I went into YaST to get it, I noticed that it wants to install gnome-desktop and some GNOME programs along with it...I had at one pointed tried Ubuntu Studio alongside my Kubuntu desktop, and I regretted it immediately because ever since I had done that a bunch of things got screwed up in KDE. So I'm a little leery about installing GNOME just to get Compiz working...

Is there a way to use Compiz without the gnome-desktop? Shouldn't it just need GNOME libraries to work? Is installing gnome-desktop along with Compiz going to screw things up and add a bunch of GNOME programs I don't want or need (ex. Nautilus) alongside KDE? If so, I won't bother getting it, so I thought I'd ask, because I don't want to screw things up like I did on Kubuntu.

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.3 Amd64 - Having Internet Access But Cannot Access Repos - IPV6?

Aug 26, 2010

I installed 11.3amd64 as a VM under Vista/VMWare Player - all worked fine. I have now installed it as a physical system. It nstalled cleanly BUT during first boot it could not access the repos. With each repo it gave the message

- download (curl) error for (repo)
- error code connection failed
- error message could not resolve host (repo)

This was followed by a message box containing

- UI syntax error
- no widget with ID 'contents

Firefox could not access the internet (cannot find server) until I disabled IPV6 (I used about:config), now it works fine. I think the repos problem is because of IPV6 - I usually have trouble with IPV6. I tried disabling IPV6 with the following (How To Disable ipv6 on SuSE Linux | Linux Poison)


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OpenSUSE :: Setting Up Compiz 11.2

Jan 14, 2010

Im using opensuse 11.2 X64 with KDE and ati drivers.I want to set up compiz so I can use transparancy and the likes. I've used the 1-click installer provided for KDE and compiz is installed.I've ran a "check script" for compiz which indicated that there's no rendering method in use currently (AIGLX, Xgl or Nvidia

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OpenSUSE :: Cant Get Compiz To Work?

Feb 16, 2010

I have just installed compiz through the YaST2 software manager.It all downloaded and installed OK as I can see it in the Kickoff Application Launcher.But although I have set the configuration for cube rotate, when I point and click to different desktops on the task bar, the switch is without rotation

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OpenSUSE :: Alt + Tab Not Working In Compiz?

Jun 26, 2010

I just installed Compiz for KDE in my OpenSUSE 11.2. I use Compiz for my window manager but there is a problem. When I press Alt + Tab there is nothing happen. Is there anything I need to configure in Compiz?

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OpenSUSE :: How To Enable Compiz

Aug 12, 2010

I have installed the nvidia video driver by using the one-click video driver installation procedure from opensuse.I can now enable advanced desktop effects such as snow. I also installed compiz with the one click procedureMy problem is that after I enable compiz after using the simple-ccsm command and enabling the compiz none of my keyboard shortcuts works anymore like alt+tab and other shortcuts I have configure so far.

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OpenSUSE :: How To Configure The Compiz

Oct 23, 2010

i had ubuntu lucid for a while and now im using opensuse 11.3 with gnomei had compiz on ubuntu with ccsm(manager) and it was good but i cant find that in opensuse. is there such a thing for opensuse?

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OpenSUSE :: Compiz Does Not Work In 11.4?

Apr 3, 2011

Compiz does not work completely in 11.4 even ccsm does not start with the following output:

anixx@anixx-desktop:~> ccsm
/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ RuntimeWarning: tp_compare didn't return -1 or -2 for exception


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: When Try To Access The 500GB Drive Via Ssh It Says Access Denied

Mar 11, 2010

I have two external hard drives. One is a 2.5" 80GB USB HDD and the other is a Seagate 3.5" USB 500GB HDD. Both hard drives are mounted properly and I can access the data on both hard drives. I can access the small 80GB HDD via ssh from another computer and delete files, but when I try to access the 500GB drive via ssh it says access denied. When I try to access it with root, I can access it but I cannot see any files listed.

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OpenSUSE :: Compiz & No Menu Bars?

Mar 21, 2010

I have opensuse 11.2 64 bit with the latest Nvidia drivers on a Gnome desktop; out of the box compiz 7.8 worked great. I had no intention of upgrading but I did with the upgrade to 8.4. Everything upgraded fine except I lost my menu bars on all screens when they were opened. I downgraded back down to 7.8 and still the same issue. Right now I have no compiz on so I can have have my menu bars. There is something I must be missing when I installed or reinstalled or upgraded compiz. I would like to get an original compiz setup that a fresh install gives.

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OpenSUSE :: Compiz 0.8.6 On 11.2 Gnome Slow?

Jun 5, 2010

I'm upgrade my Compiz to 0.8.6.. but it turn run extremely slow on my system (11.2 Gnome)and Intel GPU. Got it from here: Index of /repositories/X11:/Compiz/openSUSE_11.2

Now I'm downgrading to 0.8.4.. Question is, do really I need to upgrade, because I read that theres no new features only bugs fix and speed improvement.

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OpenSUSE :: Weird Compiz - 3D Windows Bug?

Jun 8, 2010

After having some problems with the latest Ubuntu release, I decided to give openSUSE another chance. This time I managed to get flawlessly working everything I needed, and I'm very satisfied with this distro so far.

That said, I encountered a weird glitch in Compiz, specifically with its 3D Windows plugin. It's not really a big deal, but it bugs me, so I might as well give it a shot and ask about it here. With the 3D Windows activated, this is what I get:

what causes this and how can I fix it? I'm using the latest NVIDIA propietary drivers. If you need me to post any additional info, I'll be happy to comply.

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OpenSUSE :: Starting Compiz In LXDE

Oct 31, 2010

anyone can tell me how i can make sure that compiz starts on boot in LXDE?i got opensuse 11.3 LXDE, but need to change to compiz manually each time i boot my system by starting simple-ccsm and checking the enable checkbox.

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OpenSUSE :: Kde Turn Off Compiz For All Time?

Dec 9, 2010

I had installed SUSE KDE and then installed Gnome too. I had chosen Suse as distro that has incredible KDE performance, however Gnome is great too. I hoped old oversimplistic gnome with disgusting theme, but it was great and fast. Then I had run compiz. I want compiz only on the gnome, on KDE I want Kwin. I could override compiz with

kwin --replace

, but this temporary solution. Where I can to put this on session startup, or choose kwin on KDE permanently with some kind of preferences

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Ubuntu :: Use Compiz On OpenSUSE KDE - Disabled

Dec 18, 2010

I am trying to use compiz on OpenSUSE KDE. I launch CCSM, enable some plugins, close it, start it again and all of them are disabled again. I have the compiz package installed.

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OpenSUSE :: Compiz Cube Rocking Like Feature

Jan 31, 2010

Whenever I change workspaces, the compiz cube rocks to a stop, taking up precious time. How can I get rid of that rocking feature?

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