Fedora :: VLC Player Blocks Screensaver While Playing But Monitor Still Turns Off When Watching For Some Time?

Aug 5, 2010

My VLC player blocks screensaver while playing, but my monitor still turns off when watching for some time. I did a few searches, but I don't see any good keywords so I'm starting a new thread.

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Fedora :: Script To Disable Screensaver Only While Watching Movies

May 30, 2011

i would like to know if there are any good ways to disable and then reenable (the latter is key!) the screensaver so that it doesn't start when i'm watching movies with xine or when i'm watching flash things online like through hulu, videos, or so on. it's relatively simple to have a script run that will turn off the screensaver before starting a certain executable. but what about turning it back on again when the executable closes? and is there any way to detect that flash is running inside a browser window and then disable that temporarily?

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Fedora :: Monitor Turns Off After 10 Minutes?

Feb 8, 2011

FC13. In Screensaver, I've made sure no screensaver is selected. In Power Management, PowerDevil is unchecked, profile is set to "performance" and that profile is set to never dim the screen. In fact, just to be sure, I edited all the other unselected profiles to not dim the screen. I've done this as a user, and I've done this as root. My monitor still gets turned off at the 10 minutes mark (I used a stopwatch).

Site search only turned up this thread, but I'm using kde not gnome, and I can't locate a screensaver daemon to kill.

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Fedora :: Monitor Becomes Inactive (goes Blank) When Watching Video

Jul 18, 2011

I run LXDE with Openbox as WM on Fedora 15. When I watch videos with Totem or VLC, the monitor doesn't register any activity, and goes into power saving mode (goes blank) after a certain amount of time (about 10-15 mins). How can I prevent this from happening? (I just switched over to Fedora from Arch, using GDM and Openbox. I didn't have this problem on that installation, so it's probably not hardware related.)

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Ubuntu :: Watching Videos, Or Playing Games With Wine - CPU Usage 100% ?

May 9, 2011

I've a problem while I'm doing some stuff like watching videos, or playing games with wine or **** like that, my PC starts to lagg or I cant play... Because,when i do that things my CPU usage begins to fly (100%),and then is when I ask myself:

Whats happening?????

I've found a thread about this same problem but I cant understand it (here is is)


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Fedora :: Unable To Use The Screensaver In Asus 27" Monitor

Jan 27, 2011

Just upgraded to a super sexy Asus 27" LED monitor. It's awesome, however ther are a few quirks I'm wondering if I just have to live with or if they're fixable. These may not be directly related to the monitor...hence posting here rather than hardware.Specs: Asus 27" LED VE278Q monitor. Nvidia graphics card. Dell 8100 w/ 8GB ram, 64-bit. Fedora 13 running Gnome.

The first quirk is that I have a VNC window open almost all the time and if I leave my cursor on the VNC window, the screensaver won't come on, even if no action has happened on the keyboard or mouse (or in the VNC window). It would be nice if the screensaver worked.

The second problem is that when I'm using the keyboard and/or mouse in the VNC window, apparently, the screensaver doesn't realize the keyboard is being used...and the moment I switch to a different window, up comes the screensaver.

I'm having what I think is a documented hardware issue probably related to the Nvidia driver: at infrequent times, often when I'm using GIMP or other graphics-intensive program, the screen will flicker and/or go completely black for a split second. Distracting as all hell, but not a show stopper. It does not appear to happen when I'm using the web or doing other non-graphic intensive stuff, so I'm guessing this is not the monitor itself, but rather the card or the drivers for it.

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Fedora :: Set Totem Player To Open In External Monitor And Not In Built-in Monitor

Aug 11, 2011

I have an external monitor connected to my laptop (extended display). I always drag the Totem player from the laptop screen to external monitor to watch video files. I wonder, if the Totem player can be set to open in the external monitor automatically, everytime I open it?

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Fedora :: Dragon Player Is Not Playing?

Dec 27, 2010

I feel like watching The Matrix today, so I clean my lens and put in the DVD. It is initially read, but it doesn't start and I can't figure out why not.

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Software :: Totem Player Not Playing Movies In Fedora 13

Nov 21, 2010

Totem Player not Playing Movies in Fedora 13. Keeps saying codecs/plugins missing.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Movie Player And VLC Media Player Not Playing DVD?

Aug 1, 2011

When playing coyright protected DVD's in Ubuntu 10.10: the following errors occur:Movie Player Error message:Error occured Could not read from resourceVLC media Player Error essage:Playback failure:DVDRead could not read block 0.Non copyright protected DVD's play fine

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Watching Movies In Any Video Player

Jun 15, 2010

I'm just getting started with Ubuntu 64-Bit. Basically, I have Totem Movie Player and VLC Media Player installed and every time I watch a movie in either one of them. If I tab out of them or minimize them, when I bring the media player back up the screen is black. The sound still works perfectly but I can't see the movie and I've tried several media players out and they all do the same thing. Basically I can't multitask or bring up anything else while I watch a movie or I have to restart the player because of the media screen going black.

I'm not sure if my computer specs will help but here they are:
Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid 64-Bit
Intel Xeon X3210 2.13GHz Quad
4GB DDR2-800 RAM
ATI Radeon 4870 512MB Videocard

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Disable Screensaver When Banshee Is Playing?

May 4, 2011

using 11.04/Natty, Banshee is 2.0.0-2ubuntu1 from repos.Is there any way to disable gnome-screensaver when Banshee is playing?Looks like this was possible in Banshee 1.x if Banshee was fullscreen, but in Natty with 2.x , appears that screensaver still activates.

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Ubuntu :: Xfce Screensaver Starts While Playing Video?

Aug 2, 2011

I recently switched to using xfce. Since then, every time i'm watching a video the screensaver turns on after 10 minutes. Is it possible to disable this behavior when playing a video, but still have the screensaverctivate when i'm not doing anything?I'm starting to get really annoyed, as i don't have a tv, i use my pc for everything.I don't know if it matters, but i'm using mplayer

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Turns Off After 10-15 Minutes?

Sep 28, 2010

I've read many posts about other people having this issue and I can't seem to find one that is the same problem I am having. I'm totally new to ubuntu and linux as well for that matter, Basically I wanted to give linux a try and started doing some research and liked everything I read about ubuntu. I went to the website and used the wubi (I think that was what it was called) to install ubuntu. Now when I boot my computer it asks me which operating system I would like to use. I navigate to ubuntu and press enter and it starts up with no problems what so ever.

At first I was really surprised with how easy the installation was and how great everything was going, however. After looking around for about 10 minutes, the screen abruptly went black and then my monitor had a small blue box on it with "No input" on it before the light went from blue to orange. I tried hitting every combination of keys I could think of and in the end had to do a hard restart.

Long story short. every time I use ubuntu my monitor shuts off after about 10-20 minutes, regardless of what activity I am doing. I've tried going to /apps/gnome-power-manager/timeout/ to make sure that sleep_display_ac was set to 0 (it was), I've turned off power management using the power manger under preferences. No matter what I have tried, it continues to be a problem.

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Fedora :: Crontab To Set A File Playing At A Certain Time?

Jun 6, 2010

I used crontab to set a file playing at a certain time, this works fine; however I want this to run even if no-one is logged in (but the computer is on). I can't get it to do this

Line is: 30 06 * * * env DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/totem /home/adunaic/Playlist.pls

Okay I think the problem was with needing a GUI.

Using this instead works, but i only hear the sound when I log in. I think something needs to be doen to start the audio perhaps?

14 17 * * * export DISPLAY=:0.0 && /usr/bin/mpg123 /home/adunaic/alarm.mp3

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Ubuntu :: U11.04 Freezes While Watching Video From Movie Player / Solution For This?

May 10, 2011

I'm new to Ubuntu but I installed Ubuntu 11.04 with no problems. I activated the recommended drivers for my laptop. My laptop is: Acer Aspire 7540G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 video card and AMD Athlon II X2 processor. So the problems comes very very often. I watch videos on fullscreen or I leave them playing in ...... While playin a video the laptop just freezes. Everything stops working. I think this problems comes up may be every 30-40 minutes of watching a movie. I'm not a fan of holding the shut down button for 10 seconds every 40 minutes so I'll be very grateful if someone helps. I've removed Syn to Vblank from the CompizConfig because otherwise Ubuntu runs really slow on my computer and the videos are playing very slow and with very bad quality. When i removed it everything began to run faster but now I've this problem with the freezing... Any ideas ?

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Ubuntu :: Hdtv Blinking When I'm Watching A Video In Movie Player?

Aug 6, 2011

i have for pc connect to my hdtv and sometimes it blinks alot.it like someone is changing the channel. it does it the most when i'm watch a video in movie player. i thought it was just movie player but it does it when vlc player too. oh and it does it too with the nvidia drive on way more.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Screensaver Starts When Playing Movies In Kaffeine

Sep 6, 2010

All of a sudden the screensaver starts when I play movies in kaffeine. I noticed this yesterday. It didn't do that before. I don't know what I've done to make this happen. I'm using Kaffeine v. 1.0-svn3 on a 64 bit OpenSUSE 11.3. My screensaver is kometen4 from kde-look.org.

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Ubuntu :: Watching Videos Doesnt Work Even When Installed The Right Flash Player?

Jan 9, 2011

I have installed the latest version of flash player and watching videos on ..... and other live streaming pages should work, but when i select a video it keeps loading with out playing the video or showing any progress in the loading bar. and i dont have any problems with my internet connection

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Ubuntu Installation :: Monitor Turns Off At Start Install 10.04?

May 13, 2010

the problem is: my monitor turns off when I want to install ubuntu! t's really pissing me off right now.Explanation:right now, I'm using Ubuntu 9.10, and I want to installUbuntu 10.04, so I made a bootable usb, and i booted my computeron this usb. so far, there's nothing going wrong. First, I had to select a language for Ubuntu, so I did that.After that, I had to choose want i want to do with ubuntu,so I selected (of course) "install Ubuntu".Then i got the loading screen, and after a short time,suddenly my monitor turns off

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Ubuntu Installation :: Monitor Turns Off When Booting With10.10

Dec 26, 2010

i can't install ubuntu because after booting from cd. the screen just shows a violet with a man and a keyboard logo on the lower mid and after that the monitor goes off.

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Hardware :: Installed Fglrx - Now Monitor Turns Off During Boot?

Sep 20, 2010

I have just installed an ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro (AGP) in my tower, which is running Ubuntu 10.04. I installed the fglrx driver via Jockey, and ran 'aticonfig --initial', with no errors. Now, when I boot, it gets as far as the plymouth splash screen, and the display turns off, and the power light flashes on and off. If I boot in failsafe and use the backed up confguration, it works fine again. The monitor I am using is quite an old one - a 17" CRT with maximum resolution of 1152x864. I do not know the vendor.

Here is the output of xorg.conf


Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "aticonfig Layout"
Screen 0 "aticonfig-Screen[0]-0" 0 0


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Watching Video With 2 Subtitles At Same Time

Feb 23, 2010

How to watch video with two subtitles(different languages) simultaneously?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Sound Stopped Working, IEC958 Light Turns On Instead Of Sound Playing?

Jan 30, 2011

The sound stopped working on my Macbook Pro 1,1. It was working fine before, and I can't think of any changes I made that would make it stop working. I know it's not a hardware problem because the Apple sound plays when I turn on the computer. Everything is unmuted in ALSA Mixer. None of the hardware options in Sound Preferences produce sound. Plugging in headphones or speakers does not solve the problem. I'm using 10.10.One curiosity: Whenever I do something that would normally cause sound to play, the optical audio red light in the headphone jack turns on, but no sound plays.

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Ubuntu :: Start Rsync In Daemon Mode Every Time System Turns On?

May 6, 2010

I have a Linux box, running rsync, only problem is, I have to turn it off at night. What I want to do is turn it on and when it turns on, rsync will already be running in daemon mode rather then having to run rsync daemon. Does anyone know the solution? I'm sure its simple, I just cannot figure it out

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Watching 720p And 1080p Movies, MKV Format. The Movie Is Breaking All Time?

May 8, 2011

when I'm traying to watch 720p and 1080p movies, MKV format. The movie is breaking all time, do I need to install any codecs or extansions, or use another application.I tried VLC player, and it is same. Well i had same problem with Ubuntu 10.10 and could't fix it.

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Ubuntu :: Suspend Stopped Working - Display Turns Off But The Computer Never Turns Off

Aug 10, 2011

suspend has always worked fine with 11.04 and now it stopped working a few days ago. How can I figure out what is going on? The display turns off but the computer never turns off and the only way to bring it back is to hold the power button down and then start it back up.

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Ubuntu :: VMware Player Stops Screensaver/lock Engaging?

May 9, 2011

I don't know if anyone else sees this, but I get some odd behaviour when using VMware Player sometimes (Ubuntu 10.10, VMware Player 3.1.2 build-301548, dual monitors).My screen locks after 5 minutes of inactivity. I run a Windows XP VM under VMware player occasionally for certain things and that has a screen-lock time of 15 minutes or so. When running the Windows VM in full-screen on one of my two monitors (not tried it on a lower res), if I place the mouse cursor on the XP VM screen and leave it for > 5 minutes, the screen does not appear to lock. I can come back to the machine and still interact with the Windows XP machine and do what I like. If I move the mouse cursor outside the bounds of the XP VM screen, then the whole screen goes black and presents me with the password prompt to unlock the machine

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General :: How To Disable People From Changing Screensaver Time

Oct 25, 2010

Running RHEL5 and because of the environment that we are in we have to disable the users being able to change the screen saver. I have tried using the gconf-editor to see if I can disable it but don't know if that is the correct way of doing it. I also looked in /etc/xdg/menus and really don't want to miss with that.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Disable Secondary Monitor Quickly Other Than Loading Up Nvidia-settings And Disabling The Monitor Every Time?

Jun 29, 2010

Currently I have two 1920x1080 screens running in Twinview on my Geforce 275 graphics card. Want I want to do is a quick simple way of disabling my secondary monitor when playing video games or using xbmc to watch movies, etc. I've tried a few applets but they require the xandr function which I think Nvidia doesn't support.

Is there a way to disable this quickly other than loading up nvidia-settings and disabling the monitor everytime. I don't really want to use two seperate x sessions and xinerama due to the fact you can't use compositing.

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