Fedora :: CD Burning Stop Working?

Oct 17, 2009

I was burning a disc with K3b and it was from an ISO; Burn and verify. Everything went successful, but when I put in my 2nd DVD to burn, K3b doesn't recognize it. On top of that when I right click on the icon of a Blank DVD on my desktop, it doesn't have the Eject Volume option there anymore. Does anybody know what could be going on here? why would my Fedora (11) stop burning and ejecting discs all of a sudden?

also, I tried this with multiple DVDs/drives to see if they were bad DVDs/drives and it's all the same result. Also, since I didn't have the eject option on my desktop I had to eject it with K3b from within the program. There's still a problem though.

edit: Some reason K3b is recognising discs again and is burning again. I guess the restart did it and I don't know why it was acting funny.

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Ubuntu :: Get Brasero To Stop Simulating Before Burning?

Feb 21, 2011

Brasero keeps simulting before burning even though I have unchecked the "Simulate before burning." option. How can I stop this?

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Fedora :: Pen Drive Seems To Stop Working?

Sep 13, 2009

few days back i forcibly remove my flash drive from the USB, but after that the pen drive seems to stop working whenever i try to insert the pen drive in Windows or Linux, i see the appropriate image but if i double click on the image it says nothing is mounted,

i have seen what is mounted with
#fdisk -l

no pen drive is showing

i have tried to mount it forcibly with

#mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/external -o force

with variou combination of /dev/**** can anyone mount this pen drive or can tell me what's the default for /dev/ ??? i think sdb1 it works with my external drive but i am not sure for flash drive and i am also not sure if it's ntfs file system, it's 4 GB so it should be ntfs

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Fedora Networking :: Ppp Stop Working After Update

Jun 29, 2009

after updating my machine, my ppp connection stops working. It dial ok, but fail when call the post scripts. Here is the log for the command

ipup ppp0:
Jun 29 16:50:42 ricardoalonso ifup-ppp: pppd started for ppp0 on /dev/ttyUSB0 at 460800
Jun 29 16:50:42 ricardoalonso pppd[4516]: Warning: can't open options file /root/.ppprc: Permission denied


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Software :: USB Keyboard And Mouse Randomly Stop Working In Fedora 12?

Jun 17, 2010

I'm running Fedora 12 on a Shuttle SN78SH7. Updates are all current from the Fedora repositories. I'm using the Nouveau driver for the Shuttle's on-board Nvidia graphics adapter. At random intervals (1 to 5 times per day), my USB keyboard and the buttons on my USB mouse stop working and the desktop freezes (i.e. GKrellm graphical data stops updating, partially painted windows don't complete). However, I can still move the mouse pointer around the desktop. This only seems to happen when I am actually using the computer from the console. It has never happened while the system was turned on, but not being used.

When the mouse and keyboard stop working, I can log in from another computer via ssh. Once the computer gets in this state, the only way to fix things is either to reboot remotely using ssh or to cycle power. I've run low level hardware diagnostics - everything checks out OK. This computer only has USB and firewire inputs. No PS2 jacks.

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Fedora :: While Working With Firefox / Amsn And VLC Suddenly System Stop Responding

May 25, 2011

I installed F14 and I have been having some issues with the usage of the ram memory. Here is the situation: while working with firefox, amsn, and VLC, suddenly the system stop responding, I just can manage to check system monitor and the ram is at 89% (of 1GB) and the swap at 50% (of 1.4GB). I can do nothing then I just switch off the machine. After that using the same applications everything is fine. I was using F12.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Brasero,Creating And Burning Dvd's, Not Working?

May 17, 2010

I have tried to burn dvd's using Brasero, after making the dvd etc I choose to burn as a video, but it gets to around 95% of converting the file to MPEG2 or 4 (Tried both) and just sits there doing nothing!I even left it over night to see if that helped but no joy.

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Fedora :: Burning A Cd Iso Onto A Dvd?

Oct 27, 2009

I was wondering if there is automatic boot-ability for when you burn a custom over sized cd iso onto a dvd using Brasero? Or does this obtaining this functionality require more effort on my part?

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Fedora :: Burning MP3's With K3b - 13?

Jul 27, 2010

I don't have support for burning MP3's in K3b on Fedora 13. K3b is, for me the one and only best burn in tool and I use it exclusively for backuups to CD's, DVD's, saving music, etc. Various blogs say to go to Livna and install k3b-extras-nonfree but when I tried that, k3b-extras-nonfree was not found.

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Fedora :: Possible To Upgrade Without Burning CD?

May 20, 2009

I want to upgrade from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora 11 without burning a CD. I have a 1.5 Mbps Internet connection. Is this possible?

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Fedora :: CD/ DVD Burning

Mar 23, 2010

I have been unable to burn CD's / DVD's while logged into FC12 with a full GDM session or with just the Gnome Greeter running. If I drop to single user mode and use wodim I can burn w/o issue.

GDM 2.28.2

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Fedora Hardware :: 11 - SLOW Dvd Burning ?

Apr 22, 2010

Just switched from a pata dvd burner to a brand new sata dvd burner. I cannot believe how slow it is! My write speeds in any program I use tops out at .9 and slows dramatically down to .3 alot.

New dvd drive specs:




My idea pata drive was quite fast. Is there something about the sata drivers causing this? Check bios, Checked drive, Checked software. Cannot really figure this one out.

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Fedora :: Brasero Burning ISO Fails?

Jun 18, 2010

I'm trying to burn an ISO file with Brasero. It always fails when finalizing.The ISO checksum is ok. The same ISO file is successfully burned in WinXP with CDBurnerXP on the same hardware. So the problem is neither the ISO file nor the hardware.What is wrong with my setup?

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Fedora :: Computer Is Burning When Goes To Sleep?

Jan 18, 2011

I'M using F14 x86_64 and my problem is suspending. When I closed my laptop lid its going black screen and my hdd led is lighting I think my hdd is working hard and I think my cpu is working hard too so fan is working fast and my notebok is going hot.Any key is working on black screen. I must shut down hard .y computer has i5 and ati 5650. WHen I was using Mint 10, it has going sleep well

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Red Hat / Fedora :: VCDxbuild Error In K3B During VCD Burning

Jan 3, 2010

i'm getting this error in K3B during burning VCD from previously created mpeg files(VCD pal),

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Fedora :: Check ISO Image Before Burning?

Feb 27, 2010

I downloaded Fedora Core 12 x86_64 DVD ISO image.I need to check the integrity before burning in to DVD. I found the page which instructs meow to do that but I didn't understand what it says.please tell me how to check the integrity ? and I'm also curious to know the details present in it so can any one please simplify it and tell me what it says

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Fedora :: Make A Copy Of A DVD - Burning With Brasero Or K3b

Aug 17, 2010

I was trying to make a copy of a DVD recently. I started with Brasero, and when that didn't work, I installed k3b. Both came back w/similar symptoms. Neither burned the DVD and seemed to hang up. When either program stopped/hung, I checked on the file that was being captured from the original DVD and discovered that both programs produced a max file of 1.5 GB (source was 6+ GB). I checked the size of the partition where the file was being temporarilty stored and there is 18 GB of space.

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Fedora Installation :: Way To Install From Iso Directly Without Burning DVD

May 23, 2011

I have windows 7 installed in my system. I have downloaded fedora 14 iso image to my computer. Is there a way to install fedora from the iso directly without burning dvd, like directly from pen drive?

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Fedora Installation :: F15 Iso Burning Fails Repeatedly?

Jun 1, 2011

Fedora-15-i386-DVD.iso file, sha256sum is correct. Burning by k3b on a fedora14 system fails again and again at 98.4% of the burning. I downloaded again to another partition and the same happens again. The k3b-debug output:


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Red Hat / Fedora :: Install 14 From Hard Disk Without Burning Dvd?

Jan 26, 2011

how to install fedora 14 dvd iso from hard disk without burning a dvd. On internet i found 2 articles which are mostly copy pasted on all sites. Dont know whether the same is valid for now. I have currently windows xp running on my 1st hdd on which i intend to install fedora 14 on a logical partition. i have ubuntu 10.04 running on my second hdd.

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Software :: Audio CD Burning Program On Fedora 11

Jul 31, 2009

Any one knows a software like itunes where I could burn cds in fedora 11.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Is Stop Working

Jul 23, 2010

I'm using edgers ppa and its been really nice until now, this morning I updated as usual and to my surprise after restart compiz is not working anymore.compiz-check does not print anything wrong with my system.

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Ubuntu :: Key Board Is Stop Working

Feb 27, 2011

My keyboard (usb) keep on stopping working after about 30-60 sec Then I have to removed the cable and re-install it then it works again.

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Debian :: Sdparm -C Stop Not Working?

Feb 21, 2011

I can't spin down my internal windows SATA disk with sdparm anymore. It worked well in Lenny, but not in squeeze. The disk I'm trying to stop is not mounted or anything. Is this something udev related?

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General :: Delete Key Stop Working?

Feb 20, 2011

my system info is

root@ubuntu10:~# uname -a
Linux ubuntu10 2.6.32-29-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 11 19:00:09 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux


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General :: Internet Stop Working After A While?

May 21, 2010

I'm running puppy linux and my wireless works for about 10 minutes before crapping out. Then I tried going thru the internet wizard again and it won't detect my wireless connection. All my other machines are using this connection at the same time with no problem. The situation is temporarily resolved when i reboot.

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Fedora Installation :: F12 DVD Has Error - Tried Burning And Downloading Several Times

Nov 21, 2009

I've downloaded the DVD version of Fedora 12 with a torrent so it shouldn't be corruped - checked the hash anyway and it wasn't - and I burnt it at a low speed and has my burning program verify that it did indeed burn what it was supposed to. I tested the disc for errors and every time it shows up that around the 70% mark that the DVD has an error.

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Fedora :: Brasero Or K3b Do A Data Check After Burning A Backup Cd?

Dec 30, 2009

I want to have brasero or k3b do a data check after burning a backup cd. I know that in Nero for Windows you just click on the box that says "verify after burning". For brasero I see that you need an md5 file but it will be to tedious to use an md5 utility to make a checksum for every file and then put in in a txt.

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Debian Hardware :: USB Keyboard Stop Working Sometimes

Aug 4, 2015

I'm running a SuperMicro GPU server with nvidia GFX 750 card. Debian Sid with last update this morning. The server is far away from the screen. So i'm using 5m active USB 2.0 cable with one Belkin powered hub. All USB device work always correctly.

But sometimes, my keyboard (a logitech illuminated) doesn't work anymore. I need to disconnect and reconnect it. Backlight keep on but no key work. I can't change the numlock or caps lock too.

Apparently, this appear mainly (only?) when i use the keyboard (for shortcut or typing text in vim).

I've tried with and without autosuspend (setting manually or from GRUB).

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Ubuntu :: Gksudo And Gksu Stop Working?

Jan 20, 2010

I am running a file server on Jaunty. It was a fresh install about a month ago and I have been having problems ever since. I connect external drives to the machine to do nightly backups. Lately, I have been using GParted (Gnome Partition Editor) to format the drives before using them as backups, as I keep a backup for every day of the week.

After using GParted a couple of times, it will stop working and I can't open it or any other application that needs root privileges. I can't use Gnome to mount drives anymore. I have to open Terminal and use the mount command to mount drives. Trying to start gparted or any other application, including nautilus from the Terminal using gksudo or gksu, I get the following error message:

gksudo nautilus
(nautilus:25353): nautilus-extension-gnome-mount-WARNING **: Cannot connect to system bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.LimitsExceeded : The maximum number of active connections for UID 0 has been reached
(nautilus:25353): nautilus-extension-gnome-mount-WARNING **: Could not initialize hal context


Once the machine is rebooted, everything works fine until I run a few more privileged applications, then the applications stop working again and this whole process starts all over. The only way to fix the problem so far is to reboot the machine, which is completely unacceptable.

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