Ubuntu :: Xsession-errors - Failed To Load .compiz

May 5, 2010

I have had a few X crashes and started to suspect compiz as they usually happened when I was resizing a window or the window was wobbling.

Here is the Xsession-errors log (it's a hidden file in your home folder). It mentions:

WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePixmap" when GLX 1.3 is not supported! This is an application bug!
Starting gtk-window-decorator
Unable to find a synaptics device.


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Ubuntu :: Stop The Xsession Reporting Errors

Apr 13, 2010

I delete the file and within about a week i am back to a "out of space error" I have tried root owning the file with no permission to write, but it still gets written, just with a number on the end

the system appears to be working fine otherwise. I could set a cron remove but that seems a bit more hacky than telling it to shut up.

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Ubuntu :: .xsession-errors Is Filling Up Fast

Feb 18, 2011

Just today I started getting notices about lack of disk space on my system. After much digging I found that .xsession-errors and .xsession-errors.old were taking nearly 70GB of space combined. The primary message I'm getting over and over again is: SSL_Write: I/O Error I have been unable to figure out what's causing this error.

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Ubuntu :: Xsession-errors: Multiple Calls To Startxfce4 And Xfce4-panel?

Jun 8, 2010

I get the following messages while starting up. This also delays my desktop initialisation.

/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
Setting IM through im-switch for locale=en_GB.
Start IM through /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL linked to /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/default.
/usr/bin/startxfce4: X server already running on display :0
xrdb: "Xft.hinting" on line 9 overrides entry on line 6


If I run in terminal tail -f .xsession-errors while my system initialises, I see these messages appearing every 5 sec.

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Ubuntu :: Every Time Boot 10.04 On My Laptop The File ~/.xsession-errors Is Created ?

Jan 23, 2011

Every time I boot 10.04 on my laptop, the file ~/.xsession-errors is created.

I post here the content of my ~/.xsession-errors and the output of dmesg:

NB: I'm running 10.04 on a Dell laptop m101z.


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Slackware :: Doesn't Start..xsession.errors Claim It Can't Open Display?

Jan 8, 2010

with slackware 13.0 for one user xfce4 hangs and doesn't start..xsession.errors claim it can't open display. It works fine for other users. Also if I access the machine in question as the same user but remotely using remote X (X-terminal on my LAN) it works fine.Sometimes if I wait and count to 30 it comes up but a lot of the features don't work.During the last week have posted this question on the compuserve linux forum and also in the xfce site forum with no solutions.seems there must be something in that user's directory which is hanging it up. I keep the same /home/users directory on a separate partition so when I upgrade for new versions of slackware the /home/users remain the same - I symlink home to that partition so upgrades are somewhat seemless.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Some Compiz Errors

Jul 27, 2011

1. I've binded compiz' "scale - initiate window picker" to the top right corner. But it just seems to stop working randomly until I restart my pc. Why does this happen?

2. Scale - "initiate windows picker for windows group" doesn't seem to work at all? For example I open two firefox windows, touch the keys I've set up (super + c) but nothing happens?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Errors "Subprocess Failed. Error: RPM Failed" When Installing Updates To 11.3

Mar 5, 2011

When I try to run the Online Updates to the system through Yast I get the following errors for each package:

Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: warning: /var/cache/zypp/packages/Packman Repository/Multimedia/i586/libaudcore1-2.4.4-1.pm.1.1.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 9a795806: NOKEY
error: db3 error(-30987) from dbcursor->c_get: DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested page not found
error: error(-30987) getting "" records from Requireversion index
error: db3 error(-30987) from dbcursor->c_get: DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested page not found

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Fedora :: Effect Errors In Compiz Animation Plugin

Mar 14, 2009

Using Compiz's animation plugin, only the open and close effects work. When any entries are listed under the "Animation Selection" for Minimize, Focus, or Shade; the animations do not play; and I receive a libnotify error: "Animation settings mismatch in 'Animation Selection' list for __<Minimize or Focus or Shade>___ event."This happens even with the Animation Selection values reset and even the entire Animation configuration reset. I use the Gconf backend, but this also occurs with a file-based configuration. This has never worked for me.

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Fedora :: Compiz Missing Options And Window Update Errors?

Jan 8, 2010

I just installed the latest compiz as per leigh's instructions - nice, easy install!I notice that the snow application is missing. That was my favorite, but where has it gone??

How about floating windows above desktop cube? Dodge? In which upon selecting a window, the non-selected windows move around it to move it to the front.I also notice that many window updates are very poor. For example, in the compiz settings manager when I switch tabs, the window does not actually update unless I move it. I click on a tab and it looks just like the previous tab. If I move the mouse around, it will update the wind in blocks under the mouse, but not the whole window.And, it would appear that the standard compiz is still available from my desktop settings in KDE. Could I have failed to remove the original compiz?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Wont Load?

Nov 5, 2010

ya i cant load compiz.....please help i have already went to synaptc pacage manager and maked for compleat removal and i reinstalled it?

compiz --replace
in terminal and it spits out this


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Ubuntu :: Compiz Fusion Set To Load On Boot It Doesn't?

Mar 27, 2011

Compiz Fusion set to load on boot; it doesn't. Settings checked as start on boot, it just doesn't and has to be loaded manually from desktop 2.) Desktop Drapes (wallpaper changer) also set to load on boot; also doesn't do so, even though checked to do so, and also must be loaded manually from desktop. 3.) Something is hogging CPU cycles something awful; if I have more than a few tabs in Firefox open, it takes forever to scroll or reload, and the entire system just bogs almost to the point of unusability. This same behavior exists offline when using any graphic capability (Shotwell or even just Nautilus file manager, if viewing graphics as thumbnails.

I realize this is kind of all over the place and all-inclusive, but although my experience USING Ubuntu goes on several years, it's been generally so trouble-free that I've not had to dig around under the hood much, and I'm kind of at a loss as to where to begin troubleshooting this mess. Would it be easier to just back-up and nuke/reinstall the OS?

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Ubuntu :: Netbeans Load Errors After Upgrade / Sort It?

May 22, 2010

I am receiving a ton of errors when loading netbeans 6.8 on my Ubuntu 10.4 machine. code...

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Red Hat :: Load Average And Errors On Dmesg

Jan 18, 2011

I have two servers. One in production (lets call it the OLD ONE) and the other (lets call it the NEW ONE) in tests to replace the OLD ONE.This is the basic hardware of each one: (I can post more detailed info if you need, but beside the erros on dmesg, look at the the L2 cache of the NEW ONE )

Old one:
2 quad core processors that linux recognize as 8 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5440 @ 2.83GHz - 32Kb L1 - 6Mb L2
48Gb RAM

New one:
8 quad core processor that linux recognize as 32 x AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6136 @ 2.400Mhz (- 64Kb L1 - 512Kb L2
128Gb RAM

The scenario:We run a dataflex system on the old one, with average of 3000 users, with tops at 3300 users and sometimes less then 2000. In the old one, we have a load average from 2 to 6 with the 3000 users, depending on the type of application (sometimes we run reports to txt files that take more then 6 hours to complete and the load average can raise to 12). 85% of this conections are from remote links.
Dataflex is a language that derives from C that have their own sgbd (if we can call it that way), and have a limit of 2gb per table. This size we almost have on 5 tables and we use a dataflex feature to compress the data.

The problem:We are migrating (or trying to) the tables to oracle, so we bought new machines for the DB and the new one to replace the old one, becouse we think that could not handle the job with 2 oracles (load balance).In some tests we could see (or suposed) that the oracle database was not so fast with more then 1000 users (opening same table and doing the same task) and we decided to test the new one with the system that is in production right now, with dataflex tables, to ensure that the problem could be oracle.We change the HDs and IP. Started the system on the new one, and started to monitorate as the real users start their jobs. At 800 users the Load Average raised to 26 and with 1300 users we had more then 115 on Load Average. More users login in and the TOP become slow, pointing 400 of LA. From here we started to get some "Lock time out" erros and we had to change to the old one again, to prevent corruption on the tables. I'm analizing all report tools I know about performance and hardware and I cant see nothing. I saw some errors on dmesg, but I can say that is related to that problem.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Xorg And Can't Get The Compiz 3D To Load

May 29, 2010

I have dual monitors and running openSUSE 11.2 with a Nvidia 260 with 897ram on the card with 16GB system Ram and AMD dual core CPU. I can get the monitors to work just fine with the Nvidia drivers i just cant get the Compiz to load.Here is my xorg.conf. I have had it running before but just cant rember what i did.

# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings: version 1.0 (buildmeister@builder58) Fri Mar 12 02:13:46 PST 2010
# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig
# nvidia-xconfig: version 1.0 (buildmeister@builder58) Fri Mar 12 02:12:40 PST 2010

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Ubuntu :: Grub2 Errors: Can't Read File And Need To Load Kernel First?

May 19, 2011

I've got a Lucid system (normal Ubuntu, not any of the derivative distros) which has been throwing up the following error message this morning when trying to boot:

error: couldn't read file.
error: you need to load the kernel first.


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Fedora :: Compiz Fusion Icon Does Not Load On Startup?

Apr 5, 2010

I am running 64bit version of Fedora 12. After I logout or restart, I lose compiz function and I have to manually activate by "applications" - "system tools" and compusion fusion icon click.

Is there a way to automatically start each time?

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General :: Errors In .bash_profile And Startx Does Not Load Automatically?

Sep 4, 2010

I have installed Damn Small Linux on an old laptop.very boot reports that the SSH has loaded as I have configured it to do so but does not load startx as instructed in .bash_profile.After bootup, the following is reported by the system.-bash: /home/dsl/.bash_profile: line 12: syntax error: unexpected end of fileThis is the content of the .bash_profile

export DISPLAY=:0


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Software :: Compiz Skydome Doesn't Load On Login (Karmic)

Feb 7, 2010

On login, my skydome (in the Desktop Cube) doesn't load up. Instead, I get a gradient.

I go look in the settings manager and sure enough, I see the skydome image file checked there, and I even changed my gradient colors to be 100% transparent. Makes no difference! All I have to do is change /anything/ in the skydome settings and the skydome image suddenly shows up. Literally changing the gradient color will even make the skydome image show up.

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Ubuntu :: Apt Get Git Installation Failed - Errors Encountered While Processing

May 10, 2011

I just reformatted my PC and installed Natty 11.04; my work files are all backed up in a separate /home directory that resides on another partition separately. That partition is not formated nor erased. I tried installing git through apt-get:


I even followed the troubleshooting procedures for PackageManager here but to the same man-db postprocessing error. Any other logs I should look at?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz (core) - Error: Failed To Manage Screen: 0

Sep 18, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 x64.This past week Update Manager came up and offered to do a partial upgrade, as some packages could not be upgraded. I had just assumed the 'partial' was an issue with Opera (as I have seen in the past), so I allowed it and let the update go through.

This morning when I turned on the system, Metacity is running, and Compiz is not. My first thought was that the update somehow changed my defaults, so I went to change them back. Desktop Effects could not be enabled through the menu (there was a screen flicker, then a "Desktop effects cannot be enabled" error).

Running compiz from the terminal does this:


barry@Independence:~$ compiz --replace
compiz (core) - Fatal: Root visual is not a GL visual
compiz (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 0
compiz (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.0

Launching fallback window manager Various other methods I found on the forums to fix it left me in the same state. Clearly there's some issue that is preventing compositing or some other effect from working that Compiz needs. I've never had to troubleshoot an update before, so I'm not sure where to look to see what exactly was changed.

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Programming :: Compiling Mplayer - Boat Load Of Linker Errors

Mar 30, 2011

I did a ./configure and make and got this returned about 1/2 hr later:

undefined reference to `glDisable'
undefined reference to `glDisable'
undefined reference to `glutKeyboardFunc'
undefined reference to `glutSpecialFunc'
undefined reference to `glReshapeFunc'

And the oddest part is.... I passed --disable-gl to configure!

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Ubuntu :: Update Errors - Some Index Files Failed To Download

Jul 11, 2011

I am getting this errors when I check for new updates:
W:Failed to fetch [URL] 404 Not Found
, W:Failed to fetch [URL] 404 Not Found
, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

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CentOS 5 :: Boot Errors - DHCPD Comes Failed

Aug 23, 2009

My box is centos 5.3 x86. At booting, ipsec_setup messages are coming as attached picture.
And dhcpd also comes "failed".

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: The Exact Error Message Is: "Failed To Extract ZIP Archive" Or "Failed To Load File"?

Apr 13, 2011

I think I'm ready to install Linux openSUSE physical on my Laptop. NO VMware Workstation anymore...But before I can do that I must be sure that Linux works on my System.--- SYSTEM ---

System: TOSHIBA Satellite A300D-13A (PSAK4E-01F00VGR)
CPU: 2x AMD Turion´┐Ż 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-64
--- NETWORK ---


OK, should be enough for the first, ask if I forgot some Hardware...Because I can't find any driver, and I'm not sure. I'm a LINUX NOOOOOOOOOB!!I really want to install Linux openSUSE, I'm MICROSOFT/WINDOWS HATER since 1 month now!! PS: Wine can't start my favorite Programs like Project64 a N64 Emulator. It fails to start a game! I think the graphic plugin crashes... | The exact error message is: "Failed to extract ZIP Archive" or "Failed to load file".

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Debian Multimedia :: Compiz Failed To Manage Screen After Upgrade

Jun 16, 2011

I have upgrade my debian sid and after the new kernel update, xorg can't start because I need to rebuild the module. After the build, xorg start, but not compiz, who say :
[cubox@cubox-fixe:~]$ compiz (core) - Fatal: Root visual is not a GL visual
compiz (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 0
compiz (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0
Launching fallback window manager

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: NVidia GeForce2 GTS / Pro Driver - Failed To Load Module "nvidia" (loader Failed, 7)

Feb 17, 2010

I`am trying to install drivers for a very old graphics card GeForce2 GTS/Pro on Suse 11.2. I downloaded driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86-71.86.13-pkg1.run and install it successfully. But when I launch "sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia" it crushes with error "isax: could not import file: /var/cache/sax/files/config at /usr/sbin/isax line 199"


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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.1 - USBIP Errors (Driver Open Failed)

Jul 25, 2009

I need to use usbip to work with the webcam from another computer. But when I installed (using YaST) usbip and launch this, I see errors:
# usbipd
usbip err: stub_server.c: 433 (do_standalone_mode) open usb.ids
usbip err: stub_driver.c: 33 (open_sysfs_stub_driver) usbip_common_mod.ko and usbip.ko must be loaded
** ERROR **:
driver open failed
Emergency shutdown
# usbip
usbip err: vhci_attach.c: 586 (main) open usb.ids
Usage: usbip [options]

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Failed To Load Gnome3

May 21, 2011

i installed ubuntu 11.04 on my presario cq40-115au but it does not load the default gui (unity). i only see a blue background and an icon of my other partition on desktop. even alt+F2 does not pop the "run application" windows. anyone had the same issue? especially with radeon hd3200?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 Boot Errors: Log - Failed Services (about Xinetd - Which Is NOT Enable)?

Jul 18, 2010

When I shut down or restart my computer, I can see there are some errors related to failed services (about xinetd, I think, which is NOT enable). But it scroll too fast and I cannot note them. Sorry for the "newbie" question: how can I see the log of what happened ? (dmesg only gives log about kernel, if I'm not wrong.)

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