Ubuntu :: 11.0 Not Booting Up Completely - Stuck At Loading Screen

May 26, 2011

I'm running windows 7/Ubuntu 11. When I attempt to load into my ubuntu partition, I hear the logging in sequence, but it stays in the loading screen, and I can't do anything. I've found I can get it to log in every fifth time or so, but mostly nothing.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Stuck At Loading Screen ?

Feb 5, 2010

I'm using ubuntu 9. For some weird reason, sometimes when i log in only the ubuntu logo shows up. It says "Grub loading" and then the logo appears, but the harddrive isn't accessed. After about 2 minutes, the logo disappears and the screen goes blank. I have to shut down the computer manually. The weird thing is, it only happens every so often..about every other boot up.

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Ubuntu :: Won't Start - Stuck At Loading Screen

Jan 5, 2011

I simply installed 5 or 6 various packages and shutdown the laptop, later I opened it and turned it on GRUB came up as usual showing the usual options, I selected the option I always pick and Ubuntu came up as usual with the progress bar of 5 or 6 dots that show the typical progress bar but it stays like this forever. I tested it for up to 3 hours it didn't budge.

I tried selecting the recovery option from the GRUB menu and it appears to load normally with a bunch of console output but then halts with the last message displaying:

cloud-init start-local running Wed, 05 Jan 2011 20:43:44 -0600. up 14.26 seconds
no instance data found in start local init: cloud-init-local main process (357) terminated with status 1

But before the message there was a lot of warnings that appeared to trail off as there were so many, here is an example of one of them as they all appear to be the same just different rule numbers, this is also the last one before the error:

udevd[353]: SYSFS{}= will be removed in a future udev version, please use ATTR{}= to match the event device, or ATTRS{}= to match a parent device, in /etc/udev/rules.d/99-sbig.rules:59

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Ubuntu :: Stuck On Loading Screen After Removing KDE

Jan 18, 2011

I installed KDE but decided to remove it after a while as I wasn't using it and its application were redundant on my Gnome desktop. I followed Psychocats' guide for "pure Ubuntu" but after rebooting, Ubuntu just hangs on the loading screen (or during 'checking battery state'). I tried booting in recovery mode but I'm unable to navigate the menu: when I press a direction key it alternates between the menu and the Ubuntu loading screen. Several other keys do the same thing, while the rest do nothing.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Stuck With Black Screen On Booting After 10.04 Upgrade / Fix It?

Apr 30, 2010

Yesterday I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 via Update Manager. But when the upgrade procedure was finished and I made a reboot, I only come to the Ubuntu logo appears for a second, then the screen turns completely black and nothing happens. I then have to reboot via the power button.

But I can get it working with so far no problem, by booting to the third option in the boot options list. In the list there are several options, something like this code...

Now the question is; what does this mean when there are several alternatives with the same name? What is the difference between alternative 1 and 3, other than 3 is working and 1 is not? Is there any problem running alternative 3 instead of 1, and if so how do I get it to boot from alternative 3 as standard?

If this is not the right way to do it, how can I figure out what the error is on alternative 1?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Booting Stuck At Splash Screen?

Nov 5, 2010

New install on Compaq Presario F700 (F756NR)The install went fine. I was able to get the Nvidia drivers working too. The problem I have is when the system boots. I get the OpenSuse splash screen, and the system just hangs.I found that if I press <Esc> and hit <Enter> a few times, the system will eventually boot. I also found if I wiggle the mouse during the splash screen, the progress bar will begin to move, and the system will boot.Seems to be something about detecting hardware during the boot phase, and it seems to be input related.

My Computer
Folders, Harddisks, Removable Devices, System Information and more...
Disk Information


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Debian Installation :: Windows Get Stuck On Logo Screen Or Safe Mode Loading Files

Nov 19, 2014

Naturally a Windows user, because all of my computers were with pre-installed Windows and I was young.. and I get used to it..In the time of.. growing up I became programmer and learnt how bad is actually Windows coded. Not only that.. Linux has better support for developers.So.. I was Windows user till yesterday. I finally decided to work on Installing Linux or more specifically - Debian.I love everything part of the GNU - GIMP, GTK+, Gedit, GCC...

Well I can't use my PC, both of my operation systems are non-functional.Windows get stuck (which is something completely typical for Microsoft stuff) on Windows logo screen, or safe mode loading files..Debian installation is messy.Firstly I installed Debian 6.0 on a Virtual DVD Disc mounted. I followed the installation process strictly and move forward to Debian startup.It asked me for account. root as "username" and the password as "password" didn't work so I logged in as "localhost" normal user.

However.. I started to realize that I actually also had to install the Graphical Environment in order to have Debian with the desired GNOME Desktop.. I went to aptitude to install the Graphic Environment Package but it said that I have no root rights.. I tried to log-in again, using the correct details but failed.I tried to get in, using the sudo command, but the sudo command also didn't work. Of course.. since I can't install packages, I can't either install sudo."su -" or "su" also prompt me to select a password which I apparently have no clue of.

Then I went to Debian Recovery, because there I was logged as root. It also pointed out that "Root Account is locked". I went to install packages finally.. But when the installation started to proceed It asked me for disk insertion in a specific folder?There I got lost completely.

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Ubuntu :: Not Booting - Get Stuck On A Purple Screen Saying "ubuntu10.10" With Five Dots Underneath It

Jan 12, 2011

i want to install ubuntu 10.10 but when i insert the cd into my laptop and boot from it,it get stuck on a purple screen saying "ubuntu10.10" with five dots underneath it

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General :: Printer Queue Stuck - Can't Completely Delete

Aug 27, 2010

I am printing from an Acer to an HP. I can't completely delete the queue and now can't print anything.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 - Not Loading Completely After Start Up

May 1, 2010

After start up I get a blank screen that says "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS name-desktop tty1"
"name-desktop login:"
I type my log in and password and it gives me the last time I logged in and says
"Linux name-desktop 2.6.32-21 -generic #32-Ubuntu SMP (a date and time) x86_64 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS" "Welcome to Ubuntu!"
Then it says "name@name-desktop:~$"
It doesn't load beyond this point.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Completely Stopped Booting?

Jul 8, 2011

So, first of all, this is my sisters computer so I am not sure exactly what happened. I had installed ubuntu alongside WinXp a couple of weeks ago. Today she booted into xp for the first time and accidentally launched some system restore option. A dialog box appeared and told that if she continued, everything on her disk would be erased. apparently, there was no indication of how to not to continue, so she shut it down by holding the power button.

Now, it won't boot. Not even to grub, it just cycles where the screen comes on, a courser blinks in the top left, and then it automatically restarts after about 5 seconds and repeats (unless one launches BIOS configuration). I assume something about the MBR has gotten messed up. I tried booting off a USB thumb drive, but it just accessed the drive for a second or two, and then went back into the cycle (I tried every USB socket, and the BIOS was configured properly to boot off external USB, also, I was able to boot my computer from the USB)

how to proceed if I can't even boot off of USB. Oh, the computer is Asus Eee pc netbook (no CD drive).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Stuck In Memtest86 - V2.11 - Loading GRUB - Automaticly Goes Into Memtest

Feb 6, 2010

I'm stuck in Memtest86, everytime i boot it gives me an option to go into BIOS, and then it says "Loading GRUB." After that it automaticly goes into memtest, and I've let it finish numerous times without giving me errors. I've installed Linux Mint 8 via Unetbootin, I have a nearly fresh install of windows 7 on my laptop.

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Debian Installation :: First Boot - Stuck On 'Loading Initial Ramdisk'

Jun 24, 2011

I've just installed Debian 6.0.1a on a HP Proliant ML115, the install seemed to go ok. As it began to start up it 'Grub Bootloader' loaded then on the screen after the bootup froze at 'Loading initial ramdisk'

Unfortunately im a complete novice to debian

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Fedora :: 13 Crash - Reboot Laptop And Stuck After Loading Process

Jun 2, 2010

it stuck after loading. should got login window. instead it show me a blank page and a blinking courser i can only press ctrl+alt+del it will reboot my laptop n stuck after the loading process

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Fedora :: KVM Virtual Machine Stuck In Grub Loading Stage2?

Sep 22, 2010

I upgraded to fc13 from fc12 recently. After the upgrade the virtual machine boot is stuck in grub loading stage 2. I have attached a screen shot of the picture for reference.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Booting Stuck With New Release

Apr 30, 2010

I used ubuntu since v.6 & it runs perfect with my machine Toshiba laptop SatelliteM70 I use ubuntu multi boot with XP Home individual portion , I used startupmanager to control the boot option except last v.10.4 LT it drives me crazy I upgrade from distribution 9.04 the 9.10 then troubles started I never able to burn v.9.10 into a CD or DVD always stuck with the phrase try to burn the ISO with lower speed the CD ejected with out completing of burning process then I had to make upgrade through ubuntu update .

The other problem pups up eventually with v10.04LT had upgraded from 9.10 & after full update to 9.10 & switch to 10.01LT through new upgrade available.Rebooted the System , I had the boot option when I select ubuntu it boots fine ,but ubuntu logo blinks for less than one second goes directly to terminal black screen with prompt commands no Gnome it asks me to login then password & the same user & password I used before upgrading I tried many things to have the boot selection like before but no use only through Telnet commands screen .

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Getting Stuck While Booting?

Apr 29, 2010

I have just installed Fedora 12. It is booting properly right-away after installing (as a part of installing process). But when i am trying to boot it after taking out the CD, it is geting stuck even before asking for login.I am having dual boot in my system. The other OS is Windows 7 what might be the problem and how to overcome it?

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Ubuntu :: Stuck On Black Screen With (mouse) Cursor After Grub And A Purple Screen?

Jul 21, 2011

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 today as the main OS on my laptop.I had deleted my XP partition, and repartitioned it according to a guide I had found. (http:url)......Basically it was setup like this: 500mb ext2 primary partition, has the grub folder, I believe this is either the '/' partition, or the '/boot' partition 2gb swap space logical partition

10gb ext4 logical partition -- this is either the '/' or the '/boot', it contains the 'bin,boot,cdrom,dev' etc folders 243gb (the rest of my hard drive, with the exception of a partition that contains documents and files from my XP OS, formatted to NTFS) ext4, this is the one that has all my desktop/documents/etc folders.After Ubuntu was done installing, I had some message pop up about installing an ATI proprietary driver for my ATI graphics card (an ATI Radeon HD 4330, I believe, I may have messed that number up). I installed it and rebooted, no problem.

Next, I had another update window pop up with 198 items checked and ready to download and install. I went through all of this, and rebooted, again, no problem.Next thing I did was install some apps that were essential for me to have to use for my work (an ide, chat programs, etc). No problem with any of that.Last thing to install was the OSE Virtualbox, and then I installed WindowsXP Pro and Windows Vista Business, then installed the guest addition addon for VB. This all worked without any issues whatsoever.

Time goes on, and I notice my computer is heating up much more than (seemingly) normal. I begin to wonder if its my graphics card. So I shut down the computer and let it cool down. Reboot, and no problem, still working fine.Then I opened a couple of apps and tried a simple game (can't remember the name) I believe it was a simple 3d topdown, as I wanted to test my graphics card. This is where things seemed to start to go wrong. My laptop began hanging, not even allowing me to access the terminal via ctrl+alt+f2. The screen flashed and I saw the blue/green/grey fuzz that I get when the graphics card is starting to heat up too much. Then everything hangs and I can't do anything at all, including move the mouse. I did a hard reboot (I believe this is what you call pulling the plug/pressing the power button, correct me if I'm wrong). I then rebooted, saw a chkdisk, then it booted seemingly normal, but it hung right after the purple screen after the grub screen.

This is pretty much where I'm at right now. I strongly suspect the fault is with the ATI drivers, but have been completely unsuccessful in my attempts to fix it. I've googled just about everything I could think of, along with searching these forums. I've tried just about everything listed in the forums, but to no avail.I've tried the commands that are supposed to purge the ati drivers, but all I get are errors that say they can't remove the 'virtual drivers'.

Right now I'm booting off a live cd, so I know the computer still works fine, just not my actual installed OS. I'd really like to get the issue resolved without having to reinstall, as it took quite awhile just to get it usable in the first place, but this has already taken so much time, I may just resort to that if we can't solve it any other way. Got too much work to catch up on as it is.As a re-instated note, perhaps if you have any tips, but not particularly about fixing the OS, my laptop (I'm strongly guessing my graphics card) is heating up much more than normal, compared to that when XP was installed. Is this more than likely just a driver issue, as is the rest of it? Also, I did have Compiz installed, though I didn't choose for it to be installed, I believe it came pre-installed. I've heard it could cause some issues, though I have no idea as to the validity or relation to this particular issue.

I just remembered while searching for a solution, I found a post somewhere that said something about the information not being sent to the monitor from the graphics card properly, thus no desktop. I'm guessing that'd still fall under the driver issues, but again, I'm unsure. I would think that wouldn't be entirely true anyway, since I can still see my mouse fine, just no desktop, only a black screen.

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Debian Installation :: Jessie Stuck At Loading Initial Ramdisk - UEFI Mode

Oct 2, 2014

So I managed to install Debian Jessie on a MSI G70 2PE Apache Pro that came with Windows 8.

First I partitioned some space on the laptop. Then I put on the net install cd for Debian and installed it on UEFI mode. It installed correctly.

Now I'm on Grub and when Debian tries to boot it gets stuck on "Loading initial ramdisk". The cursor under it doesn't even blink. The only way to get out of there is by Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Secure Boot is turned off. Fast boot is also off. If I try to boot on recovery mode gets stuck all the same.

The options on my grub are

Debian GNU/Linux
Advanced options for Debian GNU/Linux
Windows Boot Manager (UEFI on /dev/sda2)
System Setup.

If I choose the Windows option, Windows boots, no problem.

If I choose the edit option for the Debian entry this is what it shows

Code: Select allload_video
insmod gzio
insmod part_gpt
insmod ext2
set root='hd0,gpt6'
if [ x$feature_platform_search_hint = xy ]; then

[Code] ....

What is happening and what should I try to make this work? Could it be a graphics card issue since this computer has a Nvidia Gpu?

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Debian Installation :: Stuck With Blinking Cursor While Booting

Oct 31, 2013

I installed Debian 7.2.0 (amd64) on a Toshiba Satellite C870D-121 with the graphic installer. It already has Windows 8.1 installed on another partition, and for Debian I'm not using the same partition of course. Actually, the Debian installation is replacing a Ubuntu 13.10 installation that was working fine.

After choosing Debian in the Grub menu, I can see the boot log entries adding and then the screen clears and all I get is a blinking cursor. After a while, some '^@^@^@' symbols appears. Of course I can Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get a virtual Terminal in order to login and try to investigate the problem, but so far I haven't been able to reliably identify the problem.

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General :: Thinstation Bootable Cd Stuck At 'Booting Kernel'

Jan 14, 2011

First off im very new to linux and have only been involved with linux for a couple days. Anyways, let me explain what i'm attempting todo. I want to make a DVD to automatically restore a partition without any human interaction other than inserting the dvd and turning the pc on. I'm using norton ghost 11.5 to restore the image and im using thinstation 2.2 as my OS.I have a cd that will boot up thinstation but then i would have to type in a command to have ghost start restoring the partition. so basically i figured i would put a script in the etc/init.d folder of initrd. so i extracted the contents of initrd using 7zip, put the script in the directory and then compressed initrd into .gz format. however now when i put the newly made dvd in i get stuck at "Booting the Kernel."

is this a problem with initrd format? if so what format does it need to be in and how to i get it into that format?is there some way to set the parameters of the kernel to fix this problem? and if so how do i go about doing that?

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Not Loading/booting After Some Time?

Feb 5, 2011

OK, so I installed Ubuntu 10.10 alongside with my other os(XP,win7,XP)nd after some time using it, (3-5 weeks or so) it stopped to boot soon after grub2 menu. First I recovered some of my data, and then I reinstalled ubuntu 10.10 because there is no repair option on the live cd. And yesterday when I wanted to go into ubuntu, after grub2 menu, it froze at the same point (like the last time ) and it never continued.... I need to check where it stops in 2nd option (recovery something) from grub2 and write it down and post it here.

I don't want to reinstall ubuntu again, since this problem will return, probably, and I have to spend some time for customizing and nesting in my ubuntu . I'm not asking for a program or recovery software, ill do it manually when I know how XD

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Ubuntu Installation :: Nvidia 9300M GS - Purple Screen (loading Screen) With 4 Dots

Oct 25, 2010

I have been using ubuntu wel a long time now and I know my way around in linux but I recently updated my laptop from ubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 10.10 all went fine until I had to restart my laptop. I got a purple screen (loading screen) with 4 dots and a oldskool like font which said: Ubuntu 10.10 Right after that the screen goes purple and its like the system halts I hear no login sound etc just a purple screen. So I did a clean install from the 10.10 live cd which booted perfectly fine and the system was also useable like before. But when I installed the system and rebooted it again no problems.

But when I tried to install the proprietary nvidia driver (the recommended one) I got the same problem again the purple screen. After searching a while on the internet I only found posts which had the problem with ATI cards but my laptop is fitted with a Nvidia Geforce 9300 M card. So I tried several things like removing the xorg.conf (read it somewhere) which ofcourse did not work, and booting in graphics fail safe mode which worked. So the point is in 10.04 and 9.10 I CAN use my video card drivers but not in 10.10 is there a solution to this problem? I am talking about the 32 bit version of ubuntu and here's my system hardware profile:

Intel core 2 duo t7350 @ 2,0 ghz / 3mb l2 cache
2 GB DDR3 ram
160 gb hdd
Nvidia 9300m gs
Chipset: I dont know sorry
Model: Samsung R710

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Image Not Loading - Flash Screen On Blank Screen

Dec 26, 2010

Is there a known problem with the Lubuntu 10.10 image here? I have downloaded it to two different computers, then burned the images to two different blank CD's (different brands) and neither loads. Both only get as far as the Lubuntu menu, once ENTER is pressed at that point to load the LiveCD, a blank screen eventually appears with a flashing cursor at the upper left of the screen, that's it. They were both burned using the slowest burn speeds available.

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Ubuntu :: Screen Goes Blank Or Boots To Tty1 After Loading Screen?

Apr 15, 2011

like any other Linux newb, I came to Ubuntu because my Windows crashed one time too many. And I chose Ubuntu because "it just works". But these past few days that hasn't been true. I'm posting this from a netbook with Ubuntu, and am having no problems whatsoever, but normally I use an Acer Aspire 5920G laptop. I'll include the specs as written on the sticker:

* Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5250 (1.5GHz etc)
* Up to 1024 MB Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS Turbocache
* 2 GB DDR2

Let me know if you need more details, and I'll add them later. Now, what happened was I clicked "hibernate" while leaving Firefox open. (I've done this hundreds of times, no problem) And when I went to turn it back on the next day there were weird graphical glitches in the loading screen, and it booted to the "tty1" prompt screen. I did a lot of googling and found quite a few posts about it, but the solutions either didn't work, or I didn't understand them. After trying several different suggestions from this forum and others, I managed to delete the graphics drivers. That enabled me to boot in low graphics mode, and naturally, I tried a whole bunch of things to make it work properly again. That only made it worse. Now it went straight from the loading screen to just blanking out and turning the display off. So, I tried new things. Over and over. The weird thing is even when I disconnected my harddrive and ran from a Live USB, the problem persisted. Could there be an issue with the graphics card itself? Anyway, after reconnecting the harddrive I tried to boot again. And it suddenly worked. Even HDMI to my bigger screen worked.


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Ubuntu :: GRUB Loading Error - Laptop Dead - Stuck At Error Message

Feb 21, 2010

I been running both OS's for a few months now with no major problems besides wireless internet issues. Today, however, as I go to boot my laptop up, the Dell logo loads with the F2 and F12 boot and setup options which both work. Directly after that though I get the message "GRUB loading. Symbol '?' not found. Aborted. Press any key to Exit." then it repeats when I push a key, and then it tells me to press F1 to retry, F2 to go to setup, or F5 to run diagnostics. It passes all the tests in diagnostics. I've tried booting off of the ubuntu cd I used to load it initially with no luck. So I'm stuck at either that error message or in setup but I can't go any further, and it does not change anything when I tried to boot from the cd.

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Ubuntu :: Thunar Stuck "loading Folder Contents..."?

Feb 19, 2010

When I open some folders with Thunar, even if they don't have more than a few files in them, it takes a very long time to show the contents. Sometimes up to two minutes. It happens almost always if the folder is on my ntfs partition, but sometimes even when it's at /home.I used to run Ubuntu Hardy, and nothing like this ever happened with Nautilus.

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Ubuntu :: USB Install Not Working - Getting "stuck" At The Loading Section

Dec 25, 2010

My live USB (persistent 3GB; total space 4GB) is getting "stuck" at the "loading section". It has never done this before. The "loading section" is where it says Ubuntu and there are 4 or 5 "dots" underneath. It just keeps going from white across to red/orange/whatever. I left it for hours (not sure exactly how long) and it was still stuck at that sequence. If you could help me, that would be great. It is Ubuntu 10.04. I do not want to format & reinstall everything because i got all my settings saved on there with all my programs and settings saved. Plus 4-6 hours of updates (bad internet connection). I don't remember changing anything before I shut down. Approximate start-up time is 2 min. with persistence and 30 seconds without (before i did the persistence option i did regular). Approximate shut down time is 1 minute with persistence and 5 seconds without. When I downloaded the Persistence Ubuntu .iso and everything else, I formatted it. I am running everything on a netbook, Asus EEE PC 1005 HAB if it helps. I have Windows 7 Starter installed, too. I am using it right now and Win 7 Starter has not been affected.

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General :: Triple Booting And Loading OS X86 From Grub?

Jan 5, 2010

I'm triple booting (windows, ubuntu and osx86) at the moment but in order to load OSX86, I need to pass "cpus=1" to the kernel otherwise it won't load and the PC just reboots. Can I pass this argument from grub or do I have to install osx to a separate hdd and get grub to load the Darwin bootloader on the second hdd and then pass the argument?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 - Stuck On "GRUB Loading"

Jul 28, 2011

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 (dual-boot with Win 7) and at first the bootloader was working fine; I even installed BURG (although I installed it on hd0 because I don't know how to find out where the MBR is installed...) but it worked fine when I restarted my computer several times. However, when I booted into Windows 7 and then restarted for the first time since installing BURG, I am stuck with the "GRUB loading" screen at startup, and can't get into any OS. I will try using the Live CD, but I'm wondering if the problem was because I installed BURG in the wrong drive? How do I figure out where the MBR is, and how do I fix this with the Live CD?

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