General :: Add More Fonts To System Distro?

Nov 29, 2009

How can I add more fonts to my Linux distro .

I have Ubuntu 9.04

mor fonts to Open Office

can I use the fonts that comes with windows XP?

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General :: Configure X And Adds Fonts To Its Window System?

Aug 9, 2010

I'm having some difficulty to confgure the windows X manager...

I can't find /etc/X11/xorg.conf

I'm trying to do this in opensuse 11.1 and fedora 12

I tried to install in fedora yum install system-config-display but I think that isn't the best thing to do...

And can anyone tell me a distribution that use XFree 86.4.4.x?

Opense suse, Fedora and Ubuntu use isn't it?

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General :: Best Distro Of System?

May 27, 2010

I just wanted to know which is best distro of linux...
And in particular which version of ultimate edition of ubuntu involves
almost all features....

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General :: Fonts - Restore System Default Settings On Mint KDE?

Apr 7, 2011

I did something weird and now my text size is like 3pt on every system window, but when I go in and change my window fonts to larger to something that looks normal, it makes my clock, bash, and other fonts absolutely gigantic. Is there any way I can just roll back my system and it's settings? It wouldn't be much bother as I installed the OS yesterday. I'd hate to have to reinstall entirely though

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General :: Best System Distro For Development?

Jul 22, 2011

I want to know what is the best linux distribution for java EE development. Is it Cent OS or Fedora 15.

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General :: Need Best System Distro For Gamers

Mar 2, 2010

Find a distro for a gamer like me?
I am NOT expecting Shockwave cause it is only available on Windows and I am sick of Windows for eating up my precious time booting itself and its variety of viruses affecting my game play.I want a Linux that have live CD,install to hard drive and ABSOLUTELY FREE <-----Important.Any Linuxes match my criteria?

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General :: Best System Distro For My Laptop?

Jul 5, 2011

I got a new laptop with 320 gb hdd,2 gb RAM and intel core i3 processor...the manufacturer is lenovo..its pre installed with windows 7 ultimate pack..i'm interested to install a linux i wanna know which distro suits my laptop a best way.

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General :: Put A Newer Distro Of System On An Older Mac?

Jul 28, 2010

I'm sure the answer is yes but, I'm wondering if you could put a newer distro of Linux on an older Mac (for example an iMac G4 or G5).

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General :: Looking To Install System From CDROM While Other Distro Running?

Mar 19, 2010

Laptop has broken internal CDROM. I booted with floppy to get Puppy 431 installed from USB stick. Now I have USB CDROM access thru Puppy. I can mount and see the CD fine.

Is it possible to boot or install from a currently installed linux distro (Puppy)?

I have a second free partition ext2 available, sda2, and GRUB is working fine for me on boot.

(machine also doesn't have boot from USB option, yes, it's old, a project I am working on, I have Nimblex in CD now, I think it's a live cd, I would like to try a few different ones by installing to sda2 and wiping if ng.)

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General :: Looking For Non Compressed Small Command Line System Distro?

Oct 31, 2010

We are having a lot of trouble with this.

We need a command line version of Linux like ttylinux. Any command line will do with the latest kernel. It should be around 50 megs.

But the problem is, all these small Linux versions are LiveCD or have a compressed file system.

We need a SMALL linux distro, that we can install UNCOMPRESSED (no squashfs etc) on a hard disk.

This is so simple I'm sure I'm missing something..

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General :: Good System Distro To Run On An Older Touchscreen Notebook?

Jan 24, 2010

I have an old Fujitsu Lifebook B series (B3020D) notebook with a touchscreen. Is there a good Linux distribution to use with this machine?

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General :: Can I Uninstall Another System Distro Directly Over Mint On Dual Boot

Feb 18, 2010

I think the title says it all really - I've installed Mint onto a Acer aspire 5315 laptop. Its a dual boot system using Vista Basic. Grub works perfectly and to be honest Mint is great. really enjoying playing and learning. My problem is that the laptop overheats when using Mint - the cpu fan doesn't cut in and the laptop shuts down to protect the system. According to a swift google this seems to occur with mint (possibly particularly with Acer's) and maybe with other distro's too. However I'd like to keep trying to see if i can find one that works.

So my rather obvious newbie question is can I just get another distro dvd and install this onto the partition containing mint thus deleting the previous install? If I did this would Grub show the new distro ok or would it keep searching for Mint. I have a back up so if all else fails I can reinstall everything but that will have to wait till I get home

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Fedora :: System Fonts Wrong Until I Select System-Appearance Menu / Resolve This?

May 23, 2010

This is a bit of an odd problem that's been happening to me recently. My home folder is a version of Fedora old, I've been using the same one between Fedora 11 and 12 (which I'm now using).

When booting up, I notice that my system fonts are not the ones I have manually set. They're the ugly version, whatever exact font it is. It's only when I select System->Appearances from the menu that the system seems to detect my seletions to use Liberation fonts in all areas, and then everything instantly switches to the more visually pleasing Liberation fonts. This is a strange bug, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or can point me in the right direction?

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General :: Distro - Nominate A Disastrous Distro From Past Or Present

Jan 9, 2010

nominate a disastrous distro from past or present that was simply AWFUL and what exactly was so bad about it?

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OpenSUSE :: How To Set All System Fonts To Bold

Jul 14, 2011

No setting in KDE to configure fonts to bold,as Gnome have that feature. Bold font looks clear especially outdoor. I'm using Droid sans fallback.

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Debian Configuration :: 32 Bit Apps On Wine Cannot See System Fonts

Oct 23, 2015

I've just installed Debian 8.2 KDE 64bit, installed wine, and found that a 32-bit Windows program (Agent newsreader) could not see the linux system fonts. (This worked fine on Kubuntu 14.04)

Since this is the first time that I've installed Debian, I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious or if this is an actual bug.

Steps to reproduce:
Fresh install of Debian 8.2 KDE 64bit.
apt-get install wine
wine wordpad # this is a small word-processor for wine that is supplied with wine
menu -> format -> font
all linux fonts are visible -- so far so good

Because I want to use a 32bit program, I now have to do this, I understand:
dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install wine-bin:i386

But after that,if I run "wine wordpad" and look at the fonts, all the linux system fonts are gone. The only fonts visible are the nine that are built into wine (Courier, Fixedsys, Marlett etc..) So installing the i386 wine support seems to have broken something.

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Software :: Add Fonts To System / Good Sites To Download It From?

Mar 1, 2010

How do I add them so they show up and I can use them in GIMP?

Also, what are some good sites to download fonts from?

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CentOS 5 Server :: Configuring Fonts In Non X-Window System?

Feb 10, 2009

Am using Icefaces1.7.2 in tomcat5.5.23 in Centos5( jdk 1.6.06 and jre 6u11 and no X window system in my server ).. Am getting the error(java.lang.Error: Probable fatal error: No fonts found) when am using the functions getFontMetrics() and drawString() methods in my Captcha Image Generation programs. I am only using the fonts that me retrieved using ge.getAllFonts() ( i.e., the fonts available in the system ).

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Installation :: Can't Boot Any System Distro / What To Do?

Nov 12, 2010

I've recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C650 with the following system configuration: 3 GB DDR3 Memory, a DualCore Intel Core i3 at 2266 MHz, 320 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA-II Hard Disk and an integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics video card.
I tried at first to install Ubuntu 10.10 through Wubi. That didn't seem to work, as my laptop froze at the moment where all the numbers and letters appear and my hardware is checked (I'm kind of new to this, sorry). A restart was needed. Next, I tried to boot the same distro with a USB Live stick. The same thing happened again.
At first I thought that the iso file was guilty for this, but then I tried a bunch of other Linux distros such as Fedora, Mandriva, EasyPeasy, Puppy, Sugar on a Stick and Slax. I even burnt a Slax Live CD. Nothing changed. I read somewhere that there are video cards that aren't compatible with Linux. Someone recommended me to update my drivers. After I did that, I tried again but without any luck. Another tip was to mess a bit in bios at my hard disk in order to change something from ahci to compatibility. That didn't work either.
I really don't know what to do.

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Programming :: Any Particular Distro With Full GCC Dev System?

Mar 18, 2011

If you really want to learn C/C++, get set up on a Linux box with a full gcc dev system. I fixed up an old P4 Machine with 2gig ram and 80gig HD to install Linux on. Don't know anything about Linux yet but installing several distros for evaluation, but a thought occured to me. Is there a particular distro that has this "full gcc dev system" in the initial install or is this something that I will have to install after the OS is up and running on the machine? Is one distro better suited for programming than another?

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Fedora :: Fonts Very Small Relative To Rest Of System / Make Them Bigger?

Feb 12, 2010

I'm helping a colleague with his laptop, he finds the fonts within programs too small and they hurt his eyes. We have tried changed the fonts using System>Appearances>Fonts. Changed the dpi resolution in the "Details" section, and tried changing the screen resolution, but this doesn't work or make it better.

I have attached a screen shot to show the problem. As I hope you can see, the font size on the desktop and top tool bar is much larger than within the programs.

Can anyone help, we have looked through all of the menus we can think of, but nothing makes the font bigger.

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Ubuntu Installation :: System-crash While Installing Textlive-fonts-extra

Jan 2, 2010

I was multitab browsing (around 15 tabs) in latest firefox for karmic koala (9.10) and at the same time downloading (probably already auto-installing) in synaptic-package-manager the package: textlive-fonts-extra (and other necessary packages; this was around 90 mb download and 250 mb installation)suddenly the pointer doesn't move anymore, (Alt+tab , and other combinations also didn't work anymore)
and I hold the power button untill the computer is turned off,when I reboot I get this message"invalid system disk, replace it and press any key to continue"now I'm using a livedisc to boot the computer (jaunty 9.04)To rebuild the system i think to manually install the packages that probably were interupted while installing and made it not work anymoreThe packages to be installed when text-live-fonts is marked for install (in synaptic opened from the livedisc) are:



This may be different with 9.10 configuration (can anybody look to see which are necessary with 9.10) I think the computer wasn't responding anymore because I used too many tabs at ones. I had this same problem a few times before in the past weeks but then I wasn't installing something and the computer did restart and firefox restored all the tabs. I cannot enter /home/ from the livedisc (no permission) and it's necessary , I am in the middle of exams and i need to print the paper that is on the disc by monday Is there a way to enter it via command console?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Fonts Wrong After Installing Truetype Fonts / Why Is So?

Jan 15, 2010

I just finished installing a bunch of truetype fonts. After installing them, firefox is displaying "bradybunch" font when I search google.

The font settings are all serif and sans serif in both the system fonts settings and firefox settings.

I am using ubuntu 9.10.

Any idea why this could be happening?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Find Fonts In The Fonts Dropdown Menu In Oo Writer

Oct 14, 2010

I would like to use the Adobe Garamond Pro in my text doccument in open office writer. I got a text document where from a friend where it is used so I know that it can. But when I want to edit I cant find it in the fonts dropdown menu.

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Ubuntu :: Over 1500 Fonts - Move Them To My /usr/share/fonts Folder

Jul 3, 2011

I have a folder with over 1500 fonts, I would like to move them to my /usr/share/fonts folder so that they can be used. Some are from Windows, some are just random extras. I've installed the msttcorefonts, but there are quite a few missing that make some wen pages look different.

How can I go about putting the fonts from my folder, into the appropriate /usr/share/fonts folder to be used? And how can I move them all? I can't drag and drop them, and mv FONT_NAME /usr/share/fonts for all of them will take a month or two. Is there a way to elevate my self to be able to just drag and drop them all? And which folder would they need to go into for them to be used in Chrome and Firefox?

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Fedora :: Restore System Without Reinstalling Distro?

Aug 8, 2009

I have accidentally removed my /boot partition(when installing grub using LiveCD i'm typing "rm -rf /boot" instead of "rm -rf boot") After that i have installed grub, have to reinstalled latest kernel( using rpm(and 2nd time using yum) but result the same: i can't boot into my system. Unfortunately, i can't copy&paste log, but booting stopped after something like a:

mounting /proc
mounting /sysfs
Creating /dev

then kernel finds keyboard and mouse and... and nothing. Is it possible to restore my system without reinstalling distro?

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SUSE :: Unsquashfs The File System Of A Distro?

Dec 20, 2010

im trying to unsquashfs the file system of a distro that i made in suse studio.

when I run the unsquashfs comman it give my that error "Can't find a SQUASHFS superblock on mylinux-read-only.i686"

seems that this is not a sqhuashfs FS

what kind of file system could be?

how I can descompress it?

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Hardware :: System Distro For A FSC Futro A230?

Jun 17, 2011

I will get soon a Fujitsu Siemens Futro A230 with the following hardware setup code...

I saw that most people are using "Debian" on this device because it is i586 compatible and got all required drivers. There exist a tutorial though how to make it i686 compatible [link].

I want to use this device primary as small "home server" to create for example at night database (MySQL) backups which are running on my dedicated servers. In the meanwhile it should run as simple NAS so I can access the connected HDD (750GB, USB 2.0, 2,5"). A small webserver to access the backups and other files easily from the internet could be useful, but is not required.

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Ubuntu :: System Won't Boot After Distro Upgrade

Jan 14, 2010

I've just attempted a distro upgrade (to 9.10) and have been left with a machine in an unbootable state.

I tried using a recovery boot through Grub and can see that the boot process hangs after outputting:


If I ESC to get a prompt, I get:


I can't run dpkg-reconfigure as I get a read-only filesystem error.

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OpenSUSE :: 3.2 Fonts Get Loaded To /usr/local/share/fonts?

Feb 23, 2010

I have just installed openSUSE 11.2 X86_64 on my laptop, I then used KDE to install lots of type 1 fonts for my printer. These get loaded to /usr/local/share/fonts/...These installed fonts are visible to KDE (KWRITE) and GIMP so I assume that the installation was O.K. When I start openOFFICE writer I do not see these fonts. The font selection appears to be the fonts located under /usr/share/fonts. I have not tried other ooo3 components. I assume that they are not going to see the fonts either.

I have searched google and it appears that /usr/local/share/fonts is the correct location for non-packaged fonts. Has anybody any idea what is wrong? I think I could move all the fonts to /usr/share/fonts and ooo3 would work but this seems to break the installation directory structure. I have considered symlinks but I don't like the idea of defining a font twice to Linux and creating the syslinks is more work than reinstalling the fonts if they are lost

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