General :: Can I Uninstall Another System Distro Directly Over Mint On Dual Boot

Feb 18, 2010

I think the title says it all really - I've installed Mint onto a Acer aspire 5315 laptop. Its a dual boot system using Vista Basic. Grub works perfectly and to be honest Mint is great. really enjoying playing and learning. My problem is that the laptop overheats when using Mint - the cpu fan doesn't cut in and the laptop shuts down to protect the system. According to a swift google this seems to occur with mint (possibly particularly with Acer's) and maybe with other distro's too. However I'd like to keep trying to see if i can find one that works.

So my rather obvious newbie question is can I just get another distro dvd and install this onto the partition containing mint thus deleting the previous install? If I did this would Grub show the new distro ok or would it keep searching for Mint. I have a back up so if all else fails I can reinstall everything but that will have to wait till I get home

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General :: Uninstall Mint 9 From Dual Boot Machine?

Jun 28, 2010

Recently, my Mint update informed me it had an upgraded kernel version of Mint 9 and asked did I want to upgrade. Me, not being an old hand at things Linux, upgraded. Instead of overwriting the older version, it put the upgraded version of Mint 9 BESIDE the older one. So now I have, actually, 4 versions of Mint 9 on my PC,(generic plus recovery mode for each) which is dual booted with Vista Home Premium.

I don't want this. I have had weird problems and hiccups since I upgraded. I want to get rid of the newer kernel version and use only the older one. How do I uninstall the upgraded version of Mint 9? I have tried to boot into the older version, but there is no desktop and I have to type on the boot screen and in the terminal. It wants commands I don't know how to give. How do I restore my older version of Mint 9?

I just want one version on my PC in the dual boot with Windows Vista. Can someone tell me how to accomplish this? If you give me terminal commands, please make sure they are copy and paste ready. lol.

If uninstalling involves deleting partitions and doing a manual partitioning and formatting, I'll need easy instructions for that also.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Uninstall Win 7 From Dual Boot System

Mar 2, 2010

I have a Toshiba laptop. It has 2 Operating systems. (Windows XP and Windows 7). Now I'm planing to uninstall windows 7 and install ubuntu, (that means Windows xp and Ubuntu) - (dual boot). How can I do that?

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General :: Uninstall On Dual Boot With Win XP?

Feb 23, 2010

how to uninstall linux on dual boot with win XP ??

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General :: Installing Mint On An HP Laptop With Windows 7 For A Dual Boot?

Mar 9, 2010

I got to the part where I'm supposed to partition Mint. I've got a 500GB hard drive, and I thought I'd give 300GB to LM--but I'm unclear about using ext2, 3 or 4. What about the swap file? Is that automatic?

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General :: Uninstall Ubuntu From A Dual-boot To Vista?

Jan 1, 2010

I want to uninstall ubuntu from a dual-boot to vista. I couldn't figure it and I also had to wipe my machine in general so I just reinstalled vista. But when I did that I assumed that ubuntu would get included in my "wiping". But of's still there. Now that odd ubuntu uninstall option which was actually for some strange odd reason in the vista/control panel/uninstall options is no longer available. So how to uninstall ubuntu? Do I just delete i and insert the vista cd to recover the boot? Is that correct?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Uninstall / Remove OpenSUSE On Dual Boot System

Sep 5, 2010

I would like to remove openSUSE (11.3) from my dual boot (/Windows) system. In the old days, the install CD used to have an option for that, but now my DVD doesn't have anything, or perhaps I overlooked?

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot Going Directly To Windows

Mar 25, 2010

My main operating system is Windows, I just installed Ubuntu because it's super cool, and I like to practice my programming skills on it. How can I change the GRUB settings so it goes to Windows automatically, not Ubuntu?

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Installation :: Dual Boot Mint On External HDD

Apr 19, 2010

I'm new to the world of Linux, but am intrigued by the variety and functionality it offers over Windows. I have an external HDD from which I would like to dual boot Linux Mint, with Windows Vista (64 Bit) remaining on the primary internal HDD. I know that my BIOS supports dual booting and booting from USB devices (my external HDD). Are there any specific dangers I need to be aware of? Is it as simple as putting in the installation disc and selecting my external HDD?

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General :: Change From A Dual Boot System To A Single Boot System?

Jul 20, 2010

I just recently installed ubuntu 9.10 in my upstairs computer. It is a single boot system.Downstairs I have a dual boot system. I have windows vista and ubuntu 9.10 installed. It worked fine. I wanted to make this a single boot system and uninstall ubuntu 9.10. I cannot get rid of the grub bootloade

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General :: What Is Smaller Distro Than Linux Mint Julia 10 For Netbook

May 19, 2011

I recently installed Linux Mint Julia 10 on my netbook and it is issues from USB install.My question is what is a smaller distro I can use for netbook...and will it install as easy as Mint 10.I only use netbook for emails and web searches for information..I have no harware issues ..except for my lack of knowledge of Linux.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Remove UNR From Dual Boot (Mint 10)

Dec 22, 2010

Recently installed Mint (Julia) alongside Ubuntu Remix and I want to uninstall UNR completely and re-install.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Accessing Files In Dual Boot( 10.04 And Mint)?

Nov 12, 2010

I have a dual boot ( Ubuntu 10.04 and Linux Mint), but I spend most of my time in the Ubuntu 10.04 partition. The point is that I have a huge files in the Mint compartment and I would like to gain access to those files from my Ubuntu 10.04 partition. I have tried samba and could not get the file sharing system to work. I had used samba when I was dual booting between Ubuntu and Windows and it worked but not in my present Linux dual boot.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Uninstall Under Dual Boot

Mar 7, 2010

How would I go about un-installing ubuntu under these circumstances?

-wubi-uninstall.exe not working
-On same partition as windows and cant format

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Ubuntu :: Uninstall Win7 - Dual Boot

Jun 5, 2010

Currently i am dual boot win7 and ubuntu, and the win7 is installed first in C drive, then ubuntu 10.04 is installed in D drive, my question is can i uninstall win7 and just keep the ubuntu on my machine?

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Ubuntu :: Uninstall Windows 7 From Dual Boot

Jul 27, 2011

i installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit alongside Ubuntu 11.04 on my Acer Aspire 5536 but now i want to get rid of Windows,i have got the dvd for Ubuntu and i can reinstall but is there an easier way please?

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General :: Uninstall Current Opensuse 11.3 Installation And Start Again With A Different Distro?

Oct 3, 2010

I would like to uninstall my current opensuse 11.3 installation and start again with a different distro. How do I go about doing this?

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Installation :: Safely Uninstall Another Ubuntu On Dual Boot?

Jan 26, 2010

For testing posposes I installed another mythbuntu (9.10) in dual boot next to my older (9.04) one.
I now want to uninstall it but ofcourse the grub is now loaded from there, so I can't just delete the partition.
How can I safely remove it and come back to my old grub?

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Ubuntu :: Uninstall In The Future If Create A Dual Boot Pc?

Feb 8, 2010

I am looking to do just as the title says. If I no longer want to keep ubuntu say a year from now. Will i be able to uninstall or possibly delete the partion with ubuntu on it without wiping out windows? I ask because I am not sure of how much space I would like to partition, this way I could always come back delete it and then reinstall it to the size I wish

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Uninstall Vista On Dual Boot

May 2, 2010

I just successfully upgraded to 10.04 on my Ubuntu-Vista dual boot SONY VAIO. I do have a separate Ubuntu partition for /home. I have decided I want to abandon Vista entirely and do a fresh install of 10.04 so I will be able to use GRUB2. How do I proceed, short of totally wiping out the drive?

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Ubuntu :: Like The System To Boot Directly Into Xbmc?

Apr 30, 2010

I've bought myself an Acer Revo and have 10.04 running nicely on it. After some basic tweaks I have 1080p content playing flawlessly.However, I'd like the system to boot directly into xbmc (no gdm etc). Can anyone suggest how this might be achieved?Under 9.10 I used a minimal install and edited /etc/event.d/tty1 to login a user. .bash_profile was then edited to start xbmc.

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Fedora Installation :: Unsuccessful To Dual Boot 12 With Any Other Distro?

Dec 17, 2009

I have been unsuccessful to dual-boot fedroa 12 with anyother distro? what is the solution?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Replace Other Distro On Dual Boot?

Jan 30, 2010

I have a laptop dual booted with Win 7 and Fedora. I want to replace Fedora with Ubuntu. Is it safe to simply delete all the non-ntfs partitions during the Ubuntu install? I just don't want to whack Windoze as I depend on it ofr work. THe current partitions are code...

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General :: Windows XP Failed To Boot In Dual Boot System?

Jul 5, 2011

The problem is this: I have a 320gb HDD splitted in 4 partitions. When I first installed Windows XP I formatted the HDD in 3 (Windows system partition, Media partition and another one I left for Linux). However Linux requires another partition for swap. Everything was just fine. One day Windows stopped working and I tried re-installing it. After the system was ready to start, Windows failed to boot with "NTLDR is missing" message. I tried to recover the Master boot record, even replaced NTLDR manually - nothing worked. I read that in order a HDD to be partitioned in more than 3 parts the so called "extended" partitions must be created. I think this may cause the problem but I don't want to wipe out everything (I have more than 100 GB of books most of which are not available anymore in the same locations I have downloaded them)

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General :: How To Make System Dual Boot

Feb 22, 2011

can any one tell me how i can make my system dual boot ie how can i install Linux with XP on my system.

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General :: Making A Dual Boot System

Apr 15, 2011

I have purchased a 500Gb seagate external hard disk.I partitioned it using the xp disk manager. I have now 320gb primary NTFS partition for accessing & storing data through XP & kept 144Gb of unallocated space for installation of Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.0. I have the dvd of RHEL 6.0, now please guide me through the process. I know I have to boot from my dvd drive. But i don't know how to manually allocate & partition the swap, and how much to mount under '/' & under'/boot'.. And also how to set it up for the dual boot.

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General :: System Architecture For Dual Boot 64 Bit?

Mar 27, 2011

I've been running Fedora 10 since it came out (I'm doing some numerical modeling for my thesis), but I've got some questions about a new box I'm going to build. I am going to build a new 64bit machine, dual boot with Win7 and Poseidon Linux (waiting for the 64bit version to come out later this year).is there an advantage to having each OS reside on a different physical HDD? meaning - 1 hard drive for Win and 1 hard drive for Linux and just decide which HDD to boot when I turn the machine on. -or is it better to have them reside on the same HDD and just have a separate HDD for data / storage? -is there a good resource to describe some optimal architecture's? I've searched through the forums and haven't found anything that concise / on-target / similar. As additional info: this box will be my livelihood, so right now, money is not really an object in terms of HDDs, etc.

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General :: Upgrading A Dual Boot System?

Aug 9, 2010

I hope this is posted in the right forumI have a dual boot ubuntu 10-4 and windows vista each on a separate 500 GB drive.nt to install Windows 7 in place of vista but I understand that there are some issues with grub 2 if vista and linux are already installed.Also can it be done from within Vista as an upgrade without doing a complete reinstall.I also wondered if installing windows 7 as a virtual box would be a better option.only have a few programs that I need to run in windows but I do use them regularly.

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General :: Windows - Backup A Dual Boot System?

Aug 29, 2010

I dual boot windows and ubuntu on a particular machine and I'm looking for a comprehensive backup solution. Basically I'm after a single tool to clone the entire drive and do incremental backups with little to no concern for the underlying os.

My first instinct is to set up rsync to do the back up from ubuntu and just mount the windows partition when it does its thing so it backs that up too. Does that sound reasonable or am I missing something? At face value this seems like a reasonable answer, but I can't help but feel like something is "off" with that approach.

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General :: Unable To Configure System For Dual Boot

Jan 8, 2011

I am new Linux, but have already installed a new HDD in my PC and successfully installed Fedora 14. Unfortunately, I am unable to configure my system for dual boot and my PC always boots right up into Windows Vista which is the original OS on my original HDD. I have searched the web, but only find examples of splitting partitions and dual booting into different versions of Windows. I apologize for the simple question, but I am certain that someone in here can point me in the right direction. My intention is to migrate to Linux entirely, but want to learn Linux before completing a full migration.

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