Ubuntu :: Boot Display Doesn't Fill The Monitor Screen?

Jul 15, 2010

I have an Nvidia card and I am using ubuntu 10.04. Before installing the ubuntu nvidia restricted drivers, the boot screen with the ubuntu logo would cover the entire display area of the monitor. But now, after installing the Nvidia driver and fixing the display resolution of the boot screen with the Plymouth fix, the boot screen doesn't expand to fit the entirety of the monitor display area. How can I fix this? There is a good 2 inch off from either side of the display while booting.

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Ubuntu :: Plymouth Boot - Splash Screen Doesn't Fill The Entire Monitor

May 9, 2010

I followed this workaround for Nvidia cards and the boot screen


Everything worked fine, except at boot, the splash screen doesn't fill the entire monitor. I set it to the native resolution of my monitor, 1920x1080. Its just not stretched fullscreen.

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Fedora Installation :: Resize The Screen To Fill More Of The Monitor?

Apr 10, 2009

I'm going to do a permanent install of fedora 10 soon, within the next couple of days.

1. When installing it asks if I need to log in as NIC, something about networks. What would that be about?

2. Is there any way to resize the screen to fill more of the monitor? Right now it leaves about an inch of blackness on the let side which is more than other os's that I've seen.

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Ubuntu :: Window Doesn't Fill 10% Of Screen At Top?

Jul 31, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 32bit
Gnome 2.30.2
Compiz active
Cairo Dock loaded

I've loaded Cairo-dock, deleted my bottom panel in Gnome & reduce my top panel to a minimum showing only "notifications". I can't get my windows to fill the top 10% of the screen on maximise without going full-screen and losing the window borders and the menu bar.how I can configure the maximise setting to use the whole screen?

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Software :: Debian 6 Squeeze Does Not Completely Fill The Monitor Screen On Left

Mar 18, 2011

Have any of you used Debian 6 Squeeze yet? Have you encountered a problem of the OS not entirely filling in the left side of the video monitor leaving approximately (19 inch monitor) a half inch vertically black non-filled part?

This happens in several Debian 6 Squeeze itterations: Net-intall, commercial intalls, etc.

It could be a hardware problem but it happens on other machines as well, so I do not lean that way. There are other machinations of video pasting during bootup such as the left hand of the screen being on the right and vice-versa, scrunched up lines of garbage taking hold of certain sections of the screen.

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Ubuntu :: Xorg Doesn't Detect Monitor / Won't Display Higher Than 800x600 On A 1400x900 Monitor

Apr 3, 2010

I installed Karmic on an older PC I had laying around, and the only trouble I am having is with screen resolution. It uses an old ATI chipset (onboard) for video, and it doesn't seem to do EDID correctly, so I can't display anything higher than 800x600. I have tried creating an xorg.conf, but it's still not working. How can I tell Xorg to ignore the fact it can't detect a widescreen monitor and display something larger than 800x600? I noticed the log says the sync's are out of range, but I am not sure how to fix it.

Here is my current xorg.conf.

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "X.org Configured"
Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0
InputDevice "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
InputDevice "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"


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Hardware :: Can't Find Where To Get Monitor Display To Stay On So It Doesn't Go Black After 2 Min's

Feb 28, 2010

I could easily go to ms system monitor display by clicking on background of desktop and finding it through there to change settings related to desktop. I want to be able to watch a movie without the desktop screen saver thing going off. where can extend it to longer than 2-3 minutes on linux mint?

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Hardware :: No Monitor Display After Login Screen?

Jan 30, 2010

When I start my system its getting booted through LAN and it showing login screen after I login it shows only black screen. Whether is may by Video adapter problem?

This problem came after I run a Perl portscan program, this script just scan all the ports from 0 to 65535 and reports which port is open and closed.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install To USB - Black Screen - Monitor Is On And Lit - Just Nothing On The Display

Nov 30, 2010

I did a LiveCD to USB install, following the directions I found at [url] When I went to reboot to the USB stick, all I get is a black Screen (monitor is on and lit, just nothing on the display) No cursor or command prompt. I've tried holding shift to bring up the GRUB menu, changing splash quiet to nomodeset, or just adding nomodeset after the splash quiet thing. I've even tried xforcevesa instead of nomodeset still black screen. Looking at the logs nothing is current as of the last time I tried to boot the computer, it's strictly what was written when I installed it to the stick. Other things I've checked/tried, Pressing CTRL+Alt+F1 at GRUB to get TTY, all I get is that blank screen. I've Checked etc/default/grub to ensure the timeout was higher then 0. The Install CD seems to be OK but I have (as it did another install successfully) but I haven't done any throughal checking of it (there was no check this disk on the first screen of the LiveCD) The USB sticks also seem to be ok (in windows though). Using the disk utility on the live CD I did check the file system on the USB stick, the "/" partition came up clean. Anybody have any other thoughts on this install, any thing else I can check?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Power Pc G3 Display Tiled On The Monitor, Instead Of Full Screen?

Aug 8, 2010

im installing ubuntu onto a friends ibook, but am first running it live off the disk. it runs well, except for one thing, the display has a problem,i guess it seems like its tiled on the monitor, instead of fullscreen, it has a full desktop taking about 2/3 of the monitor, a sliver of the same desktop right below it, and a line of black to the right.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Screen On Display Entirely Black - External Monitor Never Becomes Active

Apr 3, 2011

Just did a fresh install of Natty B1 (previously had alpha 2).. I noticed this issue w/ A2, as well.. plugging in the exterminal monitor (via mini-displayport-to-vga connector) will do the following:

1) turn the screen on the laptop's display entirely black (but not turn it off).. i can move and see the mouse cursor.. but everything on the window appears to not rending or "painted" black..

2) external monitor never becomes active..

the only way to recover is to kill/restart X or reboot after disconnecting the extmon.. having extmon plugged in from boot produces the same results (and it doesn't seem to ever become active during boot up). sometimes this won't happen right away if i plug in the external monitor.. but opening the Monitors system prefs dialog will definitely cause (or detect displays) ,etc I waited to see if the issue would fix itself w/ the beta update, but it hasn't.. Any other 8,1 owners out there that can verify this issue? My (totally uninformed) guess is that it's due to differences in the display/gfx hardware and thunderbolt integration(?)

(I've seen a verification verifications of working-out-of-the-box.. but they were from 8,2 and 8,3 owners (which have discrete graphics cards))... If anyone's gotten this to work with some config stuff, I'd love to see that as well (since the wiki page for 8,1 says it works ootb). If someone could let me know where I should look to capture error output when the above issue occurs, that would be awesome.

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Ubuntu :: If Monitor Off On Boot, Display Not Detected?

Oct 31, 2010

I'm running 10.04 as a DVR (mythtv). If the computer boots with the TV off it won't detect the settings, and when I turn the TV on nothing displays. I have to ssh into the computer and reboot it to get it to detect the display.Any idea how I can go about solving this? How can I disable autodetect and force it to use a specific setting?

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Fedora :: Dual Monitors - Screen Does Fill The Lcd Screen All The Way

Mar 25, 2010

setting up my dual monitors. I can get a continuous screen but the screen does fill the lcd screen all the way. I have dove in to xorg. I'm on fedora 12 .


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Ubuntu Installation :: No Display/keyboard On Boot With Differnet Monitor?

May 21, 2010

I setup 10.04 on an older Athlon XP 3000+ ASUS A7N8X board with a Radeon RV250 video card. It works fine and dual boots with XP on the LCD monitor I have. I took it to my mom's an connected to a iiyama Vision Master 450 CRT. When I boot, I get the grub menu, and if I pick Windows XP, it boots fine. If I pick Ubuntu, the screen goes blank, as small underline cursor appears at the top left, and then the monitor goes into sleep mode and the keyboard is no longer responsive.

I cannot seem to gain access. I cannot hit CTl-ALT-F2 (or ALT-F2) to get to text login (screen is sleeping and no keyboard control). I tried Live CD, it shows a graphic at the bottom of the screen and then goes blank as well! Seem like something with monitor resolution, but I cannot seem to figure out how to force it to work. I can't seem to figure out how to get into command line mode on boot either.

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General :: Xorg Setup - Display The Screen To Choose Horizontal And Vertical Settings For The Monitor

Nov 21, 2010

This is my third SLackware install. I installed 10,12, now 13. the Xorgsetup has changed I think, it does not display the screen to choose Horizontal and Vertical settings for the monitor. In addition, how can I set the Refresh rate?

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General :: WMV Playing Doesn't Fill Fullscreen?

Mar 20, 2010

I was having trouble with the sound of the wmv files on linux, but i solved it by coping the w32 dll libraries and now it works just fine. There is one problem though : whatever player i use to open and play a wmv file (mplayer, vlc), it doesn't fit the full screen - in windows the same movie DOES.

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Ubuntu :: Media PC Won't Boot / Display To HDTV Till Lcd Monitor Is Plugged In

Mar 3, 2010

I am trying to build a media pc, and successfully so till this one little/big problem. I want to be able to turn on my tv, and pc, and have the pc display onto the TV. Ports used are HDMI(pc)->HDMI(HDTV)

But for some reason Ubuntu will not fully load with just the TV plugged in (all i get is a black screen, not even a "no signal" message).Once a LCD monitor is plugged into the VGA port. Then I see a glossy white Ubuntu symbol on the LCD monitor. Then the Ubuntu loading screen appears on both the LCD monitor AND the TV. in mirror mode. And I can see the desktop on both monitor AND TV.

I am using an ATI RAEDON HD 4200 chipset that is on the mobo. I have downloaded the proprietary drivers and installed them. A few things I have tried are the instructions on this page, finding my modeline using a modeline calculator and also going off of a suggestion from a thread on this website, stripping down my xorg file so that the Xserver would autodetect it. Which i think I did wrong because after that, it wouldn't display on TV at all.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.10 Doesn't Display On Vaio Laptop's Screen

Oct 23, 2010

Recently I install ubuntu 10.10 on my Sony Vaio laptop. After the CD boot I always got a black screen, after a week i figured that there's nothing wrong, it's just the screen doesnt show up on my laptop's screen. So I use an external monitor and It showed up as normal.

But I need to have it show up on my laptop's screen. I tried to use "additional driver" to activate latest Nvidia driver but after that even my external monitor doesnt work too. Latest driver doesnt work properly i guess. I did try to install older driver version manually but after I turned of gdm, install driver and reboot, my ubuntu always starts with tty1 command terminal. tried ctrl+alt+7 but it stucked at (checking battery state), startx doesnt help me return to graphical screen too.

I got help from a moderator here but the best result so far is to edit my /etc/default/grub. Change

Sudo update-grub

after the reboot I have it shows up on my laptop's screen. But it seems low-bit color,a bit grand to me(compared to external monitor, both w/o driver). Anw i checked system/preference>monitor . It showed up that my monitor:unknown. I can't choose other resolutions, refresh rate = 0.

I always know its my widescreen is the problem. I have had a lot of problems dealing wgames/application (on windows) can't work on 16:9 mode. install a stable Nvidia driver

Everything I tried in the past weeks is in here [URL] My laptop is SONY VAIO VPCCW19FX, Nvidia GeForce GT 230M, widescreen monitor

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General :: Rhel5 - Cannot Configure Samsung Syncmaster 632nw Monitor To Display Full Screen At 1360X768

Dec 15, 2009

I am new to this forum. I am a both rhel5 and fedora user.I can not configure my Samsung syncmaster 632nw monitor to display full screen at 1360X768.There is huge blank space on left and right portion of the monitor.The maximun resolution is 1024*768 and minimum is 640*480.

I have tried many times to solve it using xorg.conf but still unable to do it.

Here is xorg.conf's content :

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Hardware :: Display Settings Hosed If Second Monitor Is Connected On Boot-up

May 5, 2011

I'm trying to get my secondary display (DVI-Out) working on a laptop (built-in monitor & external display) and I'm afraid I made quite the mess of it installing the proprietary driver only to learn that my old ATI card is no longer supported and having to clean that up and reinstall the original distro driver!Anyways, I reverted back to the open source driver and all is ok. That is until I reboot. If I reboot with the DVI display connected then both displays are brought up in 640x480 res and look terrible.

What do I have to do to be able to leave my DVI display connected when I start up the machine and get it to render the way it does when I plug in the display after the machine is running?I suspect I need to create an xorg.conf file but these fancy modern Linuxes these days don't come with one (or maybe they no longer need it anymore).

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Ubuntu :: Server Boot - Doesn't Start-up Unless A Monitor Was Plugged In

Jul 19, 2011

I have an old computer (Pentium 4) without a monitor. To make the most of it I installed Ubuntu server on it and have been using it for almost a year. A couple of months ago I don't really recall what I did but since then it doesn't start-up unless a monitor was plugged in.

I've tried pinging it but it doesn't respond when no monitor is plugged in. meaning it's not even booting correctly.

I'd like to know what the problem is and how to fix it. And I'd really appreciate any help in diagnosing the problem. I just don't know where to start.

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Debian Configuration :: Terminal Don't Fill Entire Screen?

Sep 8, 2011

I started my Debian 6 machine today and the terminal (Alt+Ctrl+F1) is only using the top left area of the screen. The resolution is correct but the whole screen just isn't filled with text. When I log in and run startx the GUI is in a very small resolution.

I've tried everything I can find with GRUB_GFXMODE and GRUB_GFX_PAYLOAD but nothing works.

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Ubuntu :: Video Driver - Image Would No Longer Fill The Entire Screen

Feb 26, 2010

i just installed an ati radeon hd 4350 video card. after doing so i installed the restricted drivers and found that the image would no longer fill the entire screen no matter what i did. i then disabled the drivers and rebooted. now when i log into gnome all i can see is a white desktop with no icons or even programs when they are loaded (i can tell that some load because i can see when the cursor changes for a text box and the like). would re-enabling the drivers help with this? if so i need a command to do so as i have had to boot into xterm to write this.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Terminal/Boot Splash Doesn't Display Correctly?

Apr 19, 2010

I just upgraded my computer from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 (beta2) restarted and the splash was screwed i thought meh i can live with it then went into my account switched to tty1(ctrl+alt+F1) and it was the same. got annoyed now asking had anyone else encountered/know how to fix this problem. pictures attached sorry for bad quality took on phone, but that is how it really looks.

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Fedora Hardware :: Setup Nvidia On Geforce 5700LE - Monitor Doesn't Support Screen Resolution

May 13, 2010

First off, let me say: I'm a long time Linux hobbyist and recently installed Fedora 12. I've been looking (some say "lurking") around these forums for a bit after I loaded it up and let me say: Leigh, You're an amazing young man! Keep up the great work! I've a question: I've just put together a hobby computer: Pentuim 4, with 1 Gig of RAM and a Nvidia Geforce5700LE. When I install Fedora from a fresh install, everything works great: nice screen resolution, good graphics, etc. but no 3d or acceleration, so I'm very limited on my programs.

So I decided I need to upgrade my Nvidia driver. I followed Leigh's Nvidia setup guide after installing Fedora 12 (all four steps!) everything seemed to go fine, but when I reboot, I quickly see the Nvidia splash screen, but the screen then goes blank. Well, not really blank, I can see what appears to be a kind of cross-hatch pattern, plus I can see what should be my mouse cursor on screen (it also is a square shaped pattern). I suspect it may be at a screen resolution that my monitor doesn't support. Once there, the computer pretty much doesn't do anything else. Usually I can break into the x driver loading and go to the command prompt, but this latest time I can't even do that.

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Fedora :: Flash Popup Goes Blank When Try To Expand It To Fill Screen

Feb 9, 2010

[URL] and then take vid and open that in whole screen. Since is it this machine why I got blank if I am try to expand it to fill screen.

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Switches Off After Boot Before Logon Screen?

Jan 16, 2011

1. I can run the graphical installer at full resolution without using "nomodeset"

2. I can boot into the Gnome desktop using the option "Try without installing" without any problems

3. When I install to my HDD however, I can boot but just at the point where the logon screen should come(after the black screen,blinking cursor), the display reports no signal and goes to sleep. I can hit enter, type my password, hit enter again (blind, as there's no display) and the HDD spins up as if logging in, but I don't see anything.

4. Using "nomodeset" makes no difference whatsoever other than the graphical installer runs at a lower res.

5. using the alternate installer changes nothing

6. recovery mode has the same issues

It appears to me that booting into Gnome without installing uses some sort of generic driver, whereas installing uses a different driver which is sending my display to sleep. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 64Bit. Have also tried using 10.04 64Bit and the alternate 10.10 .iso, but to no avail. My graphics card is an NVidia Quadro NVS 295 with a DisplayPort-DVI adapter. I've previously installed 10.04 64Bit on another system with an NVidia GT240 card with no problems whatsoever. I can't try that card in this machine as it's too big for the case chassis, let alone the case.

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Fedora :: 11 With Monitor - System - Preferences - Display Shows Unknown Monitor

Oct 16, 2009

I am facing problem with the fresh installation of Fedora 11. (I have moved from Fedora 9). When I try to view videos on ..... or use the Cheese Webcam Booth, I get blurred lines on the screen and I am unable to see any video or pic.

Also I noticed that the when i go to System > Preferences>Display, it shows me UNKOWN MONIOR.

However, if I got to System>Administration>Display and enter the su password, it shows me correct monitor and the graphics driver.

I am not sure if my original is related to the Unknown Monitor.

I also tried to install Nvidia driver but it crashed the xserver and I had remove the driver.

My Monitor is LG 700E and Graphics card is from intel. as I am not able watch any video.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: IMac Display - Screen Will Just Go Black When Boot From A Live CD

Nov 18, 2010

I've been installing Linux Mint with OSX on a bunch of iMacs, and its been working perfectly excpet for one of the iMacs. The screen will just go black when I boot from a live CD, but I can hear the login sound play. It's strange because all of the other iMac's run the live CD just fine. What could the problem be? I don't know what I can do to troubleshoot this problem.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: No Display On Boot Just A Blank Screen?

Mar 19, 2011

i just installed opensuse yesterday and it's very nice. i wanted to install the driver for my ati mobility radeon hd 5470, so i followed the steps on:SDB:ATI drivers - openSUSEunfortunately, after the reboot, opensuse had booted but there was nothing on my screen (basically, just a blank screen)

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