Ubuntu / Apple :: Setting Up Remote Access For Mac?

Aug 6, 2010

My dell notebook runs Ubuntu (Karmic Koala). I want to be able to remote access my mom's Mac notebook (I believe it's an Airbook?), so that I can assist her with problems on her computer.What would I need to do on my computer (and how?)What would I need to do on her computer (and how?) to set this up?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Desktop (9.04) Behind Router For Remote Access By Latptop (9.10)?

Jan 8, 2010

Setting up desktop (9.04) behind router for remote access by latptop (9.10) I am setting up desktop (9.04) behind router for remote access by latptop (9.10). Rationale: All of my files are on my desktop HD, but I am often out of my home needing to work on my files. It is becoming labour intensive to keep track of the files I make/change and try to copy them on my non-connected desktop/laptop.

Dream: Able to remote access and modify my desktop files from my laptop (while the files remain on the desktop). Request: A simple, GUI, basic, non-technical guide how to set it up!

What I know: 1.I was going to use the 'Remote Desktop' VNC connection under System->Preferences. However, if I understand this correctly, this only secures my computer (i.e. Locks the front door of my desktop) and the data streamed between them is not encrypted.[URL]..

2.Then I need to set up my router to accept the connection from my laptop.

3.Then I will need to use SSH to secure the info sent between them. This is the bit I don't really have a good grip on.


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Using Apple's Remote App To Control Box?

Jul 30, 2011

First some background: I currently have iTunes running on a Vista box attached to my TV. I have an Ubuntu box running 11.04 and shairport which serves as remote speakers for the iTunes server. This works fairly well as I can control it with my iPhone, or iPad etc. Very slick interface and my wife loves it .

But I would prefer to not use iTunes to as the server. I would like to let that Vista box sleep most of the day. Doing a little bit of reading it sounds like I should be able to use mt-daapd as a replacement for iTunes. So I installed firefly and gave it a shot. I can get it streaming music fine. But I cannot Apple's "Remote" app to add the new library. When I did some poking I read that I should make a file that ends in ".remote" and put my device name + the pairing passcode from my iPhone in this file.

When I enter the "Add Library" mode on my iPhone it should broadcast an mDNS event. And in fact it looks like it does because: avahi-browse -r -k _touch-remote._tcp Can see my iPhone. But when I do a tail -f on the mt-daapd logfile I never see a connection come up. I have tried debug level 8 in the messaging.Still nothing. In my search for a fix I noticed mt-daapd is no longer being developed but there is forked-daapd. This is actually where I found the instructions for pairing via Remote.

Should I bail on mt-daapd? Will there someday be Ubuntu support for forked-daapd?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Setting Up A Wireless Connection?

Jun 11, 2010

I'm having a bit of trouble setting up a wireless connection. I'm really trying to set it up for Lucid Lynx on another partition, but right now I'm on OS X running Jaunty Jackalope in Sun's VirtualBox. Neither auto-recognize the network I'm trying to connect too (don't know if Ubuntu has that feature), but OS X has a good connection. I'm trying to set up Jaunty first since I at least have some internet connection, but I'm not planning on using it that much.

So far, what I have put into the Network setup application is the network's name (SSID, right?), that it's WPA, and the network password. Though now I've checked back on the password field, the 8 digit password (eight circles) has been replaced with a bunch of circles, so I don't know what's up with that.

What's empty is the BSSID field, the MAC address, and for all intents and purposes, the password field since it's not the same as what I put in there. I assume OS X has a copy of this information somewhere since it's already connected? I've tried quite a few attempts to get either Ubuntu system to connect, and my google-fu is not helping.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Setting Up A 9.10 Dual Boot On Os X 10.5?

Jun 11, 2010

i am attempting to setup a macbook run by os x 10.5 for dual boot with ubuntu 9.10.

however, when get the part where usually a gui interface which allows one to specify the size of the new ubuntu partition appears i only get the options for using the entire disk, the largest free space or manual partition.

how can i set this machine up for dual boot?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Getting The Remote On Macbook 2,1 To Work With Karmic

Mar 5, 2010

I'm having a problem getting the apple remote on my Macbook 2,1 to work with Karmic and am looking for a little advice. I have followed the guide here [URl] and utilised the extended .lircrc in the first post of this thread [URL]linked to by the guide however I cannot get any action from my remote (it does work in OSX).

The problem, I believe, lies in where Gnome needs to start irexec and irxevent. Running irexrc -d from a terminal gives no output but I can also not find a process running after launch.Running irxevent -d returns 'irxevent: could not connect to socket irxevent: No such file or directory'I have also installed gnome-lirc-properties which (until a recent reboot) reported that there was no IR daemon running.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Removing Remote Desktop From Finder Sidebar

Dec 17, 2010

I've created a headless ubuntu mac server and everything is being found by Bonjour and showing up in Finder. The only thing that bugs me is the default horrible text used for remote desktop. How can I remove this item from the sidebar or rename it? I'm using the built in remote desktop utility on Ubuntu desktop 10.10

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid Upgrade Broken LIRC (MacBook Remote)

May 4, 2010

After upgrading to lucid, the remote that accompanied my macbook 4.1 appears to do nothing. (Testing with irw and xev). The howto at [URL] avoids any reference to the remote. I had it working properly in karmic. The howto at [URL] fails to help -- and is pretty much what I'd successfully done under kamic. The following launchpad post accurately describes my experience: [URL]. Has anyone resolved, found a workaround for, or otherwise had success getting lirc to work on a macbook with lucid?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Setting Up KDE Remote Desktop?

Aug 9, 2011

I've done apt-get install kde-full on a server, and would like to know how to set up remote desktop control for it. As I've never done something like this before through a console, I'm rather stumped and can't seem to find any information on this matter.

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Ubuntu :: Setting Up Remote Administration On A Distant Machine?

Oct 30, 2010

I'm try to assess the viability of of setting up remote administration on a distant machine. Just for background, the computer I wish to administer is located on a boat in Southern Ireland while I'm in SE England. Sadly, the the boat operator is a far better fisherman than computer user and every now and then some rogue sensor numbers get captured by the boat's computer and these eventually need operator intervention. Anyone who has tried to talk a non PC literate user through correction routines over a dodgy mobile telephone while the said user is trying to operate mouse/keyboard in an Atlantic swell will appreciate the problem.

However, there is a fairly good mobile phone broadband signal available in the area so I was wondering if there was anyway I could set up a point to point connection with the boat over this medium. That would allow me to administer the machine remotely.

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Fedora Networking :: Setting Up Remote Desktop On F14?

Feb 3, 2011

I'm trying to set up the Remote Desktop and am not getting anywhere. No matter what I do it seems that I'm only able to set it up to be viewable locally, over the local intranet. Do I need to open specific ports on a router? If so, what ports? Is there anything else I need to configure?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Setting Up The Remote Administration?

Aug 19, 2010

I can't seem to get Remote Administration (vnc) working for the life of me. I tried the ip4/ip6 fix and every other work around I could find. I simply can't figure things out. I can't say I'm new to Linux but I can say that I am quite new to openSuse and the RPM world in general. My actual error isn't much of an error but that of the vnc window just being a black window that eventually times out.

As of now I access and configure the box vis ssh.I'm using:

openSuse 11.3
Gnome Desktop
Installed from gnome live CD

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Security :: Setting Up Secure Remote Logins

Jun 17, 2010

I'm trying to secure the CentOS servers on our company network as the current situation is, shall we say, less-than-ideal: remote root logins with the same password across several servers (behind a firewall, on non-standard ports, but still) and several key processes running as root. My proposal to amend this consists of the following:

- setup a bare as possible SSH-gateway with only the normal user accounts to handle remote access
- disable the root login from anywhere else but LOCAL and create special accounts with root permissions for our ~4 system administrators, like admin.foo admin.bar that can only login from inside the company network, using SSH-keys.

So far my biggest obstacle seems to be creating the administrative users, how do I go about and do that? When I simply create a user adminfoo with uid=0 it will show on my shell as root, which makes it useless as a way to make our admins accountable for their actions. BTW, my initial proposal to use sudo unfortunately met with strong resistance, because it compromises usability.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setting Up Office With 1 Server / 1 Remote / 1 Local Client

Sep 22, 2010

I have a fast computer in my office and I want the person using the slow computer in the same office to boot up and see the login window (gdm) and log-in from there into the fast computer and be able to use their session on the fast computer the same time I am locally logged in to the fast computer as a different user and session.Is this best done through XDMCP? Where is a good tutorial on how to set this up?

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Ubuntu :: Setting Up A Cron Job Creates A Tunnel To Remote Machine To Work Correctly On 9.10?

Jan 12, 2010

I am having some trouble setting up a cron job that creates a tunnel to my remote machine to work correctly on Ubuntu 9.10. The setup looks like the following:

(1) myscript.sh (executable)
ssh -2 -x -i /home/user/.ssh/id_rsa.prv -L 3128:myremotemachine:3128 myaccount@myremotemachine
(2) crontab -e, added the following lines:


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Ubuntu / Apple :: How To Access The Shares From OS X

Jul 27, 2010

I have an ububtu server that up and running pretty well. I can share folders to other ubuntu boxes and PC.

I just got my first mac. How do i access the shares from OS X.

I used "GO" -> "connect to server" but that isnt working...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Setting-up System As Remote Desktop To Feed House-wide Audio?

Apr 26, 2010

We're in the final process of building a home, and I had them setup a wiring box where all the coax and cat5 terminates into one closet, which will also house my server. Once we get moved in I'd also like to add speakers in each room to have house-wide music, and ideally I'd like the audio to also run into this box with the master input coming from the server as well.My thought was to setup the server with some basic desktop manager like Fluxbox and use that to drive audio throughout the house, whether it be Pandora, Sirius Radio, or whatever. Since the server will be headless I'll need it setup so we can remote into it from our laptops, but I wasn't sure if VNC or some other RDP variant would work. Ideally we'll need to access a unified desktop so traditional terminal services where each users gets their own desktop might not be ideal

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid - How To Access OS X Partition

May 4, 2010

I have installed 10.04 on my MacBook Pro 6,2, and am trying to access some files stored in my User directory on the OS X partition of the laptop. I get a permission-denied error, but I figured this was a similar issue to the one mentioned in the stickied "How to Install Ubuntu 9.04 on Intel-Based Macs" thread.However, the suggest fix,Code:sudo usermod -u 501 -g 20 richarddoesn't exactly work for me. I tried this, but found myself suddenly logged out of my main account. On the log-in screen, only my second account showed up. Luckily, I was able to log into that, and re-usermod my main account back to it's original userid number.I am guessing that my strange error had to do with the abnormal (for ubuntu, at least) userid?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Access BIOS On Lombard?

May 25, 2010

accessing the BIOS on a Powerbook G3 Lombard (1999).

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Full Access To Mac Partition?

Sep 11, 2010

I have Ubuntu installed on my Macbook Pro but when I am mount my mac partition by clicking on it in Nautilus some of my user folders are not accessible unless I start Nautilus as root. Is there a simple way for me to make these folders accessible?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Access Music Folder In OSX Partition?

Oct 22, 2010

I am trying to access my music folder in my OSX partition but every time I click double click on it I get an error message that says "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Music".

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Unable To Access Firewire Drive

Oct 24, 2010

I just finished installing Lucid Lynx on an iMac7,1. So far, everything looks good, except for the fact that I am unable to access my external firewire drive. I know that outside of the Mac world, firewire isn't seen very often, but I was under the impression that it was supported. It doesn't show up in the /mnt directory of my new system, or my desktop. Then again, I am new to Ubuntu, and the filesystem looks a bit different from Mac and Debian, the two other *nix filesystems that I am the most familiar with. It shows up fine in Snow Leopard.

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Ubuntu :: How To Set Up Remote Access To Computer

May 3, 2010

My home network consists of two computers that share one internet connection via a router. I have a desktop computer that runs Ubuntu (Karmic), connected via ethernet; and a netbook that runs Windows 7 (will be Ubuntu, eventually), which connects wirelessly. Both computers have multiple user accounts. What I would like to do is access my account on the Ubuntu desktop via the netbook while my wife is using the desktop with her account (or enable her to access her account on the desktop while I am using it). I looked into VNC, but it, apparently, only supports the active desktop. So, if someone connected to the computer while it was in use, they would be looking at the other user's desktop. Is this a misconception on my part?

So, I have 3 questions:
-From the netbook, how can I log into my account on the desktop and just get a command-line shell?
- From the netbook, how can I log into my account on the desktop and actually have access to my Gnome desktop?
- If I leave my house with the netbook, and want to log into my desktop machine across the internet (CLI and/or Gnome), how can I do that?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 And Windows 7 Remote Access?

May 10, 2010

I have a Windows 7 (Home Premium) computer and another computer with a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.04 (32-Bit) on it. Since I have the computer with Windows 7 and it doesn't come with Remote access due to it not being at least the Professional edition (which is really lame if you ask me!), I won't be able to access my Windows computer from my Ubuntu computer (from what I have gathered from [URL].. So my question is how can I access my Ubuntu computer from my Windows 7 machine? Does this require more then just installing Samba on the linux machine? I do have RealVNC Enterprise edition 4.51 if that will work?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Access (SSH Or VNC) Being Blocked

May 18, 2010

I can't seem to remotely SSH or VNC into my machine. If I'm on the LAN and try accessing via LAN IP, it works fine. If i go in through a remote address (my dyndns) or even my home IP, I can't connect (yes, all of the ports are forwarded, I've triple checked this multiple times). Interestingly enough, port 80 works just fine. It would seem as though some sort of firewall is blocking me. I've done this plenty of times before with various machines, and this has me quite perplexed.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 - IPhone Remote Access Possible?

Feb 10, 2011

I'm relatively new to linux. I was wondering if there is any program available that will remotely access my iPhone. I have seen programs that let me controll my PC using my iPhone but i would like the other way around. The girlfriend doesn't have internet access at home and she's always texting me. Well if I find a program that lets me remotely access my device I can text her back without leaving the keyboard.
OS: Ununtu 10.10
iPhone 3G Jailbroken (3.1.3)

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Ubuntu :: Best Way To Acheive Remote Access?

Mar 7, 2011

New member here just looking for a solution for remote access over LAN and the internet. I've known Linux for seven years but have only begun working with it extensively the past couple months. I had recently tried a couple free VNC solutions but ended up giving up when nothing worked. TeamViewer ended up not working properly either and instead crashed at the end of each session. Any chance there's a simple solution to this?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Access Via Bluetooth?

Jan 4, 2010

I do what I can to Google and forum surf for answers. How possible, is it for someone like myself that is running:GNOME 2.28.1, Ubuntu 9.10 platform via my laptop, to use and control my desktop which was built by me, via my laptop if it's running the same platform...I've read posts about accessing Windows via Linux, however when it comes to find answers related to my issue, it keeps me from installing the OS on my desktop....If I can acheive that, would I then be able to control both units via speech recognition? The laptop unit has a built in microphone as well as bluetooth. The ultimate goal is to create a complete wireless environment accessible via bluetooth, command based or not...I know it might seem a bit farfetched, I'm just reaching the beginning stages of complications via SSH confusion and acknowledging Remote Access oppourtunities

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Ubuntu Security :: How To Remote Access Home Pc

Jan 29, 2010

how i can remote access my pc at home from work ? on different pc that has access to INTERNET. what software shall I install on my pc at home ? I want to be able to install software on my pc at home from my work place, my home pc has unbuntu Linux ubuntu 2.6.31-17-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 17:01:44 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Ubuntu :: Remote Access Software To Windows Xp?

May 12, 2010

Just curious your recommendations for remotely access windows xp computers from ubuntu. The current setup i use is tightvnc listener on ubuntu and ultra vnc single click on the windows xp computers.

I know rdesktop is widely used but i would like to continue their session so they can show me what is going wrong.

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