Ubuntu :: How To Set Up Remote Access To Computer

May 3, 2010

My home network consists of two computers that share one internet connection via a router. I have a desktop computer that runs Ubuntu (Karmic), connected via ethernet; and a netbook that runs Windows 7 (will be Ubuntu, eventually), which connects wirelessly. Both computers have multiple user accounts. What I would like to do is access my account on the Ubuntu desktop via the netbook while my wife is using the desktop with her account (or enable her to access her account on the desktop while I am using it). I looked into VNC, but it, apparently, only supports the active desktop. So, if someone connected to the computer while it was in use, they would be looking at the other user's desktop. Is this a misconception on my part?

So, I have 3 questions:
-From the netbook, how can I log into my account on the desktop and just get a command-line shell?
- From the netbook, how can I log into my account on the desktop and actually have access to my Gnome desktop?
- If I leave my house with the netbook, and want to log into my desktop machine across the internet (CLI and/or Gnome), how can I do that?

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Ubuntu :: Remote Access To Windows XP On The Same Computer

Mar 6, 2011

I have windows XP and Ubuntu 10.10 installed on the same computer. I want to remote access windows xp from Ubuntu. I have tried remote desktop viewer, terminal server client and tight VNC but nothing works.

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Fedora :: Access A Remote Computer By Tunnelling VNC Through Ssh?

Apr 11, 2011

I'm trying to access a remote computer by tunnelling VNC through ssh. I've used VNC for years, but never through ssh. Both computers are running Fedora 14, installed by me. Doing a general Internet search, I found three articles, and they all had basically the same instructions. However, they don't seem to work. Here's what I did. Call my local computer "computer A," and the remote computer "computer B." I installed vncserver on B using yum:

(1) yum install tigervnc-server
(2) Then on B I started the server:

vncserver The first time you do this, you're asked to set up a password. Everything else was automatic. I did nothing to /etc/sysconfig/vncservers.

(3) With vncserver running on B, on A I issued the following command:

ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 username-on-B@IP-address-for-B After giving the password, this logged me into a terminal session on B.

(4) At that prompt on B, I issued this command:

vncviewer localhost:1 According to the tutorials I found, this is the last step. The desktop window on B should open. It does not work. The following error was given: vncviewer: unable to open display "" What am I doing wrong? How does one tunnel VNC through ssh?

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General :: Access From Remote Computer To Directories

Jul 5, 2011

The tutorial (UNIX Tutorial) does not say anything about the license from a remote computer, I want to be able to save files in these folders of mine, but can not access from a remote computer. Normally the command would win R (Windows key and R) give me a sign up picture, it comes up but I can not access. The message that comes up is that the network path is not available.

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Ubuntu Security :: Access Remote Hard Drive From Another Computer

Jan 12, 2010

What I want to do is pull data from any of the hard drives attached to my Linux box from my Windows machine. I have been moving small amounts of data from the drives to my OS drive and those parts share easily, but I want to move away from that method to move large amounts of data at the same time.I have tried using Samba as it is used for file sharing between systems and that I have to give my Windows box permission through Samba.

Trick is, I'm not sure where to start, though I have an idea and wanted to know if this is the right track before I start editing my file system.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Public IP To Access Computer From A Remote Site?

Oct 13, 2010

How I can benefit from a public external IP? Do I need a public IP to access my computer from a remote site?run a tftp server ?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Boot For Remote Computer Access Involve RDP

Jan 21, 2011

I'm new to the principle of network boot and I was wondering if this is possible. Computer A runs openSUSE. Computer B is an older, slower computer. Computer A and computer B are connected using an Ethernet cable that supports two-way transport. Can I use network boot on computer B to use the OS on computer A remotely while computer A is being used too? Does it involve RDP? Will the remote user experience noticeable lags/delays? What do I need to install on computer A to make this happen?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Computer Access From Win PC Via Shared Folder / Remote Desktop

Jun 28, 2011

My linux PC is connected at work and I was able to configure the IP to connect to the network. I need a way to access the linux computer from other windows PC in the office via shared folders and or remote desktop. I am stumbling upon "VNC" on google.

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Debian Multimedia :: Interesting Dilemma Involves Remote Access To Computer

Oct 22, 2010

we usually have to access a batch of computers that is located on campus. This is straightforward enough on Windows, the OS that the computer support center cares about, but I'm interested to see how I would handle this in Debian. The process for Windows is:

1) Run the authentication program, which runs in the background.
2) Use Exceed on Demand (or Putty, but I can't really use that for my classes ), and log into the server. From there, it lets you log in to whatever computer you want. When logging on with Exceed on Demand, Solaris environment is then launched.

Now, I know there's not a lot of technical information here, and I apologize, but I know next to nothing about networking. What I do know is that I'm remotely accessing a secure computer, and then I ssh over to another computer (when using Putty, which was only command-line). I was wondering how easy or hard this would be to do through Debian, including the fact that I need to have the authentication program running.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Remote Desktop Access "Your Desktop Is Only Reachable Over The Local Network. Others Can Access Your Computer Using The Address Or Tabatha.local"

Feb 19, 2010

Running Ubuntu 9.10. In the Remote Desktop config dialog I get: "Your desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address or tabatha.local." I understand this means only the loopback ip address is available. All my other machines show their true local ip address (e.g., in this dialog. Thus I cannot log on to this desktop from other machines.

When I try to do a remote logon from another Ubuntu 9.10 box (or from an XP box using a VNC viewer), I get: "Connection to has been closed." What steps are needed to make this machine show its actual ip address? All file sharing between the various machines is working properly and all windows shares back and forth between XP and 'nix, and among the the vaious XP boxes and linux boxes are available as designed.

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Software :: Access Computer A's Shares As Well As The Third Computer, The Aforementioned Computers Cannot Access Computer B

May 28, 2011

I have three computers in my network, but two will be mentioned. Computer A is a Linux Mint 9/Windows 7 dual-boot, and I have just installed Mandriva Free 2010.2, which I will call Computer B.

Now my main problem is that Computer B, while it can see and access Computer A's shares as well as the third computer, the aforementioned computers cannot access Computer B. The message was: "Unable to mount location/Failed to mount Windows share." Now, the SMB protocol was used because of the third computer and Computer A have Windows OSs installed in them.

What I originally wanted was that I can share Computer B's NTFS partition, namely Documents and Downloads, to the other computers. And I can't do that, because of the error message.

What I can do, however, is use Computer B to view shares from the other two computers (Computer A, as an example). By my experiences in Linux Mint, I understand that I'd have to mount my Windows partitions in order to share them. I don't even know if my NTFS drive in Computer B is mounted, though that is what was described.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Move HD To New PC - Can't Access Computer From Other Computer

Sep 21, 2010

I have ubuntu server installed on a pc. The motherboard died, so I switched the HD to another computer. Everything is fine except the network. I cannot access this computer from other computer (while it was possible before). I looked at the interfaces and everything seems fine. The nic itselft seems to work too.

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Ubuntu Networking :: The Phone Can Access The Internet Through The Computer Unable To Get Access To Https Sites, Like Webmails

Dec 31, 2010

I managed to configure my W890i phone to get access to internet through an ubuntu-based computer. It's very easy to use the phone to give internet access to the computer, but the opposite is quite more tricky. For that I've done the following

----On the phone---

-Set the USB network option to "through computer", so that the phone uses the computer's internet connection and not the opposite.

-Decide and set "Shared Network" parameters: user, pasword and workgroup.

-In "conectivity-> internet connection" set "allow local network" to "yes"

----On Ubuntu 10.04---

-Install samba, samba-client, smbfs, smbclient, firestarter and dhcp3-server

-Configure Samba (System-> Administration-> Shared folders): same workgroup as in the phone, add new user (the phone), passwd this new user. In my case the user was called "w890i" and the password given was the same.

-Once the phone is connected to the computer through USB (then select "phone mode"), a new connection appears in NetworkManager: usb0.The aim is to create a shared network that gives internet access to this device. Edit the IPv4 parameters of this new connection, set them to Manual and give an IP adress ( and a subnet mask (; the rest of the fields are left empty.Connect this network.

-Set firestarter to use dhcp3: sudo ln -sf /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server /etc/init.d/dhcpd

-Launch firestarter and follow the wizard. Set "allow internet shared connection", choose the device for the primary internet access, and then the device for the shared network (usb0). Then change the settings for firestarter: activate DHCP for local network, set IP to the one we gave before (

-Open dhcp3-server config file sudo gedit /etc/default/dhcp3-server And set INTERFACES="usb0"

-Set the policies of firestarter: in incoming connections, allow connections from the IP adress given to the phone ( Then add rules for the ports that need to be open for this connection. I opened HTTP, HTTPS, SMB, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, IMAPS, DHCP for all the connections in the local network.

-Apply policies and start the firewall.


After all this, the phone can access the internet through the computer. Two problems appeared:

1. I couldn't get access to https sites, like webmails. The phone gave a "communication error". But then I tried with Opera instead of the browser built in the phone's firmware, and I could finally get to https sites.

2. I couldn't retrieve mail, neither POP nor IMAP nor IMAPS. I thought it was a firmware problem again, and I tried out several mobile phone email clients written in java, but none of them worked.

So this is at the moment the problem. If I connect from the phone to the internet directly through 3G, the email clients work for all my accounts. I don't think it's a firewall problem, because the ports are opened for this connection

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Ubuntu :: Remote Computer Not Reachable

Apr 19, 2010

I hope I am not repeating a thread. I am trying something very simple: To remotely connect from a ubuntu desktop to another ubuntu server (physically not reachable). When I ping the server, it seems to be fine. However, when I try to ssh, the connection is closed by the host. I am the only one using the server. It worked fine a few hours ago and I was trying to copy a lot of data using a couple of scp sessions. At some point the connection was closed and I cannot access the server anymore.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Computer Control Through SMS ?

Apr 27, 2010

As for what I am trying to do: I am looking for a way to run scripts and/or launch programs from a cell phone using SMS. I've found a few options close to this, but nothing that really fits what I'm trying to do. It seems I can either get speed or ease of use, but not both. To explain:

If I understand correctly, Evolution has this functionality through email, but email isn't instant. I'm trying, as best as I can, to use my phone almost like a remote; sending email from my phone would create a considerable wait time.

Using Pidgin's Buddy Pounce feature with AIM lets me use SMS to get a quick response, but I'm running into the problem that I can't make its action depend on what the message says. I want to be able to text, say, "Shutdown", and have my computer run a shutdown command, but Pidgin's Buddy Pounce feature doesn't seem to support checking for specific messages. I've been unable to find a plugin that changes this; if there was, it'd probably be my best bet.

Bluetooth is out; my computer's bluetooth adapter died a long time ago. Additionally, some of the things I'd like to do would be when I'm not near the computer, so even if it was functional, it would be limiting.

Anything that requires any apps for android, iPhone, or w/e are out too. I have an LG Dare, and while it's a nice phone, you can basically forget custom apps.

So, to recap, I'm trying to find some way of sending an SMS or email from my phone, have it be received as quickly as possible, and have the computer run a console command based on the content of the SMS/email. Any ideas?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: Can Use Computer As A Bluetooth Remote

Jan 29, 2011

I want to use one computer to control Banshee on another computer in the room. without using remote desktop. That's not going too well for me (it works, but it's slow and clunky over my network).

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Ubuntu :: How To Turn On Remote Computer By Server

Jan 25, 2010

I am using ubuntu 9.10 and I want to know if I can power on a remote computer working on windows server 2003.

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Ubuntu :: Ssh To Connect To A Remote Computer Behind A Router

Jan 30, 2010

I want to show you this scheme:MyPC -> router -> internet <- router <- Mom'spc I want to connect from my pc to my mom's pc using ssh. The first router doesn't represent a problem, but my mom's router does. Our IPs are both dynamic (anyway, I can easyly know them) and I have opened the port (TCP/UDP) 2100 on the router in order to open a gateway on mom's pc.The firewall is not enabled on the router, nor on mom's pc.

Granted all this, now I should be able to connect to that computer using ssh:ssh user@ip -p 2100 But I can't, I always get a "connection refused".if I do it on my intranet, I can connect without any problem (to others computers, of course, not mom's) What's the reason because I always get a connection refused?

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Ubuntu :: Ssh - Open Application On Remote Computer?

Feb 28, 2011

I have a small netbook that I would like to use as a terminal for my main computer, so instead of opening Gnome-terminal on my computer it will run from my netbook.

what i want to know is how to ssh from my netbook into my main computer and run an application on that computer.

So i would like to be able to ssh into my computer, and when i type "vlc movie.avi" it will open and run on the REMOTE computer just as if i had opened gnome-terminal and typed the command there.

Note: I'm not looking for something/anything like "ssh -X" or VNC or Remote Desktop.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Desktop From Any Computer On Internet

Sep 1, 2011

I'd like to set up remote desktop which I can access from any computer with a VNC client, without knowing the IP address in advance and without having access to the "server" at the time of access. I'm aware of the security risks, but there's nothing critical on the server computer, and I'll make sure I use a good password, so I'd still like to go ahead. Is this possible?

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Ubuntu :: Start A GUI Application On Remote Computer Using Ssh?

Aug 18, 2011

I forgot to run a GUI process on a remote computer. I need to run the application as if I was at the computer i.e the application needs to open on the desktop on the remote computer.

I can connect to the computer through an ssh tunnel via another computer at the remote site and run non GUI based processes using Screen or bring some GUI programs to the computer I'm working from using the ssh -X option, however, this is not what I'm looking to do.

On Windows I used to use a program from sysinterns called PsExec which would let me start applications such as Word on the remote computer and I'm hoping that there is something similar on Linux.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Login To Computer On Different Network

Feb 14, 2011

I need to be able to login to my brother's comp, which is in another place quite far away from mine, and help him install some softwares and get some settings done for him, as he's more a newbie than me, but has been only able to install ubuntu successfully. He has a broadband connection and I have one too. I have used ssh over Lan and have been successful in this regard. From my understanding of the manual page, i don't think I can use ssh over two different networks. Which similar command/package will work for me if I want to login to his comp and execute commands as easily as I can do using ssh for two computers on the same network.

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General :: Run A GUI App On Remote Computer From SSH?

Jan 7, 2011

I want to run a GUI application on my Ubuntu computer, but it should started by a shell script on my Debian server trought SSH.

Is this possible?

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Ubuntu :: FTP From Home Computer To Remote Servers Slow

Jan 11, 2010

FTP from and from my home computers to 2 remote servers has become really slow over the past month. One of the remote servers I manage and the other one is taken care of by a hosting company, so I am thinking the problem is residing on my end. It doesn't matter if I am downloading 1 file or 10 files, they are all coming in at 9 kb/s which is really slow cause I have a 7 megabit connection. I've tried using multiple computers and still have the same problem. I am using proftp for the ftp server and filezilla for the client.

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Ubuntu :: Regularly Need To Copy Files From A Remote Computer?

Mar 11, 2010

I regularly need to copy files from a remote computer to wherever I am working. I've ben looking into alias and the .bashrc (or .profile in the remote computer - mac) Can I use scp in these files? I've tried:

alias='sch usr@location:'
then when in the local terminal:

sch path/file .
But this doesn't work.

Better would be copying when logged into the remote location, but I haven't figured that out in terminal yet, let alone an alias for it. Hopefully it'll be a quick solution!

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Ubuntu :: Ssh Commands Execute Locally Instead Of On The Remote Computer?

Jul 12, 2010

I can ssh to the remote computer OK, but the commands execute on the local machine, not the remote machine as they should. After much frustration I did the following hoping to clear the problem. I turned off all machines on my LAN, the hub and the router. I then rebooted everything in the reverse sequence - cable modem, router, hub, and then the computers.Then I reinstalled ssh on both machines.

sudo apt-get purge openssh-server openssh-client
sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client
sshd in now running and port 22 shows on both machines. However the problem persists.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Launching A Gui Program On A Remote Computer?

Aug 14, 2010

Is it possible to use ssh to launch a program and it's gui on a remote computer? I've tried connecting with ssh -X computer@ipaddress but when I launch gedit it loads on the local computer

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Ubuntu :: OpenOffice Won't Open Files On Remote Computer?

Oct 11, 2010

Using connect to server in 10.04, service type SSH (sftp) from the places menu. This shows my folder and I can double-click pdfs, text files etc from Nautilus. But.... if I try to open an ods or odt file it opens the archive manager. It also fails if I open from within OOo. It used to work but has recently stopped.As an aside, if I export the share via NFS and access it that way, then everything works OK.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Desktop To Another Computer AFTER RESTART Using Vinagre?

Nov 7, 2010

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 on a home server. I can connect to it using vinagre from another computer just fine. However, if I restart the server I can no longer vnc to it because I need to log in (start a gnome session). Is there a way to do this using just vinagre? Do I need to install another vnc server on my home server? The problem is that I don't want to carry a monitor from another room just so I can log in and start a gdm session if the home server gets restarted.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Wake Up Computer From Sleep Via USB Infrared Remote?

Dec 8, 2010

I have an interesting issue. I have a computer running Ubuntu 10.10. I have a wireless USB Microsoft keyboard attached to this, and I have a cheap USB infrared remote also attached to it.The wireless USB Microsoft keyboard can wake up the system from suspend. The USB infrared remote cannot.To start off, I made sure my /proc/acpi/wakeup had wakeup enabled for all usb devices.

xbmc:~$ cat /proc/acpi/wakeup
Device S-state Status Sysfs node


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