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Server :: RHEL4.5 On Blade Server Not Booting After Install

We have done an installation on a blade server (HP) for RHEL4.5.

The server have an HP smart array 2200 controller and during installation it can see the controller and disks just fine.

The installation completes up to the point where the system needs to reboot , however after the reboot it does not start up again and get stuck at the message: "Trying to boot from drive c:"

We used the rescue option to mount the installation and cant find nythign wrong, even with the grub setup (except that it points to hd96 as its primary disk). we tried changing this to hd0 as well but still no luck.

After about 3 installations we are still not having any luck.

View 6 Replies (Posted: 02-11-2010, 02:05 AM)

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I need to install a webservice server coding in java & running in JBoss AS onto a blade server with Linux OS. Anybody knows what way to make use all the power of that blade? Or just install it as install on other system? In my point of view, there are two ways I could do: Implement a webservice "server" which accept the incoming request, and then deliver to its "client" webservice. So we would run one instance of server and many instance of client. Other way is just improve the current implementation, accept incoming request and try to use multi-thread as many as possible to maximum the performance of the blade server.

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Server :: Remote Accessing RHEL4 Server Using Xming
I was installed xming application on windows XP & Windows 7to access Linux server's GUI session and i was able to access it using root account but when ever iam trying to access GUI using normal account it is giving some error.I am testing this since it is a freeware.

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Hardware :: Possible To Load Debian In Ibm Blade Server
I have a IBM BladeCenter HS21 and im planning to load debian lenny.pls let me know it is possible to load debian in ibm blade server.does ibm support debian i386.

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Debian Installation :: No Init Found When Booting From CD (on Sun Blade 2500)
When trying to install Debian 6.02 from a boot cd, the boot halts with the error message Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. In looking for a solution I see a great deal about this problem occurring after messy upgrades and the like, but when when booting from a cd downloaded right from the debian website.

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Server :: VNC Enabling For Session On RHEL4?
I am developing a some application which running on rhel4 os. And its functions will handle via the web application. So we have provided an option to login (via vnc)to the server on web application when we need. so how we can enable vnc for a session (like 30 minit)? I'm using default vnc installation while installing rhel 4 nothing more installed by downloading. When I click session button on web page, I execute this command from my code

"service vncserver start"

then I can access server via vnc but when I click on disable button on web page, I execute this command from my code

"service vncserver stop"

but still I can login to server via vnc

Posted: 03-01-2010, 12:01 AM

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Networking :: How To Configure DNS Server & DNS Client In RHEL4?
How I am configure DNS Client and server in Redhat Linux 4 in my lab.I have total 5 computers and they are Lan connected.I want to make one of them server and the others are client.

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Server :: Apache Virtual Hosting On RHEL4?
i am configuring a web server with multiple virtual host on RHEL4 AS but i m getting no error except the following one.but when i browse the web site it does not work even

Starting httpd: [Sun Jun 13 05:53:57 2010] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts

my httpd.conf file is as follow

Use name-based virtual hosting.
NameVirtualHost *:80
# NOTE: NameVirtualHost cannot be used without a port specifier


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Server :: Kernel Panic On Rhel4 System ?
I've been trying to track this kernel panic down for the last few days on this system... I believe it might be autofs/nfs related, but I'm not 100% sure.

Here is the dump in /var/log/messages:

Posted: 07-28-2010, 04:39 PM

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Server :: Configure Sftp In RHEL3 Or RHEL4?
How to configure sftp in RHEL3 or RHEL4

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Server :: Updating Apache Tomcat On RHEL4
I installed very old the rhel package Apache Tomcat/5.5.20. I want to update it 5.5.33 or Tomcat6. Do you have the update for redhat?

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Server :: All Previous Commands History Is Deleted When Rebooted Or Relogining The RHEL4?
i have RHEL4. i m facing problem that all the previous command history is deleted when i restart the server or relogin the server. it is happening with all the users not with any one user.

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Server :: How To Import Database And Its Tables To Rhel4 Inorder To Working Website Properly
I have created a website in php.wamp server is used to run the site.i created the database in phpmyadmin using mysql.These all were done in windowsXP.Now I want to import it into redhat linux can I import database and its tables to rhel4 inorder to working the website properly

Posted: 05-31-2011, 03:00 AM

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Server :: CD-ROM Couldn't Be Mounted - Error When Installing - Booting Up - Ubunto Server 10.10
Perty self explanitory, I'm trying to boot up ubunto server edition 10.10 from a USB stick (pen drive) and it works fine until step 3 when it says "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. This probably means that the CD-ROM was not put in the drive. If so you can insert it and try again

Try again to mount the CD-ROM? <Yes> <No>"

I don't have an installation cd-rom! I put the .iso file onto a memory stick, inserted it into my old computer (which i will turn into a server later) , restarted it and got past the first two slides and got this error? Do I have to put the iso on a cd-rom?

Posted: 02-22-2011, 06:14 AM

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Ubuntu Servers :: Black Screen Booting Natty Server 11.04 Both CD And USB Install
I tried booting up natty server on both a unetbootem usb flash drive install and on CD. I get the menu of options to install like Install Ubuntu Server, Install Ubuntu Server 9 expert install, Cloud, etc. Hitting install either the 1st or 2nd option leads to a black screen but not at a frozen state(I can still reboot with ctrl-alt-del). The server Im installing on is a ibm system-x rack with a single xeon and a raid5 already setup to be used for installation. Now Im back to using lucid 10.04.2 which I might consider upgrading through Update Manager since I cant get natty to boot correctly with a working display. Anyone having similar problems on Natty server stable release?Also as I post this, I dont see a ubuntu server prefix, maybe it should be added?

Posted: May 11th, 2011

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Server :: Troubleshooting Winpe 3.0 Not Booting With PXE/TFTP Server ?
I have been trying to accomplish this feat for about a week now, and I always seem to get a boot up error.

Here is how I call WinPe from my default file


Posted: 03-27-2010, 10:56 PM

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Server :: RHEL4 HBA - Connect To SAN As Adapter State Was Showing "DEAD"
Migrated bunch of RHEL4 servers from one enclosure to another. Could not connect to SAN as adapter state was showing "DEAD". These are Proliant BL460 and BL680 Blades with native RHEL QLA2300 and QLA2XXX drivers. It only happended to RHEL4 servers and no issue found with RHEL5.x servers.

Posted: 03-22-2010, 09:34 PM

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Debian Configuration :: Install A Multi-core System And Configure It To Run Several VMs, One Each For A Firewall, A Caching Proxy Server, A Mail Server, A Web Server?
I will be relocating to a permanent residence sometime in the next year or two. I've recently begun thinking about the best way to implement a home-based network. It occurred to me that the most elegant solution might be the use of VM technology to eliminate as much hardware and wiring as possible.My thinking is this: Install a multi-core system and configure it to run several VMs, one each for a firewall, a caching proxy server, a mail server, a web server. Additionally, I would like to run 2-4 VMs as remote (RDP)workstations, using diskless workstations to boot the VMs over powerline ethernet.The latest powerline technology (available later this year) will allow multiple devices on a residential circuit operating at near gigabit speed, just like legacy wired networks.

In theory, the above would allow me to consolidate everything but the disklessworkstations on a single server and eliminate all wired (and wireless) connections except the broadband connection to the Internet and the cabling to the nearest power outlets. It appears technically possible, but I'm not sure about the various virtual connections among VMs. In theory, each VM should be able to communicate with the other as if it was on the same network via the server data bus, but what about setting up firewall zones? Any internal I/O bandwidth bottlenecks? Any other potential "gotchas", caveats, issues? (Other than the obvious requirement of having enough CPU and RAM).Any thoughts or observations welcome, especially if they are from real world experience in a VM environment. BTW--in case you're wondering why I'm posting here, it's because I run Debian on all my workstations/servers (running VirtualBox as a VM for Windows XP on one workstation).

Posted: 2011-01-25 12:37

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Red Hat :: How To Install CUPS On RHEL4
I am installing cups-1.4svn-r7995 on rhel 4 with below path and i dont see any FLAGS in my environment. The installation failing with below error.

Able to configure successfully however when i am compiling using make its failing with below error.

Posted: 10-12-2008, 10:47 AM

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Red Hat :: RHEL4 Graphic Install ?
For some reason when I install RHEL4 the video craps out on me. I go through the main part of the install, choose packages, and start the install. After reboot it shows up like a channel you don't get on bunny ears. (messed up image.) I used to be able to CTRL+ALT+F6 to drop to a terminal, but that doesn't work anymore. It is hanging on something and I don't know what.

Posted: 10-24-2008, 10:39 AM

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Software :: Install RHEL4 From Pendrive
I want to install RHEL4 from pendrive because of my dvd drive is not working. what is the procedure for that?

Posted: 12-31-2009, 04:43 AM

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General :: How To Install X Windows On My Rhel4 Using Rpm
My X windows wasn't deployed in the installation at the beginning , but i need to install it now , my system is RHEL4 , i am not connected to the internet , so i will not be able to use up2date , so I need to use rpm instead.

Posted: 08-29-2010, 04:24 AM

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Red Hat :: Install RHEL4 From A Ghost Under Vmware
I would like to have your opinion on the problem : I created a ghost of my server RHEL4 with RAID 1 and 5, then I wanted to reinstall it on a virtual server under vmware.

So I restore the image on a virtual disk and qand I restart I still have this problem :

I started in linux rescue mode F5 I reinstall Grub on sda

I modified the modules.conf file to change the BusLogic SCSI, but this module is not in the kernel I used kudzu to reconfigure it doesn't works...

Posted: 04-28-2009, 09:07 AM

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Hardware :: How To Install Rhel4 On Sata HDD PC's
just one month before i upgraded my pc to Later configuration but then i can't install rhel4 on my pc. i have heard there is a few upgrades (Updates) will help this issue, is that true? then which update i need to use for install rhel4 successfully on my pc? or is there any third part utilities for solve this issue? here i am adding my pc's spec

AMD Athlon 2.6
Asus M2N68-AM
Nvidia 8400Graphics
Samsung HDD

Posted: 11-25-2009, 11:16 PM

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Can't Install RHEL4.7 From USB Flashdrive ?
Ive created a bootable RHEL4 USB flashdrive so that I can do my installs from rather than using CDDVD's. The USB key boots fine to the point where it asks me to select a drive that contains the ISO images, but it doesn't show me the USB drive to select, only my 2 hard drives sda1 and sdb.

We currently use HP xw9400's with the following spec as shown in dmidecode:

BIOS Information

System Information

I know that the xw9400's have the nvidia mcp55 pro chip on the motherboard that handles USB, keyboard, mouse and other peripheral traffic, so am wondering if this could be what the problem is? Like there may some code that i need to tell the machine to use this or something?

Posted: 03-18-2010

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