Ubuntu :: Computer Freezing In System And Windows 7 / Sort It?

Jan 20, 2010

This is happening pretty often. when in ubuntu, usually while i'm browsing the web, my browser will go dim then a box will come up saying something along the lines of missing resources. the thing is, all my desktop icons will then turn to red x's and no text characters on any further boxes will show. when i restart it says grub error and takes one more restart to finally come on. i got fed up with it and switched over to windows 7 where my browser also froze and my computer froze up.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.10 Video Freezing In Fullscreen / Sort It?

Nov 6, 2010

Whenever i wanna watch a video on any site like ....., hulu, or cbs, the video watches fine in the normal minimized view. But when
i turn on fullscreen the video plays for a couple minutes, or seconds, and then freezes for about half a minute, but the sound continues.

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Networking :: Can't Access Internet From Windows PC Over System Network / Sort It?

Jan 4, 2009

I have installed Fedora 8 on an old PC to use as a home network and I am having trouble getting a Windows PC running XP to get through to the internet, but I am able to access the internet from the Linux box with no issues. I can ping the gateway on eth0 from the Linux box, but I can't ping it from the windows PC. I am able to ping the IP address for eth0 from the Windows PC. My internet gateway is a modem/router from Hughes net. I also have a Netgear router between the Linux box and the Windows PC, but there doesn't appear to be any issues because I can ping both NICs from the Windows PC. I have pasted my Linux NIC config below. code...

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Ubuntu :: Computer Keeps Freezing Trying To Run More Then Few Programs

Jul 6, 2010

I'm new too ubuntu so I don't know much. What I do know is, my computer keeps freezing when I try running more then a few programs. I ran a df -h test.


what I should do next, or any thought on what the problem might be. BTW I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: Rhythm Box Freezing Computer?

Oct 17, 2010

after about an hour or so of using rhythm box my entire pc freezes. im using ubuntu 10.10...any ideas how to fix it?

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Ubuntu :: Computer Keeps Freezing Up On Boot Up

Apr 27, 2011

I installed ubuntu 10.10 and ever since then every now and then when i boot up the computer will just freeze. someone told me that it is because my comp is old and that i need to try an older version

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Ubuntu :: Computer Keeps Freezing And Or Randomly Shutting Off

Feb 17, 2010

Randomly; my computer will freeze up. I can move the mouse but I cannot click on anything. This has happened at least 20 times today. Occasionally my computer will totally just shut down. My computer has been almost completely rendered Useless. I do not know what to do or even where to begin. The sooner we solve this problem the better. I do college online... so this has a major impact on me and my work and progress as a student.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Freezing Up - Requiring Power Off

Mar 30, 2010

This computer freezes, requiring power-off, somewhere between 2 seconds and 2 hours after boot-up, most every time I use it. Sometimes I've had to power-down perhaps six times in 10 minutes. When it freezes I have a movable mouse-pointer that can select nothing. Right-
click does not operate. I don't seem able to isolate a single cause. I ran a RAM check with no errors showing. Matters not which version of Ubuntu I choose when booting. I've replaced mouse and keyboard. Only running 256 meg of ram and do plan to

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Ubuntu :: XOrg Freezing Computer And Stealing All CPU

Jan 3, 2011

I am running Ubuntu Lucid with Compiz, Cairo Dock, Screenlets, on a Laptop with an i7 Nvidia graphics card. After I wake my laptop up from a suspend or hibernation I notice that my computer will freeze for several seconds every so many seconds. After looking at the System Monitor I noticed that the application that is stealing all my CPU and causing my computer to freeze is XOrg. Here is my xorg information


I never had this problem before December. I was thinking it may have something to do with ubuntu header 2.6.32 because it was soon after I started having problems. Does anyone have any theories or ideas as to why XOrg is stealing my CPU?

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General :: Share System Folders With A Windows Computer?

Nov 28, 2010

I have a computer running Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit with Gnome and another computer running Windows 7 64-bit. How can I share folders between these? I can use Samba to view my Windows shares, if I specify the IP address by going to the "Connect to Server..." option in the Places menu. Going to "Network" in Nautilus and trying to open "Windows Network" fails because it could not retrieve the share list from the server.

MY question, though, is how can I set up Samba (or some other software) such that my Windows box will be able to see my shared folders? And also, what is the difference between Samba and Samba4 (because both are in the repositories).

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Hardware :: Root Cause Of Computer Freezing?

Oct 18, 2010

So I just built a new computer and installed Ubuntu 10.10 on it here are the specs

Mobo: Asus M4a785T
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
HDD with OS: WD Blue 640GB
Storage HDDs: 4xWD Green 2TB (2 of the HDDs are TrueCrypt)

When I copy data from one of the TrueCrypted HDDs, the computer will freeze (display gets screwy and unresponsive). Time to screw up will vary. Sometimes its as soon as I copy and sometimes its 30mins into the copy of lots and/or large files. I'm pretty sure its not the HDD because I've used these same HDDs on an older computer with no issues. I recently put the HDD giving me issues into an external case and hooked it up to my laptop running Ubuntu 10.10 and copied the same files that were giving me fits. So I thought it might be the system and not the HDDs So I ran prime95(or rather the linux equivalent)It ran for over 12Hrs with no issues. so I think the system is fine. What could be causing the constant crashing when copying files?

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Ubuntu Networking :: 8185L Wireless Card Is Freezing Computer?

Jun 6, 2010

The first two times I entered the wireless key on the prompt that appeared shortly after login, the computer froze completely. ctr-alt-f1 ctr-alt-backspace did nothing. The third time, I closed the first prompt and after 10 minutes I tried connecting again. It didn't freeze, at first. The internet worked. It took about 10 minutes later for it to freeze. Now, whenever I boot up, it freezes a few seconds after login. I can boot recovery mode, but I don't know what to do from there. Heres some info I got from the recovery mode:

Computer Brand: Sony PCV RX850
Ubuntu 10.4 32 bit 2.6.32-21-generic i686
Realtec 8185L chipset


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Freezing Computer After Random Time?

Jun 11, 2010

I have to say I'm really enjoying it. However, when I have been watching videos on ..... and revision3.com after a random amount of time the computer will freeze up and I have to do a hard restart of the computer.I've gone through the multimedia sticky post at the top of these forums with no real luck.Oh just got the computer today as a real budget system.AMD Athlon II X3 435 2.9ghzMSI K9N2GM-FD AM2+on board NVIDIA Geforce 82004GB DDR2 memoryI'm using ubuntu 10.04 64bit version.

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Ubuntu :: Large File Copy Operations Freezing Up Computer?

Sep 9, 2010

Ok so I'm running Mint (not full Ubuntu), and I'm not sure if this is a problem with the FS, Kernel, what not.I'm running Linux Mint 9 - x64 - kernel - and when I did a large file copy operation (9GB) it froze up my system until the copy operation was done. I couldn't even use Pidgin, Mozilla, or anything, when trying to open up another Terminal it froze as well.

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Ubuntu :: Alfa AWUS036H WiFi Adapter Freezing Computer In 10.10?

Nov 3, 2010

Works fine in Windows 7 on this PC. It's a 2 week old Dell Studio 1749, with no after market software installed aside from Ubuntu (as a secondary OS). When I plug the USB adapter in, the computer locks up. Only while in Ubuntu though. Not sure what the deal is. Chipset is RealTek RTL8187. The adapter is new, fresh out of the box.

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Ubuntu :: Messed Computer Up - Freezing Sounds Crashing - Internet Gone

Dec 21, 2010

i just installed ubuntu and the apps i wish to use and well where do i start its freezing sounds crashing then my internet goes and most apps are crashing it makes the desktop unuseble. It works really well for like a haf an hour then crashes i never had this problem in windows witch i had on here before i may go back unless i can find some kind of fix.

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Fedora :: Computer Freezing - Mouse Still Working

Jan 28, 2010

i'm using fedora 12 on my new EASYNOTE_TJ65-DM-139IT [URL]... from time to time (about one time a day) computer freeze, i cannot use my keyboard, mouse still work (that is: i can move the pointer on the screen) but click on opened windows, button, menu doesn't do nothing. I can't understand what's the problem and how to solve it, all i can do is hardware turn off the computer and reload fedora. This is quite disappointing, hw power off it every day can harm my notebook.

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General :: Computer Freezing At Startup And Sendmail

Mar 25, 2010

i had a previous post regarding startup issues with sshkey generation here [URL]... now im stuck at the part after that where the starting sendmail line is, im starting to think that my ram is going to pieces on me because windows 7 and ram hungry games like mass effect ran just fine on the same machine 3 weeks ago... i ran a memory test off an ubuntu live 9.10 cd and it passed so idk whats going on here i've tried two distros and both strike out and i get stuck at startup and never even see that purdy gnome desktop.

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General :: Computer Freezing Up After Installing New Software?

Feb 6, 2011

I installed a network program and a system info program on peppermint ice and now when I type in my username and password the computer will freeze up and the number lock, scroll lock, and caps lock lights flash till I turn the computer off?

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Ubuntu Installation :: APM Upgrade To Make Computer Stop Freezing On Startup

Feb 12, 2010

Two weeks ago my computer started freezing on start up when plugged in. It was suggested to upgrade the APM. What is this and is it not updated through the package update? If not how do I upgrade it?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Internet Freezing Leading To Slow Computer

Aug 3, 2011

I first noticed the problem because my wireless internet will stop working. The usb stick has its LED constantly on but it fails to connect. I have tried some methods of restarting the networking, like "sudo restart network-manager", disabling and re-enabling the wireless and networking from the taskbar applet. I tried removing the module and restarting it. It might be a bigger problem because I'll find that things will randomly hand for awhile, like opening system monitor, or running terminal commands. They do eventually run but only after several minutes. A restart seems to get everything working again, but the problem comes back at random times. I am willing to solve this right now as I have time, just let me know what info you need and I will post it.

Update: Some more info I forgot to include. I am running Ubuntu 11.04. It just froze again, I tried logging in and out but the internet still wouldn't work and things were hanging, I couldn't get file manager open. I have even tried shutting down the computer and had it stall on the Ubuntu logo with the dots loading so I had to hard restart.....


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Internet Dying And Computer Freezing On Unplug Of Usb

Jun 8, 2011

I am currently using opensuse to run a server, however I am experiencing some difficulties. Every once in a while, and I mean completely randomly. This will occur out of no where, and then not happen for five days, then occur twenty times in a row. What happens is the computer runs fine, and all is well but suddenly it wont connect to the internet. All applications are fine and everything is working. It isn't frozen, just won't load webpages. I am using a belkin 111v2 wireless g adapter and it usually works fine.

So when the internet freezes, if I unplug any usb the computer freezes. The mouse stops moving and the keyboard won't respond. The caps lock light won't even turn on. However the laser on the mouse is on, but the computer won't respond. Its like its shutting off the usb hubs. The only thing to do is force shut it off and restart until i no longer have the problem. Sometimes it helps if I open it and re-seat the ram, but that gets old. Does anyone have a solution?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Wireless Usb Adapter Freezing Computer WUSB54GCv3

Feb 1, 2010

Let me start by saying that with the previous kernel when I opened network configuration, it didnt even recognize my card when i'd go to modules. After I updated to it didnt recognize it until I installed the ralink-firmware After that I could configure it using rt2870sta setting in modules. But once I restarted it would freeze after a few seconds after I could see the desktop on startup. I reconfigured the card to be 'manually' powered, but now it just freezes when I click on the access point I want to connect to. When it freezes the caps lock and scroll lock start blinking and the only way to turn off is holding the power

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Server :: Squid - Not Working Though Proxy And The Internet Explorer Is Getting Very Slow And Freezing The Computer

Nov 6, 2010

I have configured a squid proxy server with @2 eth in different network subnet and with site blocking and extn file download blocking. One eth0 for office wired network and another eth1 is for office wireless network for laptop use for guest and visitors.

The problem is [URL] is an Indian government website, which is not working though this proxy server and the Internet Explorer is getting very slow and freezing the computer. In alternate I have configured a another test server with squid proxy with out any security and test the same. the problem is still with the all the computer in the network. The above website is perfectly working with Gateway configuration in TCP/IP properties in Network Configuration in MS Windows XP computers but through squid proxy its not working.

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 System Is Freezing

Apr 24, 2010

I have a clean install of Kubuntu 9.10 running on ext4 partitions (root and home). Kernel: 2.6.31-20-generic-pae.Freezing is becoming a way of life! I first thought it was my main browser (Seamonkey) but freezes have occurred even when it's not open. It usually occurs when computer is left unattended for a while.I'm not sure if it's the desktop crashing, no ides how to check logs especially as I have to reboot to gain access.

Mouse and keyboard work fine, I can use ALT+F4 to close windows and ALT+F2 to restart. But programs freeze, KMenu won't open, Taskbar is frozen, no HD activity.Where do I go from here?9.10 seems OK on my laptop but that was a upgrade from 9.04 and I don't usually leave it open unattended for any periods of time. I did a clean install of 9.10 after an upgrade was having the same problems.

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Ubuntu :: KDE 4.7 Freezing Up My System

Aug 11, 2011

I installed KDE 4.7 (minimal desktop install) on my desktop computer, running Ubuntu 11.04, and every time I go to log in with the KDE Plasm Workspace, my computer all of a sudden freezes up after about a minute of working fine. My mouse slows down incredibly and eventually comes unresponsive to keyboard, power button, and mouse click input. The mouse can move, but it's movement isn't fluid, and it can only move a little bit. Can anyone help me? I have also had problems with KDE 4.7 on other computers as well, but this desktop I am using is almost brand new. :/

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Ubuntu Installation :: Computer Will No Longer Boot Into XP After Upgrade / Sort It?

May 8, 2010

My knowledge of how Linux works is very limited. I've used it for about a year, but just doing very basic tasks (browsing the Internet, listening to music, etc).

Anyway, I upgraded to the newest edition of Ubuntu and installed the new Grub as the update seemed to recommend installing it to every partition and hard drive. I've seen that other people are now having issues from doing that as well.

I am able to boot into Linux just fine; it is working great. However, when I attempted to load Windows XP from Grub, the computer would just restart. I followed the recommendation listed here: http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/sh...95&postcount=3 which seemed to fix the problem for Windows 7 users. Now, all I get when I attempt to load XP is a blank screen with nothing but a blinking cursor (but hey, at least the computer isn't just automatically re-booting, that's some sort of progress...maybe...)

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Ubuntu :: System Freezing After Sometime / Stop It To Do So?

Oct 11, 2010

I just installed ubuntu 9.10 alternate version, but the problem is it is freezing after sometime. mouse stops working, not keyboard activity nothing else.

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General :: Computer Freezes During Its Install From Live Cd / Sort This?

Jan 22, 2010

I'm new to the Linux scene. My school computer has linux and it works great, and I'm trying to get into programming, so I figured it'd be good to switch over to Linux (plus I just got a new computer, so it's a good time).

But, I don't know much about how to install it. I've burned a live cd from sourceforge (actually 2: the newest version and one older). I shut off the computer and put the cd in the drive, and then when I turn my computer back on I get the expected menu. I choose my language, and then it brings me to a screen with a few options: "Try Ubuntu without any changes to your computer", "Install Ubuntu", "Check disc for defects", "Test Memory", and "Boot from first hard disk" (plus some options at the bottom of the screen). I've tried every option on the menu, with both cds, but whenever I select anything, it freezes up right away. I've let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and nothing happens, so I'm pretty sure it's not me being impatient

I've also put the disc in while windows is running. When I double-click on my D-drive (in my computer) I get the error message "No cd detected, cannot run cd menu".

I'd be content running a different version of linux, I'd just like to have linux running (although I want it separate from Windows, I don't want Wubi). I'd like to be able to dual-boot, but I'd be willing to give up Windows entirely too. So, any ideas? Anything I can try? Oh, and I'm pretty inexperienced at this, so ask me if you need more details, and please respond in basic terms

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Ubuntu :: Turn Off Screensaver As Its Freezing System

Dec 5, 2010

Xubuntu 10.10.I need to turn off my screensaver as its freezing my system when it activates.I have tried to go into > settings > screensaver but it locks my system up as soon as the screensaver options page comes into view.I don't really need a screensaver so is there any way to turn it off via the terminal or any other method.

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