Server :: Hugepages Experiment - Triggering Large Page Tables

Feb 28, 2011

I am learning about linux memory and hugepages, and know that hugepages basically is just memory that manages memory. I thought I'd experiment with the subject, and wrote a very small C program [URL] that basically just eats 20 GB of memory. The idea was that I would use this small C program to see how big the page table would get when handling large areas of memory when I'm not using hugepages. After running the program on my RHEL 5 server I was expecting the PageTable to be huge, but found that it was only about 43 MB. The page size on my RHEL box i 4 kB. Why I'm not getting the major PageTable size issue I was expecting?

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Software :: Syslog Alerts Not Triggering To Server (Redhat Enterprise 5)?

Nov 13, 2010

just set up a windows server and other windows boxes send alerts to it no problem.Yesterday I configured my linux box (RHEL 5) using /etc/sysconfig/syslog and /etc/syslog.conf so that all alerts would go to the syslog server.There are no external firewalls involved and while the firewall is working on my linux boxI have made sure port 514 TCP/UDP are let through.Ive checked syslogd and klogd are running.I've also applied the '*@' line in etc/syslog.conf. Basically Id like everything to go to the syslog server.Now if I telnet to the syslog server on port 514 I can type text on the linux box and it comes through on the syslog server. Great - but no syslog alerts seem to come through normally, even when I reboot the box.I've tried *., .*, and * to no avail, ive got an entry in my hosts file for the server and tried using a name instead of an ip address, no luck.

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General :: Why Does Imagemagick Convert Make The First Page Of Output PDFs Too Large

Mar 9, 2011

When I run

convert *.jpg output.pdf

the output looks like this:

Why is the first page bigger then the others in the PDF? The original JPEGs were all the same size!

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 - Running KVM With Hugepages Support

Nov 19, 2010

I want to experiment with hugepages support in KVM. I have added
to my domain xml.

Also I create the directory /hugepages and mounted it using
mount -t hugetlbfs hugetlbfs /hugepages/
and created huge pages using
echo 4096 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages

Now, when starting the domain from virt-manager, I get the message:
libvirtError: internal error hugetlbfs filesystem is not mounted
What is the recommended way to setup hugepages in opensuse 11.3?

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Server :: MySQL Permissions - Copy Tables From One DB To Another

Jun 14, 2010

I am using Joomla and a script within it. That Script is suppose to copy tables from one DB to another.

Error(1) [1142] query [CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW test_users AS SELECT * FROM `localiz_master`.`jos_users`]. DB Error: CREATE VIEW command denied to user 'localiz_master'@'localhost' for table 'test_users' SQL=CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW test_users AS SELECT * FROM `localiz_master`.`jos_users`
Error [1142] retrying query [CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW test_users AS SELECT * FROM `localiz_master`.`jos_users`]. DB Error: CREATE VIEW command denied to user 'localiz_master'@'localhost' for table 'test_users' SQL=CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW test_users AS SELECT * FROM `localiz_master`.`jos_users`
localiz_master: name of the DB from which data is suppose to be copied.
jos_users: name of the table form the main DB.
localiz_master: user for the DB.
localhost: host
test_users: name of the table to be created.

We do have phpmyadmin but the user's table is hidden. What SSH command we might run to make localiz_master user have access to all the databases.

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Security :: Block Certain Crafted Packets With IP Tables Before Reaching A Server?

Mar 14, 2011

Battlefield 2 server being attacked by packets that creates infinite loop, then when a player disconnects, server crash.

The packets seems to be always the same.....

Attacker Script: [URL]

Script in action:


I need to find a way to block these 4 packets (i think theyre 4 for what i tested) with IP TABLES.

EDIT: There seem to be other different replies, maybe 1 different but no more.... maybe you can find something useful in the script.

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Server :: ERROR 1146: Table 'information_schema.tables' Doesn't Exist

Jul 13, 2010

Does anyone know how to write this command for mysql version 4? (The command is for mysql version 5, I guess since when I check database in mysql server version4 there is no database name information_schema ) command:select concat(table_schema,'.',table_name) as table_name,table_rows from information_schema.tables where table_rows > 1000000 order by table_rows desc; meaning:show all database,table name and row count from all databases that has table row more than 1000000

Run result with mysql version 5: mysql> select concat(table_schema,'.',table_name) as table_name,table_rows from information_schema.tables where table_rows > 1000000 order by table_rows desc;


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Debian :: Install Alongside The Other Two OS'es In Order To Experiment?

Dec 11, 2010

I have a laptop that has both Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed on it. I want to install Debian alongside the other two OS'es in order to experiment with it.

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General :: Default Display Manager Experiment?

Mar 20, 2010

i wanted to do a little experiment here by changing the default display manger to something like Firefox or GIMP or another program..Since "Display Manager is a program"

Quote: GDM is the GNOME Display Manager, a graphical login program. i should be able to replace it by with any other program


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Server :: How To Import Database And Its Tables To Rhel4 Inorder To Working Website Properly

May 31, 2011

I have created a website in php.wamp server is used to run the site.i created the database in phpmyadmin using mysql.These all were done in windowsXP.Now I want to import it into redhat linux can I import database and its tables to rhel4 inorder to working the website properly

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General :: IPod Touch Triggering Digikam

Mar 11, 2010

Wasn't sure were to put this go here goes.When I plug in my Canon Powershot Digikam starts up, which is great. But... when I plug in my iPod Touch to recharge Digikam also starts up, how can I put a stop to the latter?

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Fedora :: Bugs In Client Computer Abort Entire Experiment

Feb 17, 2010

I set up an NFS server on my home computer, all very simple add a line to /etc/exports, run exportfs -a, all worked well and as expected. Through no fault with Fedora, bugs in the client computer made me abort the entire experiment. (long story that you don't want to know) Undo all the config, reboot. However I'm now left with an issue that's not earth shattering. Every time I reboot my computer a /Public directory is created in my home directory, this is obviously a legacy from the original NFS setup. I've trawled through log files, looked at config files in /var/lib/nfs, but can find nothing that might be generating this /Public directory at boot time.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Experiment With Hydrogen, Rosegarden And Other Music Apps?

Jul 12, 2010

I want to experiment with Hydrogen, Rosegarden and other music apps it seems that jack is a useful program to do that. I have a standard install of Lucid. When I start Jack, it gives a message "suspending Pulseaudio The jack apps I am using have no sound. I assume that I need to set up an ALSA device to connect Jackd to? Is that correct?

[Note: I found these instructions for "running Pulseaudio on top of jack" [URL].. but they look more complicated than I need. I'm only using jack a little each day so I am fine with turning off Pulse during those times.]

What is the simplest way to get sound out of Jack apps? If it is to set up an ALSA device, how do I do that without interfering with Pulse which will be running the other 90% of the time? Or am I totally misunderstanding the setup?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: SD Card Not Triggering PCI Backend After Boot?

Apr 21, 2011

When an SD card is inserted before/at boot time, everything works fine, meaning recognized by kernel and mounted to userspace.When an SD card is inserted after boot time, the kernel doesn't 'see' the hardware change not triggered, so no block device /dev/mmcblk0{p1}, so nothing to mount.This behavior is not openSuSE specific, when booting SystemRescueCD-2.0.1, the same behavior is noticed.SD card inserted after booting:

linux-j60s:~ # hal-device | grep mmc
linux-j60s:~ #


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Ubuntu :: Gnome-schedule Not Triggering - How To Make It Trigger

Aug 1, 2010

Scheduled Tasks is giving me a hard time. I have a command set for 23:00 daily as "gthumb -f ~/Pictures/ScheduledPic.jpg", but when the time rolls around, nothing happens. The strange thing is, it does work when I press "Run scheduled task." I get the same results if I select a different time or change it to "google-chrome ~/Pictures/ScheduledPic.jpg". My other scheduled task, a Perl script, works fine.

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Server :: Remote MySQL Server Connection Dies After Wget Large File

Feb 3, 2011

We have 2 servers, 1 is the webserver and the other is the Mysql server.

When transfering a 2GB file from the webserver to the Mysql server.

The webserver's connection to the mysql DB server dies completely.

Need to restart the MYSQL process in order for it to come back online.

During this connection downtime, when using phpmyadmin on the mysql server shows no problem running queries etc.

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Server :: Windows 7 To Linux Server Print Job Size Very Large

Jan 21, 2011

I'm new to setting up Linux Servers. I've setup a Ubuntu 10.10 Server along with CUPS and I'm using Webmin to talk to the server. I have a HP PSC 1315 Multifunction printer connected via usb to the server. Using the CUPS web interface I am able to get the server to detect the connected printer and it identified the HP PSC 1310 Series drivers.

When I printer a test page from the server's screen the print job goes through ok and the size was about 5k.

I then setup a samba share to allow my Windows 7 machine to share the printer. Windows 7 is able to pick up the shared printer correctly and I used the default HP 1310 Series drivers. When I tried to send a test page to the printer, that single page ended up being 3887kb and I also tried printing out a single paged word document which ended up being over 7MB.

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Server :: Design An Inexpensive Large Scale DNS Server But Fail To Find Any Metrics Or Methods To Base Scalabilty?

Nov 28, 2010

I'm trying to design an inexpensive large scale DNS server but fail to find any metrics or methods to base scalabilty.Can anyone offer information on building a stable dedicated DNS server? That might be able to scale well.

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Slackware :: Triggering Udev Events: /sbin/udevadm Trigger --type=failed

Mar 14, 2010

Noticed this on boot up the other day, but it doesn't seem to have a negative effect. Everything appears to be running just fine.

"Triggering udev events: /sbin/udevadm trigger --type=failed"

Is this something that needs to be resolved or ignored?

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Server :: Ldap.log Has Grown Too Large

May 25, 2010

I've noticed my ldap.log file has grown to 30GB and has filled / to 86%..

1. I want to know if I zero out the logfile will this cause any issues while ldap is up and running?

# > ldap.log

2. I will be changing the log file settings in slapd.conf. I will then need to restart slapd.. Will restarting impact existing connections at all?

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Server :: Access From A Browser To The Squirrelmail Configtest Page In Server?

May 10, 2010

I was trying to have access from a browser to the squirrelmail configtest page in my server, making some changes, I accidentaly remove the directory webmail. After I replace it with a backup apache2 can not start. This is what I have. Syntax error on line 281 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of [URL].. closed. But I am sure there is a ?> at the end of this file.Base on what I read on [URL]...-with-the-tag/ I test without the ?> also, but I got the same error.

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Server :: JFS On Large LVM Volume (35TB) Fails

Apr 25, 2010

I am running Debian Lenny 2.6.26-2-amd64 and I have the following setup:
3 Raid6-Volumes each 19TB size (md0,md1,md2)
I would like to join the three of them to one large LV (of 57TB) formatted with a jfs fs.

I installed:
jfs_mkfs version 1.1.14, 06-Apr-2009
lvm version
LVM version: 2.02.39 (2008-06-27)
Library version: 1.02.27 (2008-06-25)
Driver version: 4.13.0

Prerequisite: the md are assembled and have synched:
cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10] .....

I used jfs_mkfs on each of the three mds and mounted the drives to run some checks and they worked without a problem. I am pretty sure the drives/raids are OK. Then I created the VG "pod" with the three drives as members: .....
Then I created a 40TB LV for testing
lvcreate -L 40T pod
which gave me this
ACTIVE '/dev/pod/lvol0' [40.00 TB] inherit

Then I went on formatting the drive using
jfs_mkfs /dev/pod/lvol0
Still - everything fine.

When trying to check the partition with jfs_fsck I get:
ujfs_rw_diskblocks: disk_count is 0
Unrecoverable error writing M to /dev/pod/lvol0. Cannot Continue.

The really funny thing is that I don't seem to get the error if I try to run the thing with a 25TB LV everything looks fine: There is nothing in syslog that would point to the source of this error. Also - if I try to mount the 40TB partition, everything is fine - but when I try to write to it, the whole system hangs and there is no way to recover.

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Server :: Large FTP Transfers Hanging CentOS?

Feb 3, 2011

I've got a server running CentOS 5.5. I used the automated iptables config tool included in the operating system to allow traffic for vsftpd, Apache and UnrealIRCd. When I send large files to FTP, even from the local network, it works fine for a while and then completely times out... on everything. IRC disconnects, FTP can't find it and when I try to ping it I get "Reply from Destination host unreachable" where ..134 is the host address for the Win7 box I'm pinging from. This is especially frustrating as it's a headless server, and as I can't SSH into it to reboot I'm forced to resort to the reset switch on the front, which I really don't like doing.

Edit: the timeouts are global, across all machines both on the local network and users connecting in from outside.

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Server :: Not Large Enough To Display The Application In Red Hat X Win Desktop ?

Jun 4, 2011

I use red hat linux es 5. I use startx to start the x-win desktop. But when I use vritual manager . The display application is too large so the bottom part for the application cannot show out. I cannot scroll down to get the display of bottm part. So, I do not know what button display at the bottom part. So, what can I do. I already set the display to 800x640 already.

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Server :: RHEL Rel 5.4 Freezes With Large Jobs?

Feb 25, 2010

We're running
$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga)
$ uname -r

It hosts an Apache/2.2.3 web server. We also run apache-tomcat-5.5.23. Most of our programs are mod_perl. Sometimes our users input over-sized data sets, or queries that generate too much output. (I realize that we should try to prevent them from doing that, but right now I'm looking for a more general solution.)

When a large job runs it can 'freeze' our system. The system becomes unresponsive to everything, including command line commands. Sometimes it unfreezes after a while. Once, in this situation I was able to create a high-priority shell. ps reported:


Observing the machine, I see at least one very busy disk. I suspect that some high priority system process (perhaps kswapd) is using all the cpus, preventing anything else from running. Unfortunately, I cannot find much info on kswapd, or debuggging this problem.

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Server :: Script Used To Install Large Set Of Packages

May 21, 2011

Looking for script that I can use to install a large set of packages in Ubuntu. Typically, when I'm starting a new server I have to do "apt-get install" on a bunch of packages. I'd like a script that I can add/remove packages from and say yes to all the dependency questions.

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Server :: Login Page Enough To Work Dhcp Server?

Nov 4, 2010

\Actually i lost the login details of my server so im recovering it in rescue mode.what i want to ask here is if i restarted my server what i need to do in order to work as it was before.on my server samba and dhcp server is configured.will my client users can access there network if login page comes or i need to do something else such as restarting services or not.

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Ubuntu :: Fonts Are Just Too Large And Large

Feb 18, 2011

how big and widespaced the fonts on Clementine playlist are and how good they look on the appmenu (where my mouse pointer is). This is not because Clementine is QT4, I've got the same problem with Chrome, Opera etc. I've been messing with system-settings (KDE settings tool) a day before the fonts become that widespaced in order to make my KDE apps look more native on my GNOME, but I haven't touched the fonts settings there.

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Ubuntu :: Server Crashes When Transferring Large Files

Feb 6, 2011

Every time I attempt to transfer over a large file (4 GB) via any protocol, my server restarts. On the rare occasion that it doesn't restart, it spits out a few error messages saying "local_softirq_pending 08" and then promptly freezes. Small files transfer fine.

Relevant information:

Ubuntu server 10.10
Four hard drives in RAID 5 configuration
CPU/HD temperatures are within normal range

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Server :: Large File Size Cause RPC Authentication Error?

Oct 6, 2009

I think I am having a problem due to an NFS server file size limit. Is it possible I am missing a parameter on the RHEL NFS setup to handle large files? I am running an NFS server on a RHEL 5.1 machine and the HP-UX 11.0 machine does an NFS mount to that file system. The HP-UX executes a program that resides on the HP-UX machine to process a large 35 GB data file that resides on the NFS server machine. The program on the HP-UX can only read/process the first portion of the file until an "RPC: Authentication error" is returned multiple times until the program prematurely decides that it has reached the end of file.

I tried recompiling the same program to run on the RHEL 5.1 NFS server to access the 35 GB file locally (on the NFS server instead on HP-UX) and the program completed successfully, processing the whole file (about 7 hours of processing) with no "RPC: Authentication error." In addition, I have been running the nfs mount with the same machines for quite some time, but not with such large files sizes.

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