Ubuntu Installation :: Veetle TVflash Player Working For Videos Online -but Loading Veetle TV?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 i have flash player working for videos online,but having problem loading veetle TV, can someone text me though the best way to do this,i have file downloaded to desk top just trying to get it on Ubuntu to work!

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Veetle Online Tv Player

May 18, 2010

I have a 64Bit version of SUSE 11.2, KDE 4.4.3, ATI Radeon HD4350 and 4GB of RAM. I downloaded and installed the LINUX version of the veetle player from Veetle using the provided shell script. The installation went smoothly but when I tried to launch it afterwards, I got the image here: Veetle meaning that the installation was probably not successful. Has anyone out there successfully installed the player?

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Ubuntu :: Veetle HD Is Not Working

Apr 13, 2011

I am new to ubuntu. Is Veetle HD compatible in ubuntu because i am unable to see veetle HD streaming ?

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General :: How To Get Veetle Working On Ubuntu

Feb 15, 2010

Cannot get veetle working on ubuntu

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General :: Install Veetle On Ubuntu 10.04 Installation

Oct 15, 2010

I am trying to install Veetle on my Ubuntu 10.04 installation. at the end I get this message:


Veetle Installed Successfully. You can now browse our video-web at [URL] it says its installed but when I go back to the website to watch a channel it just tells me to download and install again so I can watch.

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Ubuntu :: Can Not Install Veetle

Oct 9, 2010

I want to install veetle in my ubuntu. I have tried everything I could, but no success.Whenever I typed in sudo sh veetle-xxxxx-linux-install.sh (xxxxx:version), and then my password, in the terminal, it always said "can't open the file". Of course, I saved the file in the download first, and made sure allow excutable file box checked. I am new with linux. I am currently reading a book "ubuntu for beginner to professional".

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Install Veetle On 10.04 32 Bit

Sep 11, 2010

I went to the veetle website, downloaded the file, and then opened a terminal and entered "sh veetle-0.9.17-linux-install.sh"

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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Install Veetle

Aug 31, 2010

I have been unable to install Veetle Veetle - Broadcast live streaming video in HD on my 64 bit linux.

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Fedora :: Havn't Got Latest Version Of Veetle

Dec 3, 2010

I am used to using ubuntu but i feel that fedora is alot easier to use out of the box. I was able to install veetle on ubuntu by opening terminal and typing su -c 'sh /home/kevinnicola/Downloads/veetle-0.9.17-linux-install.sh'. But it doesnt work on fedora. It says its intalled sucessfully. But every time i try to watch a veetle stream it says i havnt got the latest version of veetle. Has anyone else got this to work?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Keyboard Blocked After A Veetle Full Screen?

May 14, 2010

im running ubuntu lucid here, and on both firefox and chrome.....after i watch somthing in a full screen...i have to restart the browser to be able to type somthing with keyboard!
its wierd, i dont know if its veetle problem or ubuntu problem!anyone is facing this issue?

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Find Any Player Or Codec That Will Allow To Play Videos On F9?

Apr 25, 2009

I installed Fedora 10 on a Toshiba Laptop, where I had been successfully running Ubuntu for over a year. The newest iteration of Ubuntu was giving me problems, and the press was saying that Fedora 10 was pretty good, so I tried it.

Fedora 10 froze after any application was loaded. I couldnt correct it. I installed Fedora 9, and am no longer having that problem. However, I cant run any multimedia items on the computer. Particularly videos, including wmv, mpeg, or rm formats. This was not a problem in Ubuntu. I can't find any player or codec that will allow me to play these videos on Fedora 9. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

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Fedora Installation :: Flash Player Installed But Cannot Watch Videos

Dec 15, 2010

I have installed flashplayer to my fedora and tried to watch videos which need flashplayer but it wont start. Its seems like my system have installed flashplayer but can't find plugin from mozilla. Tried to check if plugin exists but no. Tried to install it again but no.. same problem again.

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Ubuntu :: Podcasts, 9.10, And Online Videos?

Apr 5, 2010

what do people use to catch and assimilate their podcasts? I found a thread from a few years ago but am looking to see if that's still up to date.I don't have an iPod so it would be just to listen to on my laptop and to put files on my Motorola Droid. I don't even mind manually putting the files on the phone. I just want something easy to install and use.I tried getting gpodder and couldn't figure out how to get it installed

Edit-I finally got upgraded to 9.10

Last but not least, I was wondering if there were any workarounds for watching Netflix videos or shows on sites like ABC/NBC/Fox etc. I'm really trying to stick with Ubuntu but this is one of the really annoying things along with the growing list of applications i can't run I'm trying to get used to Ubuntu as a way to get out of buying a copy of Windows so I'm not really interested in solutions that involve dual booting because if I'm going to have to buy a copy of 7, I'm just going to format the laptop.

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Ubuntu :: Remix 9.10 - Online Videos Lagging

Feb 3, 2010

I have a Dell Mini 10v running Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 (with latest flash), and everything is fine with it, except for online videos. Whenever I try to watch one, CPU usage gets around 100% and the videos start lagging.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 - Graphical Glitch With Online Videos

Mar 28, 2011

it usually happens when i use firefox (does not happen with other browsers like opera or chrome) to visit, for example, videos. where it should be pitch black, screwed up parts of the video or another multimedia program (such as second life) show up. it has happened on white colors as well. here are some shots. i did not take them using print screen since, strangely, print screen does not seem to capture this glitch. i am using ubuntu 10.10 on a 1 gb nvidia 9500gt.

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Ubuntu :: System Slows Down - Cannot Use It Watching Any Online Videos

Feb 20, 2011

My system slows much down so that i cannot use it at all when am watching any online videos or movies am using firefox 3.6.13 .

My spec is:
intel celeron 2.53 Ghz
512 Mb ram
ubuntu 10.04 on 40 GB seagate ide harddisk
Windows Xp on 80 GB western digital ide harddisk in dual boot.

And also my browser cannot open login page of yahoo site and some time it waits saying waiting for s7.addthis.com, or waiting for ad.yieldmanager.com like some thing when i am trying to open some sites

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Fedora :: Online Videos Not Running Smoothly

Oct 10, 2009

Online videos (..... for example) is not running ok. It doesn't run in a constant way. I pauses as if my PC was from the 1960s. It happens in Opera and Firefox as well.

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Ubuntu :: Watching Multiple Videos Online / Restarting Dbus / Laptop Freezes

Apr 24, 2010

lately while converting video to dvd with ffmpeg or devede, watching multiple videos online, or restarting dbus from command, my laptop freezes and cannot recover. i simple have to do a hard shutdown and restart the laptop. sometimes when it freezes, the and hdd led will steadily blink once per second.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Streaming Flash Videos Online - Sound Does Not Work

Apr 25, 2010

running kubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, and my sound settings -at first glance- seem to be in order... a strange thing is occurring, is my machine haunted? my sound works when:

a. the machine boots up
b. files are played in dragon player
c. the machine shuts down

my sound does not work when:

1. i try to play streaming flash videos online (e.g. videos videos show the image but no sound will play)
2. the same goes for vlc media player: images yes, sound no.
3. i use skype *edit: additional problem*

i made no changes, that i know of, to my machine before this started happening. one day everything was working fine and i turned off my machine to go to sleep. the next day, i turn on my machine, and surprise, the sound doesn't work in some instances.

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: 11.1 KDE - Pages Not Loading And Online Updates Timeout

May 2, 2010

I'm running Suse 11.1 KDE 3.5. My wireless is working absolutely slow. Pages aren't loading fast and I timeout when trying to do online updates. Here's some information:

Device: PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG [Golan] Network Connection
Kernel Driver: iwl3945
All my firmware seems to be in order.
/usr/sbin/iwlist scan
lo Interface doesn't support scanning.
wmaster0 Interface doesn't support scanning.
wlan0 Scan completed : .....

ping -c 5 Google
Google ping statistics
5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4027ms

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Ubuntu :: Converted .avi Videos Are Not Recognized On DVD Player

Jul 4, 2010

This is my main problem, I have some .mp4 videos and want to play it on a regular DVD player, but when I converted it, using avidemux, the DVD player doesn't even know the video is on the USB drive.

I encoded this videos on .mp4 to save some space, but now I need it on .avi.

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Ubuntu :: Can't View .VOB Videos Using Movie Player

Nov 17, 2010

Can't view .vob videos using movie player gives the message "could not read from source" VLC says "could not read the file" kaffeine says "read error" Now this sounds like there's a problem with the DVD, yet if I boot into windows it works

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Play Any Videos With Any Player In Karmic

Jan 20, 2010

i can not play any videos with any player in karmic

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Flash Player - Online Video Clips Runs Slowly

Jul 7, 2010

I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 and I've been having problems with flash player. The problem occurs when I'm trying to play a video clip on You Tube or on similar sites. Video clips do not play properly, videos run slowly and with many interruptions, while on the other hand the sound is excellent and my internet connection is OK, only the quality of the video is poor.
I am using:
intel celeron 1800MHz
512 SD ram
ATI Radeon 9550
Hardware Drivers displays no drivers for my graphic card...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Movies And Videos Flicker In Every Video Player?

Feb 4, 2010

every video is flickering and not smooth why is that and what can i do about it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Play Videos On Fullscreen With VLC Player For More Than 7 To 8 Minutes

Mar 1, 2010

I can't play videos on fullscreen with VLC player for more than 7 to 8 minutes. It heats up my laptop & then CRASHED...[Compaq c785tu, 2 GB Ram, Ubuntu 9.10]

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Media Player - Watch Videos ?

Jan 23, 2010

Is there a default media player in linux such as windows media/ if so what is the name of it or can i download one that works with linux, i would like for the player to not only play music but watch videos as well.

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General :: Cannot View Videos With Movie Player

Mar 15, 2011

I am having trouble viewing videos with the movie player. It plays the audio just fine but only has flashes of video throughout. I believe it has something to do with the frame rate but I don't know how to change it. I have read about frame drop and it is used on slow computers but my computer is an AMD Phenom x6. What can I do to play this video?

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General :: Pick A Flash Player Use Online Content (facebook Games)?

Dec 6, 2010

I just started using Linux today on an inherited acer aspire one laptop. got myself tied into my home's wifi, but now i need a flash player so I can play games and watch video. Adobe has 5 different options for linux and I don't have any idea which one to pick.


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Fedora :: "online" Videos Super Choppy

Jun 21, 2010

I can watch dvds and videos (avi, mpg, etc) with mplayer with no problem (indicating to me that the video drivers are working properly). However, any "online" videos (....., etc) are CRAZY choppy. Probably about 1 fps. It is like this with both chrome and firefox.

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