Ubuntu :: 10.04 Desktop Randomly Freeze - Finding Which Module Cause The Freeze?

Jun 4, 2010

I have a Ubuntu 10.04 fresh installation on my HP laptop. Installation successful and boot OK. But the desktop randomly freeze. During freeze(about 15s each time), all programs are not responsive. Sometimes I can switch program by click, but program seems locked. How can I know which module cause the freeze?

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Ubuntu :: KDE Sessions Freeze Randomly

Aug 19, 2011

My KDE sessions freeze randomly- while only doing some basic work, browsing etc. Keyboard and mouse do not respond and I can just do the hard reset. how do I find what might be wrong? Where in the logs do I look??

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Ubuntu :: 10.04.02 Amd64 - Randomly Freeze And Then Crash

May 3, 2011

Today im experiencing many freezing issues with my office desktop running lucid amd64.

Every application i run, seem to randomly freeze and then crash.. i dont understand wy, yesterday the pc worked as usual.

I was using kernel .38, i tryed to switch back to .32, but nothing change;

This is my apt history (some packages has been updated yesterday):


I dont see any packages that can cause this error. The freezes seem to be related to the hard disk: if i try to copy/download large files, the freezes happen instantly; but i've tryed Smart test from disk utility, and GSmart from a live cd: the hard disk seem to be ok. Even memtest doesnt report any error.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Gnome Mplayer Freeze Randomly?

Mar 19, 2010

I use Gnome mplayer but it freeze random when playing videos and just show a black screen without sound and if i simply press backward or forward button to send it 10 sec forward or backward it will continue to play video until it freeze again.sometimes it takes seconds to freeze and sometimes half an hour or more.

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OpenSUSE :: Randomly Freeze And Requires A Restart?

Mar 18, 2010

I just installed openSUSE 11.2 KDE via LiveCD on my desktop computer and have been loving it. The problem is that it will randomly freeze and requires a restart. I've tried booting up in safe-mode, but it still does it. Also, when it does, the screen flickers and flashes in and out before it freezes. And before anyone asks, yes, I have my NVIDIA drivers.

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Fedora :: F11 Freeze Randomly When It Was Sitting Unused / Solution For It?

May 27, 2010

I thought I should share a solution to a freeze issue I was having. Fedora 11 was running well but then started to freeze randomly when it was sitting unused. This could happen multiple times per day. I would have to power off to get it to reboot. Firefox was always open at the time of freezes and I had recently loaded several programs to try and run wmv files....Xine, GStreamer. So, I unloaded the programs. I also went into Firefox options and removed Xine as the default program for opening different types of files. The freeze issue is now cured. I have no idea how this caused the freeze and I never did get wmvs to run but at least the freeze issue seems gone.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: F13 Randomly Freeze At Boot / Resolve This?

Aug 25, 2010

I just recently notice that my Fedora 13 is randomly stop at boot. This is a fresh install less than a week and with all the updated kernel and software as of today. I could not get much information from /var/log/messages (only about 3 lines at the time it froze).

It froze straight after it finishes the boot sequence. I can see a mouse cursor but that's about it. The last init sequence I could see before going to X was "atd" (if that helps at all)

This install is on a single Seagate 1.5TB drive without any other drives attached to the system (I rule out if that's problem with the other hard drives)
on Gigabyte P35DS3 mobo on ICH9 port
the mobo has AHCI mode for the hard drive
I got some bad sector on the hard drive (40 sectors)

For some reason, it kept stopping when I cold boot. Once it stop and I press the reset button it normally works.

I found another forum mentioning it can be issue with the video driver. So I here's further information of my system code...

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Slackware :: Mouse Randomly Quits Clicking And Scrolling And Windows Freeze

Jul 20, 2011

Unfortunately, I've encountered a disaster the likes of which I've never seen before:Yesterday, in slackware 13.1, while using firefox, the window would no longer move or resize, and I could no longer click on things in that window.While this happens, the icons in xfce4 panel no longer acknowledge that the mouse is rolling over them, so I can't launch terminal from a panel, etc.; however I am still able to right click on desktop and open terminal and other apps that way.Since it was high time to upgrade to 13.37, and since I was experiencing weirdness, I decided to do a clean install: I actually repartitioned my drive, and reformatted the partitions (all xfs, and after backing up my data, of course)...

I don't know if that's significant, or not. there seems to be some lines in /var/log/Xorg.0.log about my logitech mouse.way too complicated to write by hand.I will log out and back on... sometimes that frees up other windows. Then I'll add the Xorg.0.log.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Environment Freeze After Login?

Mar 19, 2011

My ubuntu 10.10 desktop environment freezes at right after login, with the window prompt to "unlock keyring" in the foreground. The cursor still can be moved around the screen with the touchpad or mouse. Mouseover of Docky elicits the usual animation but there is no response to clicking it. There is no other response elicited from moving the mouse over or clicking anything else on the screen, including the taskbar and the hot corners i have set up. However the screen still goes dim and to sleep when left unattended and can be reawoken. The netbook also still recognises when it is plugged into a power source.

Background info: I have been dual booting windows 7 starter and ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition for about 2 months now on my ASUS eeepc1005pe netbook with no issues till now. The problem only started when i booted up into windows 7 starter without having shut down ubuntu completely. My netbook was hibernating when i mistakenly chose to boot into win 7 starter at the bootloader. Now this freeze happens every single time i try to boot into ubuntu. But i am still able to boot into win 7 starter without any problems.

The same sequence of events occurs each time i try to start ubuntu. The boot goes fine, then the automatic login occurs, then compiz loads fine then my desktop environment appears with all the same windows and programs open on the desktop as the last time i had managed to use ubuntu except that the keyring login prompt appears in the foreground and then everything freezes as i have described.

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Ubuntu :: Download - UNR 9.10 (constant Freeze Crashing) In Desktop 9.10?

Feb 11, 2010

unfortunately it looks like UNR 9.10 is as unusable as desktop 9.10 was (constant freeze crashing). Is there anywhere I can download 9.04 UNR? Ubuntu.com only seems to let you download the latest version.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox - Often It Will Freeze My Desktop When Loading New Pages

May 4, 2011

I'm having trouble with Firefox hanging. It takes at least two attempts to launch, having to force the initial blank page to quit. Often it will freeze my desktop when loading new pages, and I have to force quit. I've upgraded to 3.6.17 but no difference. The Mozilla help page suggests disabling add-ons to find the problem, but to no avail. Chrome works OK but I'd rather use Firefox.

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Debian :: Can't Login After Lock Or Freeze Desktop

Mar 23, 2015

I've Debian 8 and i have a problem. I lock the screen of my laptop, but when i want to re-log the video and wallpaper start immediatly and also the clock, but, the mouse and the keybord adon't work for about 30 second / 1 minutes.

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Fedora :: Fusion-icon Causes Desktop Freeze?

Jun 1, 2011

I've recently installed compiz fusion using this guide : [URL]

As you mentioned , it needs to load fusion-icon on the startup.I did as it was written in this guide,but my desktop freezes

I'm using Fedora 14 , with this kernel version :

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OpenSUSE Install :: Freeze At Desktop Login

Feb 23, 2010

I did an install of Opensuse 11.2 yesterday from the Gnome live-cd. Everything went fine, live-cd worked perfect, but after install It would load just the desktop wallpaper and my mouse cursor seemed to freeze. No panels, Icons or anything.

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Debian :: Freeze All Icons On Gnome Desktop?

Jul 18, 2009

How to freeze all icons on the Gnome desktop so that a normal user cannot change?
I have Debian Lenny installed.

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Debian Multimedia :: Desktop Freeze By Gnome Video

Oct 20, 2015

i have noticed about 10 desktop crashes since may, because of gnome videos(totem). in particular, when i repeatedly open and close videos, the desktop freeze. should i use another program?

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OpenSUSE :: Desktop Freeze After Change Control Style?

Aug 4, 2011

I'm trying to play with different control style at application settings-controlstyle, after change a little bit of settings, the desktop freeze nothing can click,so I goto control+alt+f2,hit control+alt +delete, after restart, It freeze again, so where it store the settings about that so I can change it to default control style from terminal only acess since dekstop freeze all the time?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 Kernel-desktop Update Freeze?

Dec 5, 2010

On a fresh install 11.3 gnome I am getting an update freeze on the kernel-desktop- This is on the initial software update after first log in on fresh system. It downloads the package and freezes during the update and causes all my other updates to reload. I went to init 3 and ran zypper update and saw that it made it to 91% and then stopped. After that I usually get a corrupted install.

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Fedora Installation :: GNOME Desktop Freeze - Keyboard Becomes Unusable

Mar 24, 2010

i'm using Fedora 12, 32 bit, kernel while using add-remove program to install programs, my desktop frezes, the keyboard becomes unusable, can't do anything so i have to do a hard boot.

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OpenSUSE :: Nvidia Settings Hangs - Whole Desktop To Freeze For About 5-10 Seconds

Oct 28, 2010

Sometimes, running "nvidia-settings" will cause the whole desktop to freeze for about 5-10 seconds, spike the Xorg CPU usage up to 100%, until the settings appear where everything goes back to normal.

Running "nvidia-settings" from a terminal does not show any output and restarting X does not help. Any ideas how to figure out what is happening, any places to look for log files?

I am using an up-to-date openSUSE 11.3 (64-bit), KDE 4.5.2, an NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT and the proprietary NVIDIA driver 260.19.12, which I installed manually following the instructions from

SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE

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Ubuntu :: Computer Freeze Due To Low RAM?

Feb 26, 2010

I was just browsing and it said something about it requiring 256MB of RAM to install the 9.04 OS. I was curious if that would cause the freezing during install and the freezing during usage of my laptop.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 & 9.10 Freeze All The Time?

Jul 4, 2010

I have been using Ubuntu for about 2 months now, I have quite enjoyed using it and so I decided to install it on my brother's PC.I started by trying to install 10.04-64bit, to my surprise it froze during installation. I tried installing it again and this time I was able to complete the installation, however the PC started freezing systematically usually 2-5 minutes after logging in. I decided to install 9.10-64bit, it was frustrating to discover that the same issue was still there (the systematic freezes). I also tried the 32-bit version of 10.04 but it simply didn't solve the problem.

Another thing is that when installing ubuntu from alternate CD it doesn't freeze during installation, which is not true for a regular installation image.After reading around I discovered that booting Ubuntu in rescue mode and then choosing the failsafe option in the menu prevented any freezes from happening.When the PC is frozen neither mouse or keyboard are responsive & the caps light DOESN'T blink.It is certainly not a hardware problem as windows seems to work flawlessly on the machine.Also when I do a hard restart, I sometimes need to reset the BIOS as it gets messed up.hardware:MB: ASUS A8N-VMVIDEO: On-board(Nvidia 6100)Proc: AMD 3000+Ram: 2GB

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Ubuntu :: Freeze Ups Are Becoming Unbearable?

Jul 26, 2010

Ive posted here before but have not received any solutions. I have freeze ups in the application software including open office, movie player and firefox to such an extent that it is barely usable. These lock ups occur frequently, consistently, and use can become an extremely aggravating issue. I use the computer for VPN functions and it causes the vpn to disconnect. I dont need to tell you the problems that causes.

The entire computer locks up for periods of 20 seconds or more even where no activity can be performed. I have a computer with 2-2gig processors with 2 gigs of memory.I update my machine whenever the update manager informs me.

I use the computer monitor and can see the cpu usage spike to 100% when the computer is idle, causing lockups. I know Im not the only one who experiences this problem cause I see it all over the net.

My question is this, when are the developers for ubuntu going to address these issues. As it stands now this product is NOT ready for prime time. I dont wish to become a ubuntu guru. Im simply wanting a stable operating system to do basic wordprocessing and other such functions.

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Ubuntu :: System Freeze - What To Fix It?

Oct 3, 2010

I'm running ubuntu 10.04 as a mythtv box and it works mostly fine. But occasionally the system will hang during booting and the last messages I can see are code...

So, I don't know. What is the problem? This system is supposed to run mostly unattended, I can't check all the time whether it booted alright.

So what can I do?

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Freeze At Boot / Fix It?

Jan 23, 2011

I just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition for my Toshiba Tecra A4 laptop, but the system first froze at the default desktop picture (nothing was loaded except the arrow). Tried restarting only to find it frozen on the purple boot screen again with only the mouse arrow loaded (I can move it around).

Note: The same thing happened when I tried to boot Ubuntu from CD (without installing)

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Ubuntu :: Freeze On Log In Screen?

Mar 17, 2011

and i cant press alt+ctrl+f1 to get to a terminal. can i reinstall gdm to my drive via the live cd? if so, how can i do it?

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Ubuntu :: Both 11.04 And 10.10 Make PC Freeze

Apr 29, 2011

I have an HP Pavilion zv5000 laptop, it has a pentium 4. I believe the problem might have something to do with the pentium 4. I've searched the forums and noticed others have the same problem as me and they have similar P4 laptops freezing. I've tried the fixes mentioned in those threads but they don't work for me and a handful of other P4 users.

The Problem: When surfing the net or just doing normal everyday things like writing a letter in open office the laptop will totally freeze. It doesn't matter if I overload the laptop by surfing with multiple tabs, playing a video on ....., and listening to music or if I just have one program running. The laptop will totally freeze at a random time and you can't do anything. It's a complete freeze that forces me to reboot by holding the power button.

Solutions: I've seen some solutions posted but they never work for me. The most common one is switch from Firefox to Chromium. I actually have both browsers and they freeze. Firefox tends to make the laptop freeze faster than chromium. But it still freezes randomly after a while.

Another solution I tried from reading a different thread is getting rid of Icedtea java and going back to sun java. This didn't do anything to help the freezing.

Before upgrading to 10.10 and 11.04 I was on 9.10 and it worked flawlessly on my laptop. Something happened in 10.10 that caused this, maybe something was modified or dropped is my guess. I upgraded to 11.04 hoping that it would fix the problem but it hasn't.

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Slackware :: Freeze In 13.37

May 1, 2011

I have 13.37 installed and am thinking of changing to it but I have had two system freezes with it. This never happens on 13.0. Once was when I was selecting reboot from kde and another time I was closing another program - I forget which.

I have this in kdm log and xorg.log


Should I try the nvidia driver?

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Ubuntu :: Semi-freeze With Nvidia On X86?

Feb 27, 2010

Quite frequently, my display "semi-freezes". I can move the mouse cursor and audio keeps playing but everything else freezes (video, etc).If I click on a drop-down menu (on any programme), the display updates.I can't link it to any programme.It has been happening for quite a while (I've been too busy to try to figure it out and it's not a complete crash). I'm using the newest drivers from the nvidia website (190.53) and KDE 4.3.2 This has been occurring through several different driver versions and distro versions.

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Ubuntu :: System Always Freeze / Stop It To Do So?

Apr 22, 2010

Well i just installed ubuntu and its amazing but after playing around a little i installed compiz and when i restarted my laptop it just wont let me log on it keep freezing. i dono what to do
how do i over write it or replace it or fix this problem?

iv looked on the wiki and tried what it says it doesn't work

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