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OpenSUSE Install :: Installing SUSE On Old Box Without DVD Drive?

I've ordered and received the beautiful 4 disk set for release 11.2 that came on DVD. Like so many Linux users I would like to load it on an older Windows XP box without DVD drive. Haven't seen this release offered on CD's. I've been able to copy it via network to a file on the box, but have no idea which files belong on which CD - I assume it will take 7 or 8 disks like many of the older releases. Don't want to buy a DVD drive for the old box .

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OpenSUSE Install :: Error While Installing Bootloader For Suse 11
I am trying to install suse 11 on an ibm x3400 m2 machine. After installing the various packages, i get the following error :

Error while installing initrd
Error while installing grub

There are 2 500GB hard disks on which i have configured RAID-1.let me know what the issue could be as I am new to linux.

Posted: 16-Jun-2010 07:50

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OpenSUSE Install :: Swap Partition Necessary While Installing Suse?
This is the 1st time I am installing SUSE and I wanted to clear some of my doubts:I have the following computer specs:Core i32 GB RAM320 GB HDDATI Mobility Radeon 43301. Is creating a swap partition necessary while installing Suse 11.2?2. Will I be able to install 64-bit version of Suse on my computer?3. Will I be able to run Windows 7 side by side?4. Will I have any compatibility issues with my Display Adapter since I have had problems previously on Ubuntu with my onboard ATi Graphics..

Posted: 11-Feb-2010 06:51

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OpenSUSE Install :: Grub Error 17 When Installing Suse 11.4
Before installing OpenSUSE I shrunk my Win 7 partition down in half, then created 3 partitions out of the new free space for /root, /home and /swap. I installed opensuse and when it got to the bootloader section I kept getting Grub error 17 - cannot mount selected partition, and so on. I made sure it was writing to the MBR and also into /boot if that makes a difference, but I did get a prompt that said YaST couldn't make changes to /dev/sda (I'm paraphrasing and can't remember the exact error message). At the moment I have suse installed and my windows partition intact, but no bootloader (not even windows one) so all I can do is boot to Live CD.

Below is the output of fdisk -l. There's quite a few more partitions than it's showing, sda3, sda4 and sda5 are my /home, /root, /swap and the other ones are windows partitions, like the system recovery along with the win7 install. During the suse install I formatted the home and root partitions with ext4 filesystem.


Posted: 03-Aug-2011 11:16

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OpenSUSE Install :: How To Enter To Suse After Installing Windows 7
I bought a new laptop in which a Linux Suse Enterprise Desktop is installed,After that, I installed Windows 7 by the common method: Using Gparted CD, but the problem is that after the end of the installing of Windows 7, the latter became as the first only OS installed in, and the grub of Linux Suse has been disabled , and the only way to enable the grab (in order to use dual-boot, switch between Suse and Win7) is to use the Linux Suse CD and enter to it for enter some prompt command (as u know), but I didn't get the CD with the attached pack, I got instead of it, a System Recovery CD, the only option shown in the first page is to restore the system and not to enter it

Hence my question: How can I enter to linuxSuse to enable the grub to activate the dual-boot?Can't I enable the dual-boot from command line of Windows 7?

Posted: 04-Sep-2010 11:36

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SUSE :: Possible To Install OpenSUSE On A USB Flash Drive?
I want to install OpenSUSE on a netbook I have that's currently running Mandriva.
I know often with a distro you can run the LiveCD/Live USB version from a USB Flash Drive. I understand maybe I can do that but want I want to do is do an actual install. Is this possible?
I assume I'd need to download the distro to my netbook under Mandriva and then after do an install and choose the USB Flash Drive after inserted as the hard drive to install to. Then when I boot up the computer I'd just choose the USB Drive as the bootup drive.
Is this possible though? Would it damage my Mandriva install? Like I said I know I can use the USB Flash Drive likely as a bootup/Live CD type of solution but since I will be using it semi-regularly and saving data at times I'd like to use it simply like another hard drive. Is this possible?

Posted: 05-12-2009

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OpenSUSE Install :: Installing Fresh Or Upgrading Open Suse 11.1 To 11.2?
My question to the community is should I preform a fresh install of OpenSuSe 11.2 or upgrade my current version of OpenSuSe 11.1? As of current I just use my system to surf the web check, email and Basic Business needs. The specs of my Laptop are:

OS Information
OS: Linux i686
Current user: jraglin@Jada
System: openSUSE 11.1 (i586)
KDE: 3.5.9 "release 49.1"


Posted: 24-Feb-2010 16:02

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OpenSUSE Install :: After Installing No Win7 But Just Command Line Of SUSE?
well, gonna straight-explain what I`ve here: had a Win7 64bit installed machine and created a D drive as I was intended to install Suse there (so it`s `Extended`) after succesfully installed SLED and finally restarted the laptop to see use Win7 again there was no Loader for me to choose which Operation System (I have another machine with XP,Ubuntu and Pardus - never had sucha problem)then I had to chose SLED of course but this time it didn`t bring me to the login page but to the Command Line of SLED, and the thing is that I can`t use command line on linux. tried several times and with failsafe login but stıll having command line and there is no Win7 to run on Loader.

Posted: 21-Aug-2010 01:12

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OpenSUSE Install :: Move SUSE Hard Drive To New PC?
I came in this morning only to find that the Intel Core2 hyperthreading Dell machine is dead. It appears the processor is fried.

I have a new white-box X2 system that I will replace the dead Dell with. The X2 (AMD) does not have a hard-drive (HDD) so, I will simply put the SATA hard-drive into the PC.

Some of you may know how to do this, but I don't know where to begin after I get the Hard-drive in. (I know how to move a Windows configuration from one PC to another and handle it as it begins to blue screen (BSOD), but I don't have a clue with Linux)

This system was built with GRUB. At the very least, I expect the GRUB boot managet to surface on the display. But, what next....

I was testing an OpenSuse setup as a server. Nothing fancy and NO applications added. The only customization was the MB's LAN card and the display was set at 1024x768. I had 2 users, root and myself. What would you do? Is there some boot time options that I should follow?

Posted: 26-Feb-2010 09:37

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OpenSUSE Install :: Grub Can't Boot Into Suse After Adding A Hard Drive?
With the generous help from caf4926 and please_try_again, i was able to boot into Ubuntu 9.10 with suse's grub legacy.Now I have another problem that i'd need help on, I added a new IDE hard drive for storage and it became sda and the original sda with 3 OSes changed to sdb. Grub can't boot into any OSes except windows 7. Well, i can still boot into Ubuntu if i change the boot option from

root=/dev/sda2 ro quiet splash


Posted: 06-Feb-2010 12:33

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OpenSUSE Install :: Installing Machine With No DVD Drive
I'm trying to install on a machine that has a CD drive but no DVD (and is currently running 10.3). Following the procedure here I created a filesystem on the server and copied the DVD ISO to that. I boot with the network install CD and in the boot options I put in
But then I get a red error diag saying
Could not find the openSUSE respository
Activating manual setup program

I go into the manual setup program, select hard disk, sda7, the iso file appears in the "Enter the source directory." dialog so I click OK. It does the "Loading the installation system" (or something, it's quick) and then errors with "No repository found". I have also tried sharing the iso file from a windows server and using network SMB but that didn't work. Tried mounting the install DVD (that I have used successfully before) on the windows machine, sharing it, and point the manual SMB install at that. Everything gives me "No repository found." I could use the Network CD to do an Internet install, but that seems unnecessarily slow and wasteful of bandwidth when I've already downloaded the DVD iso.

Posted: 07-Jan-2010 14:37

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OpenSUSE Install :: Gnome Live Cd - Installing It Using A Usb Pen Drive?
i have downloaded the gnome live cd. how do i install it using a usb pen drive?

Posted: 26-Jan-2010 07:21

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SUSE :: Installing Open10.3 - C - Drive Which Stopped System Booting?
I downloaded the openSuSE 10.3 ISO and, using "PowerISO 3.9" burned it to a DVD. The DVD booted up no problem so I set about installing to a partition on my USB harddrive, which seemed to go OK, until I tried to boot and found that Linux had put something on my C: drive which stopped my system booting at all. I guess it wasn't hungry because it got to "GRUB" and crashed out. Luckily my system is set up with a small Windows98 (FAT32) partition, with my WinXP Pro (NTFS) on a larger partition, (all my data and workfiles are on a daisy-chained second harddrive), so it was relatively easy to re-do the Win98, modify the 'boot.ini' file, and I was back to square one.

No point in going that route again so I dug out an unused 16GB harddrive, disconnected my usual Win harddrives, and set about installing openSuSE 10.3 on the spare drive. Everything seemed to go fine, working my way down the steps in the column on the left, it downloaded all the updates/patches etc got to the very last step and it must have been very near the end when the top third of the screen went 'splat', a solid white band across it and an error message, which, I know, I should have written down, but didn't, but I seem to remember something like "Yast" or similar. I did try to boot from unfinished installation, but got exactly the same screen.

Basically my PC spec is:-

And my DVD drive: -

Posted: 02-25-2008

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Software :: Installing Open Suse 11.3 And Mandriva On Usb Hard Drive
I have a 250 gig usb hard drive, my bios allows me to boot from it. What I would like to do is install the above 2 o/s so I can dual boot from either one.

Posted: 08-17-2010, 08:06 AM

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OpenSUSE :: Installing Firefox 3.6 On Suse 11.1?
I was using Firefox 3.6 on Suse 11.1, but I have just reinstalled my root partition and now have Firefox 3.0.4. Firefox immediately warned me to install 3.6. I have downloaded a tar.b2, but I have no idea how to install it. Is it possible to do it through Yast? If I need to use Konsole, please can I have instructions and also where I need to put it. I really need to have it installed as I use a plugin which is now not working with Firefox 3.0.4

Posted: 17-Dec-2010 18:30

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SUSE :: Installing Firefox 3.6 In Opensuse 10
i want to install firefox 3.6 in opensuse 10 , i don't know how to install it! how to install it on tar.bz2 file ?

Posted: 07-29-2010

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SUSE :: Installing Applications From OpenSuSE Terminal?
What command is used to install applications in openSuSE terminal?

I mean something like 'sudo apt-get install ...' in Ubuntu or 'yum install ...' in Fedora.

Posted: 02-13-2010

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Installing Aircrack-ng In SUSE 11.3?
I have tried to compile Aircrack -ng in Opensuse 11.2 I have received the following output

linux-z7wt:/home/jcaser/aircrack-ng-1.1 # make
make -C src all
make[1]: se ingresa al directorio `/home/jcaser/aircrack-ng-1.1/src'
make -C osdep
make[2]: se ingresa al directorio `/home/jcaser/aircrack-ng-1.1/src/osdep'
Building for Linux


Posted: 29-Aug-2010 09:27

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OpenSUSE :: Suse Demands 11.4 CD While Installing Apps?
Whenever i'm trying to install apps via one click install or any other way, it later demands i insert the OpenSuse 11.4 CD into the drive, otherwise it won't install.

Posted: 25-Aug-2011 12:30

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OpenSUSE :: Installing Graphite One Under New Clean Suse 11.4 64-bit Installation
I've tried installing Graphite One under my new clean Suse 11.4 64-bit installation. graphite one apparently needs python 2.6 to install and suse 11.4 comes with 2.7. I hope I can just create symbolic links to satisfy the installer to run? I've tried to make 2.6 links under /usr/bin and /usr/lib64. I'm using

sudo ln -s
to create the links, but I've sort of lost track of all the python library�s (.so .so.1 .so.1.0 and so on). Furthermore I have no idea about how to verify if it is correct.
ls -l /usr/bin/python*


Posted: 12-Mar-2011 13:58

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Installing The Canon MP560 SuSE 11.3
I can't seem to get the drivers to install properly. I'm back in dependency nightmare stating it's missing Located and tried to install it but states that it's already there.

Posted: 24-Jul-2010 14:36

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SUSE / Novell :: Installing OpenSuSE 10.3 On HP Dc7800 - Screen Goes Black ?
I'm trying to install OpenSuSE 10.3 on a HP dc7800 PC but when it boots from the DVD everything starts looking good, when it tryes to load the kernel it reaches 99% and the screen goes black and stays in the state forever.. never comes back. But if I try too install an "SuSE desktop enterprise version" works perfect.


Posted: 03-06-2008, 06:30 PM

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OpenSUSE :: Installing Java Runtime And Enable In Firefox - Suse 11.2?
I have tried to install and enable java, follow the instructions of this link:[URL] when I try to enable de java, for firefox, I can't linked de java with the browser, because I can't find de folder "plugins" on the path --> /lib/usr/lib/firefox).

Posted: 24-Nov-2009 19:03

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SUSE / Novell :: Installing The Firefox 3.6 On Opensuse Desktop Edition?
install the firefox 3.6 on opensuse Desktop edition. As my new application software is only supporting 3.6 or greater version of mozilla firefox. i was forced to upgrade or to reinstall my current firefox (version kindly help me and please tell me what is the procedure to install forefox 3.6 or higher version in opensuse 10. i cannot upgrade opensuse 10 to opensuse 11 or 11.3 as my company wont allow me to make modifications in the operating system. i have the latest version of firefox downloaded. the format is tar.gz2 while i am trying to extract it. i find errors in extracting even after extracting successfully i find permission errors.

Posted: 09-30-2010, 03:15 PM

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OpenSUSE Network :: Installing Flash Plugin In Firefox In Open SUSE 11.1
I've installed openSUSE 11.1 in my desktop with default firefox as web browser. Whenever surfing graphical sites Its says flash need to be installed and in the Adobe site which package I've to download? (Yat or tar.gz or rpm, etc.. etc..) and how I can install it.

Posted: 24-Jan-2010 10:13

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