OpenSUSE :: 11.2 Gnome - Error Installing Opera Browser

Apr 1, 2010

When I've downloaded it it says:
The name org.freedesktop.PackageKit was not provided by any .service files
I'm on suse 11.2 gnome, 64bit.

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Ubuntu :: Opera Browser Installing Flash Player?

Jun 12, 2011

i'm trying to install adobe flash player so i can view ..... videos in opera browser. without going into detail i have tried every possible way from all various instructions, even in the initial install it is suppose to install the flash player plugin from the software centre

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OpenSUSE Network :: Enabled Java Scripts In My Opera Browser ?

Mar 23, 2011

When I tried to log in this morning I couldn't until I enabled Java scripts in my Opera browser. This must be something "new and improved". Could someone confirm this? I would prefer "old and lousy" rather than open up my computer to the world at large.

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Ubuntu :: Installing Opera - Dependency Not Satisfiable Error

Mar 19, 2010

I've just installed ubuntu and wanted to give it a go. However trying to download and installing my favorite browser I get an error: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libqt3-mt (>= 3.3.4) im downloading the default package, and ran the package install thingy. I googled around trying to find a solution, but I found mostly for older versions of ubuntu and dont know if they apply to my problem. I also tried some tips I found running a command with something like sudo apt-get install libqt3-mt. then i end up with this response:
E: Couldn't find package libqt3-mt

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General :: Installing Konqueror Web Browser On Gnome?

Mar 11, 2011

I am new to linux and don't know much about it. I am currently taking a on-line class on it and seem to get stuck from time to time. I have been trying to install Konqueror on my systems. I have installed the KDEBASE3-3.5.10. However nothing shows up on my menus in GNOME. According to what I have read you can use this program on either of the GUI's. Not sure what details are needed, but below are some.

1) Quad core AMD Processor
2) Fedora 13
3) Kernel Linux
4) Using Gnome GUI.

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Debian :: Opera Browser New Repository Anywhere?

Mar 22, 2010

I've always used the repos at [URL] to get Opera both on Lenny and Squeeze.
So my sources.list has this line:
deb [URL] lenny non-free

But now I see these has not been updated since november 2009. Is there a newer repo somewhere? I know you can download opera from the opera website - but that is too much work when you have many computers to manage.

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Fedora :: Can I Install Opera Web Browser

Jun 10, 2010

How can I install opera web browser? I don't have a working web browser in my files.

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Ubuntu :: How To Set Opera As Default Web Browser

Feb 28, 2011

I want to know how to set Opera as the default web browser.

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Fedora :: Unable To See Videos In Opera Browser

Jul 30, 2009

Im using opera browser in fedora 11. when i open any online vedio im getting bug how can i get rid of it?

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Ubuntu :: Opera Browser Keeps Crashing / Stop It To Do So?

May 31, 2010

I have another opera browser problem,i upgraded to version 10.53 build 6330 last week. it keeps crashing the cpu goes to 100% and wont come down, i had this problem with the previous version but its a lot worse with the new version.
also noticed that when browsing ebay the scroll is very jerky until you get about a third of the way down the page then it scrolls ok again.
i get the feeling the crashes are something to do with the flash player.
i tried to uninstall flash but i cannot get it to uninstall .

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Opera For 64-bit First Since It Is Currently Favorite Browser

Jun 11, 2010

I am going to try Opera for 64-bit first since it is currently my favorite browser.Will this be the beginning of the end of all those flash related questions and problems?

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Ubuntu :: Fonts Gone All Funny In Opera Web Browser

Aug 10, 2011

Today I added more fonts to ~/.fonts directory. I launched Opera and the fonts are gone funny [image attached]. I don't have this problem in Firefox of Google Chrome/Chromium. I changed fonts in Opera >> Preferences but to no avail. Also I deleted .opera directory. No joy. The only solution I've found is to delete .fonts directory (but I want those fonts for other applications).

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General :: Opera Web Browser - Install It Instead Of SeaMonkey?

May 3, 2011

Opera Browser In Puppy Linux 5

How to Install Instead of SeaMonkey ?

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Security :: Is Opera Browser More Secure Than Firefox?

Jan 18, 2011

Online, I see many security alerts firefox but none related to Opera or other browsers. Is Opera more secure than Firefox?

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Software :: Cannot Activate Wand In Opera Browser?

May 14, 2011

The version is 11.01 & the build is 1190. I've filled some fields at the Forms tab > Preferences > Settings > Menu. Attached to this post is an image of those fields. I can't press Ctrl+Enter to activate the wand, I don't know if there's another method. Forms tab > Preferences > Settings > Menu

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General :: Opera - Mplayer Instead Of Flash Any Distro / Browser

Apr 18, 2010

The thing is that flash sucks for linux on 64-bit, performance vice. Due to this I actually download every clip to a temp folder and play the file while it's being downloaded with mplayer. This works really nice. Flash is not to play a video. Does there exist a plugin for this for any browser? I tried google, but I can't find the right words to search for. Edit: I did find a plugin for playing wmp things, that is not what I'm asking for!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Opera Browser Won't Play Quicktime?

Mar 23, 2010

Quicktime plays fine with Firefox but I can't get QT to play with Opera 10.10. Opera says it needs plug-in content.

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Karmic Koala Always Going Slow When Open OPERA Browser

Apr 18, 2010

1. My Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala always going slow when i Open OPERA Browser. Is it Normal?
2. Sometimes i got my Karmic Animation like a... i dont know, just play it slower than usual. Is it Normal?

I was using Compiz Animation. [minimize, maximize, close, etc] Is that thing make my Karmic running slow?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Opera Browser Not Shown In Software Center

May 26, 2010

When I upgraded to Lucid, Opera browser has stopped being shown in the Ubuntu software center. Do I have to go to the repository to get it?

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Ubuntu :: Getting Error Installing Chromium-browser : Unable To Execute Data (xz) / Fix It?

Nov 15, 2010

Installing chromium-browser on maverick, i get code...

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General :: Changed My Browser To Epiphany And Then To Opera But All Failed - Could Not Submit My Reply

Jul 24, 2009

This problem one day popped out of nowhere in my ubuntu 9.04 firefox browser that I could not submit my reply on any forums. So I changed my browser to epiphany and then to opera but all failed then I installed arora and it worked. I don't know what is the problem with other browsers I just cannot submit a reply on any forums.

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OpenSUSE :: Text Gone In Application Browser In 11.3 GNOME?

Nov 27, 2010

I'm running openSUSE 11.3 with GNOME. I went through the Software Manager and deleted every instance of that was left after changing to LibreOffice, and also installed Beagle (+dependencies) and Tracker with some additional packages. Then I noticed that in the Application Browser there is no text next to the icons. Only the small version of the icons centered with no text (screenshot below).

The problem is I have no idea how to restore it to the way it was. I've already deleted Beagle and Tracker and their packages to no avail. I also noticed that YaST and Control Center both look fine. It's only the Application Browser.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Can View A Php Page Only With Links Browser (a Text Browser) - Firefox Error "Content Encoding Error"

Jun 15, 2011

I can view a php page only with links browser (a text browser) But when i use firefox i got an error "Content encoding error"

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Error "Adobe AIR Could Not Be Installed. Install Either Gnome Keyring Or KDE KWallet Before Installing Adobe AIR"

Jul 4, 2011

I downloaded Adobe Air, both the rpm and the .bin versions. First I tried the rpm, it went through the motions of installing but just disappeared. then I tied the .bin, got tot the installer, accepted the license, entered my root password, but it stopped installing with "an error occurred. Adobe AIR could not be installed. Install either Gnome Keyring or KDE KWallet before installing Adobe AIR". I opened Kwallet and tried again, but to no avail. I am running OS11.4 64 bit. What can I do to get this thing working?

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Slackware :: Installing Java Error - When Trying To Run A Java App With The Firefox Plugin - Browser Crashe

May 29, 2011

Code: ~ $ /usr/java/jre1.6.0_25/bin/java -showversion Error occurred during initialization of VMjava/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

That's the error I get. When trying to run a java app with the firefox plugin, the browser simply crashes if it's the 64bit java or tells me it's not installed if it's the 32bit version.

I'm at a loss as to what to do. I think it has something to do with leftover gunk from a previous version I misinstalled(Is that even a word?) Anyway, the only thing that google could come up with was a solution for windows which laid blame on Bill Gates for having a bunch of pf (java prefetch) files stuffed into c:windows for no apparent reason. The solution was to delete them, but I can't seem to find the java prefetch folder in linux. The method I used is downloading the rpm from the rpm2tgz then installpkg then cp to firefox plugins folder.

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Ubuntu :: Installing Opera From Repositories?

Apr 30, 2011

At the following link, the instructions do not state clearly what is to be entered where and in which order, but here is what I have done after some trial and error:-[URL]..

1. IN THE TERMINAL, enter wget -qO - [URL]..| sudo apt-key add -

2. System - Administration - Software Sources.
3. Click on the 'Other Software' tab.
3. Click the 'Add' button.
5. Copy and paste deb [URL]...stable non-free in the APT Line.
6. Click 'Add Source'.
7. Click 'Close'.
8. Click 'Reload'.


9. Enter sudo apt-get update (press Enter)

10. Enter sudo apt-get install opera (press Enter)

My question is, the article also makes it seem as if Installing via repository is different to Installing via shell. Is this correct or is installing via shell just additional steps required as part of the installation from repository?

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Ubuntu :: Downloading And Installing Opera In Natty?

May 27, 2011

when I try to add the opera repository, I get something like, download failed check your internet connection

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Software :: Installing Flash Plugin For Opera In FC4

Mar 31, 2010

I was trying to install the flash-plugin rpm so that flash contents can be viewed from web pages. So I downloaded the following rpm from
flash-plugin- el3.rf.i386.rpm
This is the command I used to install it:
[root@station3 developer]# rpm -ivh flash-plugin- warning: flash-plugin- Header V3 DSA signature: N OKEY, key ID 1aa78495
1:flash-plugin [100%]

Now when I am viewing a web page I cannot see the flash contents. When I am running rpm -qa flash* to search if flash is installed or not, its giving the following error:
error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h#
101 Header V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID 4f2a6fd2
I tried removing the package and install it again, removing and installing with --replacepkgs option and I also tried to install it without removing which said that it is already installed.

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Ubuntu :: Opera Segfault Closed Gnome-session - And GParted ?

Sep 12, 2010

I was using GParted to move and resize a few partitions on my external HDD that I use for backup purposes. Well while this was going on, I was using Opera to reply to a post on the forums and Opera segfaulted, which in turn crashed GNOME. Gnome restarted, I logged back in, my external HDD was still reading/writing furiously and GParted won't open.

So I know that the GParted I started is still running, although the handle that GParted had on its GUI is still locked - so I can't open a new GParted GUI - and the existing GParted GUI has closed - so now I can't check on the progress of my partition operation.

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Ubuntu :: Installing Adobe Flash Player In Opera?

May 18, 2010

Just a little question about installing the Adobe Flash Player. I downloaded the Flash Player library in tar.gz format directly from Adobe. I want to install it in the default plug-in directory for Opera, which is /usr/lib/opera/plugins. When I try to copy the file, I get an error saying that I do not have the sufficient permissions to copy a file to that directory. Does anyone know how to copy the file using the command line, using the SUDO command?

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