Hardware :: Run Memtest86 - Error: Unrecognized Command Line Option

Jun 17, 2011

I am having memory problems on my old Compaq PC, and am trying to run memtest86+-4.20 to check it. I downloaded the source file, and tried a compile, but had the following problem:


how to get around this issue?

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Software :: Cc1: Error: Unrecognized Command Line Option "-m486"

Dec 12, 2010

while trying to compile grace (5.1.22), I am facing problem:


$ make
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/rudra/Downloads/grace-5.1.22/
gcc -O2 -m486 -fno-common -Wall -Wpointer-arith -Wnested-externs -I.. -
I. -c -o airy.o airy.c
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-m486"


I am forced to use source because rpm is also giving some problem and crashing while starting.

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Software :: Use Gcc Command To Compile A *.c File Error:unrecognized Option '--eh-frame-hdr'

Jun 27, 2011

use gcc command to compile a *.c file error:unrecognized option '--eh-frame-hdr' why is it? and how to solution it?

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Fedora :: Error: Unrecognized Option '--warn-common'

Jun 11, 2011

I've download the gpac files for MP4box from:[URL]..but im having issues compiling it. Its telling me "gcc: error: unrecognized option '--warn-common'"Running 64bit FC 15

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Software :: SCP Error: Unrecognized Configuration Parameter Permitlocalcommand When Run ANY Type Of Scp Command

Jan 31, 2011

This started happening about 2-3 weeks ago when i noticed our backups weren't running anymore. whenever i try to run ANY type of scp command I get the following error: warning: Unrecognized configuration parameter permitlocalcommand ssh: FATAL: Illegal -o parameter "PermitLocalCommand no" lost connection

I checked the /etc/ssh/ssh_config file and there was a command PermitLocalCommand commented out, but for testing I even totally removed that line and then in scp forced the use of that file via scp -F /etc/ssh/ssh_config ......

and I still get the same error. This command is nowhere is any of my ssh config files so im at a loss here on how im supposed to fix this!! I even checked my home directory for maybe a ssh config file that might be overridding the system config but nothing.

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Ubuntu :: GRUB Menu Showed The Memtest86+ Option?

May 7, 2011

recently performed an upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10. when I rebooted, my GRUB menu showed only the memtest86+ option, rather than the usual options for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch, and WinXP (which I haven't booted in a very long time, so I am almost 100% sure that it is not WinXP's fault. I was able to boot using a Live CD, and when I checked grub.cfg, all of my boot entries were still there. However, when GRUB itself actually loads, only memtest86+ is in the menu. I also checked that I can still boot by editing the memtest86+ option in grub so that it matched the entry for Ubuntu in grub.cfg, and it still booted correctly. However, I am curious as to why my GRUB is now forcing me to manually enter the boot entry on each boot. Here is my grub.cfg:


# It is automatically generated by grub-mkconfig using templates
# from /etc/grub.d and settings from /etc/default/grub


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General :: Why Cannot Z Be Last Command-Line Option Used With Tar

Nov 17, 2010

$ ls one.tar.gz
$ tar -xvfz one.tar.gz
tar: z: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
$ tar -xvzf one.tar.gz
$ tar -xzvf one.tar.gz
$ tar -zxvf one.tar.gz

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Ubuntu :: Login Option To Command Line?

May 14, 2010

Does anyone know how? I want to add the command line option to the login to. So, I have Gnome, KDE and command line.

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Fedora :: Ffmpeg Unrecognized Option 'vf'?

May 2, 2011

Anyone else SUDDENLY getting this??? Still trying to find why this is happening...

FFmpeg version 0.6.2-rpmfusion, Copyright (c) 2000-2010 the FFmpeg developers
built on Apr 12 2011 16:45:34 with gcc 4.5.1 20100924 (Red Hat 4.5.1-4)
configuration: --prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin --datadir=/usr/share/ffmpeg --incdir=/usr/include/ffmpeg --libdir=/usr/lib64
--mandir=/usr/share/man --arch=x86_64 --extra-cflags='-O2 -g -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions


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Ubuntu :: Command Line Option To Show Rhythmbox?

Aug 26, 2010

Does anyone know the command line option to show rhythmbox?

Basically I just want to make a shortcut to show the rhythmbox screen as opposed to clicking the icon and selecting show rhythmbox

rhythmbox-client --(option) --no-start

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Software :: Running MPlayer DVDnav Option From Command Line?

Jun 27, 2010

I am having a problem with running the mplayer dvdnav option from the command line or terminal. I run the command and this is what I get:

mplayer -nocache dvdnav://1 /media/CDROM /dev/scd1
MPlayer SVN-r1.0~rc3+svn20090426-4.4.3 (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team
mplayer: could not connect to socket
mplayer: No such file or directory
Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control.

Playing dvdnav://1.
No stream found to handle url dvdnav://1
Playing /media/CDROM.
File not found: '/media/CDROM'
Failed to open /media/CDROM .....

I went on the forums and they say that some of the packages built to support dvdnav are out of date and that they should be updated. By the way I am running ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx with lxde as my desktop manager.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Invalid Command Line Option: Console Is Not Supported (1001) (403)?

Apr 7, 2010

I'm using linux suse 9.3. Recently i try to run execution files but it shows an error try running with the option "-console" or "-silent" When I tried with the -console option, I got the error - The wizard cannot continue because of the following error: Invalid command line option: console is not supported (1001) (403)


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General :: Ubuntu 10.10 And Command Line Scripts - Error - Android: Command Not Found

Mar 26, 2011

I know my way around MS Windows much better, but I just don't feel right trying to program something for Android on a Microsoft operating system. I am interested in Android programming so I followed the instructions on [URL] to install the environment on my computer...

I just installed the JDK, SDK, Eclipse successfully (or I assume):

* When I get to Step 4 where I'm supposed to run 'android' it will not run. I get the error message "android: command not found" (I am definitely in the right directory).

** When I double-click it in nautilus, it opens up in gedit. I can set the permissions in nautilus (through the properties - Allow executing file as a program) and get it to work,

My system:

Intel i7
Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
eclipse 3.6.2

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Ubuntu :: Error - Failed To Save File ImageMagick Returned Error Code 11 Command Line

May 1, 2010

simple scan error as follows: Failed to save file ImageMagick returned error code 11 Command line: convert -adjoin /tmp/simple-scan-DA9MBV.jpg /tmp/simple-scan-XCK4BV.jpg /tmp/simple-scan-NZVYBV.pdf Stdout: Stderr: using karmic note: I have apparmor extra profiles installed but didn't notice one that related to simple scan or imagemagick. Red herring or not?

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CentOS 5 :: Kernel Panic Unrecognized Mount Option "mand"?

Apr 10, 2011

After upgrading from 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5 to 2.6.18-238.5.1.el5 EXT3-fs: Unrecognized mount option "mand" or missing value

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Server :: Exim4 SMTP Doesn't Works - 500 Unrecognized Command

Jun 3, 2011

I installed exim4 package on my debian server as MTA. Now I want to send mail with this by SMTP. But when I connect to this via telnet, it returns this banner:


220 *******************************************************

And when I try to execute a command like EHLO, it says:


500 unrecognized command

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General :: Edit Grub Menu From Initial Grub Screen - Possible To It's Own 'e' Option Or 'c' From Grub Command Line?

Nov 20, 2010

my Setup is Fedora 14 x64 + radeon hd 4830 i've downloaded .run package from ati site with latest driver for x64 systems. installed it, but didn't edited grub.conf becouse i didn't understood anything there (probably didn't spent enough time to get things understand) Now i've lost possibility to enter my Fedora system. during boot it lost it's modern blue boot screen (with filling drop), it was replaced by standard old boot screen with triple-color stripe. after this boot screen monitor start blinking going on and off. and on last step i'm getting "Fedora 14 boot bla bla bla something" on screen. nothing works except Ctrl+Alt+Delete. system reboots showing successful daemons shutting sequence. How can i edit grub menu from initial grub screen is it possible to it's own 'e' option or 'c' from grub command line?

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Fedora :: Run Python3 Scripts From Command Line And Call Up Python 2.6.2 Idle With The Command Idle From Command Line?

May 29, 2010

i've gotten my fedora 12 to the point where i can run python3 scripts from command line and can call up python 2.6.2 idle with the command 'idle' from command line. what command will call up python3 (3.1.2 to be exact) idle?

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Server :: What Is XMX Command Line Options (API Error)

Feb 26, 2010

I install software called Sunflow v0.07.2 in my Ubuntu. When I try to run it,it says
"API error : JVM available memory is below 800 MB (found 728 MB only). Please make sure you launched the program with the -Xmx command line options". What is that xmx command line.What should i do to run Sunflow.

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Ubuntu :: E: Memtest86+: Subprocess Installed Post-removal Script Returned Error Exit Status 127

Nov 18, 2010

I have had no problems with downloading/installing updates and programs, and everything worked fine. Until memtest came along. It ran by itself (I think my dad made it the first boot option in grub), and now if I try to install any packages or programs, it will either say "Grub installation failed" or that any packages I tried to install failed. If I removed memtest, would that make it possible for me to install stuff again? Or is there a way to work around it?the main error report I get is: "E: memtest86+: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 127"

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Ubuntu Security :: Install Ssh From Command Line Error

Mar 26, 2011

I am not familiar with Linix server, I have installed ubuntu server for study purpose. Now I am facing problem when I install openssl from command line. This is the error message:

openssh-server : Depends: libwrap0 (>=7.6-4~) but it is not installable E: Broken packages

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Software :: Error - Bad Passphrase Gpg Command Line And Output

Jul 22, 2011

I have copied over my .gnupg files from a computer to a new workstation that is running Mandriva 2010.2. I am running Thunderbird as a mail client just as before and got Enigmail installed and running fine. The problem I get is when I send a message off with a digital sig it returns this error:

Send operation aborted
Error - bad passphrase
gpg command line and output:
gpg: cancelled by user

It does not give me a chance to enter in the passphrase. I copied over the .gnupg files to my Ubuntu laptop running Thunderbird with Enigmail and I have no problems. Could there be an issue going from 32 bit to 64 bit? I checked out the forums and found no answers.

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Programming :: Error: ./10aa: Line 5: [-n: Command Not Found 127

May 25, 2011


Explain the error?

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Ubuntu :: Login Through Command Line In Grub - Error: No Such Disk

Jan 5, 2011

how to login through cmdline in grub.I tried some of codes but failed.codes were-grub>set root=(hd0, grub> linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/(sda, ro error;no such disk

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Ubuntu Networking :: Error Connecting To Wireless Via Command Line

Apr 6, 2011

I've been familiarizing myself with the command line and am attempting to connect to a wireless network but am getting stuck at the point wherein I need to put in a password.When I run iwconfig I see my card is wlan0.I definitely know my password as I can connect using a GUI. The encryption method for my network is WPA2.Could someone tell me how I could connect to a WPA2 secured network via a command line, and/or where I went wrong with what I've been trying?

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Slackware :: Frequent X Crashes Into Command Line With Error Messages

Nov 26, 2010

I'm having, oddly enough, stability problems on my main slackware desktop. Whenever I try to do certain things, for instance going fullscreen on a flash video, starting regnum online or open arena, it drops out of X into the command line with a few error messages (next time it crashes I'll post the messages). On occasion, it'll do that without any input. Now, there's a few major changes I've had on the desktop since yesterday, chiefly that I've been able to connect it to the net for the first time in a few months. Now because of this, I've been installing plenty of software from slackbuilds, plus flash from adobe (necessary evil). I'm using xfce with some compositing on a geforce Ti 4200 AGP 8x 64Mb with nvidia drivers installed and dual monitors, each now set to 1280x1024 and in twinview, pentium 4 2.8Ghz, 1 GB ram. HDD has a 70GB ext3 slack partition, triple booting with 80GB ext4 ubuntu lucid partition and 40GB ext4 mint isadora.

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Slackware :: Weird Gtk Error When Launching Apps From Command Line?

Jun 13, 2011

When I open a gtk app from the command line this error pops up:


Gtk: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "clearlooks", and I can not find clearlooks theme engine anywhere as it is supposed to be part of gtk by default?

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General :: Error Message: Vncserver: Unrecognized Service

Jan 2, 2010

I have installed package tigervnc-1.0.0-3.fc12.i686, but when I am trying to start it: service vncserver start it comes back with following message: vncserver: unrecognized service.

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Server :: Shell Scripting Command Line / Getting Error While Passing Parameter?

May 6, 2011

I am very new to shell scripting.How does one pass a command-line parameter to a shell script?for the below program
mount -t cifs -o user=ramkannan,password=Linux123@ // /MT
cd /MT/test
date=`/bin/date "+\%Y-\%m-\%d-\%H-\%M-\%S"`
mysqldump -uroot -pram2@ employeedb > $date.sql
gzip $date.sql

I want to pass parameter for everything,i tried in google and did but iam getting error while passing parameter to all

mount -t cifs -o user=$1,password=$2 // /MT
cd /MT/test
date=`/bin/date "+\%Y-\%m-\%d-\%H-\%M-\%S"`
mysqldump -uroot -pram2@ employeedb > $date.sql
gzip $date.sql

i was getting error while passing parameter to all.

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General :: Repeatedly Getting Command Substitution - Line 3 - Syntax Error Near Unexpected Token

Aug 31, 2010

I am repeatedly getting error:

I need to pass the value of:

I am using #!/bin/bash

This command works on shell without any issue.

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