General :: Using Fedora 11 To Connect To Windows 7 Computer

Jan 17, 2010

I'm trying to connect my fedora core pc to my windows 7 network.

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General :: Windows - Connect To The Internet Through Other Computer's Wireless Ethernet Card

Apr 7, 2011

there are two computer

wireless internet accessible notebook.

desktop with no wireless card (but just normal lan card).

I connect two computer with lan cable, and I want to use internet in desktop computer through the notebook's wireless lan

what kind of setting do I have to do?

desktop's OS is Ubuntu, and notebook's one are Ubuntu, Windows XP.

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General :: Secure Method To Connect To Computer From Work (Windows Connecting To OpenSuse)?

May 22, 2011

I need to be able to log into (with X enabled) my home computer (running OpenSuse 11.4) from my work computer(running Windows XP). I was originally going to setup ssh on my home computer but then realized that I wouldn't be able to get my desktop this way.At work, we use windows remote desktop connection to log into other computers within our network, but I'm planning on asking my manager if I'm allowed to login to my home computer.If he accepts, I need a method to actually make it happen.I looked at FreeNX which seemed awesome but it doesn't seem to have windows support. To an extent that I would like to only allow my work IP to be allowed to even try an login.The bridge to cross here is the fact that I'm connecting from windows.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Connect To Windows 7 Computer

Feb 6, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10 setup on a test box. I am able to connect to my Win XP box shares but I cannot connect to my Win 7 (64 bit) box I get the usual 'Unable to mount location'. I can get to the Win 7 share from my other Win box so it is a valid share. I also cannot connect via the Remote desktop viewer. I am afraid that if I cannot get this going my Ubuntu experiment i over before it started.

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Networking :: Connect To A Windows Computer Via A Wired Network?

Feb 15, 2011

cannot connect to my window computer using open SuSe

I am attempting to connect to my Windows Computer via a wired network on a sky router. When I tried with PClinuxOS it configured automatically. With the latest version of open SuSe 13.1this is quite a bit different. I have got as far as the network being auto and active with an Icon showing on the taskbar. However when I click on the Windows network Icon SuSe tyies to locate my Computer but then comes back with " failed to reteive share list from server. This is as far as I can get after several hours of trying.

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Networking :: Configure Rdesktop To Connect To A Windows (XP/2003) Computer?

Mar 22, 2009

how to configure rdesktop to connect to a Windows (XP/2003) computer, but going through a Terminal Services Gateway or connecting to a Terminal Services Server through TLS/SSL? The command line options or any on-line documentation I was able to find, omits this entirely. Using the Windows Remote Desktop Client (RDP6) you can configure Terminal Services Gateway connections from the Advanced Tab. I suspect that rdesktop, gnome-rdp, tsclient et el can't do this yet as they support up to RDP5. Currently I am using a WinXP VM to accomplish this, but would like to do this natively on my Linux box.

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General :: Moving Data From Computer To Windows Computer

Jun 28, 2011

I have a situation where I am trying to move some data from a Linux computer to a Windows computer. In all there is 700GB of data to move in about 1.5 million files, so I don't want to do this over the network.My first thought was to use an external USB hard drive and create an NTFS partition and copy the files from the linux computer to mount on the Windows computer. After 4 days of copying without completion I abandoned that idea. I thought the NTFS might be slowing it down, so I created an EXT3 partition. 4 Days later it was still copying. I did some calculations and there was no way the USB 2.0 connection was that slow. I then used ddrescue and cloned the drive to be copied overnight and it took about 12 hours. i was able to mount the USB drive under Linux and access the files appropriately. The only problem is that I can not access that USB drive on my Windows 7 computer. I have tried Explore2fs, DiskInternals Linux Reader, and Ext2 Installable File System For Windows, but none of them is recognizing the external drive.

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Fedora Networking :: Connect To F14 Using Another Computer?

Dec 14, 2010

I have F14 on a laptop and can't see the laptop screen very well, unless I put my face like right up against the glass, is there a way I can login to my F14 laptop using my windows desktop computer?

whats the easiest way to do that?

I used to use nomachine in previous versions, is that method still used in F14? can't seem to find the FreeNX package anymore.

I used these instructions in previous versions: [URL]

which you'd think would still work in F14, but not sure what happened to FreeNX

otherwise, how do you do it using vncserver? I didn't do it that way in the past because I didn't understand how.

using XFCE window manager in F14 on a windows 7 desktop

Laptop: HP Pavilion dv6-1350us

Desktop: custom build Asus computer using a 23 inch Samsung SyncMaster 226bw LCD display

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Connect To Computer Using VNC Ssh DAAP

May 15, 2011

I have two computers and I'm trying to get them to talk to each other, but after I installed Fedora 14 on this computer, my other computer can't connect to this.


Same with DAAP I'm using rhythmbox to both broadcast and listen to the DAAP, and the rhythmbox on the remote computer cant connect here either. ssh and VNC are working on the other computer as well, I can connect to other computers using ssh on both computers, and I can VNC over to the other computer without any problems, its the traffic going myway that seems to be hitting a roadblock. is it possible that since I installed a different system (was Ubuntu Natty before, and I was using all three services before I installed Fedora), I need to do something on my remote computer so that this won't crop up?

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Fedora Networking :: Connect New Ericsson MD400 To Computer But No Way

Jan 27, 2010

I am trying to connect a new Ericsson MD400 to my my computer but no way! I cannot make it work. I have tried all sort of advice e.i NetworkManager, ModemManager, HSOconnect, Ozercdoff etc. How do you really use NetworkManager?

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Fedora Networking :: Computer Behind 2 Routers Can't Connect To Internet?

Mar 6, 2011

I have so many _wired_ devices that I can't get by with just 4 eth cable outlets anymore, so I thought I'd hook up an older router that I don't use as a way to get extra places to plug devices into.

Now it looks like:

then cable modem
then router1/wifi + (1 eth NAT storage)
then router2 + 4 eth0 computers:
(legacy FC5 box)
(legacy F11 box)
(updated F13 box)

All of the computers EXCEPT the FC5 box are fine (my def of "fine" is I can ssh to and from the other computers and to outside computers, and browse the web).

The FC5 box, however, can ssh to and from computers inside the network just fine, but can't get any kind of web browsing. Nor can it ping to the outside. I get a "Network is unreachable" error. I'm not using a proxy, not knowingly, and my firewall settings haven't certainly hasn't been blocking port 80 before.

what's the best way to go about adding more ethernet when you need about 7 cables. I'm not really excited to buy a router with 8 ports or anything like that, especially when this seems to _almost_ be working just fine.

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Fedora :: Connect To Another Computer In Network Via Qpid-config?

Jun 22, 2010

I'm trying to connect to another computer in my network via qpid-config(which is running qpid server). Here is where I follow the instructions [URL].. I can connect to qpid server(which is running on the network) via JMX Management Console which is gui version of what I'm to accomplish from console/unix shell. I can connect and read messages from queue(s) from this server so it means there is no problem with network or whatever. I'm running Fedora Core 13, here is the following combinations I've tried so far with qpid-config so I can run qpid-tool and some other commands :

qpid-config -a localhost,, guest/guest@qpid-server
qpid-config -a guest/guest@qpid-server
qpid-config -a qpid-server,, qpid-server:8999, guest/guest@qpid-server
qpid-server is added to /etc/hosts as hostname for

Had anyone anything similar to this maybe I'm missreading the instructions(although they are pretty straight forward), I've spend so much time on this and just stuck now.

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General :: Connect To Port Of Computer Which Behind Router?

Nov 20, 2010

When one should try to connect to port 3306 of particular ip here e.g. 345.56.67.87 it should be redirected to port 3306 of internal machine. This is the scene : How can I access the particular port of the machine which is behind the router . i.e. From out side internet I would like to connect to the port 21 of the machine ( which is behind router (345.56.67.87) . Here are the details I tried : both side linux (centos)

1.enabled ip forwarding of router (345.56.67.87)

2.enabled ip forwarding of machine (

3.implemented some iptable rules: /sbin/iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT --dst 345.56.67.87-p tcp --dport 3306 -j DNAT --to-destination

4.iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT --dst 345.56.67.87 -p tcp --dport 3306 -j DNAT--to-destination

I tried to google on it mainly it dealt with the iptable rules. of which i applied but error is" can not connect to the port 3306 of"

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General :: Proxy Connect To Secure Computer W Key?

Nov 25, 2010

I've been searching for the exact set of tools to accomplish what I need. I was once at a LANparty. I used my webmail account and I think someone stole my password. I realized that the LAN used hubs instead of switches.

So next time, I thought I could run a server at home, which would allow me to connect with SSL (??). Then I would be able to connect to whatever website knowing that I was secure between myself and my home computer. I guess I would need to have a key before a secure connection could be made. Otherwise a "man in the middle" kind of exchange could take place.

So I guess I would need a VPN between myself and my home computer. Then my home computer would act as a proxy to allow me to surf securely. I'm not sure if these are the correct terms to use. Does anyone know what type of server I'm looking for?

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Ubuntu :: Install Windows Xp On Computer In Virtual Machine - Watch Netflix On Computer

Jun 30, 2010

so here's my problem. I am trying to install windows xp on my computer in virtual machine so i can watch netflix on my computer. The disk will not start up, if I restart and try to boot from load i just sits there and says boot from cd. The disk drive plays music cd's fine, so i dont really know what the issue is.

I dont know that much aboutut ubuntu. a tech friend put it on hard drive he gave me after mine crashed. also i should ad that i took the disk to someone else's house that haswidnows installed and the disk worked just fine, so its not a disk problem

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General :: Erase Windows Xp From The Computer?

Oct 12, 2010

Can anybody explain step by step how to erase windows xp from the computer and how to install Ubuntu?

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Fedora :: The Windows Filesystem On A Dual Boot Computer?

Oct 1, 2009

I just noticed that there is an icon on my desktop that is named Filesystem, it is the Windows XP portion of the hard drive. I don't remember seeing it on the desktop, I only noticed it 15 minutes ago after installing Adobe flash player. Is that icon supposed to be on my Fedora desktop?

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Fedora Networking :: Print From Windows Vista Computer?

Feb 16, 2011

I have Fedora 14 server with installed cups, samba and shared printer. I am trying to print from Windows Vista computer. Printer is available via network, test page is printing as well as any text document. The problem is in printing of dvi and pdf files only. In this case, Windows sends printing task but the printer does not response. How can I fix this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Stream Music From Computer (9.10) To Windows Computer Using Vlc

Jan 30, 2010

1. How can I stream music from my ubuntu computer (9.10) to my windows computer using vlc?

2. What nvidia driver should I use? The one found in "hardware drivers" is 185 but nvidia's site has 190! which one should I use?

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General :: Put Windows Computer To Sleep Remotely

Feb 13, 2010

I'd like to have my Linux box (a QNAP TS-210 NAS) send the order to go to sleep (or hibernation) to my main Windows 7 computer.As the NAS is running Linux, I can't use psshutdown from SysInternals' PsTools. Is there any Linux equivalent? Or some "magic packet" that can order the Win7 computer to sleep.I know I could install a SSH daemon and trigger a shutdown command from the Linux box using ssh, but ideally I do not want to install anything on the Win7 computer. I can install Linux software on the NAS, no problem about this. PHP, python and perl are also available on it.

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General :: Completely Delete Windows From Computer?

Mar 11, 2010

drive E: still is running windows. How can I completely delete windows from my computer?

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General :: Join Computer To A Windows Domain?

Mar 11, 2010

I am new to Debian Linux and I have just installed the software. How can I join the computer to a Windows domain? How can I configure the network?

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General :: Print From Another Computer Running Windows 7?

Oct 28, 2010

I have a laptop running linux and a computer running windows 7, I would like to be able to send print jobs from my laptop using linux and not have to be physically plugged in. I tried adding the printer through samba and it doesn't work.

the specs are as follows:


the message i got was idle unable to connect to cifs host will retry later. linux gave me two drivers and i have tried both previously, the print job seems to get lost in space.

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Fedora Networking :: Easily Share A Folder With A Windows Computer In 15?

Jun 18, 2011

Was trying out Fedora 15 but could figure out something: How do I share a folder?

When doing some Googling all I could find were forum posts on how to manually configure samba with smb.conf (a place I refuse to go, its 2011 people), and gnome-user-share which only shares ~/Public and doesn't show up on my Windows computer.

I do know that at least in Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome 2 all I had to do was right click on a folder at click Sharing. I'm looking for similar ease of use in Fedora.

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General :: Windows - Connecting Yamaha KX8 Keyboard To Computer?

Jun 28, 2010

Update: I found the name of my software that came with keyboard: Cubase Ai4

How can I connect usb-piano to my computer?

I recently bought a yamaha KX8 keyboard. It does not, however, have any built in speakers, but must be connected to something in order to play.

It come with a USB cord and some weird windows software, that must be running in order for the keyboard to make any sound. Now that software seems VERY complicated. I merely want to play the "piano" instrument.

I was wandering if there is some kind of SIMPLER software (maybe open source) that will allow me to connect this keyboard to either windows or linux os?

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General :: Share System Folders With A Windows Computer?

Nov 28, 2010

I have a computer running Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit with Gnome and another computer running Windows 7 64-bit. How can I share folders between these? I can use Samba to view my Windows shares, if I specify the IP address by going to the "Connect to Server..." option in the Places menu. Going to "Network" in Nautilus and trying to open "Windows Network" fails because it could not retrieve the share list from the server.

MY question, though, is how can I set up Samba (or some other software) such that my Windows box will be able to see my shared folders? And also, what is the difference between Samba and Samba4 (because both are in the repositories).

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General :: Remove A Distro From A Computer Multibooting With Windows?

Jul 25, 2010

i installed ubuntu to multiboot with windows 7 but i don't know how to remove it to where its just windows again you can't delete the partiton ecause grub comes up how do i make it go back to the way it was before i installed ubuntu

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General :: Share Files Using RedHat With A Windows Computer?

Feb 24, 2011

I just made my first RedHat Enterprise v5 installation, the thing is that i have on my network a windows server that i use for storage, i want to be able to share files between the windows server and the RH server, i already edit the smb.conf file and put my workgroup name, but i still cant see my the windows server. When o try to connect using the connect to server option it says, "could not open the location 'smb://server_ip_address/' Unknown error code: 46", i can ping the windows server

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General :: Linking Ubuntu To Windows 7 Computer - Both Are Laptops

May 12, 2011

can i link my linux (dedicated) to my windows 7 computer - b0th are laptops.

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General :: Windows - Run Multiple Operating Systems On A Single Computer?

Mar 18, 2010

Possible Duplicates: Dual Booting Linux and Windows XP Booting Multiple Operating Systems I have a machine with Windows on it, and I would like to be able to reboot to Linux. I am certain this is possible. How can I achieve this?

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