CentOS 5 :: Svn Server Config - Understanding Location Svnpath Parameter On Svn Config

Sep 7, 2009

I was tryin to deploy svn on centos 5 with respect to [URL] I am stuck understandin the location svnpath parameter on svn config


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CentOS 5 :: Location Of Screensaver Xml Config File?

May 21, 2009

For security reasons I need to ensure all of my users screensaver is set to come on after 10 minutes of inactivity. My thought was to find the screensaver config file, modify a setting in the file to 10 minutes and change ownership of the file to be root (so the user can't undo my changes either in the file or via the gui). However, I can't find the screensaver config file to do this. I'm running Centos 5.2. Anyone know where I can find the screensaver config file?

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Ubuntu :: GRUB Custom Config Location?

Nov 9, 2010

I am trying to install GRUB with a custom location for my config file. Is this possible? if so where can I find how to do this? Found nothing by googling except where it should be located and how to install it. P.S. enter/spacing doesn't work

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CentOS 5 Server :: Can't Run Named When Config Bind?

Dec 20, 2010

don't find box of BIND so i was posting into this boxI have some problem when i config bind DNS for my domain and then i can't start named,this's error message

[root@server1 named]# service named restart
Stopping named: [ OK ]
Starting named:


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CentOS 5 :: Install And Config SNMP In Web Server?

Feb 16, 2011

How to install and config SNMP in my CentOS Web Server

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Ubuntu :: Users System Log Config File Location

Jul 24, 2010

where are the "System Log Viewer" config files stored? I know most have been moved into /var/rsyslog.d/ folder but where are the users config file stored? I restored my local /home to a fresh install and the Log viewer is looking for log files from the OLD install.

So there must be a config file somewhere in /home/$user that the system log viewer is reading from as well as the rsyslog.d folder...

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CentOS 5 Server :: Postfix Not Loading Config From Main.cf?

Feb 16, 2010

I'm trying to change some configurations but when I change it from the default options in main.cf, it doesn't actually update the running configuration. I've even restarted the server all together but it still doesn't update it.In main.cf, here is the configuration I've added:

bounce_template_file = /etc/postfix/bounce.cf
bounce_queue_lifetime = 4h
maximal_queue_lifetime = 4h
delay_warning_time = 1h

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CentOS 5 Server :: SMTP Spamfilter Centos5.5 Dcc - On Config ?

Mar 3, 2011

I am trying to see if a can get a centos 5.5 server setup as an smtp store and forward spamfilter by following the Centos Wiki and the freespamfilter.org guide by Mr88Talent at [url], which relates to another linux distro.

The spamfilter is essentially working! however, i have one issue with DCC.

test problem:

I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested in a Centos version of Mr88Talent's tutorial, but a very rough and completely untested first effort is available at the following url: [url]

Any opinions on this setup or just a total slating of everything i have done wrong would be welcome as i don't want to waste time trying to use a setup that is just not going to be practical or reliable to maintain / keep operational.

I have read that yum update can break this type of system - which concerns me.

The intended use of the spamfilter is for a small business (only about twenty e-mail accounts). However, they still need to reliably receive e-mails (hopefully with less spam though).

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CentOS 5 Server :: Setting Up Relaxed Samba Config

May 29, 2011

I've got a situation where I would normally use NFS, but cannot. So in it's place I need to use a samba share (even though it's linux -> linux). I need it completely open and world writeable as if I had done an rw in an NFS export. I thought I had it as when logged in as a user I can edit delete etc. however the apache user seems to be struggling with creating files. Here's my smb.conf as it stands.

workgroup = WGRP
server string = Samba Server Version %v
security = user
passdb backend = tdbsam
unix extensions = no

comment = Temp Directory
path = /var/tmp
public = yes
guest ok = yes
writeable = yes
browseable = yes

comment = Sites Directory
path = /var/www/sites
public = yes
guest ok = no
write list = siteusr
writeable = yes
create mask = 0777
browseable = no
security mask = 0777
directory security mask = 0777

Note that the drive is mapped as user siteusr. What I can do to open it up more?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Config - Change / Add From The Default OpenSSH Config Files To Get Tunnelling To Work?

Jul 10, 2011

I'm running Ubuntu Server 11.04 with OpenSSH, trying to create an ssh tunnel (for web traffic) to it from my (also Ubuntu) laptop. This is the command I'm using to create the tunnel:

Code: ssh -ND localhost:8080 george@ I had it all working on a virtual machine.. which was deleted What settings/lines do I need to change/add from the default OpenSSH config files to get tunnelling to work? I've Googled and AllowTcpForwarding is set to yes, as is X11Forwarding.. but it still doesn't work. Chrome can connect to the server, but says the connection was closed before any data was sent.

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Ubuntu :: Location Of GTK Window Manager Theme Config File?

May 1, 2010

I was messing around in the Window Manager Theme settings area and changed the theme to another one and I was immediatley logged off and now I cannot log back in. It seems like X is having a hard time displaying whatever theme I chose.I want to manually switch back to Albatross but I am unsure of where that setting is stored. Where is the configuration file for these themes stored?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Exim 4 Single Config File Location

Nov 16, 2010

I have a nice little interface that generates an exim config file and a script on the server to check for changes. Unfort I cant find where to set the config file location.

E.G. I have my script generate the file to /etc/exim/exim4.conf (could be /usr/share/foo/bar.conf just as easily)

How can I point exim in the direction of that file?

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Slackware :: How To Save Needed Modules Config To Create .config?

Apr 9, 2011

I am running a server with a GRSecurity patched Kernel I've tried to optimize the kernel as much as I can and know it (removing options, not needed drivers and so on) and compiled the modules into the kernel (no loadable modules anymore). I've started with Slackware 13.0 and the default config for Still I am not sure what to remove/optimize further now.

My question: Is there a way to boot with a kernel with loadable modules, check which modules are really needed for this hardware, (do something like lsmod) and save the running configuration modules for a next kernel compile to be the default .config instead of writing them down by hand and search for the appropriate names in .config or during menuconfig? (Note: zcat /proc/config.gz > .config is NOT the way I want, as it gives me just the current kernel config)

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CentOS 5 Server :: Mysql (mysqld) Not Loading Config File?

Apr 30, 2009

We have been struggling with a problem with the mysql-server package. This might be in the wrong category because our problems are with it on x86_64. Where the problem happens variables that should populate from the my.cnf don't, on other servers, they do, the my.cnf files are identical except for the server-id

The problem occurs on some of our machines but not others. All are using the mysql-server-5.0.45-7.el5.x86_64 The ones that work, when you connect with a client respond with server version 5.0.45-log source distribution The ones that don't work respond with 5.0.45 source distribution

It's unclear what the differences are between the two source versions and how we wind up with two different versions. One thing that might be involved, the mysql package is installed with both the i386 and x86_64

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CentOS 5 Server :: Sendmail To Postfix Migration: Struggling With Config

Oct 25, 2010

I have a lightweight admin background, but good enough to set up most servers. I have switched from sendmail to postfix for the first time, but I keep going around in circles on the following...

In sendmail, I used to maintain a table (mailertable) where I would redirect email like this


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CentOS 5 Server :: DHCP Config ( No Subnet Declaration For Eth0 )?

Apr 1, 2011

I had a server that I use for Radius DNS and Trying to put DHCP on it I have My pool in it seems right. I have 2 adresses aliased one being a helper IP that the router will send the request to. When I try to start the dhcp server I get the following.

Mar 31 14:33:11 rad2 dhcpd: No subnet declaration for eth0 (
Mar 31 14:33:11 rad2 dhcpd: ** Ignoring requests on eth0. If this is not what
Mar 31 14:33:11 rad2 dhcpd: you want, please write a subnet declaration
Mar 31 14:33:11 rad2 dhcpd: in your dhcpd.conf file for the network segment
Mar 31 14:33:11 rad2 dhcpd: to which interface eth0 is attached. **


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CentOS 5 Server :: Creating A Squid Config With 2 Delay Pools?

Aug 1, 2011

We have a squid-proxy configured with 1 delay pool to limit the bandwith to 6M. I have to create a kind of exception for a specific
remote host for which we want to reserve 1M which is not included within the 6M. How should I do that? Here is our actual configuration of the delay pools

acl all_network src
delay_pools 1
delay_class 1 1


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CentOS 5 Server :: DNS Caching Server Config?

Dec 17, 2010

I have a Bind DNS caching-only server setup that is working. I am bringing up a new AD domain controller that will also be a DNS server for that AD but I don't want it responding to any DNS queries except those that are AD related.So, my goal is to leave this caching server as the primary DNS server for stations on the network and have it forward requests for the AD domain to the domain controller.My understanding is that I just need a forward zone for that domain pointing to the domain controller. However it does not seem to be working.So that leaves me to think that my caching server is not forwarding properly.

For example, this AD is going to have a naming convention of hostname.mydomain.local.If I do an nslookup and specify the domain controller's IP address as the server, I can query addresses that exist in DNS on that server, such as dc1.mydomain.local.However, queries to my caching server times out (I get a response from the caching server if I query mydomain.local but none of the objects in that domain) Here is my named.conf file:

options {
directory "/var/named";
listen-on {;; };


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General :: Using A Config Directory Instead Of A Config File?

May 7, 2011

I currently can run an old swf on my Chumby 8 device by storing and using these three files on a USB plugged into the device

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <config>


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CentOS 5 :: Fresh Installed Server With Large Partition In RAID1 Config High Serverload

Mar 15, 2009

Yesterday I installed a new server with a large partition for my XEN images. This partition is a about 930GB. The installation tooks ages and after he finished I was finding out why that is. The SoftRAID1 I configured is rebuilding the large partition.

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Config The Network Config ( IP Address ), Due To The Error Of Network Manager?

Jan 17, 2010

When I install the FC11 by using"Install or upgrade an existing system"or"Install system with basic video driver"mode...Point 1, I can't config the network config ( IP Address ), due to theerror of network manager...Point 2, I can't enter into the text mode to do the installation steps.Remark:The machine is provide Web,DNS, and Mail Server on the NET ( Internet )

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Config Proxy Client Side For CentOS 5

Oct 4, 2010

I've tried to read many of the topics in this forum first and tried to find a solution to my problem, but can't find one.I'm testing CentOS 5.5, it's the first time I'm using a CentOS Linux release.I'm trying to configure the proxy "client side " on it and cannot find how to do it.On other Linux release I've used the ENV variable like "http_proxy" or "HTTP_PROXY" etc etc.This time, I don't know why but it doesn't work.I've put the name and @ip of the proxy in /etc/hosts and tried different version upper/lowercase of "http_proxy" "HTTP_proxy" "ftp_pr.." but it doesn't work.If I configure manually Firefox and puting the name or @ip of the proxy we have on our network, it works.But if I try to use ENV variable it doesn't work...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat Is Locked By Another Process

Jun 15, 2011

I recentled upgraded all the packages on my server and now I have an issue where I can't get any thing to install or uninstall do to errors, This is what I get:

praetorian@praetorian:~$ ps ax | grep dpkg
7330 pts/1 Ss+ 0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 21 --configure bind9 cups cups-bsd
7331 pts/1 S+ 0:00 /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/info/bind9.postinst configure 1:9.7.3.dfsg-1ubuntu2


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CentOS 5 :: System-config-kickstart Error In CentOS 5.3?

Apr 10, 2009

I tried to run system-config-kickstart when after full installed CentOS 5.3,it report error as following,does anyone face the same problem?

[root@localhost ~]# system-config-kickstart
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, kernel-module, priorities, protectbase,
: versionlock


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CentOS 5 :: Installing The Nagios And Config?

Jun 3, 2011

Running CentOS 5 KDE as a DNS Resolving Caching Name Server, Centos.myname.local ... I run PeerBlock with iBlock List, the 2 main ones which blocks everything, I may have to config it to allow connections. How is Nagios to install and setup. I use it at work, in the NOC and really love this software. 5 computers and a lot of devices using reserved IP's.

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CentOS 5 :: Running System-config-boot In 5.4?

Nov 9, 2009

I'm installing CentOS for the first time to run mythtv on (I previously used Fedora, but the new version cycle was too quick). As part of the instructions I'm using, I am told to run system-config-boot (to ensure that centosplus kernel is loaded on boot). The problem is, I cant find this option in my installation of CentOS. Another option I have is to manually edit the grub.conf file, but I'm not sure exactly how I should edit it.

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CentOS 5 :: Where Is The Boot Loader Config File

Jan 17, 2010

i have a VPS server running centOS 5 and i need to edit the boot loader config file but my VPS does not seem to have the usual suspects of grub.conf or lilo any where on the system.

where the boot loader config file might be or what it might be called ?

If it helps to know, the VPS was setup instantly the moment i bought it.

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CentOS 5 :: Status Of System-config-netboot?

Jun 29, 2010

I am very interested in using CentOS as a server for diskless PXE booting and was wondering if this was a possibility. I have a working DHCP/TFTP/HTTP system set up and going and I can get my client machine to boot a linux image without any problems. Ideally I would like the diskless machines to be able to immediately load an image through PXE and store their own filesystems on the server through the use of NFS.I heard about system-config-netboot and got very excited because it sounded like something that would help me set up a diskless system. However, after doing some research I have heard from many that it is generally buggy and unlikely to work. When I tried using it I got the error: "The diskless directory must be NFS exported and contain a boot sub-directory"Even though my diskless directory WAS nfs exported and most definitely contained a boot sub-directory. Does anyone have any advice on using this tool, or using CentOS as a server for diskless clients?

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CentOS 5 :: Remastering CD - Editing Some Config Files?

Mar 12, 2011

I made some changes in my CentOS for example edit some config file. I wanna apply these changes in cd of CentOS because in this way I don't have to edit each of my CentOS one by one.

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CentOS 5 :: How To Config Apache2 To Host Websites

Jun 25, 2011

any1 know how to config apache so i can use ServerName at my web browser ?

here is what i am trying to do: i need to host a number of web sites at my mac, for example: hostone.com, hosttwo.com, hostthree.com and etc since i need to host more than one website at the same pc, i use name based virtual hosts so i have hostone at and a servername of "hostone" hosttwo at with a server name of "hosttwo" and etc

my question is , how do i config my local settings, so all of my local network computers can access "hostone" site by type "hostone" at their browser and "hosttwo" site by type "hosttwo" at their browser

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