Fedora :: USB Disc - Access To USB Disc From Text Mode?

Dec 6, 2009

I'm sorry for this stupid question, but I have nowhere found it.I need to access to my USB disc from text mode (In Fedora LiveCD I see it and i can access /media/New Volume). In F12 runlevel 3 in mc I see it in /dev/disc/by-label as @Newx20Volume. But I don't know what is the correct path.

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Fedora Installation :: F11 Iso Disc Won't Go Into Upgrade Mode?

Jul 14, 2009

Somehow the install iso disc won't go into upgrade mode. My f10 is on the hard disk, but needing to be rescued. I would do f11 upgrade; but can't get the disk to do an upgrade. It only wants to install.

Checksum was good, etc. iso is fine. Is there a log file or something which it keeps getting hung up on, thinking it's supposed to install instead of upgrade which I could change or delete?

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Fedora Installation :: Hard Disc Not Detecting For Seagate SATA Hard Disc?

Jul 15, 2009

I have AMD athlon 64 processor, Seagate 160GB SATA Hard Disk, ASUS A8VMX mother board.With this configuration, I can Install FC7 without any error. But all the latest releases after FC7 is not detecting my Hard disk. Is there any solution to solve this problem? Actually I'm searching for a solution when the FC8 released. Now I have all the later releases from FC8 to FC11 DVD except FC9. But none is working .

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 - Can't Find Grub Without Disc / Boot From Hard Disc

Jan 1, 2011

I have just installed 11.3 x64. The installation went fine and worked for the first few hours. I ran the online update tool, and now it cannot find grub unless the installation disc is inserted and I select the "boot from hard disc" option.

I have read about the problem of the root partition being back, but not sure that's it.

sda1 - swap
sda2 - /
sda3 - /home

There used to be a repair tool in the installation disks. I could not find that in this media. Is that still available?

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Ubuntu :: Unable Multisessions When Burning Disc Or Import A Disc Which Has A Multisession?

Mar 10, 2010

this blew my mind today, because i've been using ubuntu for 2 and half years. Brasero 2.28.2 in Karmic does not have an option enable multisessions when burning disc or import a disc which has a multisession.

Seriously, wtf is going on? This is supposed to be Ubuntu's default CD authoring software.

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Ubuntu :: Install Files - Stuck On - Please Insert The Disc Labeled - Disc 2

Dec 19, 2010

I'm trying to install files and everytime I manage to install from the first disc I succeed. When I get the the second disc I just keep clicking the "OK" button instead of "Cancel" and it keeps neglecting it.

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Fedora Installation :: Cannot Access The On-disc Diagnostics XP Runs Fine?

Apr 29, 2009

I am trying to migrate an XP Laptop to FC 11. I downloaded the latest KDE-Live-x86 image and burned it successfully. When I boot with it however, I get the splash screen and no further.Any option I choose, ncluding the CD diagnostics and Memory Test result in the following:invalid compressed format (err=1)--System HaltedI'm certainly no expert, but am not a linux noob either, yet am at a total loss.Google has yielded many theories, but no solutions. It seems that this error is not exclusive to FC 11 either. Older fedoras, as well as non RPM distros seem to be intermittently effected as well.I have verified the MD5 of the iso, and have verified the cd against the iso. The disc gives the same error in another computer. I cannot access the on-disc diagnostics. XP runs fine.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Repair / Boot A Recovery Mode From The Install Disc?

Apr 25, 2010

So I have been messing around with the new 10.04 and I managed to screw it up. When I started to log off, I closed the lid to my laptop so it would hibernate, but instead the screen went black and I could only see the cursor. It stayed like that for several minutes so I shut it down manually. When I booted it up again, it froze on the splash/loading screen and I haven't been able to boot it since. I've tried to boot in recovery mode, but I think my campus internet interferes with the downloading of the necessary files from the internet. Is there any way to boot a recovery mode from the install disc? Or am I SOL?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: DVD Disc Not Readable - Cannot Access Contents For Conversion

May 1, 2010

Does anyone know what I should do to read a dvd disc that I recorded on my dvd recorder off the satellite decoder. When I look in winxp it shows the contents which is only a video_ts folder and no audio folder. Inserting the same into the pc with ubuntu 9.10 running the drive reads the disc but I then cannot access the contents, which I want to convert to a divx file or similar. Will I have to use my Windows system for this?

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Ubuntu :: Live Disc Mount Hard Drive - Root User Access?

Mar 23, 2009

My wife's XP has crashed and I need to save files. I've discovered the command to mount the hard drive - unfortunately I need to force the mount, but I can't do it because I have to be in root. I can see the root user in the user list, but when I try to switch I can't access it. How I can do it to back up my wife's files. I have Kubuntu 8 and KDE 4.1.

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Fedora :: Where To Get F11 Source Code Disc

Nov 17, 2009

Where I can get a disc for the Fedora 11 source code? I really like this release of fedora and want to keep it for the future. Also, what's the difference between SRPM and RPMs? What does an SRPM do when you install it and what is it's purpose?

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Fedora Installation :: New F14 Has Taken The Entire Disc Almost?

Dec 28, 2010

I recently installed Fedora 14 on an old computer which was already a dual boot Windows XP/Ubuntu machine. As there weren't many problems I felt encouraged to install it on a newer dual boot (Windows 7/Ubuntu 10.10) machine. Apart from a lot of bother with the wiFi card, all appeared to be well. However, I decided to boot into Ubuntu to make sure that it worked as before and was disagreeably surprised to get a message saying that Ubuntu only had 12.5 Mb disc space left when previously it was installed on an 80 Gb hard drive.

I have had a look at the drive, using gparted and found that there are two ext4 file systems, one on /dev/sdb1 and one on /dev/sdb3 which have used 2.93 Gb and 500 mb respectively. /dev/sdb4 has an exclamation mark (!) beside it and is lvm2 and occupies 68.15 Gb and appears to be unused.

Would it be possible to shrink this lvm2 file system and expand the one that contains Ubuntu. If so, how can I identify where Ubuntu is located? there is also /dev/sdb2 which is an extended partition of 2.93 Gb as well as /dev/sdb5 which is a Linux swap of 2.93 Gb

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Fedora Installation :: PC Fails To Find F10 Disc

Apr 17, 2009

I am new to Linux and so am trying different distros. I have ubuntu which runs ok and installed fedora 9 from a disc on Linux Format magazine which runs ok. However I have tried to upgrade to Fedora 10 from a disc but the pc fails to find the disc. It is the same drive I used approx 6 weeks ago to install Fedora 9 so I am at a loss.

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Fedora Installation :: F11 I386 Iso CD Disc 1 Is Bad In Some Mirrors

Aug 4, 2009

Seven times I was downloading the fedora11 disc1 i386 iso and the sha256 checksum was bad. When I try ftp.belnet.be mirror I can get the correct checksum. I understand the copy process between mirrors probably was errors. Becarefull friends. This bad iso aborts the installation process.

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Fedora :: Mounting And Formatting A DVD+R Disc On Laptop?

Oct 22, 2009

May I have a step-by-step guide on mounting and formatting a DVD+R disc on my laptop?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Can Make Recovery Disc For Preloaded OS

Aug 13, 2010

I have installed RHEL5 in My Pc. Is it possible to create Recovery Disc's for my Loaded OS? If Yes, are there any tools to create Recovery Discs or any other methods?

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Fedora :: Upgrade And Move To New Hard Disc?

May 14, 2010

I have F12 on a 160GB disc, and am now looking to upgrade to F13, but also move the whole system to a 500GB disc.Is there a relatively painless/simple way to do this

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Fedora Installation :: F10 To F11 Unable To Upgrade From Install Disc / Fix It?

Jun 11, 2009

I386 install dvd, gets to the point where it needs to resolve packages and then anaconda crashes. http://jaojbre.users.sbb.rs/anacdump.txt contains detailed log file. Any idea?

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Fedora Installation :: Disc Was Not Found In Any Of CDROM Drives?

Jun 18, 2009

When installing FC 11 after a few questions about language I got:

"The Fedora disc was not found in any of your CDROM drives ...."

I read a couple of the threads on the problem and it seemed people were shooting in the dark for answers. Two issues mentioned were SCSI and DMA problems. If I go into the bios and disable the DMA or SCSI driver, and then I re-enable them after installing Fedora, will Fedora see the DMA or SCSI? Or will the fact that they were disables during installation keep Fedora from recognizing them later?

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Fedora Installation :: 11 PPC On Powerbook G3 - Not Recognizing The CD As A Startup Disc

Jul 31, 2009

I downloaded the 7 isos and burned them to CD properly, but I can't seem to get my Powerbook to startup from CD 1. I've held down "c" while starting up just like usual, but it's not recognizing the CD as a startup disc. It simply goes into OSX or OS9. I'm a Linux novice, unfortunately.

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Fedora :: Full Format On A Partially Formatted DVD+RW Disc?

Aug 26, 2009

I have a (partially) formatted DVD+RW disc, and need to do a full format in order for wodim to be able to properly write to it, since wodim does not do DVD formatting automatically, despite what its man page says. (I want to write using wodim, NOT growisofs, since wodim has a -pad option for zero-padding, and the -pad option to growisofs doesn't work when burning an ISO file.) ,

wodim -v dev=/dev/dvd -format
doesn't work on an already partly formatted disc, only an unused one. And
dvd+rw-format -force=full /dev/dvd

doesn't work either, claiming the command-line option is unimplemented (even though the usage is documented). Is there any natural way to do this, or do I have to do something ugly, like using growisofs to write an exactly 4.7 GB file to the disc?

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Fedora :: Determine Optical Disc Type From Terminal?

Feb 3, 2010

From the terminal, or a script, how can I determine the media type (CDDA, DVD, ISO, etc) of a mounted optical disc? I need this for an automated script on my headless media server - Fedora 12 64bit.

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Fedora :: Automatically Run Script On Optical Disc Is Mount?

Feb 23, 2010

how to get a bash script to automatically launch when the optical drive mounts a disc, any type of disc - DVD, CD, data, etc. It seems like such a simple task but after weeks of searching I have yet to find a workable solution.

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Fedora Installation :: System Is Not Booting From Disc Properly

Aug 17, 2010

am running fc10 and windows xp on my laptop.As usual my windows got crashed.When i inserted windows xp cd, the system is not booting from disc properly. It shows inspecting systems hardware and then turns into a blank screen.

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Fedora Installation :: Using The Kde Install Disc - Encrypted Filesystem ?

Jan 12, 2011

Is this irrelevant if you are using the kde install disc? I want to use a encrypted filesystem. I would think since I am using kde that I would have a graphical interface.

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Fedora :: Can't Get A Single File On Disc To Open / Solve This?

Apr 9, 2011

I haven't used Fedora or anything except Windows in my entire life. I decided I would wipe my windows machine and try out Fedora 14.

I did a fresh install, rebooted the computer, and inserted a disc containing the following software: Medialink Wireless-N USB 2.0 adapter Model MWN-USB150N. It a wireless USB adapter so that I can connect to the Internet.

I can't get a single file on the disc to open. The disc is fine because it opens on Windows just fine. When I try to load it here I either get: Unexpected Error: Error reading from file. or An error occurred while loading the archive or There is no application installed to run executable files. I can't do any updates I guess until I get connected to the Internet.

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Fedora Servers :: Remove RAID Flag From Disc?

Apr 17, 2011

I would like to mount a disc that was previously used in the Intel Software Matrix RAID array (fake-raid). If I try to mount it I get:

mount: /dev/sdd1 already mounted or tempb busy

I think my dmraid is refusing to mount it beause of some RAID "flag". I would like to get rid of it, but unfortunately I cant do that on my system (theres no such RAID):

[root@ox mnt]# dmraid -r /dev/sdd
ERROR: isw: Could not find disk /dev/sdd in the metadata
no raid disks and with names: "/dev/sdd"

There are several posts recommending to uninstall dmraid completely from the system. Isnt there smarter solution in removing such a flag?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Preparing A DVD+RW Disc For Writing - Mount: You Must Specify A Filesystem Type

Jun 15, 2011

I'm trying to mount an external DVD +RW Drive so I can burn a directory from my Linux Server to disk. I think I've figured out how to mount the drive, but it only works when there's a disk with data in the drive. When I enter mount /dev/scd1 /mnt I'm able to read from the drive, no problem. When I try to do the same thing, however, with a blank disk I get the following message: "mount: you must specify a filesystem type" So I'm assuming I need to prepare the disk somehow. I've verified that the dvd+rw-tools package is installed on the RH server but I'm not sure what the next step is.

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Fedora Installation :: Fedora Disk Requirements - Need 9 GB Of Disc Space

Jan 19, 2011

I was reading the fedora Disk requirements and it said you need 9 GB of disc space. Which partition should this 9 GB of space be on? I plan on having a / root partition, /home partition, a swap partition, and a /boot partition.

Quote: 1.2.3. Hard disk space requirements for all architectures The complete packages can occupy over 9 GB of disk space. Final size is entirely determined by the installing spin and the packages selected during installation. Additional disk space is required during installation to support the installation environment. This additional disk space corresponds to the size of /Fedora/base/stage2.img (on Installation Disc 1) plus the size of the files in /var/lib/rpm on the installed system.

In practical terms, additional space requirements may range from as little as 90 MiB for a minimal installation to as much as an additional 175 MiB for a larger installation. Additional space is also required for any user data, and at least 5% free space should be maintained for proper system operation. [URL]

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Fedora :: F12 K3b Error - Can't Burn Any Kind Of Disc Using Internal Sata Burner (sr0)

Mar 3, 2010

It seems I can't burn any kind of disc (cd/dvd, audio/video/data) usgin my internal sata burner (sr0). I treied googling around and reinstalling everything from dvd+rw-tools up but the error is still there. the burner works fine with windows on the very same pc (dual boot). I tried different media and different speeds. when using an usb burner everything's fine...


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