Ubuntu :: OpenOffice: Create Multiple TextBox Input Areas?

May 17, 2010

Maybe this isn't the right place, BUT: How can I create an OO Writer template with about 20 input Text Areas? I can make one, and then I thought I could use COPY and PASTE to dupe it in the other places, but it didn't work. I hate to spend all that time creating the other 19 identical boxes.

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Notification Areas On Multiple Screens?

Sep 24, 2010

My ubuntu 10.04 has two monitors connected both being treated as individual desktops.But only one desktop is showing the wifi network icon in the notification area.Is it possible to have more than one wifi icon going at one time?

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General :: Create A Single Line Of Output From Multiple Variable Lines Of Input

Feb 3, 2010

I need to create a single line of output from multiple and variable lines of input in a Linux bash shell script.

My input file looks like this:

Where there may be any number of umsecondaryphonenumber lines; if there is not a umsecondaryphonenumber line for a telephonenumber, I don't want to write any output.

So, the output file should look like:

The script I have so far is:

My question is - how do print each of the elements of an array in one record - i.e. what do I put in place of howdoiprintarray?

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General :: Create A Multiple Files By Reading A Input File And Changing The Contents?

Sep 16, 2009

Being new to this area .I have been assigned a task which i am unable to do . Can any one please help me .

I have requirement where i have input file XYZ_111_999_YYYYMMDD_1.TXT and with header and series of Numbers and Footer.

I want to create a mutiple output files with each file having a seperate code which is stored in text file and create XYZ_222_999_YYYYMMDD_1.TXT . and add date in the contents next to series of numbers .Like this

Before change the file looks like this

file name XYZ_111_999_YYYYMMDD_1.TXT



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General :: Use 'iw' To Create Multiple Virtual Interfaces To Connect To Multiple Networks?

Oct 26, 2010

I'm trying to connect one computer to two others in an ad-hoc infrastructure.

[computer 1] ---- [computer 2] ---- [computer 3]

computer 2 is running Linux and has a single NIC wlan0. I want to it to connect to both computer 1 and computer 3 so each computer can talk to the other. No switch is available so it needs to be an ad-hoc setup.


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Ubuntu :: Having OpenOffice Replace Multiple Words Simultaneously

Apr 27, 2011

I have a list of approximately 50 words that I'd like to search documents for and delete those words. I was wondering if there is some type of automated process for removing multiple words rather than me manually putting each word into 'find and replace'

On that note I guess I could write the Macro in python if there isn't anything out there that does this. However I read that open office only works with python 2.3.5 or something of that nature, and I have already installed 3.1. Is that still going to be an issue?

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Create Webpage In OpenOffice?

Feb 9, 2010

Is this possible?

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Ubuntu :: OpenOffice Spreadsheet Slowdown When Copying Multiple Cells

Dec 13, 2010

Does anyone else find that Openoffice 3.2's spreadsheet app becomes unresponsive when copying and pasting multi-cell selections? I've had this problem ever since I started using Ubuntu 10.04, which comes with OO.O 3.2. The problem becomes noticeable whenever I make a selection more than about 8-10 columns across. Once the flashing border appears around the selected cells, the spreadsheet app becomes very sluggish. The mouse still moves normally, but it takes several seconds after a click until the highlight moves to another cell, or to un-select the cells, or copy them. These slowdowns happen both in old spreadsheets and in freshly created ones. They didn't happen with Openoffice 3.1 or earlier. Haven't tried it under Windows, so I'm not sure whether this is an issue specific to Linux OpenOffice 3.2. Other apps don't seem to be affected.

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Ubuntu :: Open Documents In Openoffice 3.2.1 In Tabs Instead Of Multiple Windows

Jan 19, 2011

i have a macbook pro with snow leopard 1.6.6 (its Unix based don't look me like that ). my question is about an linux software so thats why i'm asking here (on mac forums nobody answered me) I wanna know that how i can open documents in openoffice 3.2.1 in tabs instead of multiple windows ... (like firefox ?

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Ubuntu :: No Textbox In Memenu/indicator-applet

Apr 30, 2010

I have installed ubuntu 10.04 yesterday. I also placed the indicator-applet to my top panel.

My question is: It is lacking the textbox. I see every detail that should be there in the menu, except for the input-textbox. Can anyone tell me how I can get this back?

I've been searching the forums, but could not find a solution (nor anyone else having this problem, though I remembered someone else stating the same issue before I experienced it, but I couldn't find it back... must be murphy's law )

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Ubuntu :: Panel Widget Which Will Basically A Textbox?

Sep 3, 2010

I am looking for a panel widget which will basically a textbox which does the same thing as the box in the "Run Application" window (alt+F2) but without the options such as run in terminal, file, different user, etc. Just a plain run box. Is there such a thing?

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Ubuntu :: Login - Does Not Show The Password Textbox

Oct 1, 2010

I'm using 10.10 beta. When I start the computer it shows the screen listing all the usernames and the 'other' button to login as a different user. However, when I click any button it does not show the password textbox (or user textbox in the case of the 'other' button). It does show only that username for a second as make the screen smaller just like it is does when it works but the textbox doesn't appear and after half a second it reverts to the list of all the users.

On the other hand, booting into recovery mode, pressing escape, logging in through the terminal there, and using startx loads GNOME just fine. Doing the same with ctrl+alt+f2 on regular boot doesn't work because startx fails since it is already running. After logging in on that terminal and going back to the login screen it shows that I am logged in but again pressing my username does not take me anywhere.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get New Multiple Input Sound Card For My PC Running 10.10?

Nov 30, 2010

I'm thinking of getting a new multiple input sound card for my PC running 10.10

I want to be able to record at least 4 channels simutainiously and have good drivers in Ubuntu for it.

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Ubuntu :: OpenOffice Writer - Create Headers / Footers Different For Certain Pages

Dec 11, 2010

In Open Office Writer, How do I create headers/footers different for certain pages. For example: From page 20-60, I need to write a text "Hello Header" in the header and "Hello Footer". And from page 61-100, The header should read as "Good bye header" and footer to read as "Good bye footer"? Is this possible? Or is there any software available to make this happen?

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Programming :: Read Multiple Input With Bash?

May 7, 2010

As I'm starting to learn bash scripting I'm trying to automatize some tasks I usually perform. I have a notification mail I need to send several times a day. It has this structure:


Dear user,
blah blah blah blah

You need to contact the following people:


To replace "user", I found this:


read -p "Please enter username: " username
echo "Dear $username,"

Which probe to be very useful with other simple notifications like this. But I don't know how to manage the email addresses as they are usually more than one and could vary from 1 to 10. They should appear one above the other. I found this: "Here is a little work around. The only thing the user needs to do is hit enter without anything else on a line and it will close out"


until [[ $word = "" ]];do


I tried to use it and modify for my needs but I failed, I don't realize yet how can I use it. If possible, I would like to use the until loop like the above example just for learning purposes but any other form will be accepted as well.

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Fedora :: Create A Recipe Cookbook In OpenOffice 3.3?

Dec 9, 2010

HOWTO: Create a Recipe Cookbook in OpenOffice 3.3 This HOWTO: will guide you through the process creating a Recipe Cookbook in OpenOffice 3.3.

PREWORK: Before staring to type in all your favorite recipes, and formatting each section of text, there are a few decisions that will affect your layout. They are:

1. Paper Size: 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", or 11" x 17"
2. Binding: 3 Ring or Spiral
3. Columns per Sheet of Paper: 2, 3, or 4


I chose 8.5" x 11", 3 Ring, 2 Columns, TimesNewRoman, Portrait, and Double Sided. These choices specify two recipe pages on each side of a sheet of paper, making a total of four recipe pages printed in some specific order on one sheet of paper to create a Recipe Booklet. I prefer a 3 Ring Cookbook to the Spiral Bound versions as the 3 Ring version pages don't get mangled. The separator line down the center of the layout may be used for manual cutting the sheets when you are finished printing. Your decisions may vary from mine, making your layout different depending on your test printing results.


Formatting a Single Sheet of Paper in OpenOffice 3.3:


SPACING 1.30" with a Separator Line of NONE (This is because my Brother HL-2140 doesn't print them equal side to side) This will give you an area for each page (Left & Right) on each side of the Sheet of Paper. It is within this area that your text will be formatted according to your planned layout. Use recipe1.png & recipe2.png below to assist you in laying out your design. Once your 8.5" x 11" sheet has the proper layout save the file.

ADD/DELETE PAGES: Open your layout and keep the "enter key" depressed to create the needed pages. Likewise move your cursor to the last row in the last column of the last sheet and keep the "delete key" depressed to remove the extra pages. Save your file.


Since each Sheet of Paper may contain 4 printed pages, the total number of pages CREATED in OpenOffice 3.3 needs to be a multiple of FOUR. For example, I typed in 104 pages in OpenOffice 3.3 and this will create 26 ODD Pages and 26 EVEN Pages. For my Recipe Book the page order was:


104,1,102,3,100,5,98,7,96,9,94,11,92,13,90,15,88,1 7,86,19,84,21,82,23,80,25,78,27,76,29,74,31,72,33, 70,35,68,37,66,39,64,41,62,43,60,45,58,47,56,49,54 ,51


2,103,4,101,6,99,8,97,10,95,12,93,14,91,16,89,18,8 7,20,85,22,83,24,81,26,79,28,77,30,75,32,73,34,71, 36,69,38,67,40,65,42,63,44,61,46,59,48,57,50,55,52 ,53


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Networking :: Specifying Output Int Based On Input Int And Source IP On Multiple 802.1q?

May 4, 2011

I have a pair of interfaces bringing in traffic from multiple vlans each. I need to route or forward traffic to and output interface based on the physical interface and source IP address in the packet.I have multiple ip rules to send traffic to custom routing tables and each of those custom tables had a default route out the appropriate interface, but traffic isn't flowing. Afterwards I tried using iptables and put an ACCEPT any statement in every chain of every table. What am I missing, ebtables maybe??

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Software :: Read Multiple Lines From User Input In C?

Feb 26, 2010

in c how to read multiple lines from user input

using scanf it is not possible and using gets we can able to read one line at a time
hoe to read multiple lines at a time from user input....

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General :: Shell Scripting: Getting Multiple Input Files For An Application?

Sep 21, 2010

I am running an application called QuantiSNP [URL]. The binary file is "quantisnp2", called upon in the "run_quantisnp2.sh" supplied by the authors. I am only able to run the application for single file processing (e.g. 1 input file for 1 sample; I can't run the batch file processing because I don't have the necessary BeadStudio report files, which has different formatting for the input files).

The difficulty is that I have 300 samples (300 unique sample IDs) and 3 input files for each sample for a total of 900 runs of this application. I am wondering how would I be able to automate this process as a shell script instead of basically manually changing the sample ID and respective input files every time a run completes? I bolded the single file processing shell script command line options below that need to be changed for each sample/input single file processing run. The command line option "--sampleid" is for the name given to the processed output files corresponding to the sample of interest and there are 3 input files for each sample.

/home2/jason/QuantiSNP/quantisnp/linux64/run_quantisnp2.sh /home2/jason/QuantiSNP/MCR/v79/ --config /home2/jason/QuantiSNP/quantisnp/config/params.dat --levels /home2/jason/QuantiSNP/quantisnp/config/levels-affy.dat --outdir /home2/jason/QuantiSNP/quantisnp_out/ --sampleid sample1 --gender female --input-files /home2/jason/files/sample1_input.txt

Note that each sample has 3 input files, for a total of 3 runs of "quantisnp2" for each sample. e.g.

sample1 /home2/jason/files/sample1_input.txt
sample1 /home2/jason/files/sample1_input2.txt
sample1 /home2/jason/files/sample1_input3.txt


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General :: Read From Input File And Append To Multiple Files?

Nov 22, 2010

I wanted to be as clear as possible. I have to add hundreds of new servers to hundreds of configuration files in Nagios. Here is a sample structure:

servers.txt has:


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Software :: ALSA And PulseAudio - Recording Multiple Input Devices?

Apr 28, 2011

I have an Intel HDA audio card, and would like to record both my soundcard output and my microphone input at the same time. Getting to record my soundcard output (aka "Stereo Mix" or "What-U-Hear") is impossible for my soundcard without using the PulseAudio monitor, so I've set that up. Now I can record either the PulseAudio monitor for my soundcard, or the microphone input, but I don't know how to record both at the same time.

Currently, my .asoundrc looks like this:


pcm.pulse {
type pulse
ctl.pulse {


So now I can choose either "pulse" as an input channel in, for example, Audacity or RecordMyDesktop applications (and then set in the PA volume control the actual channel which I want recorded), or choose "pulse_monitor" or "pulse_mic", in order to record either the PA monitor or the microphone, respectively.

I've read through the ALSA plugins reference, as well as the Asym and Dmix pages on ALSA wiki, but I'm still not sure how to put this together. I figured there should be a way either to route the microphone input into the ALSA output, and thus make the PA monitor "hear" what I speak into the microphone, or to make a completely new channel with both ALSA output and microphone input as "slaves", and then use that for recording.

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General :: How To Create Dummy Input Device

Mar 19, 2009

Long story short - on my laptop, touch pad is recognised as PS/2 mouse. Everything works (moving, clicking, dragging, vertical scroll). But I often accidental click the pad while typing.Synaptic driver recognises it as ALPS glide point it seems (synclient -m 1 gives me back only x,y difference for the gestures, but X,Y coordinates are always 0,0) - so then I get everything right including disabling mouse on keyboard input - but scrolling doesn't work So I came up with 2 possible ideas - which I don't know how to do/test:1. Perhaps there is a way to disable mouse input while typing without synaptics drivers?2. Create a dummy input device (mouse), and tie synaptics driver to it. Add another input device in xorg.conf to point to the real touch pad as PS/2. And make the synaptics disable "real mouse" by enabling GuestMouseOff option.

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Programming :: Python - Using Input To Create New Instance Of A Class?

Apr 6, 2011

The intent here takes a little background info.I'm trying to make a basic inventory control to reinforce my studies. It will have a while loop that displays amenu for add, edit, view, and quit. Lets assume the following:

class inventoryItem:
itsDescriptiveName = None


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Programming :: Multiple Input Into Seq Command From Pipe - Single Column Unique Numbers

May 13, 2011

Have this script which is reading in a series of files, one at a time with while-do-done loop, each file goes through various greps/awk's where this info is then saved to various files for later use. i.e....

Script is being run on Linux Red Hat,

In one of the grep/awk's the output (currently) are 2 columns (min max), i.e....| awk '{print $1, $2}' | sort -u which outputs (e.g.)

The number of "min max" pairs varies from file to file. Want to output a single column of unique numbers from the min max pairs & get the number of them for input to a file...i.e...

Where <PROCESS> is some process/technique that will generate a single column of integers (increment of 1) to pipe into the next one (sort -u)

i.e. (example from above)

Have tried command seq - only works for single pair input i.e.

Is there any command like seq etc which will output a single column based on a input of min max numbers (increment 1) to pipe onwards to next command?

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Fedora :: Input To Create New Username And Password - Install X86-64 Bit Core 12?

Dec 25, 2009

1. No any input to create new username and password when I install X86-64 bit Core 12 And I can not login with root. So how can I login Fedora core 12?

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General :: Create A Expect Script To Input Username And Password?

Mar 21, 2010

i was able to input it directly from the script using this code

#!/usr/bin/expect -f
set USER "bibingeorge"


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Slackware :: Cannot Create Bluetooth Connection - Input / Output Error

Mar 3, 2010

I am having getting bluetooth working. I am using a home built computer, AMD Athalon 64, 1.5 gig ram, Slackware 13_64, up to date. I have bluez-firmware-1.2-x86_64-1, bluez-hcidump-1.42-x86_64-2, bluez-libs-3.36-x86_64-2, bluez-utils-3.36-x86_64-7 installed. I have a USB Micro Adapter 2.1 from IOGear and a Motorola S9-HD stereo headset.

This is what happens when I try to connect:
root|/home/john # hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:0D:FD:2A:BB:42Motorola S9-HD
root|/home/john # hcitool cc 00:0D:FD:2A:BB:42
Can't create connection: Input/output error

I am finding the headset but can't connect to it. I have the password from the headset in the default file of /etc/bluetooth/passkeys.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Updated 10 App No Longer Runs :Failed To Create XIM Input Context

May 14, 2009

I ran "yum update" and updated my new installation. Afterwards: my main application stopped running. It iis an xwindow app. I am trying to run it from a terminal on the gnome desktop. How can I back out my updates and which packages should I try to remove?

Controller screen Buffer depth 1
void PSLr: :resize (int size): 661
QPixmap: Invalid pixmap parameters
auxillary display font size: 8


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Programming :: Create A Simple Program With Will Continually Read Input From The User Until They Enter A Blank Line?

Apr 6, 2011

basically i have to create a simple program with will continually read input from the user until they enter a blank linei know how to read in certain input but not sure how to get it continually in a loop

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Ubuntu :: Weak Colors In Text Areas / Fix It?

May 24, 2010

I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and now the colors are off. I tried different themes which made some of the tabs more readable, but I don't see how to fix it. Things like background colors in Firefox are too light to see. The same for the grid lines in OpenOffice.org Spreadsheets. Form fields are not outlined. If you don't know where they are you have to hunt by dragging the pointer over the area.
Images look OK.
Does this sound like something others have seen?

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