Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot With Windows - Disc Does Not Give The Option To Replace

Oct 4, 2010

A while ago I messed up my Ubuntu installation so I decided to boot the install from the disc again and overwrite it. It turns out the installation disc does not give you the option to replace a current Ubuntu installation so I was forced to take more space out of my windows [vista] installation. This means I now have 1 ruined Lucid Ubuntu OS, 1 Working Lucid Ubuntu OS and a windows Vista OS system. Is it safe to delete my ruined Ubuntu from inside vista? Is it possible to overwrite my Ubuntu installations? How can I delete them both and then install Lucid again?

I want to know this now as Maverick Meerkat will be released on Sunday and I want to install that in a clean installation without deleting my vista installation. I do not have the Vista installation disc because Vista came pre-installed. I am not willing to buy anything.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Does Not Give The Option To Boot To Windows

May 29, 2011

I unplugged the Windows drive, during the installation of Ubuntu 9 (to make things easier). 2 separate drives. When installation was complete, I plugged the other drive back in (now both are plugged in). I went to the BIOS and made sure the Linux drive was the set to boot before the windows drive. The only thing that comes before that of course is the cd drive

HDD-1 (linux)
HDD-0 (windows)

I booted into linux after this and ran 'sudo update-grub'. The cmd was successful. However, when rebooting it does not give me the option to boot to windows. Why not? PS. If I go to Places (under GNOME bar), Then I can see (and mount) the windows drive. So it is accessible.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Replace Windows 7 With 11.04 From Dual Boot?

Aug 4, 2011

I currently have a dual boot system with BackTrack 5 and Windows 7. I no longer want Windows 7, so I wish to replace it with Ubuntu 11.04. What's the best way to remove the Windows partition and install ubuntu in it without screwing my grub loader (having it updated with Backtrack 5 and Ubuntu 11.04)?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Keep Windows Xp OS As Well And Have The Dual Boot Option

Apr 1, 2011

I want to install Ubunto netbook on my compaq mini 730, but I want to keep my windows xp OS as well and have the dual boot option. At the moment I have the hard drive partitioned to C and D. My question is - what is the best way to install ubuntu and keep windows ? Should I create a separate partition for it ? if yes what size ? Can Ubunto install itself on C next to windows automatically ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Repartition Hard Disc - Combine Two Unallocated Partitions To Install Windows 7 Dual Boot

Jul 28, 2010

I would like to combine my Linux partition (/sda3) and /sad1 to give me more disc space. I would also like to combine the two unallocated partitions to install a Windows 7 dual-boot with Ubuntu. How would I do that without totally raping my current Ubuntu install?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot - No Windows Option After Updates

Apr 26, 2011

I've installed Lubuntu alongside my existing Windows XP installation. The menu came up on boot allowing me to boot into either Lubuntu or XP. But, after I install all the Lubuntu updates and restart, the option to boot into XP is gone. The boot menu comes up, but no XP option. I reinstalled Lubuntu again with the same results: after the updates, no XP option. I'm thinking I will reinstall Lubuntu again, and before I run the updates, I will make a copy of grub.cfg for later reference so I can add the XP section in again- am I on the right track here?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Won't Give Windows Option

Jan 4, 2010

my ubuntu install is running pretty well, but I need to boot into Windows 7 to print and convert some proprietary OneNote files.The trouble is that while my menu.lst shows a Windows option - and a few others, too, that don't seem to show up in grub2 - grub does not give me the Windows option. In fact, it seems to follow only the contents of grub.cfg.I have tried running sudo update-grub, and it does work, but does not resolve the problem.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How Do I Make VLC Work - Whenever Load Disc Doesn't Give Option To Play

Jun 5, 2011

I am using Suse 11.4, with the Gnome desktop. I have downloaded the VLC player, but cannot work out how to make it play CDs in the CD drive. Right clicking on the Audio Disc icon that appears on the desktop whenever I load a disc doesn't give me an option to Play using VLC. Is there a way to make VLC the default player for CDs?

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Ubuntu :: Dual-boot Installing Windows Without A Disc?

Jun 27, 2010

So I finished downloading Windows XP Ultimate (It is real. It's not officially supported by Microsoft) and I expected it to be small like Ubuntu was. I only have a CD-RW drive. I realized the extreme size difference with Ubuntu over 600mb and XPU over 4gb. I know how to modify partitions from the Live CD. I'm wondering if it's possible to install XPU or any version of XP while the operating system is active. It was possible with Windows 98. This might be the wrong place to post, but I really want to dual-boot Windows. Linux is great, but I would like to use SOME of my stuff without WINE.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Sharing Disc With Windows 7 - No Option Showing?

Mar 24, 2011

I have just got a new Compaq/HP netbook with Windows 7, and I have downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 (using my main Ubuntu system) and put it on a USB stick to load it "alongside" Windows.

At install phase on the new machine there is no option shown to add Ubuntu alongside Windows; only two options are shown, to erase the disk entirely and load Ubuntu, or the advanced option to select the disk partitioning manually.

I don't want to do either of these!

What happened to the third option, share the disk between operating systems?

I have used Linux for years, and don't want Windows, but it is safer to be able to boot up Windows for some things (testing ADSL line for Orange France, for instance).

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot User Wants To Replace Windows?

Jun 27, 2010

I am currently running a dual boot with Ubuntu 10.04 and winders vista ( go Mohave! Yes, just go! :P ). Anyway, windoze has outlived its usefulness to me, I never use it anymore. I am wanting to replace losedows with a clean install of Kubuntu. I am using Gnome and I love KDE too - after +20yrs of m$ they are both a delight to use. But they do seem to have some compatibility issues when the environments are set up on the same install concurrently. I tried it for a week, it didn't work out very well. (Pulse Audio causes problems with KDE,

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Ubuntu :: No Option For Dual Boot After Windows MBR Restore

Feb 28, 2011

Here's the short version of what happened

--Had windows 7 and installed Ubuntu dual boot

--all was well but after some messing around with a failed Backtrack install I had to repartition some things to clean it up

--The partition where Backtrack was installed was corrupt so I deleted it and extended my Ubuntu partition.

--reload got the no such partition rescue grub

--read threw a bunch of forums and could only seem to find mostly threads on only being able to load Ubuntu and not Windows. Most having to do with post OS install problems and not re partitioning.

--I decided the best thread to follow was [url]

--after that my memory of events is a bit fuzzy, a lot was going on. In short I got a message in the terminal saying "this is a BAD idea" and something about another MBR. (sorry I cant be more specific)

--reading on I decided I would try my windows bootloader restore

--now windows loads up fine but it doesn't even give me an option to boot Ubuntu. I launched a live CD and checked GParted. The partition is still there.

Sorry if this is threaded somewhere already, I know that annoying. I'm just burnt out on combing forums and broke down and decided to ask directly

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Ubuntu :: Repairing Windows 7 But Keeping It's Dual Boot Option

May 2, 2011

I have a fubar'd Windows 7 install I need to get working on another partition so I can do some development stuff. I use Ubuntu 95% of the time though and so the machine has an option at boot for what OS I want to go into. Does anyone know if I boot up with the Windows disc in and choose the repair option if it will screw up my boot options and I potentially lose my ability to boot into Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Windows Vista Gone - When Restart - Does Not Give Me The Option For Windows

Oct 14, 2010

I believe i no longer have Vista. I had installed 10.04 side by side with Vista. Now that we have 10.10 i wanted to do a fresh installation on my laptop. I wanted to do the same thing, install it side by side so what i did is i installed gparted and tried to erase/delete ubuntu 10.04 and leave windows on it. From what i remember, i did just that. I restarted my laptop and windows didnt come up...i got a grub error...i decided then to install ubuntu 10.10. i selected to install ubuntu side by side again with vista. During the installation, i received an error about a partition...i made a few clicks...after it was installing and it went smoothly.

Now when i restart my laptop...it does not give me the option for windows....how do i know if i still have windows on my laptop? According to Gparted i dont have it anymore...

Dell E1505
2 gigs

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Ubuntu Installation :: Replace Other Distro On Dual Boot?

Jan 30, 2010

I have a laptop dual booted with Win 7 and Fedora. I want to replace Fedora with Ubuntu. Is it safe to simply delete all the non-ntfs partitions during the Ubuntu install? I just don't want to whack Windoze as I depend on it ofr work. THe current partitions are code...

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Fedora Installation :: 10 To Replace Dual Boot XP & F9

Feb 11, 2009

I need to remove my dual boot of WinXP & F9 to replace them with F10. Should I format the disk before installing F10? I'm still a beginner in Fedora. & How is the fedora 10? do you recommend replacing it compared to F9?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Replace Opensuse With 9.10 On Dual Boot With WINX P

Apr 16, 2010

Existing dual boot with Opensuse 11.2 KDE and WIN XP PRO. Tried using Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD to format Opensuse partition and install Ubuntu over Opensuse. Screen locks up, must cold boot system. Checksum number matches correctly. Can I use WIN XP CD to repair boot loader & then install Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing Win 7 To Replace XP In Existing Dual Boot Setup

May 22, 2010

I have Win XP installed on one hard disk drive (HDD1) and Ubuntu 9.10 installed on another hard disk drive (HDD2). Win XP was installed first then Unbuntu 9.10 which set up a dual boot menu. Win XP will no longer boot because I changed the BIOS setting from IDE to AHCI. The problem this causes is described at [URL]. The problem is that if you installed Windows in IDE mode (ie you didn't use F6 and supply a driver disk), then simply changing the BIOS setting to AHCI mode and rebooting will cause Windows to fail and will require a repair install. Most people have been advising to reinstall Windows if you want AHCI enabled. I have read that Win 7 supports AHCI "out of the box" so instead of re-installing Win XP I want to install Win 7 to replace it. I would like to know in advance what installing Win 7 will do to the dual boot menu?

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Dual Boot Option / Get That?

Jan 14, 2010

I'm trying to install Ubuntu as a dualboot, i also have Windows XP. But during the installation, when this screen should appear

(*) Dualboot, choose at startup
( ) Empty and use complete harddisk
( ) Use biggest connected space
( ) Manually adjust partitions.

I get a screen with only 2 options, the second and forth. How do I get the Dualboot option?

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Dual Boot Install Option

Dec 28, 2010

No option to install alongside another OS. I have Win7 Starter on this new netbook and need to install Ubuntu 10.10 netbook addition. Disk Management shows 4 partitions, one is C:, one is D:, and two I've never seen before they're so small. Is it safe to delete these or do they have a purpose for the current Win OS? I would gladly install the 10.10 to my D: drive which seems to be SDA2, the 131GB partition. What's the right sequence of partitioning and formatting to give Ubuntu the full install it needs manually? And what needs to be taken care of for a Swap drive?

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Fedora Installation :: Use Dual Boot Option - Xp?

Feb 19, 2010

how to use dual boot option?? i wanna use xp and federo.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Option Doesn't Appear In Installation / Solve This?

Dec 30, 2010

I have a MSI a6000 Laptop (that has given me a lot of problems installing Ubuntu.

I finally had to run Ubuntu from a CD in nomodeset

Then when I go to install Ubuntu the only options it gives (regarding my harddrive) are to format my whole hardrive or do the partitioning. I have seen screenshots though where there is a third option on the same page to install ubuntu alongside a prior OS and dual boot.

Does anyone know why the "install alongside a prior OS (dual boot)" option doesn't show up?

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Ubuntu :: Installing With Windows Vista - Doesn't Give The Option For Resizing Partition

Dec 31, 2010

Does Ubuntu 10.10 allow you to resize your windows partition and install ubuntu on the resized partition? I'm trying to get ubuntu installed on my laptop but the only option it's giving me is to delete all partitions and install ubuntu. I don't want to delete any partitions because I have backups on my second partition and the first partition has windows on it and I would like to keep it.

I've tried 10.04 and it doesn't give the option for resizing but I thought that one of the versions gives he option for this, is it 10.10? I've tried to manually resize but it won't let me because I have to many primary partitions, so I would have to delete the last partition to get it changed to extended correct?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.0 Not Showing In Dual Boot Option Menu

Jun 27, 2010

I have install ubuntu and windows in the same computer in their own partition. I think that I have remove something while I was reinstalling some wireless stuff using synaptic. When I launch the computer I get the dual booting but only with memory test and windows. I have the ubuntu installation cd. What can I do to get back the dual booting with the facility to launch ubuntu.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot: How To Change The Default Option

Oct 3, 2010

I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a notebook which previously ran Vista. No problems there.I've now installed Ubuntu (now updated to 10.04)so that it can boot to either OS.

It all works fine and when I first power up, I get a screen which invites me to select the OS I want to use. There are however two problems:

1) it defaults to Ubuntu (whereas I would prefer it to default to Windows 7 (it's a work laptop and most of the applications are Windows-specific),

2) the list of choices is getting increasingly complex with an expanding list of choices (with each major update of Ubuntu adding more); it even seems to include an option to go back to Vista!As long as I move down the list and make the right selection quite speedily, I get to where I want to be (though, as I say, I would like to change the default option).Is there any way I can edit/shorten this list without damaging the functionality and how can I change that default?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create A Windows 7 Boot Disc From A Pre-installed PC?

May 5, 2011

I have a Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed. I would like to dual boot Win 7 and Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

In my old laptop I had an OEM Win XP disc that I bought specifically for dual boot purposes (didn't want the pre-installed vista). This only has a one PC usage though unfortunately.

how to make a windows 7 boot disk? I made a RECOVERY disk already, but I don't think that will work as a boot disk right? Particularly if I completely wipe out or swap out the HDD (which I might do).

fyi: I NEED Win7 for a few special programs for my school. WINE will not work and VirtualBox puts to much strain on my computer.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Option For Dual Boot Partition During 10.04 Installation?

Jun 7, 2010

I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Windows XP Media Centre Edition system.On the Step 4 of the installation which usually gives you the option to partition the disk but it only gives me the option to Erase the entire disk or specify partition manually, although this also doesn't allow anything other than totally erasing the disk. I'd ideally like to keep my Windows and I have installed Ubuntu before (but 9.10) on a different system.

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Ubuntu Installation :: When The GRUB Boot Menu Starts Up There Is An Option For Win 7 Boot But It Will Not Boot Windows?

May 2, 2011

I installed 11.04 after Windows 7. when the GRUB boot menu starts up there is an option for Win 7 boot but it will not boot windows. When that option is selected the screen changes colour for 2 seconds and then reverts to the GRUB menu. Ubuntu boots fine.I downloaded the Boot Info Script and ran it, the results are

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================[code].....

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Debian Installation :: Dual Boot Option Not Appearing?

Nov 26, 2010

Initially had windows xp in my system. Picked up on free partition (*it was not a primary partition*) and installed Debian from CD. The installation went fine. Towards end of installation the grub install ran detected windows xp presence and I continued with the install. End of install, prompted that the system would reboot.

However on reboot, I wasnt presented when boot option ( windows xp vs debian) but my windows xp directly got booted. How to get this boot option.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Program Doesn't Want To 'offer' Dual-Boot Option On Main HDD

Sep 9, 2010

Problem is that Ubuntu installation program doesn't want to "offer" Dual-Boot option on my main HDD. Only format option and manual partitioning.

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