Ubuntu Installation :: Create A Windows 7 Boot Disc From A Pre-installed PC?

May 5, 2011

I have a Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed. I would like to dual boot Win 7 and Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

In my old laptop I had an OEM Win XP disc that I bought specifically for dual boot purposes (didn't want the pre-installed vista). This only has a one PC usage though unfortunately.

how to make a windows 7 boot disk? I made a RECOVERY disk already, but I don't think that will work as a boot disk right? Particularly if I completely wipe out or swap out the HDD (which I might do).

fyi: I NEED Win7 for a few special programs for my school. WINE will not work and VirtualBox puts to much strain on my computer.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot With Windows - Disc Does Not Give The Option To Replace

Oct 4, 2010

A while ago I messed up my Ubuntu installation so I decided to boot the install from the disc again and overwrite it. It turns out the installation disc does not give you the option to replace a current Ubuntu installation so I was forced to take more space out of my windows [vista] installation. This means I now have 1 ruined Lucid Ubuntu OS, 1 Working Lucid Ubuntu OS and a windows Vista OS system. Is it safe to delete my ruined Ubuntu from inside vista? Is it possible to overwrite my Ubuntu installations? How can I delete them both and then install Lucid again?

I want to know this now as Maverick Meerkat will be released on Sunday and I want to install that in a clean installation without deleting my vista installation. I do not have the Vista installation disc because Vista came pre-installed. I am not willing to buy anything.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Repartition Hard Disc - Combine Two Unallocated Partitions To Install Windows 7 Dual Boot

Jul 28, 2010

I would like to combine my Linux partition (/sda3) and /sad1 to give me more disc space. I would also like to combine the two unallocated partitions to install a Windows 7 dual-boot with Ubuntu. How would I do that without totally raping my current Ubuntu install?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Possible To Create Own Install Disc?

Mar 13, 2010

Is it possible/easy to create my own install disc based on the install that I have now? I just got finished setting up ubuntu on a new computer and I want to make an install disc that has everything that I have set up ALREADY set up right after installation.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows 7 And 10.10 Dual-boot - Cannot Create A New Partition?

Mar 14, 2011

I've shrunk my Windows partition to ~200GB and made ~100GB of free space for Ubuntu BUT .. it doesn't allow me to create a new partition there as I already have 4 primary ones.Since all of the given partitions ( including Recovery and Tools ) can not be touched ( removed ), I have no idea on how to solve this ..

Disk /dev/sda: 320.1 GB, 320072933376 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 38913 cylinders


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Ubuntu Installation :: Installed 10.04 On A New Hard Drive - Windows Won't Boot

Jun 11, 2010

So I JUST installed 10.04 on a new hard drive for the third time. I had it completely wipe the hard drive and install ubuntu itself (so i couldn't mess anything up). Well NOW it won't even boot up ubuntu much less my windows hd.

So the setup is, my first harddrive which is 640gb and has my windows on it, and then my second harddrive which is 80gb and has my freshly installed ubuntu 10.04 on it. Neither will load. I don't even get a loading screen, I just get a flashing line after my mobo's splash screen.

I ran some boot loader info script and one of the first lines was


No boot loader is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create A Live Disc On The SD Card With Persistence Options?

Jun 18, 2010

I have an Eee PC with a dead Hdd. I brought it back to life by installing Ubuntu 10.10 on a 16GB SD card. It works 100% but is sluggish.Now I am wondering, from the standpoint of reducing SD card access and writes, would it have been better to create a Live Disc on the SD card with persistence options? What I am thinking is that a Live Disc is designed to run out of RAM, and would thus reduce the activity on the SD card. The only thing this netbook will get used for is the internet. It is a netbook, so the performance is limited, but as far as netbooks go, it is top of the line with dual core and discrete nvidia graphics.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create Install Disc To Transfer OS In Existing State

Jul 5, 2011

I have Ubuntu 11.04 installed and running on my laptop and was wondering if there was any way to create an install disc/usb or some other way to install Ubuntu in its current state (including all apps, updates, settings etc.) onto my desktop.

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Ubuntu :: Dual-boot Installing Windows Without A Disc?

Jun 27, 2010

So I finished downloading Windows XP Ultimate (It is real. It's not officially supported by Microsoft) and I expected it to be small like Ubuntu was. I only have a CD-RW drive. I realized the extreme size difference with Ubuntu over 600mb and XPU over 4gb. I know how to modify partitions from the Live CD. I'm wondering if it's possible to install XPU or any version of XP while the operating system is active. It was possible with Windows 98. This might be the wrong place to post, but I really want to dual-boot Windows. Linux is great, but I would like to use SOME of my stuff without WINE.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installed Lucid Inside Windows - No Boot Screen

Aug 5, 2010

I recently installed Lucid Lynx inside my Windows XP using Wubi. When I restart I don't have a boot screen giving me the option to boot into either or, it just boots directly into XP. How do I fix this so I can boot into Lucid?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Just Installed On New Machine Alongside Windows 7 - No Boot Menu

Jun 9, 2011

I've just installed 11.04 on a new machine, to be dual booted with Windows 7. The installation process completed, popped the disc back out, but when booting up I get no boot menu and just load Windows 7. I don't get any error messages or any sort of feedback. If i go into BIOS, I only have Windows 7 as a bootable option. I presumed grub or an equivalent would be installed as part of the installation.

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Debian Installation :: Dual Boot - Install After Windows Is Already Installed

Jul 29, 2011

how to install Debian after Windows is already installed. Could someone give me a brief guide to begin the process of installing Windows? When I installed Debian I already made a partition for windows (in the same hard disk), I hope I did it right.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Create Factory Install Disc For Win 7 Netbook In Case Ubunu Borks?

Apr 11, 2010

I've just gotten a gateway netbook I'd love to throw a copy of ubuntu on. However, before I install I'd like to create a backup factory install disc. The problem is I don't have a DVD drive in my netbook.Is there a DVD writer program for Windows or something similar that would simulate the presence of a DVD drive and allow a backup DVD to be written to it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot With Windows XP On A 1TB RAID-0 Setup - Create A SWAP Partition

Mar 20, 2011

(This is for a 100% Clean install)

Q1) I was wondering if it is possible to Dual boot Ubuntu with Windows XP on a 1TB RAID-0 setup ?

Q2) Also, is it possible to create a SWAP partition (for Ubuntu) on a NON RAID-0 HDD ?

Q3) Lastly... I read GRUB2 is the default boot manager... should I use that, or GRUB / Lio ?

I have a total of 3 HDDs on this system:
-- 2x 500GB WDD HDDs (non-advanced format) ... RAID-0 setup
-- 1x 320GB WDD HDD (non RAID setup)
(The non RAID HDD is intended to be a SWAP drive for both XP and Ubuntu = 2 partitions)

I plan on making multiple partitions... and reserve partition space for Ubuntu (of course).

I have the latest version of the LiveCD created already.

Q4) Do I need the Alternate CD for this setup?

I plan on installing XP before Ubuntu.

This is my 1st time dual booting XP with Ubuntu.

I'm using these as my resources:
- [url]
- [url]

Q5) Anything else I should be aware of (possible issues during install)?

Q6) Lastly... is there anything like the AHCI (advanced host controller interface) like in Windows for Ubuntu?

(Since I need a special floppy during Windows Install...) I want to be able to use the Advanced Queuing capabilities of my SATA drives in Ubuntu.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 - Can't Find Grub Without Disc / Boot From Hard Disc

Jan 1, 2011

I have just installed 11.3 x64. The installation went fine and worked for the first few hours. I ran the online update tool, and now it cannot find grub unless the installation disc is inserted and I select the "boot from hard disc" option.

I have read about the problem of the root partition being back, but not sure that's it.

sda1 - swap
sda2 - /
sda3 - /home

There used to be a repair tool in the installation disks. I could not find that in this media. Is that still available?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Removing Windows From Existing Disc

Apr 3, 2011

I've recently applied for University and am happy to say I got an unconditional offer in Software Development as this is the case, and that I expect I'll be using mostly Windows software on my course, I decided to buy a hard drive from a friend at work, larger than the one I have now, and plan to install Windows 7 on it for the sake of my course and various other things (games etc.)

I prefer Ubuntu myself, and I've been using it long enough to feel comfortable migrating to Ubuntu altogether and ditching the windows partition I have now (I currently dual boot). Reasons being that I'm not much of a fan of dual booting as I think it can complicate things when its not entirely necessary and that there is also a Linux-based module on my course and between an installation going wrong on my personal hard drive or my university hard drive, I'd clearly go along with losing my music and pictures rather than losing all of my coursework :S

So my question is this: is it completely safe to blow away the windows partitions I have now on this hard drive? I made a LiveCD of my install through remastersys but I really would not like to go through setting up my themes, preferences, additional compiz plugins etc.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Won't Boot From Disc?

Jun 18, 2010

The cd starts up fine screen shows ubuntu logo and five dots then after it goes blank and screen goes to sleep. Also after install within windows i startup into ubuntu it then asks me which to boot into; windows 7, ubuntu, or ubuntu (debug mode or sumthing like the).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Sharing Disc With Windows 7 - No Option Showing?

Mar 24, 2011

I have just got a new Compaq/HP netbook with Windows 7, and I have downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 (using my main Ubuntu system) and put it on a USB stick to load it "alongside" Windows.

At install phase on the new machine there is no option shown to add Ubuntu alongside Windows; only two options are shown, to erase the disk entirely and load Ubuntu, or the advanced option to select the disk partitioning manually.

I don't want to do either of these!

What happened to the third option, share the disk between operating systems?

I have used Linux for years, and don't want Windows, but it is safer to be able to boot up Windows for some things (testing ADSL line for Orange France, for instance).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows And But With Ubuntu Already Installed On A Separate Hard?

Jan 25, 2011

I just bought a new Windows 7 machine and want to install Ubuntu 10.10 for a dual boot environment.There's a lot of info describing how to do this, but it all describes re-partioning the Windows drive, burning Ubuntu on a CD, inserting that CD, etc. I had a dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu machine that just died on me. Windows was on one hard drive and Ubuntu - along with my entire software development environment - was on the other. As far as I know both drives are fine.

When my new (Windows) machine gets here I want to open it up and stick in the Ubuntu hard drive from my old machine... but then I'm not sure what to do. I'd really like to be able to boot to that hard drive (or the Windows one), just like I did before. It seems that this should be simpler than installing a fresh Ubuntu from a special CD, after all, everything is already expanded and working on the hard drive. Can someone give me some pointers that will help me solve this problem?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot 10.04 From Disc Drive?

Aug 2, 2010

I've tried to boot my Ubuntu 10.04 from my disc drive, and installing it in Windows like an app, but every time I do my screen looks like it went bad. The top two inches are the way it should be but the rest is white, and I can't see anything. Is there some setting on my comp I need to adjust or did I just get a bad disc? The disc doesn't have a scratch on it and I've cleaned twice now.

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Ubuntu Installation :: New 10.10 Won't Boot From Hard Disc

Mar 11, 2011

After happily running a persistent install from a USB stick for a week I decided to delete my Windows install and replace with Ubuntu.

I did the install from the USB stick, selecting the option to use the whole drive.

When the install finished I was prompted to restart. I removed the USB stick and did so. The machine rebooted... and nothing. Just a flashing cursor top left of a black screen.

I've booted the USB stick version and looked at the hard drive. Stuff has been installed sure enough, but it will not boot.

Machine is Acer Aspire 5920 laptop. Running Ubuntu from USB stick has been smooth as silk with no issues.

I'm not technically minded, so I'm afraid that any assistance (for which I would be eternally grateful) may need to be n00b-style dumbed-down.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Boot Live CD With Installation Disc

Jan 4, 2009

I'm trying to boot into the Live CD on my Ubuntu installation disc. I changed the BIOS to boot from my disc drive, and I can hear it read the disc, but then my computer just boots into the Ubuntu installed on my hard drive. How can I boot the Live CD?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Ubuntu And Windows 7 ( Which Is Already Installed )?

Dec 5, 2010

What I want to do is dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 (which is already installed), and am wondering if I have to use the Ubuntu installer for windows to do this. I do not want to wipe my hard drive in order to install Ubuntu, and I need to install the 64-bit version. I'm wondering if I can choose which version to install if I use the Ubuntu installer for Windows. Should I just install it using a different method, or will I be given a choice on which version installs? Never mind, it looks like the normal installer has an option to install alongside another operating system, I just didn't read through the page thoroughly enough.

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Ubuntu Installation :: U10.10 - Fails To Boot From Disc / Sort It?

Nov 13, 2010

I have an ASUS G51J notebook with Windows 7 installed. I was following This Guide. I set aside about 100GB for the Unallocated partition. When I started my laptop, I chose to boot from CD (which has an Ubuntu 10.10 ISO on it). I saw a purple background with two icons at the bottom of the screen, and eventually "Ubuntu" appeared in the center with a few dots underneath it. These dots would change color from left to right like a loading bar.

This is where my issue comes up. My friend was using this same CD on his Dell laptop and his desktop which has a XFX motherboard, Q6600 processor, and Invidia 470 graphics card. After this "loading bar" was done, he would be asked if he wanted to boot or install Ubuntu.

This didn't happen for me. What happened instead was that I saw what looked like my Windows desktop after having gone through a meat grinder. There were various icons randomly in pieces all over the place. The only icon that was in one piece (by chance) was my shortcut to Skype.

Has anyone seen this before? Am I doing something wrong? My friend was saying that maybe I should try with a fresh reinstall of Windows and try again. I wasn't even given the choice to just boot from disc. It got to the point where I expected it to give me the options to do so, but instead the Kansas version of my desktop shows up after being hit by an F5

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Debian Installation :: Won't Boot Install Disc

Jul 3, 2011

I am trying to install debian on a compaq presario 6000. When I try to boot off of the first dvd it just won't do anyting most of the time; one flat line keeps blinking. The first time that I booted it, there was that line that starts with isolinux, but that was only there the first time. now nothing shows up.That first time, I got several error messages: EDD: error 8000 reading sector 1360652 and the same thing 5 times over with different numbers at the end. Do these mean that the disc is corrupt in some way, or that the dvd reader is broken or something else?

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Software :: Two Grubs - Installed Ubuntu 10.04 - Boot Using Windows 7 Boot Manager ?

May 6, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 10.04.

I'd like to boot using Windows 7 boot manager (I don't dare to put grub in the MBR).

I've used EasyBCD to add a new entry for Ubuntu.


Then I added Grub to /dev/sda3

And I get this:


The problem is that it always shows (hd0,0) instead of (hd0,2). I must change it every time I boot. I've tried to install grub again but I always get the same.

And another problem. After that Grub menu it deesn't load Linux but it loads a second grub menu [url] that loads Linux properly.

I guess I've installed two Grubs.

How can I remove the first Grub menu (Grub4dos) and make Windows 7 load the second (the good one)? or how can I remove the second one and change (hd0,0) to (hd0,2) in the second?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Vista / Dell XPS Won't Install Or Boot From Karmic Disc

Jan 17, 2010

I've never tried installing any other operating system on my desktop so I'm not sure if it's a 9.10 bug (probably not), but whenever I choose any of the options after the ubuntu cd has been loaded at startup it goes to a black screen with the underscore at the top, and promptly reboots. At this point in time I can just boot back into windows or get to the same selection screen off of the cd.I've tried burning 3 seperate cd's and at the moment and trying to boot them on my laptop (but not working... hrm). I'm thinking about redownloading the iso in a couple minutes.

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General :: Error Code Oxd0000017 - Restore Windows Partition Without Installation Disc?

May 14, 2010

I know i get the error code because i dont have my windows partition. But i seriously need my vista back. I tried using VMware player but it didn't work. Is there anyway i can restore my windows partition without the installation disc? The restore disc does not work as it needs a windows partition.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot The Disc After Restarting The Computer The Screen Just Turns Black?

Nov 8, 2010

I had Ubuntu installed on my old laptop in dualboot with windows. This year i bought a new Sony Vaio VPCS12M9E preinstalled with windows 7 pro, but i liked the idea of having the opportunity of chosing between windows and ubuntu, so i downloaded ubuntu 10.10 and burned the ISO-image to a disc, and restarted my laptop just as i did when i installed it on my old laptop. The problem is that when i boot the disc after restarting the computer, the screen just turns black. What can i do to install Ubuntu?

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Debian :: Create Custom Boot Disk That Would Include Some Programs Already Installed On Computer

Dec 3, 2010

I would like to create a custom boot disk that would include some programs already installed on my computer, so I wouldn't have to re download them, is there a way to do this?

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