Ubuntu Installation :: Top And Bottom Toolbars Missing / Get Them Back?

Oct 28, 2010

Using 10.04 lucid. How do I get them back?

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Ubuntu :: Top, Bottom Window Toolbars Have Both Vanished?

Sep 19, 2010

I turned on my computer today and logged in only to find discover that both toolbars on the top and bottom of my screen have disappeared.This is problematic as it has become impossible for me to connect to the internet without the wireless toolbar at the top of the screen, and as well I no longer have the ability to select different windows without alt+tabbing. I didn't modify my system in any way to the best of my knowledge, nor was I messing around with my desktop config. Luckily I can still access my applications (including the Terminal) by right clicking, but it's still a less than ideal setup.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Wubi Missing / Get Back?

Mar 28, 2010

I downloaded the beta version of ubuntu 10.04 alternatei386!!
my question is can i use this alternate386 to install ubuntu in my laptop? or else do i have to download the desktop version??

i did not find the wubi.exe file along with the iso download? how to install inside the window? and where can i get the wubi.exe for the ubuntu10.04 beta1?

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Ubuntu :: How To Get Bottom Panel Back

Feb 20, 2010

I deleted it for AWN and I didnt like AWN so i deleted that too. I just want to go back to the panel... How do i do that Another question... The default wireless internet thing on the top panel... I deleted that

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Ubuntu :: Get Back The Bottom Bar On The Screen?

May 29, 2010

know the bottom bar on the screen? yeah mines gone and idk how to get it back

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Ubuntu :: Get Back The Bottom Panel?

Jan 30, 2011

I deleted the bottom panel where we see all working applications. I try to add a new panel but my working applications don't appear in it

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Ubuntu :: Need Bottom Bar Back To Work?

Apr 28, 2011

I recently have installed UBUNTU 11. It is perfect, but I worked with bottom bar much more easier while changing pages instead of Alt+Tab or the beside bar.

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Fedora Installation :: F14 Gone Missing / What To Get It Back?

Dec 6, 2010

I have just installed Fedora 14 on a machine which already has Windows XP on one hard drive and Ubuntu 10.10 on another. Fedora was supposed to be installed alongside Ubuntu

The installation appeared to be successful in that the process came to a natural end and I was told to reboot. However on rebooting I found that the boot menu did not contain an option to choose Fedora and was the same as it had been before I installed Fedora.

I opted to boot Ubuntu and then opened a terminal and typed 'sudo update-grub' and got a message to the effect that grub.conf was being created. When I rebooted again, there was still no sign of Fedora.

Is there any way of getting Fedora to boot? I am not sufficiently experienced in Linux to try anything else as the computer that I am using is not mine and I don't want to wreck the data of the owner. I did do 'sudo fdisk -l' whilst booted in Ubuntu and I saw that there are Linux partitions on both hard drives but I don't know how to tell which is Ubuntu and which is Fedora

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Ubuntu :: Bottom Panel Error - How To Set It Back

Feb 4, 2011

I deleted the bottom panel, I put it back again but when I minimize windows they don't appear anywhere (they were appearing in this bottom panel) on the desktop! How to put set the panel back as it was, so that when I minimize windows they get down there.

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Fedora Installation :: Bootmgr Missing / Need It Back

Sep 13, 2010

I installed Fedora 13. While booting I press any key to get the os to boot option. It displays fedora and other. I select other (windows). It says BOOTMGR missing. Press ctrl+alt+del.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Missing Windows 7 Boot Option - Get Back?

Jun 5, 2011

just recently, while attempting to boot to windows 7, i happened to select the wrong boot option by mistake, that is the windows 7 recovery (something like that, cant remember it specifically, but the word 'recovery' is there). the option has been there eversince i installed ubuntu 11.04 on my system, of which i cant find the answer as to why it existed there. so once i selected it (which was by mistake), it took me into some recovery process which i abandoned as quickly. it restarted and the windows 7 option was no longer there. the windows 7 recovery option, however, is still there. How to get my windows 7 boot option back?

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Ubuntu :: Bar At The Bottom Of Firefox Is Missing?

May 12, 2011

how to get the bar at the bottom of firefox 4 back?

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Ubuntu :: Top & Bottom Panel Gone Missing

Aug 14, 2010

I just restarted my computer to come back to no top and bottom panels. I don't have Maximize Minimize or Close buttons at the top of the windows either! How can I restore the buttons and the panels?

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Ubuntu :: Taskbar Missing At Bottom / How Do I Restore It?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and all of a sudden, my taskbar at the bottom crashed and I have no idea how to restore it.

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OpenSUSE :: Bottom Of Screen And Totally Stumped As To How To Get It Back

May 30, 2011

slightly embaressing but luckily I had firefox open at the time. I have managed to delete my panel at the bottom of my screen and I'm totally stumped as to how to get it back.I'm pretty new to linux, having dabbled with it in the past.. finding it much better than said mainstream OS *Ahem* .The reason I deleted it by accident was I right clicked on it and deleted panel thinking I'd just added another panel to it. D'oh. My firefox isn't touching the top of the screen either, I think I created a panel up there but I can't see it or anything

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General :: The Bottom Panel In Fedora Is Missing?

May 30, 2010

the bottom panel in my fedora is missing.please do tell me the way to restore it back

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Sphere Missing Bottom Half Of Wallpaper

Sep 15, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome.When running compiz sphere the bottom half of my desktop wall paper is missing.In cube and cylinder its fine.I also cant work out how to have different wallpaper on my desktops.In Ubuntu can i run a a switcher between KDE and Gnome, back some years ago Mandrake offered this.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Bar At Bottom Of Screen That Shows Open Programs

Oct 7, 2010

When I first installed ubuntu, there was a bar at the bottom of the screen that showed all the programs that were open, at least I think there was. Now it is gone. How do I add it?

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Ubuntu :: Search Frame At The Bottom Panel Is Missing When Entering Any Character?

Oct 13, 2010

During using I do something, I do not know??? I notices that a search box usually appears at the bottom panel when entering any characters in any folders is missing. See attachment below.how to retrieve it? I use v10.10.

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Ubuntu :: Top And Bottom System Trays - Desktop Icons Sometimes Missing At Boot

Jul 25, 2011

I am running Lucid Lynx 10.04.3. Sometimes when I boot the computer, my desktop icons are not there. I ended up looking for a solution, and found one:

1. Hit Alt-F2 and run gconf-editor

2. Go to apps/nautilus/preferences and check 'show_desktop'

However, show desktop was already checked. If I unchecked it, and then checked it again, the desktop icons appeared. Weird, but problem solved right? Wrong.

Sometimes when I boot, the desktop icons are gone again. This doesn't happen at every single boot though. When they are gone again though, I just have to go through the process again. Here's where it gets worse.

Also, sometimes at boot, both the top and bottom taskbars/system trays are completely gone, leaving just the desktop. Once again, this doesn't happen at every single boot. I can't really do anything, so I just reboot again and more often then not, things are back to normal. Or the trays are back, but the desktop icons are gone again.

The weird thing about this is it doesn't happen every time I boot the computer. So if there is a problem I just restart and things are usually fine again. However this is very frustrating, and NOT normal.

Also, because the default drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce MX4000 were not sufficient, I had to remove the Nouveau drivers and install nvidia-glx-96, which corresponds to the official NVIDIA Linux driver version 96.43.17. This is the latest driver version listed for my card on the NVIDIA website. I also had to downgrade from 11.04 because apparently the old drivers are not compatible with the new X Server version in 11.04. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. I'm wondering if maybe i should just get a newer card so I don't have to deal with the older drivers.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Missing Computer Tab On Panel At Bottom Of Desktop?

Oct 29, 2010

I was working just find and the "Computer" GUI that is located on the panel that lets you have access to all CPU options went missing.. I understand I can hit F2 and get them listed but I need it back on my panel strip at the bottom of the desktop!

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Off Center - Bottom Of Tool-bar On The Bottom Of The Screen Is Cut Off

May 22, 2010

So about an hour ago I put my computer on standby. For whatever reason I couldn't bring it back so I restarted it. It works fine except now Ubuntu has pushed my display down. This means that the bottom of my tool-bar on the bottom of the screen is cut off, and there's a black bar on the top. I'm using a T.V. screen so there is no way I can manually adjust it. I also plugged my desktop back into an old monitor and it was off-center downward too.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Panel / Get It Back?

Jan 4, 2010

Sorry, serious Ubuntu noob here. I was messing with the bar at the top (I think it's called the panel?) And now it's gone. I'm sure there must be someway to get it to show up again.

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Ubuntu :: Get Back Missing Title Bar?

Apr 12, 2010

I seem to have lost/deleted/removed my title bars. This occurs on all applications. Does anybody know how to get them back?

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Ubuntu :: Ntldr Missing / Get It Back?

May 1, 2010

I am brand new to Ubuntu and i tried to dual boot winxp and unbuntu 10.04 and the first time failed so i had to reinstall Ubuntu both times thouh i got an error when trying to boot xp that said NTLDR is missing press ctrl alt delete to restart and now i cant access windows

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Ubuntu :: Missing Titlebar On U10.04 LTS / Get That Back?

May 8, 2010

I'm new to Ubuntu and recently just upgraded from Karmic to Lucid (10.04). However after upgrade, Gnome seems misbehave every time I boot-up my machine.

On every boot, the following problem occur:-

1- Missing Title bar on all window.
2- Mouse pointer display as 'X'.

My current workaround was to set [Appearance Preference] > [Visual Effect] to 'EXTRA' on each boot.

I tried to set Visual Effect to 'NONE' before reboot but no luck. Reseting Gnome to default
rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity
also not helpful.

Is there a way to fix it, say: reinstalling Compiz, Flushing FastBoot or the like.

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Ubuntu :: Volume Missing / Get It Back?

Jun 27, 2010

I have no volume control on my top panel. I did not delete it, at least I do not think so, but now I cannot find a way to get it back. Anyone know how to get it? Maybe a restart?

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Ubuntu :: NLDTR Missing / Get It Back?

Sep 16, 2010

I am completely new to linux and ubuntu. I burned the .iso of ubuntu to a DVD-R, and put it in my computer and rebooted it. It seemed to be working fine, but then the installation crashed, and I had to manually turn off my computer. So I took out the CD with ubuntu on it, and now my computer won't start! It says "NLDTR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." I can't do anything, because ubuntu never finished installing, and now my windows xp won't run either! It's really scary, if you could offer any advice or help at all, I would appreciate it so much. I'm completely new to this, I'm not even sure if I am posting in the right place.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Nvidia - Can't See Toolbars

Dec 13, 2010

I've got a Ubuntu 10.10 installed on an Acer Revo 3700 and it's attached to a 32" Toshiba TV via a HDMI cable, but unfortunately I can't see the toolbars at the top and the bottom of the screen.

I've tried changing the resolution and refresh rate but nothing seems to work.

Unfortunately this problem is rendering my new PC almost useless as I can't navigate around the toolbars.

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Ubuntu :: QuickSynergy And Unity Toolbars ?

Jun 5, 2011

I often run two of my computers, a dual-booting Ubuntu 11.04/Windows Vista desktop and a laptop running exclusively Ubuntu 11.04, side-by-side. To easily switch between the two, I use a program called Synergy, with a frontend called QuickSynergy. The program allows you to simply move your mouse between the two computer screens, and then the keyboard and mouse of the host can be used on the guest. My problem is, when I simply want to show the Unity menu on the left side of the right machine, I usually end up going back over to the left (host) machine. I have to move my mouse very carefully to get to the single edge pixel that triggers the menu. Is there any way to fix this? When I use Synergy when the host is booted into Windows, I can set up dead corners, which is pretty much what I want. The frontend on Windows is called Synergy+.

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