Ubuntu :: Everytime Adjust A Setting In The CompizConfig Settings Manager - The Top Unity Bar Wigs Out And Disappears

Jun 12, 2011

I like everyone else posing in this forum am trying to reconcile with 11.04. Everytime I adjust a setting in the CompizConfig Settings Manager, the top unity bar wigs out and disappears, it is still clickable but its invisible. Is there any simple fix to this? I don't think it's my hardware because other people are getting this too. I really don't like restarting/logging off my computer everytime I make a compiz change.

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Ubuntu :: Screenlets And CompizConfig Settings Manager Will Not Start?

Apr 10, 2011

When I try to run Screenlets from Applications > Accessories > Screenlets, it says "Starting Screenlets" for a few seconds, and then nothing happens. 'screenlets-manager' from the terminal produces the following

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py", line 28, in <module>
import screenlets
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/screenlets/__init__.py", line 36, in <module>
import rsvg
ImportError: No module named rsvg

I have checked to make sure python-rsvg is installed. Upon looking for a solution, I read somewhere that it might have something to do with Compiz. I installed the Compiz settings manager, but when I run it from System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager, it does the exact same thing Screenlets does ("Starting CompizConfig Settings Manager", then nothing).ccsm from the terminal produces the following


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OpenSUSE :: CompizConfig Settings Manager Won't Save Anything

Nov 27, 2010

Whenever I tick boxes it doesn't save anything after closing. When I clicked on Advanced Search it froze (twice) after showing a progress bar. I got this error when clicking on preferences:

jerome@linux-yxnq:/dev> ccsm
Backend : ini
Integration : true
Profile : default


By default nothing is ticked but I think there are some effects already enabled on my system.

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Ubuntu :: Software Center And CompizConfig Settings Manager Not Opening

May 26, 2011

Trying to start software center:


Also, in 11.04 there's a "feature" where if I drag the title bar of a window against the top of the screen, it expands sideways. How do I disable that? I'm guessing I do it in CCSM.

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Ubuntu :: Create A Cube Desktop Via Compizconfig-settings-manager Everything Crashed?

Jul 26, 2011

I was attempting to create a cube desktop via compizconfig-settings-manager everything crashed. I can bring up a terminal via ctrl alt F1 or get to the Internet by right clicking on screen and change desktop background get more backgrounds on line. Other than that I can not see nor get any icons or make changes.i have Ubuntu 11.04

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Stopped Working, CompizConfig Settings Manager No Longer Accessible?

May 18, 2010

I did a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 on a Toshiba Satellite, Intel graphics card, a few days ago, and had no trouble accessing the CompizConfig Settings Manager. I changed a number of settings, and everything seemed to be working just fine. But two days ago, I noticed that the compiz effects (rotating desktop cube, minimize effect etc.) were gone; and when I now try to access the Settings Manager, I see a "Starting CompizConfig..." appear in the panel and linger for about five seconds; then it's gone. No settings manager, no error message.

The day that happened, I had (to the best of my memory) not installed any updates. I had, however, removed a bunch of applications through the Software Center. I had also launched Ubuntu Tweak and changed a couple of settings. The only option it showed, and shows, under 'Compiz Settings' was then (and still is): "Prerequisite Conditions" : "Install Advanced Desktop Effects Settings Manager". The box was checked. I have since unchecked and re-checked it, thereby uninstalling and re-installing the settings manager. But that hasn't changed anything.


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Ubuntu :: Dead After Install The CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) Application From The Software Center

Jun 10, 2011

Just got my 11.04 and tried to use some settings in Compiz. I`ve made these steps: Install the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) application from the Software Center. If you need assistance with installing the application, consult the software installation help, or review the Ubuntu Software Center Manual.

After you have installed the program, click the power icon at the very right of the panel and select System Settings. In the Personal section, click CompizConfig Settings Manager. In the Desktop section of the CompizConfig Settings Manager, click Ubuntu Unity Plugin, and select the Experimental tab.

I`ve clicked on the left side there was something like "enable plugin" or sort of. And my launcher, and the pane on the top dissapeared! I got nothing. Just the screen. Nothing is workin. What the f>..?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Find The Settings To Enable Or Adjust Compiz In Unity

Apr 15, 2011

I have been unable to find the settings to enable or adjust compiz in Unity. I am so used to Gnome that this is almost like starting over.

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Ubuntu :: Window Transperancy - CompizConfig Settings

Feb 8, 2010

I am running 9.10. If I have multiple windows open, and my cursor is moved off the main window (but the focus is unchanged - i.e. I did not click off the main window), the main window will become transparent. At first I thought this was a cool effect, now it just gets on my nerves. I have looked through CompizConfig Settings, I can not find the relevant effect to turn off.

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Ubuntu :: Wallpaper Option Not In CompizConfig Settings?

Mar 2, 2011

Brand new to ubuntu and I'm trying to get different wallpapers on different work stations. I've read several tutorials and they all say to go to my CompizConfig Settings and go to the Utilities section, under which you will find Wallpaper. I went there and can not find it. I can't right click on my desktop either for some reason. Ran a quick search and I couldn't find anything in the forums.

EDIT: Solved! Had to download compizconfig-plugin-extras

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Ubuntu :: Run Unity On Desktop And Cursor Disappears When Move

Jul 4, 2010

I installed the files from ppa:canonical-dx-team/une and installed Unity. Now, when I run Unity on my desktop and move my cursor on it, it disappears! Here is what I see in Terminal: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Unity Interface Disappears On Logout / Restart

May 23, 2011

I upgraded to 11.04, and I like the Unity interface. But every time I logout and back in (or restart) it starts in Classic mode.
- If I go to Compiz, it shows that Unity is enabled.
- When I login, it shows that the Unity interface is selected.
- If I run
unity --replace
in the terminal Unity will run, but then if I close the terminal, it will (sometimes)shut Unity back down.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Visual Effects Setting Everytime Restarting?

Mar 20, 2010

i upgraded to lucid lynx alpha 3 from karmic koala, and ever since i always lost my visual effects setting every time i reboot and i always go back to none while i have it set up to extra what could be wrong when it did not occur when i was using ubuntu 9.10 somebody?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Make Settings Default Everytime Login?

Mar 17, 2010

Everytime i login my screen resolution is 640x480_60 Then i in a terminal change resolution to 1680x1050

cvt 1680 1050
xrandr --newmode "1680x1050_60.00" 146.25 1680 1784 1960 2240 1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync
xrandr --addmode VGA-0 "1680x1050_60.00"
xrandr -s "1680x1050_60.00"

How can i make these settings default everytime i login?

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General :: Remove Apache And It Worked But Everytime It`s Installed It Comes With The Old Settings

Apr 30, 2010

I wanted to remove apache and it worked but everytime it`s installed it comes with the old settings...and I want the default ones..I don`t know to manage an apache server but i`m learning! I tried these commands and not of then didn`t had any effect:

apt-get remove apache2
aptitude remove apache2
rm -rf /etc/apache2 , rm -rf /var/www
dpkg -P apache2
and of course ... --purge remove apache2

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Adjust Webcam Settings

Apr 1, 2011

I am using 10.10 and am searching for a program to adjust the settings on my webcam. I am using webcamd to upload pictures to a weathercam. I can use Cheese for viewing the output but the adjustments made there don't stick when I close Cheese.

It appears there used to be a package called gqcam which may have done the trick, but I can't find it in the repositories anymore. There is a current tar.gz package available but I'm hesitant to use it since I don't know why it was removed from the repositories. Does it conflict with the recent video changes in Ubuntu and what conflicts could it cause now or when I attempt to upgrade?

Heres my question: Is there a program available for Ubuntu which will allow me to adjust the settings of my webcam or is gqcam still compatible with Ubuntu? Bonus points for a .deb package.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Adjust The Settings And On The Web DansG Is Not Filtering

Apr 19, 2011

I have a dell inspiron 600m with xubuntu 10.10 installed, I have it for a kids computer so I installed web content filtering (dansgaurdian) and I installed simple module for admin. dansgaurdian's control files (libdansgaurdian-perl) I instilled both from the USC. But I can't find where I can ajust the settings and on the web dansG is not filtering. how to find the gui part of it?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz In 11.04 When Activate The Disk Cube Or Any Thing The Unity Dock And The Bar Disappears?

Apr 28, 2011

i installed ubuntu 11.04 on my dell inspiron n5010 and istalled the compizwhen i activate the disk cube or any thing the unity dock and the bar desapeares >>what can i do

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Ubuntu :: Adjust Screen Resolution To Desired Setting?

Jan 5, 2010

I've been trying for very long now to adjust my screen resolution to my desired setting. So far, no luck. Just today I went in to examine what my xorg.conf looked like and this is what I saw.

Section "Screen"
Identifier "Default Screen"
DefaultDepth 24
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"


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General :: Adjust Resolution Or Video Settings From Command Line?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm trying to install Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 on an Intel Atom mainboard (Intel D945GCLF2) with CRT that has been running Ubuntu 9.x previously.
Both, Desktop live CD / installer and alternate install CD cause the screen to go black (and the status LED blinks).

I was able to get a bit further into the boot process with nomodeset as parameter with the Live CD, unfortunately I can't pass GRUB any parameters now that I have used the alternate Install CD by pressing 'e', it just boots.

So now I have Ubuntu installed, I get a terminal with CTRL-ALT-F1 but I don't know what I need to do now or how to adjust resolution or video settings from command line.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Iwconfig Txpower Settings - Make Changes Permanent Or Adjust Default Value?

Feb 24, 2010

I'm having some difficulty setting my txpower setting on my atheros wifi card. I am using ath_pci driver on ubuntu 8.1 64 bit. I can set the txpower to whatever, 12dBm for example, it accepts the change but quickly reverts back to a default value of 8dBm. Power saving is off. How can I make these changes permanent, or adjust the default value?

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OpenSUSE Install :: How To Adjust Safe Settings To Not Get Prompted With Every Single Click

Dec 1, 2009

I want to use secure file permissions within OpenSUSE, but having to provide the root password for every window I click is just a little too much.Wonder what the setting "paranoid" does then. And I also wonder how to adjust the safe settings to not get prompted with every single click.

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General :: Unable To Change A NVIDIA Control Panel To Adjust My RGB Settings

Jan 23, 2011

In a previous version of UBUNTU I was able to enter a NVIDIA control panel to adjust my RGB settings. Now I'd like to change it slightly but there doesn't seem to be a NVIDIA control panel. There used to be two of them. After installing the video driver, If I tried to go into UBUNTU video settings I would get a console message stating I now need to use NVIDIA control panel and would automatically open it for me.

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CentOS 5 :: Desktop Settings - When Minimize Something It Disappears - No Icon At Bottom To Maximize

Aug 24, 2009

In Gnome centos5...When I minimize something it disappears... No icon at bottom to maximize.... the icons are auto hidden.. where do i change this settings...

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Manager Applet Disappears From Notification Area

Jan 28, 2010

On about 90% of bootups I find that network manager has disappeared from the notification area to be replaced by a random duplicate of one of the other icons (at random). If I remove the notification area and add it again all is fine.

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Ubuntu :: File Manager Location Bar At Top Disappears Every Time Closed / Re-opened

Jun 17, 2011

the location bar at the top disappears every time I close and then re-open it, and I have to hit View/Location Bar to get it back. Is there a way to permanently keep it there?

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Ubuntu :: Unity Loses Settings On Restart ?

May 3, 2011

Every time I load unity - either by rebooting, logging out/in, or just "unity --replace" all my self-placed launchers are gone (just chrome, terminal and a custom launcher for my email) and the LibreOffice ones are back.

I'm assuming this isn't a bug, as here and launchpad would have tonnes of reports of something so obvious if it were affecting everyone, but something local to me.

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Ubuntu :: Restore Default Unity Settings?

Sep 1, 2011

I've had this computer for a few days. I was playing around with it trying to get the multiple desktop cube.I wanted to restore it back, however every setting had dependencies with other settings so now my unity interface is unusable.the problems are

-no taskbar and no lancher
-some keycommands don't work(Ctrl-alt-t no longer opens a terminal, it used to)
-can't log off

how do i restore it to factory settings I messed it up using CCSM or whatever it's called

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Ubuntu :: Totally Reset Gnome / Unity Settings

Jun 24, 2011

I've upgraded now from 10.04 to 10.10 to now 11.04, and I believe I have so much cruft in my system that it's become unstable.I thought I could selectively rename certain folders in my root (such as .gnome, .gnome2, etc, while logged of (i.e. from a ctrl-alt-f1 console), but that really didn't seem to work.I'd prefer not to copy to external hard drive and re-install fresh. However, I'm using KDE now for stability, as neither gnome nor unity will run well.

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Ubuntu :: Setting Window To Be Always On Top In Unity?

May 2, 2011

Is it possible to do this? I can't seem to find the option anywhere.

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