OpenSUSE :: KDE Tends To Freeze Momentarily After Closing A Window - Pressing A Button

Sep 29, 2010

KDE tends to freeze momentarily after performing some tasks, like closing a window, pressing a button that should result in an option pane being popped, or simply trying to drag a window around the desktop. It doesn't happen every single time, but it's very persistently. I first noticed that the mouse would freeze sometimes when I do something like close a window and it takes 3~4 seconds for me to get control back, and for the task that I requested (close a window for instance) to be carried out.

During this time, I notice that all of KDE freezes up because my binary clock widget freezes as well. Is this a known problem with KDE? Can somebody give me some advice as to what might be causing this behaviour? I recall having similar problems back when I first tried 11.0, but back then it was so bad that I ended up going with Gnome. Now KDE has me hooked again, except for this one niggling issue. If I can get this resolved, then I think I will finally have an absolutely stable linux desktop.


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General :: Disallow Closing Last Emacs Window Via Window-Manager Close Button

Jul 8, 2011

I like to start Emacs as part of a login script and leave it running for the duration of my login session (which is typically weeks).

I have scripts to call emacs-client which will allow me to use a file-manager or Windows Explorer to locate files and right-click to edit them in Emacs.

I often end up with a lot of emacs windows (frames) open and I like to just be able to close them by clicking on the MS-Windows or KDE X button at the top-right.

The trouble is, if the window is the last one, this will shut down emacs which will lose all kinds of interesting history information.

As a work-around I use C-x 5 0 which won't let me close the last frame but this is often not as convenient as using the mouse

Does anyone know how to configure Emacs so that it can intercept the Window-Close button of the last frame to either request confirmation or simply disallow it?

On MS-Windows, disallowing closing of the last window may cause logoff to hang if emacs is still running but I'm not too worried about that.

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OpenSUSE Network :: X Button For Closing A Tab Doesn't Work?

Aug 24, 2011

just downloaded Chromium, but the x button for closing a tab doesn't work. How can i fix it?

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OpenSUSE Install :: OpenSUSE 11.4 Delayed Shutdown While Pressing The Shutdown Button?

Mar 12, 2011

I did a live upgrade from 11.3 KDE and observe a following issue.When I press the shutdown button on the laptop it initiates the shutdown and shuts down fine but after a significant delay of time (something like 30 seconds). When I click the shutdown button in KDE it initiates the shutdown instantly. This was not the case in 11.3 where the shutdown worked the same regardless of the method that triggered it

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General :: PC Did Not Boot After Pressing Reset Button?

Feb 3, 2011

i tried resetting my linux based PC and it did not come up thereafter. i power off and on the PC, yet it did not come on. i assistance in resolving this problem.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Responding After 2sec Of Pressing A Button?

Jan 17, 2010

Yesterday night everything was normal until I rebooted to Fedora. This morning I switched back to Kubuntu 9.04 and the keyboard had a strange behaviour. Every button needs to be pressed ~2 sec. in order the letter to show up. And that happens in every application (shell, firefox, etc). I tried to upgrade to 9.10 hoping that it will return to defaults but the problem persist. Please help solve this issue, my work is hanging and all the programs I'm using at the moment are installed on my Ubuntu partition.

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Ubuntu :: Didn't Get Close On Pressing Shut Down Button

Feb 2, 2011

I am having problem in shut down.Sometimes my didnot get close on pressing shut down button.A black screen appears and two leds of keyboard continously blinks.

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Ubuntu :: Gloobus Preview Closes On Pressing Preferences Button?

May 26, 2010

I just installed Nautilus Elementary and Gloobus Preview, and am having a problem with Gloobus Preview. At first, when I pressed the gear icon, the menu would come down. Then, I changed toggled the preferences so that Gloobus Preview would quit when it lost focus, and so that it would always be on top. Now, whenever I click the gear, Gloobus Preview shuts down. I ran it from the terminal, and nothing abnormal happens when it quits from a gear press. Could it be something about the close button position being goofed up? I don't think so, because the expand picture button also makes it quit. It's weird, though, because the open in application button on Gloobus Preview doesn't "crash" it. It opens up in the Image Viewer. I tried modifying the preferences in /usr/bin, but that didn't do anything. Purging and reinstalling also does nothing.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Boot After Pressing Reset Button Due To Wine App Hangup

Mar 26, 2010

I am working as system administrator for the past 5 years, but only on Windows XP systems, I recently moved to Linux, frankly speaking a few days ago, and i got many problems with it. may be as i am a beginner. My Problem started with Ubuntu 9.04 amd 64 and now with 10.04 beta.

The main problem I installed the wine (I am aware that wine is not compatible with all softwares of microsoft) and Installed microsoft office 2007 and it installed successfully but after installation when I launched Microsoft Excel it got hanged (only the Microsoft excel) and loading logo stood on top of all applications, then I decided to restart and pressed the restart button from menu on the right top. but there was no further response, then I pressed the reset button after waiting for 3-4 minutes to get rid of that logo of Microsoft in the center of my screen.

Now, when the Ubuntu was booting, Text arrives and disappears fast saying dev/file system has errors the logo of Ubuntu 10.04 and dots of loading at the bottom arrived and text written in the bottom of that "on of the drives needs to be checked, please wait it may take some time" Press 'C' to cancel disk check up. Now, its checking for a long time maybe for 30 minutes and the bottom text disappears and the loading Ubuntu 10.04 logo still remains and nothing happening after that.

I Pressed alt+crtl+del 2 times, it restarts saying that saving some alsa process, then again the same thing after restart. If I press C, it displays in the bottom of Ubuntu 10.04 logo "/File system has errors" and the loading screen remains like that. Now what is the solution and what are the precautions to be taken while using Ubuntu, as I was interested in introducing Ubuntu to marketing managers of offices, who wonder on the Internet all the time finding stuff and getting attacked by viruses. If this type of problems continue in Ubuntu, it will not be safer to use it, as if it wont boot during sudden power failures, that could result in a big problem.

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Ubuntu :: Pressing The Reload Button In Synaptic Is That Of Language-pack-gnome-en?

Jul 16, 2010

I stucked on a weired problem in Lucid, I am trying to install a recent update i got while pressing the Reload button in synaptic is that of language-pack-gnome-en. It is not installing and saying this message :

Depends: language-pack-gnome-en-base but it is not going to be installed
Depends: language-pack-en-base (>=1:10.04+20100714) but 1:10.04+20100422 is to be installed

And when i am trying to install language-pack-gnome-en the following error is coming:

Quote: language-pack-gnome-en-base: Depends: language-pack-gnome-en but it is not going to be installed.

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Software :: Save An LQ Page After Pressing Button 'Click Here To Find Similar Threads"

Jun 20, 2010

linux kernel 2.6, GNU, slackware 12.0
KDE 3.5.7

When I click it, a window opens but I loose the menu bar. I click on a post in this window, and the same happens. So, if I want to save the page, I have no way to do it.

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Ubuntu :: Closing Laptop Cover Causes Freeze On Opening?

Nov 21, 2010

I recently upgraded my laptop from Lucid to Meerkat 10.10. Everything was fine until I closed my laptop cover. In "suspend" , I can't come back. I get a black screen with a frozen cursor, and I have to reboot. Not a good situation with a laptop. Is there anything I can do? I prefer Meerkat to Lucid for my laptop except for this one area.

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OpenSUSE :: System Momentarily Hangs For A Few Seconds?

Nov 23, 2010

I had a problem where my system momentarily hanged for a few seconds. Sometimes when opened a window like Dolphin or when I made a window full screen, sometimes when clicking on the screen while watching a DVD or sometimes when I clicked on a button it just froze for a few seconds and responded.

I have fixed the problem by disabling "Processor Power Managament" in the Bios.

this happenend on my desktop computer. See specs in my signature

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Ubuntu :: Touchpad Stops Working After Pressing The Touchpad Toggle Button

May 7, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS. My laptop is an HP Pavilion TX1210AU (TX1000 series). After disabling the touchpad using the toggle button and reenabling it again, it stopped working. I tried restarting my laptop and the mouse worked again only up to the Login Screen. After logging in to my account, the mouse froze again. I tried making a new account and tried logging into it (I'm using it now) and it's now fixed. Does Ubuntu change any user settings everytime the touchpad toggle (on/off) button is switched? Maybe I could just reenable it myself.

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Fedora Networking :: Doesn't Work After Turned Off Wireless By Pressing A Wireless Button On Laptop?

May 19, 2011

Recently I have installed Fedora 14 on my other laptop. It's a dual boot with Windows 7. Everything worked perfectly fine, networking included, until my friend didn't accidently turned off the wireless by pressing a wireless button on the laptop. Since then the wireless on Fedora doesn't work. It does on Windows thought. I've tried restarting the laptop few times, but the wireless still doesn't want to work again.

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Ubuntu :: The "Close" Button From Window Button Applet In Panel Has Vanished

Feb 3, 2011

i was so happy using the window buttons applet in gnome panel. it was working fine in maximize window , now suddenly i find the close button has vanished i tried to remove and re install, changed theme and all the jugglery within my limits... have absolutely no idea what went wrong, any clue ? to get back the "CLOSE" button ? its funny with just the minimize and restore button visible in maximised mode... its the close button i use most in maximise mode

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General :: X Freezes When Closing Window ?

Mar 8, 2010

Since the incedent described in this thread:[url]

X just freezes whenever I close a window, I have to kill X when that happens. For some reason it doesn't do that in TWM, though.

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CentOS 5 :: Crash When Closing A Window?

Jul 3, 2009

I am using CentOS5.2 and gnome 2.16, sometimes (not very often) when I open something and close it by clicking the CROSS on the top-right corner. The application crash and I lose all control (no keyboard anymore), I have to reboot the system by reset the machine. What's going on?

Yesterday, when I logon as root and run service setup, after I uncheck a sevice in the list and then start it, I click the CROSS on the top-right corner of the window, it popup a window (in the background) to ask me to save it or not, but then I total lose the control, no mouse, no keyboard. I try to reset the machine many times, but everytime when I repeat the same operation, it crash again. Seems that if I don't close it, everything would be fine!!!!

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Fedora :: Prevent Accidental Closing Of A Window

Jul 12, 2009

I am running a program in gnome-terminal window (using metacity window manager) which will take many hrs to complete.

I was wondering if there is some way to "lock" that window, so that accidental closing of that window is prevented.

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Ubuntu :: Closing A Nautilus Window Instance ?

Apr 18, 2010

Is there a way to identify and close a given instance of an open nautilus window from a command line?

Or can one identify via a command line that a given instance is open?

I'd like to tag one when it is open with a specific title and then if that is already open not open it again all from the command line.

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Ubuntu :: Closing A Window With A Fire Effect ?

Aug 4, 2010

So far so good on the compiz effects but I couldn't figure out the fire effect when you close a window in compiz.

I looked everything in the compiz fusion menu but still couldn't find that effect out.. I have every plug-ins I believe in the compiz)

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Window Effects - Minimizing - Closing

Dec 10, 2010

I've been running Ubuntu on my laptop for a couple months now and I've been using compiz settings manager. For some reason I can't seem to get the window effects for minimizing, closing, etc. to work. I have followed a few tutorials and nothing seems to make any difference. As far as I can tell, that is the only thing in compiz that is not working. I am running Ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu :: Can't See Any Closing ,Minimize,Maximization Buttons On Any Window?

Mar 14, 2011

I cant see any closing ,Minimize,Maximization buttons on any window I had replaced my monitor with other crt am closing by using alt f4 and from file quit now

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Debian :: How To Avoid Closing Console - Bash Script - Window

Jul 30, 2011

I have a bash script and I'm dropping a file on script launcher shortcut. Everything seems fine, only that after executing the script console window closes, so I can't see if some messages were produced during execution.

As I just recently switched from Windows, this kind of problem is solved there by adding 'pause' command in batch script, on which user has to press key and script will then continue (finish) or by launching through 'cmd /k' which makes console window persistent.

Googling I found about 'sleep' command and more appropriate for me 'read' command, so I did this:

Unfortunately, I can't see any effect of 'read' command as console windows again terminates after execution. Execution is successful BTW. So what's the catch?

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Ubuntu :: Closing Internet Window - Lost Minimize Maximise ?

Feb 11, 2011

I seem to have lost the closewindow cross from my browser tool bar (which is hugely annoying!) - how do I get it back please?

Ive also lost minimize maximise

if I hit F11 then push the mouse off the top of the screen the whole window moves up and I can see minimize/maximixe/close then.

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General :: Closing The Section Headings Window On The Left Of The Xpdf Screen?

May 24, 2011

When I open a pdf file (e.g., beamer file) using xpdf, there's an annoying window on the left displaying section headings. Presumably it's possible to close it, ideally toggle it closed and open with a key binding, but I can't find out how to do this.

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Ubuntu :: Closing 3 Window Bars - Dont Have The Minimize Maximize Or Close Buttons

May 20, 2010

So I have these three bars that I suppose are some kind of left over fragment of windows I had up the last time I rebooted. Anyhow, whenever I boot now, these three bars show on my desktop, and I cant get rid of them, they dont have the minimize, maximize or close buttons. Yet when I click the, "show desktop" buttom, they then minimize. HOwever, they don't show up on my window list. I've tried restarting my xsession and that didnt work, I've restarted nautilus that didn't work, I cant right click on them, I already tried xkill and force quite and that doesnt work. They're just always there.

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Ubuntu :: Process (including Boot, Shutdown, Download, Open Programs, Etc) Is Freeze Until Move The Mouse Or Hit Any Button?

Nov 26, 2010

1) Any process (including boot, shutdown, download, open programs, etc) is freeze (don't have any progress) until I move the mouse or hit any button, so for install and use my ubuntu I have to keep moving my mouse and as you imagine is VERY TIRED.2) I get some general freeze on random times, neither the mouse, keyboard or process move, I notice that if I unplug power it unfreze, and I can work for some time.This 2 problems annoy me a lot, and I suspect is a problem related to my Netbook Model, I read about someone that has the same problem but no solution there.

This is what I did:I Try Ubuntu loading from my USB memory (1GB), run very good but with the 2 problems, but I thought it can be resolved installing.I installed along side with W7, couldn't boot Ubuntu, so I configured GRUB2 and it could enter now, but if I don't press **** after selecting Ubuntu it give me the BusyBox, and then the same 2 problems.I get rid of my W7 and did a Full Install on my 160GB HDD, hoping it can work fine, but no.I install all updates and no effect on that.

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Ubuntu :: Button Placement On The Top Of The Window?

Mar 26, 2011

I want the three buttons on the top of the window to be on the right side, but every time I go to another theme they get switched over to the left again.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Use The Play Button In The Window

May 5, 2010

i have just installed 10.04 64 bit onto my computer.I then used the command sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras to install adobe flash it seemed to work untill i went to use the play button in the window.It will not allow me to use the buttons in the window to play or pause etc,i tried to use a different site ( requires flash and all works well until i try to select a chapter or launch anything.I am at a loss some one told me it might be a javascript problem in firefox is this tru i have to read my cisco chapters and i cant afford windows and i like this ubuntu release.

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