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OpenSUSE Install :: Wrong Digest Errors Using Packman Repo?

Trying to clean up my system having removed some factory repos so now I have the standard 4, update, oss, non-oss & packman. When updating and switchine to packman I get many Wrong Digest errors and when downloading many NO KEY messages.

What is the significance of the no key message. How can I renew keys from repo sites and what should I do about the Wrong Digest warnings?

View 2 Replies (Posted: 20-Oct-2010 17:38)

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OpenSUSE Install :: Repo Packman, Errors Updating For 11.1?
im trying to do a zypper update for opensuse 11.1 and i get an error from the packman (essentials) repo,

it says that i can't find ./i586/libgupnp-1_0-3-0.13.0-3.2.i586.rpm in Index of /pub/linux/misc/packman/suse/11.1/Essentials

but I've checked and It IS there.I paste the complete error below.


Posted: 08-Jun-2011 05:09

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OpenSUSE Install :: Adding A PackMan Repo?
Tried about every repo, listed on Additional package repositories - openSUSE but all give the same permission denied problem on some repom.xml and fail to add the repo.I want to install lame, on suse 11.0.

Posted: 02-Mar-2010 12:40

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OpenSUSE Install :: How Do I Add Packman Repository As One Repo
Okay I finally decided to install openSUSE and I have a few questions. First and biggest, how do I add the packman repository as one repo? and will doing so add tumbleweed?

Posted: 05-Apr-2011 17:41

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OpenSUSE :: Packman Repo Suggests To Install Packages?
I'm new to opensuse, just installed 11.2 and added the packman repository to the software repositories list, and now when i open the yast software manager there are about a dozen selected packages to install, mostly related to multimedia like ffmpeg ,faac,faad and python-beanutils. I didn't want that, why does it happen? and how can i disable it?

Posted: 10-Apr-2010 18:58

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OpenSUSE Install :: Unable To Refresh Packman Or Video Lan Repo?
With zypper refresh I get this Repository 'openSUSE-11.4-Debug' is up to date. Repository 'openSUSE-11.4-Non-Oss' is up to date. Repository 'openSUSE-11.4-Oss' is up to date. Repository 'openSUSE-11.4-Update' is up to date. Retrieving repository 'libdvdcss' metadata [error] Repository 'libdvdcss' is invalid. Download (curl) error for '': Error code: Connection failed Error message: Couldn't resolve host '' Retrieving repository 'packman' metadata [error] Repository 'packman' is invalid. Download (curl) error for '': Error code: Connection failed Error message: Couldn't resolve host ''

I was able to add other repos and install applications and upgrades (new install Gnome 11.4 64 bit on friends laptop), and Packman and Video lan are the only repos I can't refresh, any ideas?

Posted: 02-Sep-2011 15:56

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11 On Vmware - Getting Media "wrong Digest" - Oryginal Dvds
I have problem installing Suse on vmware, after checking media i got "wrong digest" even if i try to skip this i got md5 checksums errors. The best I use DVD' SLED 11 and SLES 11 from course i was some time ago
(in both the same error). I thought maybe something wrong with my dvd in laptop (GSA-4082N) but i tried on my old PC with same result.

Posted: 24-Apr-2011 06:50

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 Update "wrong Digest"?
I'm updating a newly installed openSUSE 11.2 64bit and in the process the checksum of a delta package called "yast2-ncurses" fails. The rest of the update went without warning.Reading through the forums I found that I should check the installation media and I did - the dvd contains no errors. The list of repositories is the default one with the dvd turned off.

Posted: 18-May-2010 00:46

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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Add Packman Repo?
well i did a fresh install of opensuse 11.2 64 bit i was trying to install the nvidia repo and packman repo.usually i get this by adding them form community repo's from repo management.but today i am unable to add them. i did not get those repos in the list there.whats might be the problem??

Posted: 13-Feb-2010 21:43

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OpenSUSE :: Making An Offline Packman Repo?
I'd like to make a local repo of Packman openSUSE 11.2 x86_64 repo. Should I download all of the following folders? And what will be an approximate size of this download?

[DIR]i586/19-Feb-2010 12:25 -
[DIR]noarch/ 18-Feb-2010 22:18 -
[DIR]nosrc/ 29-Oct-2009 19:44 -
[DIR]repodata/ 19-Feb-2010 12:32 -
[DIR]src/ 19-Feb-2010 12:25 -
[DIR]suse/ 29-Oct-2009 19:53 -
[DIR]x86_64/ 19-Feb-2010 12:25 -

Posted: 19-Feb-2010 05:15

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OpenSUSE :: RPM Warning Installing From Packman Repo?
I've just done a clean install of OS 11.2 x86_64, KDE 4.3.1, and got the following message from RPM while installing multimedia support files from Packman using zypper on the command line:

warning: /var/cache/zypp/packages/ Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 9a795806 Similar messages were coming up while installing other packages through Yast, and I'm wondering what the issue is. All of the messages were about the "key ID" at the end of the example line. (Everything is working so I'm not sure if this is a problem or not.)

Posted: 28-Nov-2009 14:05

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Missing Programs In Packman Repo?
There are some programs that are missing in the packman repo for openSUSE 11.4 these are:



Posted: 14-Jul-2011 14:50

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OpenSUSE :: Software Manager Stalls On Downloading Packman Repo?
I am having a problem downloading the I get an error: failed to establish connection, connection timed out. I cannot get any updates at all.

Posted: 25-Sep-2010 11:29

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OpenSUSE :: Packman's Opensuse 11.3 Repo Change?
This has been happening for about a week. When I run the updater applet (or when it runs on its own), I get the error: PackageKit Error repo-not-available: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium [URL]..

Posted: 16-May-2011 10:28

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OpenSUSE :: Zypper Warning Message For The Packman Repo "NO KEY"?
been noticing this error when tryiing to iinstall any package from the packman repo:
(Running suse 11.3_x64)"Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 9a795806: NOKEY" (of course heach ID is different according to each lib)my /repos.d/ look like this:

linux-l0y2:/etc/zypp/repos.d # ls -l
total 32
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 187 Sep 25 19:28 Updates for openSUSE 11.3 11.3-1.82.repo


Posted: 30-Sep-2010 16:10

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Ubuntu Servers :: Postfix + Dspam Wrong Path For Digest Files
I am struggling to get dspam to work properly.

I have follow the instructions [URL] to the letter but when I send spam/ham to the address I see a problem in the logs.

The problem appears to be that when dspam filters the mail it stores the digests in:


But when it tries to find the digests to add them to the spam/ham database it looks in:


But I can not find anywhere in the config that controls this.

As I followed the instructions on the ubuntu forums I can not be the first person to see this problem.



Apr 7 22:27:02 rat postfix/smtpd[19662]: connect from localhost[]
Apr 7 22:27:02 rat postfix/smtpd[19662]: EAC8AE0B6A: client=localhost[]
Apr 7 22:27:03 rat postfix/cleanup[19659]: EAC8AE0B6A: message-id=<>


Posted: April 7th, 2010

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OpenSUSE :: Install Mplayer For 11.3 X86_64 - The 1 Click Install From Packman Is Not Working
How can I install Mplayer for openSUSE 11.3 x86_64 The 1 click install from packman is not working and the download install is asking for but llibopencore-amrnb0(x86-64) = is installed

Posted: 02-Aug-2010 12:00

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OpenSUSE Install :: PAckman Mozillia And Other Repositories Disappear?
I recently download the new 11.3 suse. I Install from the cd, and choose the update option to make it all auto-.Now I Found out that I have no Mozilla repository, Packman repository, OpenOffice one, as well as others. Then I go the repositories packages screen that repositories aren't displayed. Where can I found them ?What's new on this website that take those repositories apart ?

Posted: 19-Jul-2010 07:06

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OpenSUSE Install :: Trying To Install Packman
am running suse 11.2, trying to install packman repo.but when i open software repositories then the software manager comes up i select specify url, then add packman then the url to packman i get an error that the url is wrong. what is the right url to packman. the one i found and was using is "http://packman.mirrors.skynet" is this right or wrong?

Posted: 06-Jun-2010 11:30

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Software :: Unable To Install Digest-SHA1?
I am trying to install bugzila on CentOS release 5.5. In that process I have to install perl package Digest::SHA. I did it through yum (Doesnt seems to be recognized by cpan and bugzila)

1. yum install perl-Digest-SHA
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
* addons:
* base:


I am not sure why cpan and bugzila are not recognizing the module and where is the mistake. I am unable to interpret why make file is having problem in cpan Can any one throw some light on what exactly is going wrong with my install

Posted: 12-21-2010, 08:55 AM

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CentOS 5 :: Create Repo And Wrong Path In Primary.xml.gz?
I want to set up an installation server for CentOS 5.5, using PXE for boot, kickstart for package selection (one for server), and NFS for share all files needed.I've succesfully completed a fresh installation of CentOS5 from the DVD for one of my servers (virgil), and I've copied the anaconda-ks.cfg generated by the installer to my install server (beatrix).

Next, I've properly configured the /etc/dhcpd.conf , the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/<IP_CODED> and the /etc/exports for NFS sharing on beatrix.Then, I've copied all the first DVD of CentOS5 content in this folder on beatrix: /opt/CentOS_install I've tried to start virgil from ethernet, and all has gone ok, with the kickstart and so on! But I've decided to apply the updates (new kernel, sudo, xorg, ...), so I've deleted the old rpms from /opt/CentOS_install/CentOS and copied the new ones (downloaded from So, I've launched the following commands to recreate the repodata:

root@beatrix:/opt/CentOS_install/ # mv repodata/comps.xml CentOS/
root@beatrix:/opt/CentOS_install/ # rm -fr repodata
root@beatrix:/opt/CentOS_install/ # createrepo -p -o /opt/CentOS_install/ -g comps.xml /opt/CentOS_install/CentOS

But when I try to reinstall virgil, an error message appears, telling me that a package (perl-DBI-...) isn't present in the media.After some debugging, I've noticed that in the /opt/CentOS_install/repodata/primary.xml.gz there isn't the correct path for the rpms. If you look at the original primary.xml, the "path" is like:path="CentOS/abcxyz.rpm" while in the generated file (with createrepo) the path is:

path="abcxyz.rpm".How can I recreate the repodata with the correct path information?

Posted: 2010/5/24 19:08

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.4 Zypper Digest Verification Failed
I recently reinstalled my workstation from OpenSuse 11.2 to 11.4. After the installation, I found that I could not run zypper anymore. A few things to note first.

- OpenSuse 11.4 x64 - behind corporate firewall (which worked fine with zypper as long as a proxy was configured with previous versions

- used that ZYPP_ARIA=0 variable previously to help). - proxies configured in /etc/sysconfig/proxy. - all other network utilities I normally use (browser, ssh) all work fine. - I have removed all repositories and added them again several times. I have also done "zypper clean" several times not that I would expect that to be better than removing and re-adding the repositories. When I attempt to run "zypper ref" or "zypper in foo" I get the following:


If I manually use wget to grab the package and either run it directly or insert it into the /var/cache/zypp tree (replacing the metalink version zypper complains about) it always works and gives me the right file.....

Posted: 17-May-2011 18:47

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OpenSUSE Install :: Upgraded From 11.2 To 11.4 - Switching Systems Packages To PACKMAN Packages
I just upgraded from 11.2 to 11.4 and the installation/upgrade worked just perfect. I than followed the instructions in the "New User How To/FAQ", "Multimedia and restricted format" post. I was following the instruction in the 11.4 section. I added the additional repositories as explained. I then was on the section where it talks about going into software management and selecting the "Packman" repository and clicking to "switch systems packages" to the versions in this repository (packman). I than click this link and the "warning" screen appears and I am present with conflict resolution after conflict resolution dialog. It just seems that there are some many conflicts, it just seems wrong and I canceled.

The installation/upgrade appears to have worked just fine. My mail is there, audio and dvd play back worked the first try after the upgrade. I am not clear if this is what I should expect or their is something wrong or if I even need to complete this step for a successfully installation.

Posted: 31-Aug-2011 19:13

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Fedora Installation :: Updates After Install And Repo Lists / Saying Repo Not Found?
i'm attempting to know and understand fedora more and i will spend probably the next month pouring through all the forums and documents to answer more of my own questions. but there's quite a bit here, so i'd thought i'd ask some noob questions to get me started a little.

ive installed fedora 14 64bit and chosen only kde as the desktop. i selected an extra 2 repos besides the default, fedora 14 -x86_64 and fedora 14-x86_64 -updates. i believe this kernel is installed:

1. i can only see the 2 extra repo's as being "checked" in kpackagekit, shouldn't i see the default repo also ?

2. i dont have an applet in the system tray indicating the system is up to date, does fedora have this by default ? also after a clean install i ran yum check-update and yum update but the message sayes: "no packages marked for update". i'm not sure if the system is auto-updated during install or not, but with other distros iv tried there is always atleast a few updates needing to be done after install.

3. is kpackagekit the fedora gui package manager ? i dont see any others.

4. i want to upgrade to nvidia drivers, but i think i am missing a non-free repo or something. when i enter: yum install kmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686 xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.x86_64 i get messages stating "no package" i get the same message with yum install nvidia-settings.i also tried this: LANG=C yum --enablerepo=rpmfusion-nonfree info akmod-nvidia but it sayes repo not found.

Posted: 26th March 2011, 07:21 PM

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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4.4 And Updates Repo / Add The KDE Factory Repo To Get Update?
Will KDE4.4 eventually move into the 11.2 updates or do I have to add the KDE Factory repo to get this update?

Posted: 05-Apr-2010 13:06

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