General :: Bash - Using Find Or Grep To Locate Filenames With Accented Characters From A Different Encoding System (Windows)

Dec 6, 2010

I tried to tag late onto a question similar to mine on stackoverflow (Find Non-UTF8 Filenames on Linux File System) to elicit further replies, with no luck so far, so here goes again... I have the same problem as the OP in the link above and convmv is a great tool to fix one's own filesystem. My question is therefore academic, but I find it unsatisfactory (in fact I can't believe) that 'find' is not able to find non standard ascii characters.

Is there anyone out there that would know what combination of options to use to find filenames that contain non standard characters on what seems to be a unicode FS, in my case the characters seem to be 8bits extended ascii rather than unicode, the files come from a Windows machine (iso-8859-1) and I regularly need to fetch them. I'd love to see how find and/or grep can do the same as convmv.


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General :: Regex - Using Find To Locate Filenames Before A Certain Date?

Jul 11, 2011

I have a ton of files that are timestamped directories. These all look like2011-06-24_13.53.36 // a directory name for june 24th, 1:53:36 pmI have thousands of these directories. I want to do operations on some of the older ones. Let's say I give it a string for date time that matches that exact format, like i'll give it2011-06-25_00.00.00 // june 25th, 12amI want to find all the directories BEFORE my time. So if i give the string for 12am on june 25th, i want to find all the directories before then.If not i can find EVERY directory i have like this and then filter after wards. The created/modified dates are not tied to the actual timestamp im looking for (that would make this easier)

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Software :: Any SCP Client (on Windows/Cygwin) Support UTF-8 Encoding Of Filenames?

Dec 27, 2010

Any SCP client (on Windows/Cygwin) support UTF-8 encoding of filenames?

WinSCP does not support UTF-8 encoding with SCP protocol but with SFTP.

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Slackware :: Neither Grep Nor Locate Find Khelper - What Does It Do

Jun 21, 2011

Kernel, Slackware 12.0

Just after the booting process is finished, running ps I get this:


As you can see, there are a lot of names beginning with the letter 'k'. Are these processes needed for the GUI to be fully functional when it is run (X Window System + WM + Xfce4)? And can I setup the system such that they're never run?

The reason for this question is that I am testing some programs and need the CPU to have as little time stolen as possible.

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General :: Bash Script: Find, Grep If And Else Programing?

Oct 20, 2010

I am bussy with a litle bash script but i have now a problem.I have a file on the server with every time different text.Somewere in this text the is the following line:PHP Code:<BR><DIV CLASS='itemTotalsTitle'>2 Matching Service Entries Displayed</DIV> I want to make a bash script that replace this line when it says:"0 Matching Service Entries Displayed"To a other text like:"There a no knowing problem(s) on this moment."]If there is a other number than "0" than replace this line with:2 problems have been found on this moment, whe are bussy to fix this problem

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Fedora :: Cannot Type Accented Characters In KDE

Jun 22, 2011

After some update, I cannot type accented characters in any KDE app. I'm using a spanish keyboard and I have checked that the system keyboard layout is set correctly. If I try to type a character like what I get instead is a "a".Non KDE apps work fine. Can it be a IBus related problem? By the way, I'm using IBus

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Software :: Captioning Of Accented Characters

Mar 11, 2011

I am using a BTTV device. bt878 to be precise to watch TV on my ubuntu. I am using ntsc-cc to dump all VBI captioning on my terminal yet I notice for all accented characters they are mapped to something else.Yet if viewed under tvtime all those accented characters just simply got replaced by blanks.

I have chosen fr locale hoping to correct the situation but it changes nothing. Does anyone have any insight into this behaviour? Is there anyway to display the right character set?

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Fedora :: Use Accented Characters In The Headers That Get Stuck?

Sep 20, 2010

I am having problems with using the evolution-mapi connector evolution-mapi-0.30.3-1.fc13.x86_64. Certain emails get stuck in the Outbox and return the message "Couldn't send message". I think that it is emails that use accented characters in the headers that get stuck, but these are near unavoidable in the environment I work in. Actually, I used davmail for several months, but after a change in the local proxy, I can't get it to work anymore.)

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Slackware :: Accented Characters In Minimal Desktop?

Apr 10, 2010

I am running Slackware64 v13.0 with XMonad as my window manager and dzen2 as my status bar. Sometimes I do my Spanish homework on this computer, and I would like to know the best way to get accented characters and other symbols. Normally, in desktop environments or proprietary OSs, there is a window I can open to select certain special characters. I don't have any of that on this system, and I need to know if there is a simple, minimal program that displays special characters like this or if there is another way to use them easily. I would prefer something light and without many dependencies (just because I prefer simpler software), but I'm open to other solutions if something like this is not available.

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Fedora :: Unable To Enter Accented Characters On Any Application

Feb 16, 2010

Since Feb 12, I am unable to enter accented characters on any application. I have a Spanish (Latin American) keyboard, where I have to press the accent key and then the vowel I want to have an accent. What happens is this: I press the diacritic key, and then the vowel, but NOTHING appears. Exceptionally, Java apps (eg. Netbeans) show a square with a question mark inside: Something else is strange. Normally, if you press the accent key twice, the diacritic appears by itself, ie. (I copy-pasted that). So, this works for the following accents: But not for these: The letters show fine on my machine, eg. in Nautilus, in Firefox; I am just unable to type them. There were some updates done by yum on the day this started happening, but I have no idea if that's the cause of all this... I tried undoing the update transaction but it failed.

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Ubuntu :: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts For Few Accented Characters

Aug 29, 2010

In Welsh, we have a variety of accented characters - 56 with diacritic marks. Most are fairly rare, and accessing them via the Character Map is not really a problem, although it does slow down typing.There is a superb utility, provided free, which works on Windows systems only, and which maps the commonest accented characters.

I am recycling old PCs, installing Ubuntu, and distributing them in a predominantly Welsh-speaking area, and would love to be able to set up the same pattern of keyboard shortcuts for users.I have looked at using the COMPOSE key, but that means up to 6 keystrokes. I have also looked at keyboard preferences, bindings, custom layouts etc, but feel a little bit out of my depth. It doesn't appear as if there is a simple solution to this. A bit of time asking around and using search engines would appear to indicate that nobody has cracked this problem for Ubuntu.

Naerly all users will have UK keyboards, and being bilingual will be content with that.Is there a simple way of adding the extra characters, via the keystrokes described, for i386 systems running Ubuntu 10.04, system-wide, in all applications, for all users?

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Fedora :: Typing Accented Characters For Latex Directly In Emacs

Jul 28, 2010

What I want is to be able to type something like "camin" (with the accented ") in Emacs, and get it to work after latexing it. An alternative would be to type "cami'on", but the first alternative would be much better.
After googling it seems that this (or at least the second option) should be possible with not much hassle, but I just can't get it to work (maybe because I haven't got much sleep last week).

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Software :: Bash - Rename Filenames With Corresponding Filenames?

Dec 1, 2009

I got a filename called like this:


It's like this:


Now Im splitting these hourly files into 1 minute files. I get then this output sofar properly:

and so on....

the 00, 01, 02 and up are the minutes it has splitted it. Now I need a script, after it did this, to rename the file names into this:


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General :: GREP - Search Special Characters

Feb 10, 2010

I need to search for the following pattern with GREP in a text file:

So I tried already:

But none of those works...I think probably because GREP doens't like the special character > in the middle of the serach pattern.

At the end I just need to now if GREP found the pattern in the file or not, so it should give me a 0 or a 1 back, once I check the value of the variable "?" after using the grep command.

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General :: Grep Not Recognizing All The Meta-characters When Used With -e Option.

Oct 13, 2010

I was trying to use the grep command with -e option to test some regular expressions with it but to surprise not all the meta characters were being recognized by the grep engine, how ever egrep works perfectly fine.

For example : The following egrp command works fine:

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Programming :: Php Scripts Cant Locate Filenames With Spaces?

Apr 13, 2011

I have a fresh dedicated server that im currently configuring and needed a little help if I may ask.The problem is that i'm having a file naming issue. for example from the web I can access any file that does not have spaces of any type. ex/music/musicfile.mp3this works fine and my php script can locate itBut the problem is when I try to access a file that has spaces.ex/music/The Eagles - Hotel California.mp3my php script can't seem to locate any files like this with spaces but doesn't have a problem locating the files with no spaces.

I also took a look at the directory within shell. I did notice that files that have spaces are showing up in this formatt in shell.#/home/~username/public_html/music/The Eagles - Hotel California.mp3In shell , i'm assuming that unix/linux maybe adds a backslash before spaces. But when I FTP to this same directoy, the filename look normal and at windows standard. how could I correctly access these types of files within my php scrits? or would I need to have all uploaded files renamed so that spaces are replaced with underscores maybe?

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General :: Bash Scripting - Removing Strings From MP3 Filenames

Oct 5, 2010

I've been surfing and searching the net quit a while now to make my own script, but I haven't been really successful ever since I want to make a script which can remove strings from my mp3 collection (file names).

For example:
101-bob_sinclar_feat_sean_paul-tik_tok_(radio_edit).mp3 --> bob_sinclar_feat_sean_paul-tik_tok_(radio_edit).mp3
10-Young Jeezy-Lose My Mind (78 Bpm) (Repack).mp3 --> young_jeezy-lose_my_mind.mp3

Now the problem is how can I remove the strings like:
101 & 10 (dynamic)
(%%% Bpm) (dynamic)
(Repack) (static)

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Ubuntu :: Bash Script - Removing Windows Return Characters

Sep 1, 2010

I've got a basic script, which parses data from a text file and performs actions based on that data. Here is my code:

while read SiteID
if [[ ! -d "$ddst${SiteID:0:1}" ]]
mkdir "$ddst${SiteID:0:1}"
mv "$dsrc${SiteID:0:1}/${SiteID%*}" "$ddst${SiteID:0:1}/" | tr -d '
' done < sites.txt

The text file came from a windows system, and contains those return characters (). I 'could' just run the whole thing through tr and then run the script on the new data file, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution. As the code above shows, I'm trying to pipe the mv command though tr in order to remove the return character - but it's not working. I can't get this to work with sed either, so I know I'm doing something wrong. I also tried to remove it using ${SiteID%} - but that also failed. The characters don't show up in an echo, just when executing a command.

Output example (emphasis mine):
mv: cannot stat `/home/russellm/sites/B/B23467324
': No such file or directory
I'm tempted to just convert the file once and call it a day, but you know what it's like. To be honest, I'm starting to suspect that there are no return characters, and that I'm going about this wrong.

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General :: Appending File Extensions To Filenames In Bash Scripts?

May 18, 2010

Suppose I have a variable called filename which contains the name of a file but the name does not contain an extension.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Locate Encoding Profile For Mime-type?

Feb 7, 2010

I am trying to transfer extracted music files from a CD into Rhythm Box music library, and I get the response, "Unable to locate encoding profile for mime-type"

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Debian Configuration :: Bash Seems Messed Up - Use "locate" To Find Files

Aug 16, 2010

Forever I've been able to use "locate" to find files, but now it finds NOTHING at all and I have no clue why.. I tried apt-get install locate and it installed it, but it's not working in bash.

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General :: Find/grep/wc Command To Find Matching Files - Print Filename And Word Count?

Sep 11, 2009

I am trying to do a find/grep/wc command to find matching files, print the filename and then the word count of a specific pattern per file. Here is my best (non-working) attempt so far:

wc `find . ( -name "*.as" -o -name "*.mxml" ) -exec grep -H HeightResizableList {}` ;

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General :: Using Find Or Grep To Find A Group Of Text Strings?

Feb 28, 2011

I have used diff command in past.I faced a situation to which I did not had a cluehere are some text strings (which can be stored in a file)Quote:



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General :: Unable To Find Which Is Character Encoding Scheme Under /usr/share/X11/locale

Jan 4, 2010

I am trying to do Multi_key composition...But not able to find which is my character encoding scheme under /usr/share/X11/locale/ I have several direcotries under this folder...How can i come to kno which is my character encoding scheme..Any command for this ?

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General :: Grep A String Like "ab?c12345678" Where 3rd Character Is Unknown While Other Characters Are Known?

May 7, 2011

How to grep a string like "ab?c12345678" where 3rd character is unknown, while other characters are known.

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Programming :: Remove Characters From Grep Output?

Apr 14, 2010

How can I remove characters from grep output using sed? code...

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General :: Bash Prompt Loses Characters?

Apr 17, 2011

After writing a new prompt for Bash, I noticed that one character of my commands were being lost when it wrapped to the new line. Here is an image of the example (I typed 1234567890 over and over):

Here is my $PS1

[[e[0;90m]d [e[0m]] [[e[0;90m]$(/bin/ls -1 | /usr/bin/wc -l | /bin/sed 's: ::g') files, $(/usr/bin/du -sh | cut -f1)[e[0m]
[[e[0;36m]#[e[0m]] [e[0;95m]u[e[0;90m]@[e[1;92m]h[e[0m]: [e[1;34m]w [e[1;30m]$[e[0m] "

What have I done wrong?

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General :: Locate Directory And Change Permissions In Bash Script?

Aug 13, 2011

i am trying to write a script that does the following..1. checks if a directory exists2. changes permisssions of the directoryi have written a script but it returns a message to say that the specified directory does not exist (but it does).my question is how to i search the entire file system as directory could potenially be anywhere. would cd or su be of any use here.

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General :: Different Between 'locate' And 'find'?

Oct 14, 2010

Why there are two so similar command in Linux? and normally what are the circumstances to use each of them?

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General :: Setting Multiple Switches In Grep - Bash Script ?

Feb 21, 2010

I'm working on setting multiple switches in grep.

Here's an example of how to run my script:

would (should) produce the results of this:

Right now i have some code to catch the inputs, using a variable "z":




I'm almost positive that the problem is in the bolded line above (for one thing, it always leaves off the initial "-e"). So basically i want a string that gives me "-e input" and concatenates as many times as necessary.

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