General :: Get The Number Of Leap Seconds In Time ( Time_t)?

Mar 31, 2009

time() API gives the number of seconds since 1970 Jan 1st 00:00:00 without considering leap seconds. How to get the number of leap seconds which needs to be considered in the value returned by time()..(gmtime will convert time_t to struct tm* and considers leap seconds. I am trying to write an API which will do the same function as gmtime)

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General :: Unix Ps -l Priority Whoes One Number In Column "PRI" But In Same Time Ps -o Pri Shows Another Number?

May 21, 2011

Why does unix ps -l whows one number in column "PRI" but in same time ps -o pri shows another number? cpu and nice are zero for those processes

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General :: Calculate Local Time In Seconds?

Sep 3, 2010

I`m looking to calculate my Local Time in seconds from APOC - 1970.I found only - date +%s -> that display the UTC and not my Local Time.

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General :: Replace Time Format To Seconds?

Jun 30, 2011

I have log file in formatJun/26/2011 01:17:50 wireless ....Jun/26/2011 18:25:15 wireless ....Jun/26/2011 22:34:43 wireless ....I need to put this in format ( only seconds insted hours:minutes:secondes)Jun/26/2011 4670s wireless ....Jun/26/2011 66315s wireless ....Jun/26/2011 81283s wireless ....If i useawk -F: '{ print ($1 * 3600) + ($2 * 60) + $3 }' output iz only 4670,66315,81283....I try to use something likesed "s/ ([0-9][0-9]):([0-9][0-9]):([0-9][0-9] )/`awk -F: '{ print ($1 * 3600) + ($2 * 60) + $3 }'` /g"but doesn't work

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General :: Make Second Program Running With CPU Time Limit 2 Seconds?

May 16, 2011

Linux bash inline command to execute a program and limit the resource.As I know, to limit the resource I can use ulimit command.But, the problem is when I set the CPU time limit 1 second, and then I want to execute another program with CPU limit 2s, the ulimit command return an error like this: bash: ulimit: CPU time: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted and absolutely my program killed in 1 second.So, How can I make the second program running with the CPU time limit 2 seconds?

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Software :: Bash Script To Run Commands For Specified Number Of Seconds?

Dec 2, 2009

I want to make a very simple bash script to run a command for a user-specified number of seconds and then kill it. The purpose is to limit the amount of time the program runs.Example in pusedocode:

#$1 is the user input number of seconds


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Server :: Shell Command Which Allows To Have Number Of Requests/seconds Under Apache?

Jun 26, 2010

1-Can I have the shell command which allows me to have the number of reques ts/seconds under the Apache server?

2-And the number of sons threads in service/wait?

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Software :: Get The Current Time With Nano Seconds On A Box Using C++?

Jan 9, 2009

I need to know how to get the current time with nano seconds on a linux box using c++?

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Fedora :: Gnome-3 - How To Make The Time Display Seconds

Aug 2, 2011

Is there a way for the time at the top of the screen to display seconds as well as the date ?

My clock seems to be about :40 seconds off... before i upgraded from f-13 i had my time controlled by ntp(how to verify ntp is enabled) ? even with network time = yes, it seems to lag a little.

I figured out the network time. it is under a whole separate menu for some reason.

Is there a way to get weather/ temperature like in classic gnome ?

Rite now my clock reads: tue 3:50 pm...Is there a way i can make it read: tue, aug 20, 2011 3:50:45 pm

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot Time After Upgrading To 10.04 Is 29 Seconds?

May 4, 2010

I know this isnt normal for everyone but im getting a 29 to 30 second bootup on 10.04 from grub to login screen.. i installed boot up manager and disabled some of the things listed on a few recommendation pages on google where would i begin to figure this out? before i upgraded i was booting up at like 10 seconds tops..

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Taking Longer Time (90 Seconds) To Boot

Nov 7, 2010

My ubuntu(10.10) installation takes a relatively longer time (90 seconds) to boot. I think part of the problem might be related to an error message during boot related to usb drivers.
[2.717076] usb 4-1: new low speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 2
[3.244051] usb 4-2: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 3
[12.029046] /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed
I have attached the relevant part of dmesg output also.

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Ubuntu :: Every Time Play Any Video It's Forwarding Few Seconds Itself

Dec 4, 2010

i use Totem movie player every time i play any video it's forwarding a few seconds it self.

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Programming :: Perl: Turning A Seconds-since-the-epoch Number Into "X Days Ago" Or Similar?

Aug 26, 2010

Is there a perl module that will let me turn numbers into human readable measures of time? For example, 1280513294 would be "26 days ago". If so, what's its name?

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Ubuntu :: Unrepairable Thunderbird Installation - Freezes After 10 Seconds Every Time

Apr 28, 2010

I've been using Thunderbird 3.0.x for some time and found in it a good replacement of TheBat. However, few days ago, ubuntu being ubuntu crashed and since then, Thunderbird freezes after 10 seconds every time I try to start it, sending CPU usage through the roof. I have 8 imap accounts in it and my profile folder is ~2.8gb I tried purging the installation. I tried fsck on all partitions. Windows Thunderbird using the same profile folder works just fine.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Radeon Driver And ATI ES1000 - Flickers One Time Each 4 Of 5 Seconds

Apr 8, 2011

I upgraded a HP Proliant server to openSUSE 11.4 (X86-64) with KDE, and I'm encountering various graphical problems. This machine's been running SUSE versions since 11.0 on similar hardware with few major issues, and I did the 'upgrade' by a new install keeping only /home partition intact. This Server has 10GB memory. It has a PCI ATI ES1000 with 64MB and uses the radeon driver. It boots up fine under the monitor's correct resolution of 1600*1000, but

1) It flickers one time each 4 of 5 seconds
2) during works more and more memory is used : starting at 9% and going up to 51% after 20 minutes and I receive then allocation error in /var/log/messages


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Ubuntu :: Gparted-instant Crash After About 3 Seconds Of Grayed Out Screen Time

Nov 24, 2010

ive searched the forums and web for info on this but i am stumped.not unusual since i started to use linux.gparted crashes after about 3 seconds of grayed out is my terminal readout after entering sudo gparted command.tenza@tenza-desktop:~$ sudo gparted


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Ubuntu :: Connecting Wireless Using LEAP

May 10, 2010

I'm using ubuntu for about 3 years, and I update my machine each 6 months with the latest version. In the past, in order to be able to connect to IBM wireless network (LEAP) I had to enabled a restricted driver in the "System>Admin>Hardware Drivers" restricted drivers manager. I think it was Intrepid, or (Hardy), that since then the restricted driver to the wireless card is not appear in the restricted drivers manager. I'm using Thinkpad T60, Ubuntu 10.04, the Ethernet controller is Atheros Communications Inc. AR5212 802.11abg NIC (rev 01) (attached the output of lspci command) BTW - I have no problems connecting to regular wifi networks.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To The WPA2 LEAP Network

Apr 17, 2010

My college runs a WPA2 LEAP secured wireless network, and I am having problems connecting to it under Ubuntu. I can connect to it just fine under Windows, just not under Ubuntu. Under Ubuntu I can connect to other networks such as my home WEP secured wireless network, so it shouldn't be a hardware or driver issue.

When I do connect to the WPA2 LEAP network it recognizes the network and tries to connect, it pops up the login box for me to enter my username and password, but after I click connect it pops back up again about 10 seconds later. It pops up like this about 3 times total, then after the third time it stops trying to connect and the Wireless Network Disconnected message is shown.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Open Suse Asking For CD Number 1 All The Time

Dec 7, 2010

Trying to install on a: Dell Precision T3500 OpenSuse 11.3 keeps showing the following message:

"Make sure CD number 1 is in your drive"

I ordered the DVD from the OpenSuse site, so they ARE NOT burned copies. I also tried burning images, the same problem happens. No matter what I do, it does not go beyond this message.

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Ubuntu :: Orphaned Inodes (Each Time The Number Is Different) On EXT4

Dec 28, 2010

Each time I start my Ubuntu 10.10, I notice this messages in dmesg:


Each time the inode number is different. I made SMART tests on the disk, and all went fine. Do I have to worry? Could it be something related to a wrong shutdown? Update: I have just ran an fsck at boot, but when I logged in, the same orphan_cleanup was in dmesg.

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Ubuntu :: Making Leap - Will ATI HD5730 Graphics Card Be Supported

Nov 18, 2010

I can't believe you guys are on 10.10 Already that's amazing been so many changes since I last joined in 2007. I have a few questions regarding my new laptop and Ubuntu I was hoping to get answered before I make the switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 10.10 Small tidbit: Using 64x Ubuntu Question #1: Will my ATI HD5730 Graphics Card be Supported?

- When I say supported I also mean some of the features, I Currently use a 62" LCD 1080p HDTV as my Monitor using an HDMI Output to my Surround Sound Receiver. Will I still be able to do this? and will my 5.1 audio output still work? Noticed when I googled it some people were having troubles with 5730

Question #2: Is the Core i7 840qm Supported?

Question #3: Has any large scale break troughs happened with Ubuntu and Gaming? Back when it was Gusty and Hardy there was little high end game choice, wondering if that has made any progress?

Question #4: Have people had Success with Ubuntu and Dell Studio XPS?

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Hardware :: Mem - 'input Output Error On Sr0 Logical Block (a Large Number) After A Long Time The Booting Proceeds To A Point

Aug 29, 2010

I have been having a lot of trouble lately with installing from CD/DVD. The DVD reader/writer on this laptop is new. Nevertheless, trying to install Ubuntu onto an exernal HD, I get 'input output error on sr0 logical block (a large number) After a long time the booting proceeds to a point, but I never get the actual installation started, and have to shut down manually.

The CD is fine, says the Ubuntu-checker. I just installed using my sons laptop, and there was no trouble. Question: does this indicate a motherboard failure? A memory block damaged? Do you know of a diagnostic tool I can use to check the reading of a CD/DVD?

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General :: Change The Creation Time Of All A Folder's Files To The Current Time?

Jun 19, 2011

Under a Linux shell, how can I change the creation time of all a folder's files to the current time?

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General :: Change Time (Advanced Eastern Time) On Slackware 8.1?

Mar 24, 2010

I have a linux (Slackware) machine and the time/date is like, June 23rd 2003, 10:00am (It's 11 here) and I am not able to set the time to have it correct. I change the timezome to Montreal but the time is still wrong.

Is there a way to force it to sync with my domain controler or even another online NTP server?

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General :: Short A Time Can Time (system Program) Measure?

Apr 15, 2010

I'm just wondering what the limits for time are. I have a program that always takes exactly 20 ms, so I assume this is the lowest it can measure, but I want to see if there's some sort of documentation of this.

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General :: Computer Time Difference At Windows / Make The Time The Same?

Apr 13, 2011

My computer has different time when booting to linux or Windows.How to make the time the same?My computer time is 10:57pm Apr 14 when booting to linux.My computer time is 2:57am Apr 14 when booting to Windows Vista Home Premimum SP2.Both OS are set to the same time zone (GMT-5. Eastern Time US & Canada).

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General :: Get The Values For The User Time And System Time For A Process?

Aug 4, 2009

get the values for the user time and system time for a process.i have tried getrusage to get values of ru_utime and ru_stimebut these don't seem to be correct

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General :: Proportion Of Down-time Versus Profitable Time

Oct 15, 2010

I admit this has been a particularly bad year for me, but it isn't THAT unusual by my standards. I typically spend I would reckon quite honestly about 70-80% of my time with computers just fixing stuff up that either I broke or was broke in the first place. Usually it's the latter by some considerable margin. That's really inefficient, isn't it? I just wondered what others' experiences are of this phenomenon. Obviously I don't do computers for a living or I would have starved years ago. So what is the Panel's consensus view on the percentage of wasted time we should expect to spend, on average, "running just to stand still" on maintenance tasks?

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General :: Soft Lock CPU#0 For 412 Seconds?

Oct 26, 2010

My Desktop assembled d101GGC motherboard having 3.00 Ht tech processor, locks and after 5-10 minutes, unlocks and shows kernel softlock CPU#0 for 412 seconds. for the last many days. since two days it now lags time in clock applet in panel, but is not hanging for soft lock, I set the date and time to "system clock uses UTC" or "synchronize date and time over network", my PC again started to soft lock.

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General :: PPTP Disconnected After Few Seconds

May 4, 2011

I have a problem in my VPN. I am using pptp. I installed on CENTOS 5.5. Here is my config of LAN:

eth0: Local IP Address

When I try to connect using my Mac OSX to ISP Address of my VPN. I can able to connect but after few seconds I am disconnected.

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