Debian Installation :: Install System To Internal HDD From External?

Apr 8, 2010

How can I install linux using an external hard drive? ANy help would be greatly appreciated. I dont have any CD's or anything and this is my only option.

SO how can I install linux FROM my external HDD ONTO my internal HDD?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install To External HD To Become Internal HD

Jan 31, 2010

I have an older laptop with a broken CD drive so I cannot boot the CD Drive with my ubuntu image. The laptop does not support booting from a USB drive either.So what I did was take the HD out of the laptop and using a USB enclosure plugged it in to my Win7 desktop. Then I booted from my Ubuntu CD and had Ubuntu install on the USB Drive. Took the USB drive off, and put it back in the laptop. It seems to work except it looks like it was installed with my desktop hardware. Also, every time it boots it starts at a recovery screen asking if for several boot options (including win7 which does not exist on the laptop!).

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General :: Find External And Internal Devices Attached To A System?

Feb 24, 2010

Find external and internal devices attached to a system in Linux

How can i find through terminal that which devices are external and which are internal.

By external i mean devices attached to USB port. For Example, USB Drive, Portable USB HardDrive etc

By internal i mean devices attached internally. For Example, SATA Harddisk etc.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install And Boot From External HD While Still Boot Window Off Internal HD?

Oct 23, 2010

Can Ubuntu install and boot from external HD while still booting windows off internal HD?In an attempt to spread Ubuntu my friend wants to use ubuntu off an external HD and still have windows fully operational on the internal HD. Questions:1) Can Ubuntu install on external HD without tricky mounting methods and if so how doabout it?2) The bois have the capability to boot from usb, will grub work?

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General :: Command Line - Find External And Internal Devices Attached To A System?

Feb 24, 2010

How can i find through terminal that which devices are external and which are internal.

By external i mean devices attached to USB port. For Example, USB Drive, Portable USB HardDrive etc.

By internal i mean devices attached internally. For Example, SATA Harddisk etc.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Install First On Internal Drive Then Make It External

May 13, 2010

I initially installed OpenSuse on my Laptops internal drive (clean formatted) and everything worked fine. Later I took out laptop's hard drive and put it into a USB enclosure to use as an external drive.

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OpenSUSE Install :: External HD Not Seen And Internal HDD On /dev/sda2

May 9, 2010

Since a few days i can no longer use my external hard drive (USB). During my quest i noticed the following things: Running openSUSE 11.2 / KDE 4.4.3 / single boot My internal HD is on /dev/sda2 (mounted /) partition manager (YaST) or gparted don't start up (they just hang during start-up) I had to change permissions suddenly to read a CD (i was not in de cdrom group, but i have been using CDs for a while)

> df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 113306052 84757232 22793136 79% /
udev 2052352 4140 2048212 1% /dev


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Ubuntu Installation :: Moving From External USB To Internal HDD?

Jun 16, 2010

Would this be a simple case of just installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.04 on my HDD, then copying everything from the USB over? I, of course, would need to update grub to load from the HDD instead of the USB. Would there be any other way to accomplish this?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cant Boot Internal Or External Hdd?

Jan 3, 2011

I just installed maverick netbook edition on an external hard drive, creating my own partition table. When I tried to boot the drive, grub rescue mode told me file not found. I installed again and used the default partition table and got the same error. I gave up and tried to boot my fedora 13 internal hdd but was told that there was no such device. I looked through these forums and ran a bootloader script and was told that my internal hdd had a bootloader but my external didn't. I tried to load the kernel through grub rescue, but the file system was unknown to grub. The files are still on my internal drive and I don't want to reinstall just to boot it.

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Slackware :: Fresh Install Of KDE4 Can't See Internal / External Drives

Jan 21, 2010

Any kde app(dolphin, device notifier...) can't see my internal drive with ntfs and any connected flash drive. I've thought that this is problem with missing dependecies or hal but 'lshal -m' shows messages when J connect flash drive so i don't know where the problem is. I've installed all required and recommended and some optional packages from URL...and it has no effect. Does anybody know what i have to do to make it work.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgraded From Karmic To Lucid - Not Seeing External And Internal HDD

May 1, 2010

I did receive a few errors during upgrade process, one of which was relating to GRUB.

I currently have 2 internal disks, my primary has OS on it, 80GB, secondary is 500gb, both are ect4 filesystem.

My external is 500 firewire 400 and NTFS.

Contents of my /etc/fstab/


Not seeing any mount points for my internal and external drives

sudo fdisk -l reveals the following info:


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Ubuntu Installation :: Getting Wd Passport External Hdd To Replace Non-functioning Internal Hdd

May 22, 2010

I recently bought an Acer Extensa 5635Z and things were fine until I lent it to my godson for a weekend and got it back with the internal hard drive not functioning; he said it worked one night, and didn't the next morning; now, it's not recognised and an OS is not found during bootup. Whereas this was bad news for me in one way, on the other hand it was the perfect chance to switch to Ubuntu, something I've been wanting to do for years, and I've been really enjoying most aspects of it after using a live disk to be able to do my work over the last couple of days. Now, instead of buying another new laptop, I would like to use an external hard drive that I've just bought in the place of my broken internal hd, and have Ubuntu on it.I've read tutorials on it and they basically say that all I have to do is:

* Run the live disk - done
* Uncheck these options -
Mount removable drives when hot-plugged


Is that it? Is there anything else I should do for this particular brand or situation (will the BIOS recognise the hard drive?) or any issues I should know about beforehand? How do I choose the HDD as primary boot? Should I insert the external HD before or after unchecking the options? Should I leave any of the 250 GB to '/dev/sda1'? There being no actual internal hard drive won't provoke trouble with the process?

P.S. My computer is 64-bit capable and I've been using a 64-bit Ubuntu disc. I've had trouble viewing things in this interim period, particularly videos, and incapable of installing codecs. Should I just get a 32-bit Ubuntu disc? Or will the problems be resolved when I have a rewritable disc on which to operate?

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Programming :: System Command / 'mcc' Is Not A Recognised As An Internal Or External Command?

Apr 13, 2010

I am writing a perl script which uses the matlab compiler to compile a .m file.

I am using the system("mcc �m file.m"). I have matlab installed and both script and exe are in the same drive.But i get the following error .

'mcc' is not a recognised as an internal or external command ,operable in program or batch file.

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General :: How To Change Xfs Journal From External To Internal / If External Log Is Gone

Dec 27, 2010

I have an external hard drive with an xfs partition on it. It was using an external journal, but in re-installing Slackware I removed the partition holding the external journal, forgetting what it was at the time. I didn't touch the contents of the external hard drive, but now I can't mount it and the various xfs programs seem to demand that it be mounted in order for them to change anything.Anyone have any ideas on how to change an xfs partition from external log to internal? Failing that, how do I get the information off it?

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Debian Installation :: Install From External HD?

Feb 28, 2010

I have a complete set of the Debian 5.0.4 DVD ISOs in an NTFS partition on a drive in an external case with a USB connector. Can I boot the Debian installer on DVD 1 and then plug in the external drive and tell it to extract the files from the ISOs there? Or should the eternal drive be connected and running when installer boots?

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Installation :: Debian Install To External Drive

Jul 9, 2010

I have the Debian Lenny 5-0-5 DVD's but they are not live bootable. They come with a setup.exe file which copies over the kernel images to boot from windows. Thing is that at the moment I am running the Ubuntu distro of Debian and cannot use the setup to do it. Can anyone tell me how to boot this disk in ubuntu itself?

Also does the debian installer allow you to choose which disk it installs to?(I am talking about the thing in the ubuntu installer that allows you to partition disks and define your own mount points before the install)

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OpenSUSE :: Install A Complete Bugzilla System For Internal Use?

Apr 16, 2010

I am running an openSuse 11.1 server.

How easy is it to install a complete Bugzilla system for my own internal use?

Is there an rpm that will set it up automatically?

Is it part of the distro? Or 11.2 or 11.3?

What is the easiest way to install it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Swap The Internal HD Out To A New System?

Jan 29, 2010

I have an existing Ubunto 9.10 install sitting on a 500 GB SATA drive that was sitting in my second SATA port. I'm trying to swap the internal HD out to a new system that has a 500 GB SATA drive with Windows 7 on it as the primary drive, in SATA port 0. When I configure BIOS to boot from my Ubuntu drive, I just get a flashing cursor on the screen and no Grub bootloader like I was before.

Does this mean Grub isn't on my Ubuntu drive? Should I install grub on both my Ubuntu drive's MBR AND my primary Windows 7 drive's MBR, or only one of the other. The instructions I've been reading don't specify which drive to reinstall Grub on and which drive I should boot from, so I'm confused. How do I get it so that Grub acknowledges my Windows 7 install on the primary drive?

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Debian Installation :: Computer Hangs After Install On External Hard Drive With Flashing

Apr 4, 2016

I have spend way too much time on this and it still fails. I installed the debian 8.3.0 AMD64 CD1 iso image on an empty external USB 1TB Western digital My passport Ultra. I use the graphical install method and the installation process of Debian appears to go fine, except it informs me at one point I am missing some nonfree firmware for something with wifi, but that shouldn't relate to this.

*FYI I put GRUB on the external hdd, sdb in this case.
*windows 7 is on the internal hard drive and I excluded it from the boot sequence
* using laptop lenovo t410

I reboot my computer and it hangs with a flashing - in the upper right corner. Never even gets to GRUB. For awhile I thought I might have partitioned something wrong, but I am now convinced that isn't likely. I tried countless number of different partition configs. Separate /boot partition and I also tried using guided partitioning.

I mounted the partitions of the external hard drive using another OS and GRUB appears to be there. So it is there.

I know some Western digital hard drives have added priopertary firmware crap, so I tried installing on a external Seagate drive and it still hangs. I tried installing linux mint on the Western Digital drive and it works fine!

BIOS settings fine. USB settings fine. I tried booting via the boot menu and moving the USB HDD to the top of the list.

I also tried installing with Debian Live on a USB, but that actually has more problems for some reason. I can never get passed the partitioning phase because it fails to create /boot or /swap partitions saying something about how they are still in use and another thing about how the partition table hasn't been updated in the kernal yet.

It seems I might be having this same issue, not sure: [URL] ...

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Cannot Install Software - Internal System Error Occurred

Dec 19, 2009

I just installed Fedora 12 and while I was trying to install Skype, there was a system crash and since then I cannot install any other software or cannot even access 'add/remove software'. Whenever I try to install a software or try to open the 'add/remove software' or, 'Software Updates' I get the message
'An internal system error has occured'.
and inside it contains this-

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/PackageKit/helpers/yum/", line 2956, in __init__
self.repos.confirm_func = self._repo_gpg_confirm
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yum/", line 717, in <lambda>
repos = property(fget=lambda self: self._getRepos(),
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yum/", line 496, in _getRepos
self.conf # touch the config class first .....

I tried these using the terminal-
yum clean all
yum metadata
sudo yum clean all
yum clean metadata
and all of these gave me the same result-

Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
Config Error: File contains no section headers.
file: file://///etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo, line: 1
"su -c 'yum -y install skype' "
Everything else is working fine, but I just can not install or update any more software.

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Ubuntu :: Internal But Want To Boot With External?

Aug 5, 2010

i have a laptop that just recently had a hard drive fail so i removed it i have an160 gig external that i want to install Linux on so i got the live cd version of Ubuntu started it up pluged the external drive in whent through the install and set it to boot first but when it boots i get this it says missing modules cat?/proc/modules;is/dev and so on what did i do wrong

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Security :: Allow Internal Ips And Block External Ips?

Jul 19, 2010

Im running Centos 5.4 with a sftp server, and I�d like to allow all 172.16.0.x ip and 192.168.0.x ip and block everything else. Does someone have a good way to do this with IPTables or any other opensource FW?

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OpenSUSE Network :: SSH Working For External But Not Internal?

Jan 14, 2010

I have a SuSE server (sorry but no idea what version of SuSe it's running.. I'd take a guess at 10.0) on a network with several other SuSE servers. They are all able to be SSHed externally as well as internally and all have their local firewalls disabled. I just had to reboot one of the servers and it is behaving quite strangely. I am able to SSH in and out of it externally, but can't SSH in and out of it internally.

When trying to SSH out internally I get the message:
"ssh: connect to host *.*.*.* port 22: No route to host"
When trying to SSH in internally I get the message:
"ssh: connect to host *.*.*.* port 22: Connection timed out"
Using ssh -v doesn't give any more useful information.

I have double checked that the IP is correct and that the internal firewall is disabled etc. The external firewall hasn't got anything that would prevent it (and shouldn't be an issue anyway as it's an internal only problem... SSH externally works fine). Also, it might help to know that I have the same problem with ping. I can ping this server from an external system, but not from an internal one.

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Ubuntu :: Synchronize External With Internal Folder

May 8, 2010

How can I synchronize my external hdd to a folder on my internal hdd. e.g. when I change something on my external, the folder (on the internal) should be updated to the state of my external (deletes, changes, new files..). but I don't want to make this frequently, so I just need a command to do that. at best secure and without additionally installation.

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Ubuntu Servers :: External To Internal DNS Routing?

Jan 10, 2011

I have one external ip address and a few domains. Would it be possible to have each domain on a internal domain and the box that sits on that external ip route to the internal. This would be for a number of server (mail, apache, imap, pop3, https ) So for example:

Some visit ->external ip -> Someone else visit ->external ip -> and so one with a number of domains

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Ubuntu :: Want To Get TV Tuner (Internal Or External) Card

Feb 22, 2011

Way back in the day when I was running Windows I used a Compro Tv Tuner Card which had nice, easy to use drivers for XP. Now that I'm using Ubuntu, I wouldn't mind getting another Card myself (old one died on me) and was wondering what brand was the most linux friendly so to speak?

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General :: Forward Traffic From Internal NIC To External?

Jul 29, 2009

I have a (virtual) server with 3 NIC's: 1 external (inet), 1 local and 1 DMZ. This server is my gateway.
I would like my internal network, where every server has a static 192.168.0.x IP, to access the internet via the gateway.
That means the traffic has to pass from the 'local' NIC to the 'external' NIC, connected to the internet.
Which setting do I change to accomplish this ?

Please check the sceenshot (attachment) for my current setup

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Server :: DNS Resolution For Internal And External Clients?

Nov 22, 2010

we have a DNS server is being used for external clients .Recently we installed awstat monioring tool in ordr to collect either ftp or mail statistic. Since our server is DNS server by defenition we may see all external clients requests to the ftp/mail services .But a LAN clients cannot be resolved by their IPs . The second nameserver line doesn't work. DNS server's conf file looks like :

nameserver LAN_IP_Address

How to configure the server it will resolve both external and corporate clients ?

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Programming :: Declaring Variables In External And Internal RAM?

Mar 23, 2010

We have a STM32F103ZET6 microcontroller.It has an ARM cortex-M3 core.We use keil as compiler.We have both an external and internal SRAM.Now I want to declare variables in either of the RAM as I wish.For example some time critical section variables in internal and others in external.How to do this.?

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Fedora Servers :: Apache External IP To Internal IP Redirect

Feb 18, 2009

I would like to redirect a external IP to a internal IP, all done with Apache. Is that possible.

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