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Debian :: Copying An Existing System To A USB Flash Drive?

I want to move my "currently installed Debian and its all settings" to a USB flash drive. I am wondering what methods are available out there. I looked into Remastersys but it failed on my system so I am wondering if there is another method available?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Copying Existing 11.04 To A Flash Drive?
I have successfully installed 11.04 onto my existing Windows laptop as files contained in the windows system and have dual booting.I would like to copy this installation to a 5gig fast usb stick so that I can retain all my settings etc

Posted: August 13th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Existing Rsync Running And Copying Info To Hard Drive?
I have a home network that includes a couple of computers {A, B, C, D}. currently, I have a cron jon that runs every minute and updates (using rsync) the hard drives of computers {B, C, D} with the contents of hard drive {A}. So far everything works great, as hard drive {A} barely has any information on it. Now, I am about to copy a lot of information (about 8 GBs) to hard drive {A}. Naturally, the cron job will run (as it runs every 1-min) and try to 'sync' the contents with hard drives {B, C, D}.

Given my network (100Mbit/sec), there is no way the cron job will be able to 'copy' the contents to hard drives {B, C, D} in one minute. It will take much more time. Does this situation create a problem? meaning, will cron re-run a new rsync instance 1min later, even though an existing rsync process is running and still copying information to hard drives {B,C,D}? Will my backups be hurt / slowed down tremendously because of this?

Posted: November 30th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Copying Files To USB Flash Drive?
If you use Ubuntu - when you copy files to USB Flash Drive, is your CPU 100% loaded? On Arch it is.

Posted: 11-06-2010, 11:30 AM

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Ubuntu :: Creating Bootable Disk For Existing Grub On Flash Drive?
I wish to create a bootable disk for my existing grub legacy. I do not have a floppy drive. Could this be done on a CD-RW or flash drive?

Posted: 08-05-2010

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Fedora :: Adding Second Drive To Existing System For RAID1?
I have an existing Fedora 15 system installed from scratch.I've ordered a harddrive identical to my SDA and want to add it to my existing system as a RAID1 setup.I've googled around and cannot find recent clear instructions how to accomplish this. I don't want to reinstall everything from scratch. It should be possible to create the RAID1 using the existing data disk and then mirror everything up?

Posted: 31st July 2011, 02:41 AM

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Red Hat :: Adding A Root Mirror Drive To Existing RHEL5 System?
I have a running RHEL5 system, which has two physical disk drives, but is currently running on a single drive of the pair. The single drive the system is running on contains a root/boot partition and a swap partition. I would like to be able to add a mirror drive to this existing setup without having to disturb the running system (much). That is, I don't want to have to completely dump, reinstall (creating the mirror on the way up), and reload from backup media if I can avoid it. I have seen procedures that go as follows:

- the "extra drive" (the one not being used as the current root/boot device) is first brought under LVM control as a root object with one physical mirror attached.

- the data from the running root/boot drive is rsync-ed over to the LVM-controlled half-mirror, and boot records added.

- System rebooted on newly created half-mirror.

- Original root prepped to be second side of LVM mirrored root, and is added in.

Can one boot from an LVM disk directly? There seems to be some question on this that came up in other lists I had read online.

Posted: 11-09-2010, 01:45 PM

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General :: Mount A Hard Drive With Pre-existing File System And Data?
I had a drive that kept kernel panic'ing so my data center recommended using the spare hard drive to reinstall OS on, and import the data from the old drive. (they checked the hardware, it wasn't the hardware) The new install is done, and I need to mount the old drive and get backups off it since my data center does not provide management whatsoever.

It's the same OS on both (Cent OS 5.4 32-bit) I'm an advanced user on windows, but linux gets me. I can ssh in, do basic stuff like setup IP ranges and restart services. I normally navigate the box through SFTP so I have a gui. WHM shows me my drives as such

Found Disk: hda
Found Disk: sdb

so I'm assuming SDB is my old drive and the drive I need to access. I attempted to follow instructions on

but I'm assuming FreeBSD would work differently and I wasn't totally sure what the labels of the file systems should be.

Posted: 03-23-2010, 01:32 PM

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Fedora Installation :: Replace Existing 32 Bit Wrapper Based Flash On 64bit Browser To 64 Bit Flash
Did anybody tried installing the latest adobe flash named Square for amd64 systems? I was interested in knowing whether there is any improvement in the performance. I also want to know how to replace my existing 32 bit wrapper based flash on 64 bit browser and install this 64 bit flash.

Posted: 23rd September 2010, 10:02 AM

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Debian :: Convert Ext3 To Ext2 On A Existing System ?
How to convert all ext3 partitions to ext2 on a existing Lenny without damage a system?


Posted: 01-24-2011, 07:12 PM

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Debian Configuration :: Transfer Existing System To CF Card?
I have a lenny system up and running, my CF-card reader is supported and I can mount a 1GB card. My PC _can_ boot from CF cards, I verified... My Linux resides in sda3 (other partition is XP). How would I transfer the partition to a cf card? I tried using dd if=/dev/sda3 of=/dev/sdb1, but as that doesnt work I have the feeling there's more to do... Maybe install GRUB on the CF-Card? Change some paths after copying?

Posted: 2010-04-18 15:37

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Debian Configuration :: Squeeze Adding Two SATA Drives To Existing System?
Is there an easy way to add SATA drives to an existing system and have them m automatically at boot?So far I've been able to create a partition and format but they never mount at boot.What do I have to put in fstab so it will work?Also, since RAID doesn't work in Debian, is it possible to make two drives mount at the same folder

Posted: 2011-04-21 04:15

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Hardware :: USB Flash Drive Not Booting On One System?
I have one new laptop that doesn't see one usb bootable device. The usb is a 1G with Mint8 on it that works on plenty of other systems. This is a newer HP laptop core i7 that see's two other flash drives and tries even to boot to my older flash install (only has syslinux no other files) but doesn't show the newer one in bios boot order or boot order choice F9.

It will work correctly under windows so the system does see it.

how to that that single drive to show up in order to boot to it?

Did power down, remove all usb except this one, tried to see if it fell under hard drives instead of usb.

Posted: 03-11-2010, 04:43 PM

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Ubuntu :: Put A System _install_ Medium On A Flash Drive?
I've read plenty of tutorials for this kind of thing, and they all seem to be about putting a full fledged OS on your flash drive. All I'd like to do is put the install medium (slackware dvd) onto my 8GB flash drive to install it to my old desktop's HDD.

Posted: October 1st, 2010

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General :: Install Ubuntu On USB Flash Drive For Another System?
I realize Ubuntu Desktop comes with a simple tool that makes "installs to a USB", but isn't that a bit different from REGULAR Ubuntu installation?

So: If I boot the Ubuntu CD installer, and choose my Flash Drive as the destination, will it configure things specific to the hardware I am running on, so when I swap the flash drive to another system, there will be problems?

BTW, I've actually done this a couple times and it's worked, but I'm just wondering if those were flukes or if it is like this always.

Posted: Jul 2 10 at 1:30

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Ubuntu :: Copy A Windows Operating System Dvd To A Usb Flash Drive?
I want to copy a windows operating system dvd to a usb flash drive. (I want the flash drive to be bootable under windows).

Posted: May 2nd, 2011

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Debian :: Format A Bootable USB Flash Drive?
I'm afraid I am going to expose my age here.

I remember being able to format a 3.5 inch floppy using MS DOS. The command was format a:/s

("a" was the drive letter and the "/s" was to add the bootable system file.)

HOW can I do that in LINUX, specially Debian 6.01 (my current version) I googled it and found a bunch of sites all offering answers.

NONE worked for me, I saw an option in a Slackware installation with a "make bootable USB stick option".
(It can be used as a rescue USB Stick also) We don't have that in Debian. How can I do that with my current Debian install?

I have several Debian USB installs on flash drives, They work great and give the user an opportunity to run and experience Debian with modifying their set-up. I am trying to set-up one that will NOT only boot and work as a live install, but will also allow me to install on the host machine right from the working USB Flash drive, if I choose to do so.

Posted: 2011-04-18 19:45

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Debian :: Create A Net Install USB Flash Drive?
Is it possible to create a Debian Net install USB flash drive? Instead of just burning the ISO to a disc...

Posted: 2010-11-20 17:09

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Debian :: 6 LXDE - Wont Detect Flash Drive ?
The other day, I installed Debian 6 XFCE on my old pc. It was using a lot of my poor little amd k6-2's ability. I couldnt run any programs without it lagging. So today I reinstalled debian 6, this time with the LXDE desktop. The processor situation is fixed and my ancient HP is quick with its old cpu.

Although I love LXDE, there is a problem, when I plug in my flash drive it wont recognize its there. (The XFCE desktop did) I have tried rebooting and all 2 of the usb slots, lol (1.1), and it wont recognize them.

I have tried formatting them in FAT and FAT32, is there a certain format that it needs? Is this a common problem?

Oh, and my mouse is USB and it works just fine.

Posted: 03-24-2011, 07:48 PM

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Debian Installation :: Install Live To A 4 GB Flash Drive?
I am trying to install Debian Live to a 4 GB flash drive. I am using UNetBootin to extract this (debian-live-6.0.1-i386-gnome-desktop.iso) file to a FAT32 partition on my flash drive. It installs fine, and shows me the SysLinux menu fine, but when i choose live(or anything else) it says"Invalid or Corrupt Kernel Image". I also tryed these other installers. pendrivelinux's Universal USB Installer. It gives me the same message. win32diskimager gives me a different Debian menu, but the same problem. Does anyone know what is wrong, and how to fix it. It is driving me nuts!

Posted: 2011-04-12 14:27

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Debian Hardware :: Squeeze Is Not Mounting Flash Drive
whenever i plug in my flash drive i get an error message saying that it was unable to mount the thumb drive and some other stuff

Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,
missing codepage or helper program, or other error
In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
dmesg | tail or so

what do i have to install or configure for this to work we need to be able to mount our thumb drives on this machine it's crucial

Posted: 2011-06-16 19:27

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Ubuntu Security :: Run Debian As Live Version From USB Flash Drive
I want to run Debian as a live version from my USB flash drive. Does this provide the same amount of security from hackers as installing Debian as the only OS on my netbook. Windows ce would still be on my netbook?

Posted: June 4th, 2010

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Debian Multimedia :: Dell Mini 3100 Won't Boot From Flash Drive
I've installed Debian using the boot.img.gz file onto the jump drive, as well as Linux mint and crunchbang with unetbootin all to no avail; pressing F9 at bios startup refuses to show the jump drive. Booting from the drive is enabled (as far as I can see) in the BIOS.

Posted: 2011-01-02 21:02

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Ubuntu :: File Copying Freezes - Flash Memory Card
Using 10.04 Netbook version. I am finding on my Asus EEE 901 that sometimes file copy just seems to freeze - seems to happen usually when copying from the built-in SSD memory to the plug-in SDHC memory card. I have tried reformatting the card and using a different card. It is not just this computer since I found the same thing on my last Asus which was the 900 model.

I am told that there are issues with Nautilus. Is there anything which can be done to improve this or is there anything else which I can install besides Nautilus? I am assuming that there is some issue related to Ubuntu's handling of SDHC memory cards.

It is becoming annoying because it seems to work sometimes and then not. When it happens only option seems to be to turn the netbook off and on again. Even if the file copy is cancelled the card seems to be unaccesible until rebooted.

Also after a certain point it seems that when I try and copy new files to the card, they appear to copy ok but obviously are corrupt in some way - when you try to play videos for instance they are faulty.

Posted: July 3rd, 2010

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Debian :: Making Flash 10 Working In Lenny / System Isn't Assuming The Plugin?
I've already went through the regular process of installation, adding the backports repository and doing the debian way installation, but somehow the system isn't assuming the plugin.

I've rebooted the web browser and even the entire system, but still the plugin does not work.

Posted: 2010-03-07 16:48

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