Ubuntu :: Stop Asking Every Time For Password To Authenticate?

Jan 27, 2010

i recently switched to ubuntu 9.10 from win vista, i am having a problem... in ubuntu when ever i do any changes it asks me for my password, i know that its for my own PC's securiety but now i am really annoyed with this.

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Ubuntu :: Change Password New And Old Do Not Authenticate?

Jan 10, 2010

I tried to change my password through the Users and Groups dialogue, and now neither the old one nor the new one work. I tried to do it once, and it didn't do anything (the password was still my old password), then the second time I did it, when I went to save the configuration it wouldn't take my new password or my old one. Now I can't authenticate for anything.

A wicked backdoor I've noticed is that going into recovery mode offers you a root console without authentication. (Awesome, Linux, secure as all ****, seriously.) Is there any way to use this to set my user password without needing to authenticate?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Authenticate 10.10 Partition With Password

Mar 1, 2011

Today I've found out that I cannot authenticate and use my ubuntu 10.10 partition as it doesn't recognize my password! The password is correct, I also tried to change the username in "root" but nothing changes. When I write it, it shows for some istants a black screen with words in it (so quickly that it's not easy to read) and then it shows me again the form to access.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Authenticate Password On Login Screen

Jan 17, 2011

I may be a beginner to Ubuntu 10.10, but I'm fairly certain that this is weird: I have had no trouble logging into my Ubuntu 10.10 netbook until this morning. Now I am unable to get past the login screen. It says that there is an Authentication Failure, which is bogus. Not only should the password work, but it does in the Terminal. I am able to login to the terminal and gain root access.

I can even change my unix password, but no matter what I try I can't get to my desktop. I did run into a major issue with a frozen program. Rather than reboot, I tried to close it using the kill command. What ended up happening was that all that remained was my wallpaper, probably a bad move on my part, but I'm a rookie. I think I killed all running applications. This happened last night... so probably related.

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Software :: Cannot Authenticate Root Password / Make It Possible?

Jul 9, 2011

Lots of password threads, but I didn't see this.
Installing Debian amd64 on a Dell Optiplex 740.
The default install (simple graphical) works OK. But when I install "graphical expert", the same root password seems to be OK during the install, but doesn't work when the system comes up.

A. I have used a very short pw. It worked before.
B. The root pw is the same as the user pw. It worked before.

I am installing from CD and from DVD, both downloaded and burned as iso. In both cases, I asked for "graphical desktop" and "standard utilities", no servers, no laptop, no SQL.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Password Won't Authenticate - Access Wifi Network?

Aug 16, 2010

I was having trouble with pulse audio and completely obliterated pulse audio from my machine in order to prepare for a reinstall of pulse audio. this also uninstalled a few other packages that I needed to enter gnome or kde. when I try to login via gdm(?) my password will not authenticate (when I enter via xterm or tty the password is accepted). how can install packages off a live usb drive from Terminal. how to access a wifi network under terminal to use apt-get.

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General :: Windows XP Install - Authenticate Root Password?

Jun 9, 2010

I have fedora linux as an operating system on my laptop but each time I try to install a new program it prompts for an authenticate root password of which I have no idea. I wanted to install windows xp on it but each time I do so it prompts"se-linux denial" on the base that the source is not trusted as i didnt authenticate it.

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Server :: Authenticate Users To Apache By Host/ISP And Password?

Aug 13, 2010

I am wondering how websites like banks are able to determine if you have previously used a certain computer to access the website, even if your router's IP address may have changed and your system's cookies have been cleared. I have users that need to access our HTTP intranet from outside locations. Those locations will have dynamic IP addresses most of the time, so I can't just "allow from [ip]" in my Apache proxy configuration. Originally we considered a VPN, but determined that a VPN will be overkill to access just an internal website, since we do not want external users to have permission to the rest of the network, only the website.I currently have it working over HTTPS with basic authentication against an internal LDAP server, but I want a little more security for such an important website.

crappy diagram:
[user]-->(internet via https)-->[apache gateway]-->(intranet)-->[http server]

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Slackware :: Stop At Boot Time To Increase Booting Time?

Mar 5, 2010

It looks,slackware is taking too much time to boot. It's starting daemons at boot time.

What are those daemons that i can stop at boot time to increase booting time?

What's the best way to stop starting daemons at boot time?

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OpenSUSE :: Setup Evolution To Get Forums News - Can't Authenticate Password

Mar 9, 2011

I setup my evolution to get this forums news. (eg. threads and posts). However, I can't get them because it give me this: I keep entering my forum password over and over again but I can't authenticate :S And you might also need to check these: [URL]

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Ubuntu Networking :: When Type In WPA2 Password It Will Not Authenticate With Linksys WRT-54GL Router?

May 12, 2010

Well this one is driving me nuts. I've been searching through the forums for a while and it seems that a number of folks have similar issues but the solutions used don't look like they apply to me. so without further ado here are the outputs typically requested:lspci

00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/PM/GMS/910GML Express Processor to DRAM Controller (rev 03)


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Ubuntu Installation :: Run From CD- But It Asks For Username And Password, Will Not Accept Blanks Nor My Winxp Values- Keeps 'failing To Authenticate'?

Jan 16, 2010

Have dual boot winXP, FC6 computer. Clobbered something so FC6 does not boot. Am trying Ubuntu 9.10 CD; tried first to run from CD- but it asks for username and password, will not accept blanks nor my winxp values- keeps 'failing to authenticate'. So I did an install in new partition beyond linux fc6. It finally lets me log in, giving a small text window. How to get to desktop, and is there a way to get to my old home files in linux fc6 in native linux partition?

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Server :: Have Possibility For Choosing Option Between Logging To The System With Their Default Password Or One-time Password OTPW

Nov 24, 2010

I want to give my users option of logging to the system. They should have posibillity for choosing option betweend logging to the system with their default password or one-time password OTPW. I installed OTPW in my Debian. Here is my /etc/pam.d/sshd file:


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Debian :: Enter Username And Password For Test Windows Account / So Debian Can Authenticate It?

Jul 7, 2011

I have a Windows domain with a proxy. I have an account that can use the proxy and the URL that points to the proxy.pac file. this might seem a stupid question but can anyone tell me how do I enter the username and password for my test Windows account so that Debian can authenticate it?

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Time Keeps Changing - How To Stop It

Dec 2, 2010

I think I selected the wrong time during the installation and now at the top right corner, my time keeps changing back to one hour ahead. Not sure why.I've went into the Preferences of the Time/Date > Time Settings > and set an hour back manually. I check back in 30-45 minutes, it's back another hour ahead. I'm on a Dell Inspiron 1545.

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Ubuntu Installation :: HDD Seems To Stop Working After Some Time

Sep 29, 2010

I recently bought a Shuttle XS-35 Mini-Barebone-PC and filled it with a 2GB Corsair RAM and a 1 TB WD Scorpion Blue Drive.After assembling all the parts I simply wanted to install Ubuntu but it simply doesn't work. However then I had the idea it would be good to kinda get the drive to a completely clean state and used the tools to safely wipe the whole HDD (by writing zeros everywhere as the tool tells me). The tool ran good for around 30 minutes but suddenly the write speed showing in the console window would go down to 0B/s (meaning basically nothing at all I suppose). I tried it 2 more times and it always came to a halt at the 10-20GB mark.

So this lead me to belief that that is also the problem while installing, that my drive doesn't want to wark anymore but rather just sleep a bit.What could be the problem? Is it a hardware error? Is there some linux system setting that could whip my HDD whenever it gets lazy? Did I do something else wrong?

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Ubuntu :: Stop Asking For Password Every Five Minutes?

May 25, 2010

I feel sure there must be an easy solution, but Im damned if I can find it. Im sure I've looked everywhere. Even when Im watching ....., the screen goes dark and when I touch the mouse, Im asked for my password again. It really is very very annoying. I go and make a drink, come back, and there it is again - I have to type my password again.

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Ubuntu :: Stop Asking For Password So Many Times?

Jun 6, 2010

Whenever I turn on my computer, asks, (after I enter my login password) for the password for my "default keyboard settings" (or something like that) 4 times and my WEP 128 (whatever that is) password. I just hit "cancel" or the little "x" in the corner, but it's a bit of a nuisance to do it each time I turn on my computer.

How do I get Ubuntu to stop asking me for my password for so many things?

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Ubuntu :: Stop The Password Requests?

Jan 26, 2011

I'm the only one who uses or has access to my computer, so I don't need the password security that others might. Frankly, it pisses me off to have to enter my password every time I leave the computer for a few minutes, or want to make the many tweaks that are necessary to get a system going, whether it's installing software or anything else. How do I stop it?

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Ubuntu :: Recording Several Desktops And Each Sounds At Same Time / Stop It?

Sep 28, 2010

I'm trying to develop a system that records different desktops at the same time. I have developed a audio-videochat system and I want to be able to record what happens in every room, so my starting idea was:

1) Open a graphic terminal for each room. I have succeeded using vncserver :NumberDisplay.
2) In each terminal, run firefox at each URL. I succeeded too because firefox lets me specify in wich NumberDisplay I want it to be open
3) In each terminal, run recordmydesktop to record. It allows too to specify the NumberDisplay.

My problem now is that it seems that the sound card is "shared", so the sounds recorded in the display 1 includes the sound generated in all others firefox windows. I havnt found an analogy for the sound as the display is for the graphics.

I have thought some ideas but I havnt been able to materialize anyone.
Im tried to create virtual sound cards and specify one for each vncserver, I tried to redirect the sound of each firefox window to one "channel" (read firefox delegates the sound so that might not be an option), I read many things about pulseaudio, jack and several stuff that I just havnt been able to work.

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Ubuntu :: How To Stop Disk Check Every Time On Boot Up

Dec 19, 2010

Every time I boot up I have to go through a disk check and then restart, how do I stop it from happening? When the disk checks happening I press escape and it usually says its deleted inode something because it has zero Dtime or some thing similar and also a paragraph of repeated lines saying something like all system files need alsa base.cnfg it will be ignored in a future release then the disk check completes and it restarts and is fine then, also sometimes it says dev/sda5 (my ubuntu partition) was not cleanly unmounted check forces. Is their a way to stop this happening as it ends up taking ages just to login.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Manager Requires To Enter Password Every Time - Login To Unlock Password Keyring?

Jan 29, 2009

I've tried Ubuntu, Arch, and most recently Fedora but the SUSE GNOME environment blows everything else away!

The only problem (so far) is that Network Manager requires you to enter your password every time you login to unlock the password keyring. I want to disable this.

I think some distros disable the prompt by using the login password to unlock the keyring, but I use auto-login (if that makes a difference).

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Ubuntu :: Stop Update Manager From Always Asking For Password?

Sep 2, 2010

I recently set up an Ubuntu computer for a friend who is new to Ubuntu and who is complaining that very often, Ubuntu's Update Manager pops up and asks for password to install updates. How could we make the Update Manager install updates quietly in the background without interrupting and asking for password? Maybe this should even be set as default in forthcoming versions of Ubuntu!

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Ubuntu :: How To Stop Update Manager From Always Asking For Password

Nov 12, 2010

I recently set up an Ubuntu computer for a friend who is new to Ubuntu and who is complaining that very often, Ubuntu's Update Manager pops up and asks for password to install updates. How could we make the Update Manager install updates quietly in the background without interrupting and asking for password? Maybe this should even be set as default in forthcoming versions of Ubuntu!

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Ubuntu :: Stop Upstart Services From Staring At Boot Time?

Sep 18, 2010

What is the correct way to stop upstart services from staring at boot time ? I'm doing something like this example in /etc/init/mysql.conf:

#start on (net-device-up
# and local-filesystems
# and runlevel [2345])
start on runlevel [!0123456] # I ADDED THIS LINE (and commented the above ones)
stop on runlevel [016]

1. Is this the correct way ?

2. Is there no way of doing something like we do with update-rc.d -f apache2 remove ?

3. When will ubuntu ship a gui to add or remove services from boot ?

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General :: Stop HDD Spinning After Some Time / Where To Configure

Dec 16, 2010

If I use Gnome, is "gnome-power-preferences" the only place where I can configure the system to stop or not to stop spinning HDD as a power saving tool? Is there any other option outside GUI?

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Ubuntu Security :: Stop Evolution Password Request?

Feb 12, 2010

After I've booted my machine I can browse the internet over my wireless network just fine, but when I start Evolution email it prompts for my admin password beforeonnecting to ISPCan I automate / avoid my respnse to this password prompt ?

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Ubuntu :: Stop Adobe AIR Apps Prompting For A Password?

Mar 14, 2010

ive installed adobe AIR on my ubuntu karmic x64 distro as per the instructions on adobe's website, but whenever an adobe air app launches it prompts me for a password. I remember (before gnome-keyring-manager was replaced with seahorse) I found a way around it, but i gather that gnome-keyring-manager has been replaced now

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Ubuntu :: Stop Bootup Password For Encrypted Swap?

May 8, 2010

I've set up a Lucid system with software RAID and encryption, with three encrypted partions - swap (/dev/md1), the root filesystem (/dev/md2), and /home (/dev/md3). The unencrypted /boot partition is /dev/md0.

This works well but the passphrase had to be entered three times at bootup. Obviously it would be preferable to enter the passphrase once to unlock the root partition, then have the others unlocked via key files. So I added key files to the swap and home partitions and modified /etc/crypttab to use them:

md1_crypt UUID=8066adbc-584c-4766-b188-bc2a7b61a2f0 /root/keys/swap-key luks,swap
md2_crypt UUID=bac82294-f3b9-45e4-89ad-407cf8b19b7b none luks
md3_crypt UUID=7d82a0b7-c811-4cc3-9fe7-1961c74b5ff2 /root/keys/home-key luks
The key files are owned by root and have 0400 protection. (The /root/keys


Since the swap partition is no longer referenced in fstab or crypttab, why is there still a bootup password prompt for it? What else needs to be done to stop it?

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Ubuntu Security :: Keyring Password - Why And How To Stop Being Asked For It?

Sep 28, 2010

When I installed Ubuntu (Lucid) on my new computer, As well as the login password I was asked for a keyring password. I gave one, but I am not sure exactly why I need this password. It seems that it was required to let me access the wifi - even though this has its own security code. I found I could stop the system asking for it every time I tried to connect to the internet using wifi by checking a button in the network setup, but when I registered for Ubuntu One, I was again asked for it - twice, once when I registered and again when I set up Tomboy notes sync. Now I get asked for it again every time I switch on.

I would like to know why the keyring passwords are needed in addition to the login password for a single user computer, which mine is and also how I can stop it asking for this password when I switch the computer on. One suggestion I have seen is to make the keyring password the same as my login password. If that is the case, then how do I change the keyring password?

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