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Ubuntu :: How To Stop Disk Check Every Time On Boot Up

Every time I boot up I have to go through a disk check and then restart, how do I stop it from happening? When the disk checks happening I press escape and it usually says its deleted inode something because it has zero Dtime or some thing similar and also a paragraph of repeated lines saying something like all system files need alsa base.cnfg it will be ignored in a future release then the disk check completes and it restarts and is fine then, also sometimes it says dev/sda5 (my ubuntu partition) was not cleanly unmounted check forces. Is their a way to stop this happening as it ends up taking ages just to login.

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How to schedule check disk at boot time in CentOS 5.3 and OpenSUSE 11.1?

Posted: 02-24-2010, 07:15 PM

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Slackware :: Stop At Boot Time To Increase Booting Time?
It looks,slackware is taking too much time to boot. It's starting daemons at boot time.

What are those daemons that i can stop at boot time to increase booting time?

What's the best way to stop starting daemons at boot time?

Posted: 03-05-2010, 09:08 AM

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Ubuntu :: Each Time Start The Computer - Have To Check The Disk
When I start the computer I receive the message that the drive that contains the /home partition has an error. If I press "F" the screen says that the drive is no ready, that I can wait, cancel or manually recovery. If I wait, in about 1 minute, the system starts normally. If I press "M" to repair manually, then I press fsck to repair the disk and apparently repairs the disk. But everytime I start (power on) the computer, Ubuntu always checks the disk and gives a dialog where I can: press F to attempt to fix the errors, I to ignore, S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

Posted: May 19th, 2011

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General :: Grub2: Stop FS Check At Boot?
I'm using debian testing with grub2. Is there a way to stop the FS check at boot (something like ctrl-c) after the check has started and continue with the boot process as usual?.

Posted: 02-09-2011, 05:12 AM

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Debian :: Run Check Disk From A Boot Disk
I'm very new to linux and running debian 4.0. On boot got an error:

I did a ghost image of drive before I do any more damage and when performing the ghost, ghost stated I need to run fsck. I created the image and noticed that a lot of folders were missing (bin, boot and others).

1. How do I run check disk from an boot disk?
2. Is there something else I should consider?

Posted: 2010-10-11 21:37

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Ubuntu :: Stop Upstart Services From Staring At Boot Time?
What is the correct way to stop upstart services from staring at boot time ? I'm doing something like this example in /etc/init/mysql.conf:

#start on (net-device-up
# and local-filesystems
# and runlevel [2345])
start on runlevel [!0123456] # I ADDED THIS LINE (and commented the above ones)
stop on runlevel [016]

1. Is this the correct way ?

2. Is there no way of doing something like we do with update-rc.d -f apache2 remove ?

3. When will ubuntu ship a gui to add or remove services from boot ?

Posted: September 18th, 2010

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Slackware :: How To Stop Starting Daemons At Boot Time
How to stop starting daemons at boot time? For example:rc.bluetooth

Posted: 12-28-2009, 08:31 AM

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Slackware :: Stop Wicd Daemon At Boot Time?
If i do

cd /etc/rc.d
chmod 644 rc.wicd
chmod 644 rc.wireless
will it do the job?

Posted: 02-20-2010, 09:08 PM

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Server :: Start Or Stop Jboss At Boot Time?
how to start or stop Jboss at boot time?

Posted: 01-03-2011, 01:32 PM

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Fedora :: Check Filesystems At Boot Time?
What are others' views and experience regarding automatically checking filesystems (running fsck) at boot time?To be more clear, I have left the ext3 filesystems on this machine set to require checking after a fixed number of mounts by using tune2fs with the '-c' option. I've done this mainly because of the following (from the tune2fs man page):

Code:Youshould strongly consider the consequences of disabling mount-count-dependentchecking entirely. Bad disk drives, cables, memory, and kernel bugs could all corrupta filesystem without marking the filesystem dirty or in error.e using journalingon your filesystem, your filesystem will never be marked dirty, so it will not normallybe checked. A filesystem error detected by the kernel will still force an fsck on the nextreboot, but it may already be too late to prevent data loss at that pointBut what does anyone else do? Is there really much risk to disabling this automatic checking

Posted: 9th November 2010, 10:58 AM

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Ubuntu :: Disk Check On Every Boot On Lucid?
I have updated from Karmic to Lucid not long ago, and everything went smooth and my system is been working like a charm for about a month. And it still does, with the only issue being that every time I restart my system, one of my partitions is checked.

My disk is split into 4 partitions:
sda1, NTFS for windows
sda2, ext4 for "/"
sda3, ext2 for /home
sda4, swap

Now what seems to happen is that sda3 is being marked as "not clean" on every shutdown, which makes me assume that is not being umounted at all.

I've been reading logs, commenting network drives out on fstab.. nothing does the trick.

I've booted into single mode and run e2fsck (which doesn't find anything wrong, and marks the FS as "clean") and then rebooted. The result is: if the FS wasn't mounted when I restart, then I get a clean boot once, but it is checked on the following one; if it was mounted then it is again checked at start-up.

Again, all points to the problem being that the FS is not cleanly umounted on shut-down.

I could not find any log with info of the processes killed and FS umounted at shut-down, so if anybody knows where to look, it could be a good start.

Posted: May 26th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: How To Disable Auto Disk Check When Boot From CD
I have a custom modified Ubuntu LiveCD. Sometimes when I boot from the CD, after it detects the HDDs it starts automatically scanning and repairing them even if the partitions are windows partitions. What do I need to modify to make it not scan/repair any partitions/drives at boot?

Posted: 01-19-2010, 04:44 AM

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Ubuntu :: Root Disk Check Failed - Cannot Boot 10.10
I applying changes through update manager in ubuntu 10.04 then my computer froze. So I had to restart it manually.
Now I can't boot ubuntu normal or recovery mode.I get an error message saying 'the disk drive / is not ready yet or blah blah'.I don't have a livecd to fix it this with... but here is my 'cat /etc/fstab' relevant output

/host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk / ext4 loop,errors=remount-ro 0 1
/host/ubuntu/disks/swap.disk none swap loop,sw 0 0

Posted: April 25th, 2011

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General :: Filesystem Check Automatic Repairs At Next Boot Time
you can refer to this ubuntu thread for context, but i'll sum up what i'm trying to do here to spare the reading. basically i want to be able to schedule a filesystem check with automatic repairs at the next boot time. but i'm not sure if this will try to automatically fix errors which is what i want to do. the reason i want to do this is because i experienced a power outage (the machine was not plugged into an UPS) and i want to make sure everything is ok.

Posted: 02-05-2010, 10:23 AM

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Ubuntu :: How To Disable Boot Time Disk Checks
These days I see the disk check that is popping up when my Ubuntu is booting up quite frequently. It says 'press C to cancel' but C (or Shift C or CTRL C or CTRL ALT C) does not have any effect. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE reboots but again ends up in the vicious loop of disk check. How to bypass it? When I need to critically enter the desktop for an urgent pressing info waiting for 20 to 25 minutes disk check is kind of difficult.

Posted: August 1st, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Automatically Mount The Disk And Enter The Password Each Time Boot Up
i'm trying to get everything working ok. i have installed ubuntu using wubi and i've found that i can access my files on my windows partition from ubuntu. to do this i have to mount the disk and enter the password each time i boot up, and i would like this to be done automatically. i was wondering if this was possible? i put in a link directly to the music folder on windows into my 'places' but it only appears once i have put the password in. its not a huge thing, but its one of those things which would make starting up my ubuntu a lot more conveniant.

Posted: March 7th, 2010

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Fedora :: Slow Boot Time 12 / Cannot See Partition On 500 GB Disk, But Still Boots Up?
I'm using Fedora 12 since 2 years lately, I really enjoy this S.O., it's quite robust and wonderful, but a couple of months ago it is really slow to boot up when startup the computer, I've checked everything, but seems to be ok, I had a partition lost arround that date, but recover successfully, it happens when I run gparted that It cannot see partition on my 500 GB disk, but still boots up. When running Mandriva live cd, it can see (?) all partitions on that disk, even with Fedora Dolphin I can access this partitions. What could it be?

Posted: 4th March 2010, 05:33 AM

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Ubuntu :: Slow Boot Time After Creating Virtual Disk For Virtualbox Guest
My laptop boot up time increased considerably (10 seconds) after allocating a virtual drive for virtualbox guest. The guest installation did not work so i removed it along with the virtual disk. Now everytime when i boot to ubuntu, after inputting my password in the login screen, it takes much longer to load the system. And during the loading time the disk activity indicator light blinks indicating the harddisk is actually busy loading the system.

I decided to search around for a possible answer and force reprofiling ureadahead does the trick Now boot time is back to what it used to be

Posted: June 4th, 2010

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General :: Check Some Folder On A Shared Disk - On Local Disk?
How to check if some folder is on a shared disk or on a local disk?

Posted: Sep 20 at 17:54

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Debian Configuration :: "Squeeze" - Trigger "Check Disk" During Boot (before Filesystem Is Mounted)?
as far as i know Debian "Squeeze" has a disk check utility, but you can't run this on a mounted filesystem. Is there a way to trigger this during boot (before filesystem is mounted) ? I can run this once a month to keep filesystem healthy....

Posted: 2010-11-20 10:22

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Time Keeps Changing - How To Stop It
I think I selected the wrong time during the installation and now at the top right corner, my time keeps changing back to one hour ahead. Not sure why.I've went into the Preferences of the Time/Date > Time Settings > and set an hour back manually. I check back in 30-45 minutes, it's back another hour ahead. I'm on a Dell Inspiron 1545.

Posted: December 2nd, 2010

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Programming :: Script To Check Startup For Start Restart Stop Centos?
I have startup scriptsI want to test themI need a script to do the followingstart restart stop for 100 times (or i can set how many cycle)

Posted: 06-16-2010, 05:29 AM

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Programming :: Make A Script That Will Check Service/s Status Whether Running Or Stop?
how to make a script that will check service/s status whether running or stop and also will run stop services?

Posted: 09-06-2010

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Ubuntu :: Stop Asking Every Time For Password To Authenticate?
i recently switched to ubuntu 9.10 from win vista, i am having a problem... in ubuntu when ever i do any changes it asks me for my password, i know that its for my own PC's securiety but now i am really annoyed with this.

Posted: January 27th, 2010

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