Ubuntu Servers :: No Longer Access Interface - Get Shutdown

Apr 12, 2011

2011-04-11 11:57:03 UTC I don't know what happening with my centralized log-server running octopussy. Currently it is working in a vmware setup with approx 980 Mb ram and is set in bridge mode. Currently is it set to receive logs from logs devices which are 4 in number one of which includes the core isg-1000 device. This setup is still in its test form....now what happens after some time (sometimes it taken days and sometimes just hours) when the connection (https) is suddenly lost to the apache and i can no longer access the interface. What happens more strangely my Ethernet interface gets shutdown on ubuntu. I have to restart the services by issuing /etc/init.d/networking restart.

Even at times it itself start receiving network packets on its own; without even restarting; i don't what the hell is wrong with the server. I cannot understand its erratic behavior. I need a sound and reliable Ethernet connectivity at all times because coz of loss of connectivity in my case would mean loss of logging functionality. I dnt want any time-gap in logging ...as im currently logging some highly critical devices on this server.

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Fedora Networking :: Can No Longer Access The Gui Interface

Apr 21, 2011

I have web application running on my server and can access this over the GUI.

This morning I can no longer access the gui interface. The activity LED flickers non stop on my nic card. I cannot ping or ssh into the server. However can access it directly from console and system is responsive when doing that. So i think this is a n/w issue... Any thoughts? How can I troubleshoot this?

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Ubuntu :: Restart/shutdown Laptop The Icon Is No Longer In The Launcher?

Jun 20, 2011

I installed Tweetdeck. I stick the icon on the launcher. However, when I restart/shutdown my laptop, the icon is no longer in the launcher. So I have to go to opt/tweetdeck/bin to start the application. regarding the issue? Why does the Tweetdeck icon keeps on missing on the launcher everytime I start my Ubuntu. By the way I am using Ubuntu 11.04.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Shutdown/Logout/Reset Through Graphic Interface?

May 9, 2011

working on KDE, I cannot shutdown, reset, logout or switch users through graphical interface (you know, bit blue button, 'leave' tab and all these buttons).I've googled the problem, and here's what I have found:[URL]Guys on the Arch forum related the problem to the OGG files and phonon-xine - indeed, I cannot play OGG files anymore.I tried to install phonon-vlc, but the package is not in any of my repositories. I tried to remove libqt4-phonon, but it would also remove half of the system, which isn't the best idea. Someone else suggested to install speex, but it's already installed on my Kubuntu.I'm out of ideas, and I'm not really sure how to reinstall xine and phonon without deleting half of the system like this:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
akregator amarok apport-kde apport-qt apturl-kde ark calibre digikam dolphin dragonplayer


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OpenSUSE :: Missing Shutdown Method In Org.freedesktop.PowerManagement Dbus Interface?

Oct 12, 2010

I'm using handbrake to encode some dvd's and am trying to use the autoshutdown feature. It does not work.However, handbrake does not seem at fault here. When I check in qdbusviewer, there is indeed no shutdown method in the org.freedesktop.PowerManagement interface. This does not seem normal, although I have the same problem on 2 suse 11.3 boxes.Through this post, I started fiddling with policykit settings, but it doesn't change anything.Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Do you have these canShutdown/shutdown methods?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Longer Access Folders?

Mar 17, 2011

I am new to Ubuntu and have been using it for a few months. Recently when I have gone to the Places drop down box and tried to get into any of my folders i get this message:


Could not open location 'file:///home/username' Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/arista-transcode" (No such file or directory) I have looked through the forum for the past few days and have still not found a solution that works.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can No Longer Access The Internet

Sep 9, 2010

can no longer access the internet,Deleted Network Manager thinking I could reinstall it and it would be back to its default settings. Had not been able to get online for days. Offcourse now I can't get Network manager back as I have to be online for that. I think I had stuffed up the proxy settings but can't work out how to get that back to default either. What do I do now and how do I do it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 - Can No Longer Access Windows

Mar 31, 2011

I tried Ubuntu 10.10 after occasionally using other distros of Linux from time-to-time on friends' machines. After deciding it trumped Windows in almost every way, I decided to install if from a USB stick. The installation appeared to work and I followed the instructions that were given on the Ubuntu download page. After it restarted, it booted back from the USB stick asking again if I wanted to try Ubuntu or install it. I tried to shut down however the only options I get in the power off menu (on the top right) are Suspend and Hibernate. I ended up turning the computer off by holding the power button on my computer (I know this has probably hindered me more than helped but I needed to shut down).

When the power was off, I removed the USB stick and tried turning on the laptop again, however, I no longer get any options to get into my BIOS settings, and NOTHING will boot. I just get a black screen with a blinking white cursor in the top left corner. I can still use Ubuntu by using the ''Try Ubuntu'' option when running from the USB stick but quite obviously this is not ideal. I know I have probably wiped Windows Vista from my system (I had most data backed up a week or so ago, so all the important things I still have, however, if there is any way, I would like it all back). Any way to do a Super-System-Restore to revert back to Windows (if this is even possible).

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General :: No Web Access With RH9 And FC3 No Longer Has Audio

Jan 2, 2010

Over the last few years of using Linux as an alternative to That Other System, I started with Red Hat 9 and moved on to FC3. I have no web access with RH9, and FC3 no longer has audio. It used to, but I recently was obliged to do a fresh install, and up2date no longer does anything. I suspect this is because FC3 is so old. I need the updated kernel in order to have audio. Time to move on. I see that Fedora Core goes up to FC11 now, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to which of the more recent FC distros is better than the others, or, alternatively, which one(s) to avoid?

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Networking :: Possible To Access Web Interface ?

Apr 2, 2009

is it possible to access any application is not in /var/www/html/ via web interface ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Longer Access Win 7 Shares (password Prompt)

Dec 19, 2010

Everything was working well between my Windows 7 shares and all three of my Ubuntu machines. I just replaced my buggy belkin router with a Netgear one and now none of the Ubuntu machines can open my windows box through Nautilus. All three (one 10.04, 2 10.10) can see the Windows box but when I click on it I get the never ending password prompts. My Mac can access the Windows 7 machine fine, and all three Ubuntu boxes can access the shares with CIFS/autofs. I just can't browse the available shares using Places->Network. I'm lead to believe something on Win 7 reset when I changed the router but after two days I'm at a loss as to what it could be.

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Can't Access The Network Any Longer

Apr 1, 2010

I don't know what I did but I can't connect to the network any longer. KNetworkManager finds it but I can't connect. It stops at waiting for authorization. I've been connected before and it still works in xubuntu but something happened here. Here is what /var/log/messages/ says


Apr 1 20:06:27 linux-ec26 kernel: [ 2568.174423] wlan0: authenticate with AP 00:12:1e:b3:2b:02
Apr 1 20:06:27 linux-ec26 kernel: [ 2568.175913] wlan0: authenticated
Apr 1 20:06:27 linux-ec26 kernel: [ 2568.175916] wlan0: associate with AP 00:12:1e:b3:2b:02


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Red Hat / Fedora :: No Longer Can Access Hard Drives

Jul 11, 2009

I installed Linux on my Y drive, and all went well until I tried to boot into XP again. I can't access or install an operating system to my other three hard drives, C, X, and Z.I think that during the install my hard drives were changed to something other then NTFS, but Linux won't access them either.

When I use my Windows XP or Windows 7 disc, it says the drive has 0mb free, and it can't install until I delete the partition, then reformat. I don't want to do this obviously, because I don't want to format all of my data.When I go to Places > My Computer it lists my CD drive, Filesystem, and the Y drive. It doesn't show my other three hard drives.Under Palimpsest Disk Utility I can see my other three drives, but I can't access the data on them yet.

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Software :: Can No Longer Access Smoothwall Admin GUI

Sep 27, 2010

After a power cut I needed to restart my Smoothwall 3 box. Things are working fine, except I can no longer access the GUI to open ports (https port 441, or http port81) etc. I get a "(111) Connection refused". I would just reinstall, except my kids have opened up a number of ports over the last few months for games but without keeping a record, and would struggle to have to start from scratch again.

How I can solve the "refused connection" issue, or alternatively, do you know which file on the box stores the port config info so I can take a copy of it before reinstalling. I have looked at /var/log/dmesg and notice I get a "segmentation fault" for the line /usr/apache2/sbin/httpd -DSSL and am guessing this is significant to the problem, but I don't really know what it means or how to fix it. I have rebooted several times, over several days.

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Fedora :: How To Access The Trac Interface

Feb 18, 2010

I have installed Trac via 'yum install trac'. How do I access the interface? I do not see a trac directory in my /var/www/html directory.

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Networking :: Can't Access Second Network Interface?

Mar 29, 2011

I'm having all sorts of problems connecting an access point to my computer, but here is one piece that I hope will get me going, if I can get it solved.My computer has two network interfaces, eth0 and eth1. eth1 connects to the cable modem and thence the world, and works fine. eth0 is supposed to connect to the access point over a private network. Here is the output from route with my IP address blotted out:

Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface


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Software :: Can't Access CUPS Interface?

Dec 3, 2008

I'm unable to access the CUPS interface (localhost:631). I used to be able to, but now, everytime I try to, a Page load error comes up with "can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:631." I searched the Ubuntu forums and Google and tried a few things (including installing CUPS v1.3.9) with no change. I've tried stop and staring cups, but nothing is working. Has anyone come across this issue and found a fix for it?

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Software :: Can't Access Voiceone Interface?

Jun 17, 2010

I am unable to access my voiceone interfaceerrorwsdl error: HTTP ERROR: HTTP authentication failed

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CentOS 5 :: How To Access Router's Interface

Jun 22, 2010

I have my centos server behind a Linksys router. I'd like to access the router's web interface to open and close certain ports. How do I access the router's interface ?

Prior to this, I had a windows machine. I could type in the router's IP in in the browser and get access to the interface.

How do I go about now ?

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Ubuntu :: Xubuntu 10.10 - Firefox Can't Find The Server - No Longer Able To Access The Internet

Mar 11, 2011

After about a week of successful running Xubuntu 10.10 off a live USB Firefox suddenly fails to work with the message "Firerfox can't find the server" Opening the error terminal in firefox yielded the message "Livemark Service: feed processor recieved an invalid channel for http://fxfeeds.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/headlines.xml"

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Ubuntu Servers :: Network Name No Longer Available

Mar 1, 2010

I now have the server at the school up and running. Myself as well as one other teacher have no problem finding the server, connecting to it, and even transferring data to and from. I however have one other teacher that get an error when trying to connect. Says that the server name is no longer available.

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.2 - No Longer Can Access Samba Share

Apr 13, 2010

I have a samba server on my LAN. It can be accessed without any problems from Windows machines on the LAN without password. I have two computers that I have updated to OpenSuse 11.2 (both used to run 10.3). Since doing this upgrade I can no longer access the samba share from the Suse machines. Basically, both Dolphin and Konqueror ask for a username and password to access "avoca" (the workgroup).

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Software :: Samba Access No Longer Working In Windows 7

Jan 15, 2011

I've recently been experiencing an issue connecting to my Samba shares on a Ubuntu 10.4 server box on my network from a Windows 7 client. If I use Ubuntu 10.10 on the same machine, or a Windows XP Virtual Machine running under both Windows and Linux host the share works absolutely fine.

What happens is if I browse to the hostname or the IP address I see a login prompt (there is access control) but my username and password no longer work. Before I didn't need to login as they are the same as my windows credentials.

I'm not sure what information/logs etc would be most relevant so I've posted some information, if any more is required then let me know where to find it and I'm sure I'll be able to get it.

Here is the last few days of the log when I believe it was working, there are no entries since.


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General :: Use Wget To Access A RESTful Interface?

Apr 12, 2010

I am trying to use wget to access a RESTful interface, but I can not figure out how to do HTTP PUT with wget. How can I do it? Or isn't it prossible?

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SUSE :: Can't Access Nagios Web Interface On Network?

Mar 17, 2010

I have set up nagios on Suse 11.2 and it is working fine on the localhost. I can access localhost/nagios, <ipaddress>/nagios in the browser and it loads up the nagios webinterface. If I try on a computer on the network with <ipaddress>/nagios the request times out. I have tested that I can ping to and from both machines (nagios machine and the machine I am trying to access the interface from).Some detailsNagios is running in a hyper-v VM. I installed it through yast2. Communication is run via a switch and sonicwall firewall but firewall has allow all within the network.I have a feeling it's some apache2 setting that I haven't configured or something blocking port 80.

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Software :: Set Access Permissions On A Network Interface?

Aug 24, 2010

Suppose a command:

$ ethtool eth5
Settings for eth5:


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Fedora :: Permissions - Cannot Shutdown Or Access Webcam

Nov 4, 2010

I don't know what triggers this, but every now and then I seem to lose the ability to do a lot of stuff:
* access the webcam
* shutdown from GNOME
* change power manager preferences
* mount external drives
A reboot makes it all work again. This is on Fedora 14.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Can No Longer Connect From Irc Client

Mar 12, 2010

I'm trying to set up a private irc server. I install ircd-ircu, modify the configuration file, restart the daemon, and everything works great. After the next server reboot, the server shows the daemon is running, but I can no longer connect to the server from my irc client. I've tried restarting the daemon with no luck. I can then uninstall and reinstall it with the same outcome. Everything works initially, but after rebooting, the irc client can't connect..

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Ubuntu Servers :: Intrepid Repositories Are No Longer Available

Dec 3, 2010

I know it's kind of my fault but I have this problem. I have two machines running Intrepid. I should have upgraded them in due time but what's done is done. Now I need to install some packages there but the Intrepid is no longer supported - Intrepid repositories are no longer available.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Win7 Vnc No Longer Connects To 10.10?

Mar 8, 2011

All of a sudden, I could not connect to my ubuntu 10.10 server from Windows 7 using vnc this morning. When I open vnc on windows 7 and hit connect, it goes away like its going to connect but never pops up the screen. If I try to connect to my other ubuntu server, it connects quick and I'm able to navigate in it.

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