Ubuntu Servers :: Where To Find Mail Server Configuration For Dummies?

Nov 28, 2010

Where to find Mail Server Configuration Howto for Dummies?

Autoreply is supported?
User Accounts and other configs in MySQL database..

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Ubuntu Servers :: Where To Find SSH Server Configuration

Nov 28, 2010

Where to find SSH Server Configuration Howto for Dummies? To Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server? Must work like FTP/SFTP and user accounts must be in MySQL. Just for File Transfer and user can open only his / her own ./ where is public_html in root..

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Server :: Mail Server Configuration - Send Mail To External Domain(internet)

Feb 22, 2011

There is an requirement, intranet people they may not have internet access but they want to send mail to external domain(internet),but in that intranet network one machine can have internet access. Is there any solution for this requirement.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Migrate Postfix Mail Server To Exchange 2010 Mail Server

Nov 3, 2010

I have a problem relate to posttfix.I want to mirgare postfix mail server to exchange 2010 mail server but I can't do it,u can help me.You can show me have to do configure postfix and exchange how to?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Make A Local Mail Server That Itself Is A Client To A WAN Mail Server?

Mar 10, 2011

How do I make a local mail server that itself is a client to a WAN mail server.I want the local mail server to query new mail every 30 minutes from the WAN server.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Secondary Mail Server And A Mail Gateway/relay?

Aug 3, 2011

Our primary mail server is Exchange 2003 Standard on Windows Server 2003 Standard - don't shout at me; I inherited it already set up this way.I have a couple of hardware identical redundant servers (HP ML350 boxes), all with very fast 2 or 4 disk arrays, multiple core CPUs and plenty of memory, and I am looking at two potential new additions to the infrastructure.

A secondary mail server is high on my list of priories. I've been well and truly bitten by Exchange in the past and given that this particular box has been running four years straight and that it's mail store is dangerously large, having a secondary mail server in place suddenly makes a lot of sense.

A new Exchange 2010 box is currently being set up, but the secondary mail server will remain in place even when the new Exchange server is brought online, so this won't be a wasted exercise.... I also want a gateway box in place to filter and relay mail to the primary server, or to the secondary server if the primary is unavailable. Currently our outer perimeter is:

ISP supplied CISCO router
Draytek VigorPro 5510 UTM

Untangle running in bridged mode (primarily used for SPAM filtering, URL blacklisting, and very little else) Exchange 2003 sits behind the Untangle box. This is how I want to end up:

CISCO >> Draytek >> Ubuntu gateway >> Exchange/secondary mail server

I know I could replace/remove the Draytek but I want it to remain for several reasons, including lots of VPN dial-in users already configured and that it offers us an additional layer of email antivirus scanning before things hit the Exchange box. No point switching all of our remote workers over to new tunnels unnecessarily...

I have done some research and have started testing a pilot secondary mail server using Ubuntu/postfix DNS is properly set up and MX records and reverse PTR records are all present and correct, and things are looking encouraging so far. Before I go out over deep waters and start to flounder, has anyone who has done something like this got any obvious howlers I should be looking to avoid ?

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Server :: Configure Postfix To Relay Mail To Multiple Internal Mail Servers With Different Domains?

Aug 6, 2010

Two exchange servers internally. One is setup for example.com ( and the other is setup for example2.com ( Both are behind a single public IP.

I want to use postfix to sit in front of the two exchange servers. Postfix will accept mail for both domains and relay to the appropriate server. I have postfix installed with only defaults at this point.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Postfix Configuration Can't Send E-mail

Apr 23, 2010

I am trying to make my elastix voip server to send and receive e-mails. It has built in Postfix mail server, and i tried to configure it.I am not sure about some parameters, such as domain and hostname.Either way, i will attach my config file and the errors that i get from log and mail queue as i get them from webmin.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Postfix Configuration - Send Mail To Other Domains

Nov 5, 2010

Let me start off by saying I am experienced with computers, though my knowledge of Linux and networking is limited. I've just recently started setting up a Ubuntu 10.04 server to be a SMTP server. I've followed this guide by the letter: [URL] What I've attempted, to test the server, is the following:

telnet localhost 25
ehlo localhost

(this returns all the desired information) I then do a MAIL FROM my domain which is accepted, and try to do a RCPT TO an external mail server (gmail) to test sending an email. I am then told 'Relay Access Denied'. I'm sure that there's something fundamental that I'm either not understanding or not doing correctly. I simply want an SMTP server that can send to other domains. What do I need to do?

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Debian Configuration :: Install A Multi-core System And Configure It To Run Several VMs, One Each For A Firewall, A Caching Proxy Server, A Mail Server, A Web Server?

Jan 25, 2011

I will be relocating to a permanent residence sometime in the next year or two. I've recently begun thinking about the best way to implement a home-based network. It occurred to me that the most elegant solution might be the use of VM technology to eliminate as much hardware and wiring as possible.My thinking is this: Install a multi-core system and configure it to run several VMs, one each for a firewall, a caching proxy server, a mail server, a web server. Additionally, I would like to run 2-4 VMs as remote (RDP)workstations, using diskless workstations to boot the VMs over powerline ethernet.The latest powerline technology (available later this year) will allow multiple devices on a residential circuit operating at near gigabit speed, just like legacy wired networks.

In theory, the above would allow me to consolidate everything but the disklessworkstations on a single server and eliminate all wired (and wireless) connections except the broadband connection to the Internet and the cabling to the nearest power outlets. It appears technically possible, but I'm not sure about the various virtual connections among VMs. In theory, each VM should be able to communicate with the other as if it was on the same network via the server data bus, but what about setting up firewall zones? Any internal I/O bandwidth bottlenecks? Any other potential "gotchas", caveats, issues? (Other than the obvious requirement of having enough CPU and RAM).Any thoughts or observations welcome, especially if they are from real world experience in a VM environment. BTW--in case you're wondering why I'm posting here, it's because I run Debian on all my workstations/servers (running VirtualBox as a VM for Windows XP on one workstation).

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Server :: (OpenSuse 11.2) Installation And Configuration Of Web / Mail Server?

Feb 16, 2010

I am hoping to find some much needed help here. I have been to various other sites and am beginning to think that I am not meant to have a server of my own.

I was told that OpenSuSE was good for beginners. So far, I am wondering.I am trying to set up a home network ( 2 laptops, 1 desktop. The laptops are wireless )

I'd like to set up a web server to run a personal webpage or two and maybe a forum, shoutcast server and IRC at some point down the road after I figure out the first two.

I found a guide, but it was for 64 bit and wanted me to install ISPConfig 3 ( Which, obviously I don't need )

I would like some basic, beginner help on installation, configuration and whatnot on setting up a web-server and mail server.

Yes. I have a static IP ( leasing an IP block from my ISP ). Yes, they allow me a web-server and mail server ( I had to get the IP block to do so ) and I have my own domain name to use.

On the various attempts, I managed to get apache working. ( When I visit my domain name, it says "IT WORKS!" which is nice and all, but I am use to using Cpanel and have no clue how to setup / edit a website outside of a panel ( or even FTP )

I think I got the mail server installed, but again ( as with the web server ) have no clue how to setup / configure and use it.

I either am using the wrong search words for help or asking incorrectly or something. This is my final stop. I am at the point of just forgetting it, chalking it up to a lost cause.

I do hope someone here is willing to be patient with me and help me through it all. I will even give link backs and Kudos to this site if it all works out.

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Debian Configuration :: Setting Up A Mail Server?

Jan 5, 2011

I would like to run a mailing daemon on my system that would receive incoming mail and forwards it to my Gmail account. I have no experience in mail services and forwarding mail at all. where to start reading and/or look for clues?

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Debian Configuration :: Install A Mail Server

Jan 12, 2011

i need to install a mail server with the following requirements: smtp, imap, web administration interface (users management to be done by a non-specialist) and ... to be easy enough to install/implement on debian (this is one time deal for me ...)

i used until now Xmail, phpxmail and nocc, very easy to install and it was working flawlessly, but unfortunately nocc is a too poor webmail client be cause is based only on pop3 literally the requirement is that on the web[client] mails sent must be saved and from what i see on webmail that only can be done with imap and (this is the big problem) Xmail does not support imap so i cannot install a good webmail client

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General :: Fetchmail Configuration - Mail And ISP Server

Jun 21, 2010

I am trying to configure the fetchmail and I have this line on the configuration file

poll other.mail.server interval 4
user "otherusername" there with password "otherpasswd"

How I do it? Is "mail.server" my isp server? and after configuration how do I fetch mail?

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Debian Configuration :: Optimal Setup For A Mail Server?

Apr 16, 2010

I would like to discuss setting up a mail server and its implications and alternatives. First, let us see if I have understood this correctly: A mail server consists of many different components. First, a server to listen to any mail inbound for a specific domain (say postfix), and then a POP3/IMAP server (say dovecot). Then, I should somehow configure the rules by which all mail is forwarded to their respective owners. This should be fairly simple by using debians package managers and dselect or whatever program it is that sets up right packages by use cases at the install.

But now lets assume a more complicated environment, where there are multiple users with different domains and needs. First, we need to send mail to ourselves from webapps for instance for backup purposes. So let's say we have a domain called domain.com setup, and we want to send mail to backup@domain.com. Unfortunately, some configuration issue makes the application get confused, because it is trying to send mail to itself, but doesn't quite understand what it should do. How can this problem can be solved?

Second, how could I configure different domains with different rules. For instance, if I want one domain to have a catch-all account, where random email sent to erroneous accounts is captured? Or if I want to create accounts which are not based on actual Debian accounts, but instead just random usernames (say, danny@domain.com, mike@domain.com, support@domain.com etc.)?

Finally, which are the best web-guis for doing such configuration? What if the customer wants to himself add accounts? I cannot require him to edit text files - especially if he can thus break the whole configuration for other customers as well.. postfix-admin is one, but it is quite crude-looking. Is there something which integrates both postfix, apache and dovecot configuration? How about Webmin?

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Server :: Configuration Documents Of FTP/DNS/MAIL/Appache/SAMBA?

Apr 14, 2010

Being a New user of Red Hat Ent. Linux 5.1, I need Step by step configuration documents of FTP/DNS/MAIL/Appache/SAMBA individually and individual Test of each configuration after configuration. I had gone thru' RHEL Documents but there is no step by step configuration

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Ubuntu Installation :: Broadband Modem Stops After Mail Server Configuration

Aug 27, 2010

I just configured my system to be a mail server after following this howto URL...Normally before the configuration i use a huawei E1550 to browse on it but now it no longer works.It connects to the internet but refuses to browse.I cannot open any webapge or site for now.I suspect it has to do with the shorewall configuration i must have changed that has caused this.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mail Server On Own Server

Dec 18, 2010

After days and days spent in reading guides, how-to, forum post and much more, I still have some doubts regarding the possibility of developing a personal mail server having a fully functional ubuntu server. ( of course this is due to my lack of knowledge...hehe )

First thing I wish to understand is the focal point "Can I have my private mail server pointing to mymail@myinventeddomain.whatever ONLY IF I have previously registered ( bought ) myinventeddomain.whatever?"

Second thing is: " Could it be a work-around setting up a free dynamic name server ( pointing to my server, where a LAMP stack is already fully functional ) and then use this "name" to create my email? "(*) Example: using my own server, already accessible from outside my lan using a free dyndns name, I'm able to access and manage some web-based services. Is it possible to apply concept two at this situation? The base idea is to have my own email service, with my own domain like neomod@thenameiwant.xxx , so I can create email-based notification between my server and some other email addresses without relying onto some public service ( let's say google or my own isp mail server ).

I have read about the common solution in theese cases ( Postfix ) but in each guide, tutorial, faq or similar I could have read there is no explanation about " How to choose/obtain your own domain name".Reading forum discussion situation isn't better, because some one clearly states that I need to by a domain name ( ex. godaddy, aruba, etc. ) while some others say that I can realize it on my own just using dinamic dns name and a few other things.So beg my pardon if this question might seems stupid, but since I already own a domain name+webhost I reallu wish to understand before spending other money.

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Debian Configuration :: Email Encryption - How To Setup Mail Server

Feb 8, 2010

Could anyone point me to some simple articles that explain what email encryption is and how to set up a mail server (e.g. Exim) that can send secure emails? I know nothing about networks, mail servers, encryption, etc., but I have to be an expert on it before I walk into work tomorrow morning.

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Debian Configuration :: Anti-spam Proxy For Mail On Server?

Jun 20, 2010

I was wondering if there was some kind of anti-spam proxy available for debian, that could serve as a layer between my ISP's mailserver and my email client. Something light, as it needs to be installed to a guruplug server with not much storage available. It would be great if I don't need to configure a fully fledged mail server but if it can function on it's own, only filtering spam messages. I already found assp and qpsmtp, but I find these very difficult to setup and assp is like huge.

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Server :: Postfix Configuration To Split Mail Between Apps On Same Host?

Jul 19, 2010

I have an OpenSuse 11.2 system that is running 2 BBS systems independently, both of which are capable of receiving smtp mail on prot 25. What I would like to do is set up Postfix on the OpenSuse OS to receive all mail for both those domains and then send the relevant mail to the correct BBS. I would therefore have Postfix listening on Port 25 External and the 2 BBS applications listening on different ports on the localhost address. At least that is the plan.

how to do this. I want to do it and still make sure Postfix is secure and not accidentally open up any nasty relay holes etc etc.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: RDNS For E-mail Server Configuration - NAT Involved?

Aug 24, 2009

I'm having an issue with an e-mail server (with an IP of which is behind NAT (Cisco ASA) which in turn of course has it's own external IP (let's say - IP Both IPs are public.Now, if i wanted to set up a correct RDNS configuration for my domain, what should be the IP address entry for the PTR record in this case?

I know this is strictly network configuration related question (not Linux, or CentOS for that matter), but I wouldn't be asking if I didn't get a few bouncing e-mails every once in a while (i.e. NDRs) with messages like: You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.


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Ubuntu Servers :: Mail Server For Interal Use Only

Apr 9, 2010

I am talking classes at a university. One of my classes has a large group project. Part of the project has me setting up a mail server. I don't have a domain to use for this server, So I need to have it setup for local use only. but I have not been able to find much info on how to do so for local use only.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Server Side Mail Retrieval

Mar 9, 2010

I'm looking for some sort of app that will hit a pop3 server every x minutes and automatically download the mail from it to a text (mbox?) file. It's a remote server so something that can be ran from terminal and just set up in a cron job I guess.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Looking For Good Mail Server/Webclient?

Oct 13, 2010

I am looking for a good Email Server/Webclient, needs to use pop3+smtp. I also need to be able to add users/permissions via web client. If anyone knows of anything useful for me, then email me or post back here

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Ubuntu Servers :: Simple Way To Implement A Mail Server?

Feb 21, 2011

I am putting a php contact form on my webpage that sends messages directly from the page to my email address. This script has worked in the past, but unbeknownst to me that is because my previous server was running a mail transfer client that handled php's mail() function through smtp. The web server I am using now is a home machine configured with ubuntu running php/apache but there is nothing to handle mail. My contact form says the message has been sent, but it never arrives to my inbox.

Following forums, I installed sendmail and verified that smtp was running on port 25, but the form would then hang for over a minute upon submission(and messages still would not be delivered). I then tried exim4 as a mail transfer agent which solved the hanging, but messages still werent delivered. From my reading it appears this could have something to do with my hosts file, but I am unsure how this needs to be configured (pretty new to all this and I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew).

I eventually configured exim4 to use the smarthost feature for outgoing mail, using my gmail account's smtp server (following a tutorial). My exim log file produces no errors, but messages from my contact form still are not delivered. This has turned out to be a huge, hair tearing situation and I'm at a loss on what to do next.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mail Server - Can't Send Or Receive?

Mar 5, 2011

Every time I try to send a message with SquirrelMail, I get:

Message not sent. Server replied: Syntax error in parameters or arguments 501 5.1.7 Bad sender address syntax

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setting Up Mail-server For Web Site

Mar 25, 2011

To setting up the mail server for my site. The situation is such that it is necessary to allow access through the site (built under LAMP) to the mail server. Ligament postfix + dovecot good option? or who have a similar configs mail server.

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Ubuntu Servers :: PECL Error On Mail Server ?

May 27, 2011

I am currently installing a mail server to handle email for our clients, I have started this server from scratch using Ubuntu server 11.04.

So far I've installed Exim, SA, Dovecot, and Clam AV and those all seem to be working as they should, I can send and receive email...

I am now trying to set up Horde, Horde 4 to be exact, I have been following the documentation on the Horde site :[url]

Part 4, it is recommended to install certain PECL modules, and I would like these as well.

I have been try to get these to go, but just can't get past some of the error messages like this, for the first one:

Cannot find config.m4.

Make sure that you run '/usr/bin/phpize' in the top level source directory of the module

ERROR: `phpize' failed

Does any one know what this error mean. From what I can gather, it's looking for the phpize when the module is to be installed, however, how can I put the phpize file (or link) in the top level of the source directory before I have the source?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mail Server For 400 Small Domains - Which One To Use?

Sep 1, 2011

I am going to try and replace our crappy Windows/imail server with a new ubuntu 10.04 LTS based machine. It will end up with about 400 domains on it with around 3000 users total. 96% of the domains have very light use. 4% of the domains have heavy use but do not send any bulk mail.

Can someone here recommend a mail server software package that would be easy to administrate and easy to backup/replicate? All we need is POP with webmail. We do not need IMAP or want any group/collaborative functions.

What do you usually use for anti-spam on a linux mail server? We want to keep it all open source if possible.

For hardware we are looking at an HP DL360 G5 with dual Xeons, 4G of ram, and the P400 controller with 6 SAS 15k drives. Do you think a server like this will be able to handle the mail on linux? Volume is around 400k messages a day inbound with about 10% being legit/90% being spam. The server will be dedicated to mail hosting and will not host websites.

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