Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Playback Like In Windows 7

Feb 14, 2010

Is there any way to make Ubuntu play sound like Windows 7? I mean when i, for example, listen to music in Windows 7 the sound is much clearer and besides that i can use room correction to obtain a better surround feeling, but when i listen to music in Ubuntu the sound is not very clear and it sounds like stereo even though the sound is played back through all the speakers (the bass is also a little bit to high).

So far i've tried installing the alsa driver and modifying the output levels of each channel, but didn't quite have the same result as the room correction feature in Windows, and the sound wasn't any clearer either. Note: I have an onboard Realtek soundcard and Logitech x530 speakers

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Playback Skips Or Just Stops

May 17, 2010

So I recently upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and then to 10.04, and I love it!

But there's only one key problem -- sound playback.

When I'm playing an mp3 file in rhythmbox, or any other player, it'll skip when I maximize or minimize windows, or do anything that really uses resources.

And on top of that, if I just let it keep going, it'll eventually just stop playing the song, and the progress bar will jump forward and do the same for other songs, not even playing them.

even songs on pandora.com skip, but don't stop playing

I've deduced that it's probably a sound driver thing. I've downloaded the driver for my card, but I the directions tell me to install it in


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.3 KDE - No Sound On AVI Movies Playback

Feb 12, 2011

I installed opensuse 11.3 KDE for the first time last week. Amarok works fine with mp3 files. Also I installed VLC and kaffiene with all available codecs but unfortunately I have no sound in my avi movies. I can not know what is the reason although it was working fine in windows.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Dies After A Random Time Of Playback

Jan 27, 2011

When I start Audacious and make it play music, after a random time the player
freezes up and the music stops playing. I have to make Audacious force quit and restart it, then it works for some time again. When I play a ..... video (in Firefox), it plays fine for some time and then it loses sound and either continues playing silent or the video stops and doesn't start again until I reload the page.

I use kernel 2.6.31-11-rt and the soundcard is...
product: AC'97 Sound Controller
vendor: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]
physical id: 2.7


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Asus M4A77TD PRO - Poor Sound Playback

Feb 28, 2011

how poor is sound playback in Ubuntu? I don't know if this is a general problem in all distros, but as a beginner i decided to install Ubuntu as its popular for users with minimalistic or not much knowledge about Linux at all. So in Windows playback sound quality is great, but in Ubuntu it is terrible, why is that? My soundcard is motherboard integrated - Asus M4A77TD PRO. In other forums someone give me advice to write this


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sound Stuttering In Movie Playback...

Dec 23, 2009

I have some videos on my harddrive. In most of them the sound just stutters for a short while and then they work fine. But others the stuttering seems to go on. I must admit I didn't have the guts to check the whole videos...Its kind of torture to watch a full length music video with stuttering sound... Man...I'm asking so many questions here I'm starting to get ashamed of myself

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Playback Sound And Recording - Cannot Get Music To Work?

Apr 25, 2010

1 i have tried to get my sound output working in totem kaffiene and banshee to no avail. reading through several blogs posts and the such of likes has gotten me to ttry and set pulse alsa and oss so im even more confused. i can get a sound test to play but cannot get music to work??

2 i would really like to use audacity to record but it keeps hanging after about three seconds. i purchased a new acer aspire 5532 and deleted windows 7 to encounter

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Playback Freezes Screen Randomly While Sound & Keyboard Works

Feb 12, 2010

i'm using ubuntu since 8.04, and the current (9.10) is a fresh install on new hdd.the problem was the same each version (8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10) - while i'm playing the video (no matter if i use mplayer [smplayer], gstreamer [totem] or adobe flash plugin [videos]) the playback freezes randomly for about 5-10 sec. during the freeze the movie is still played, i can hear the sound is ok. if i press [space] in smplayer it pauses the playback, so the responses for keyboard actions are ok. not for the mouse clicks however. i can still move the cursor around the screen but it seems the system is not aware of it (clicking on the "pause" button doesnt pause the movie). except the cursor, nothing changes on the screen (if the im [pidgin] window was blinking because of new message, it freezes etc etc).

is there any kind of log i could look into just to try figuring out the problem?it is impossible to watch any movie on my pc (currently i don't have tv)i installed windows on external hdd once and it played videos fine so i suppose it's not hardware problem .

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Bizarre E-mu 0404 PCI / ALSA Playback - Sound Files Playing Too Fast?

Nov 17, 2010

I am new to this forum and have recently switched to Ubuntu. The OS installed without a hitch and was able to get video card, wireless internet installed with relative ease. However, I have encountered a problem installing my E-mu 0404 PCI sound card via the ALSA packages in Synaptic.

Code: 04:03.0 Multimedia audio controller [0401]: Creative Labs SB0400 Audigy2 Value [1102:0008] As you can see once the packages were installed the OS could see the hardware ok, but when I tried playing a standard MP3 file (16 bit, 44.1khz, 192kbps) in Totem it started playing the file back around 15-20% faster than normal? To me it sounds as if the software is playing the audio back at higher sample rate than 44.1khz hence the faster speed, though I'm not 100% on that.

The next thing I tried was playing the same file back in VLC and it was exactly the same (15-20% too fast), but this time it was horrible and glitchy as well, almost as if the audio buffer size was set to small. The same thing happened when I tried playing back some flac and wav files (all 16 bit, 44.1khz) also. I have searched google (and read the comprehensive sound card guide on this forum) and read several forums, guides, etc. for anybody posting the same issue with this particular card but could find nothing. From all reports I've read this card should work fine under ALSA. For the record I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 64bit kernel running on a Dell Dimension 9200 (Intel Core2Duo E6400 2.13ghz) with 2GB RAM.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Using OpenShot To Render For Windows Playback?

Mar 20, 2010

Although I am an obsessed Ubuntu user, I am also a realist. When I have to give a presentation, I often have to use someone else's computer, and that system invariably runs windows. So when presenting via Powerpoint with embedded video on a default windows install, I need to be certain that the video format will play correctly. It is hard to convince windows users that Ubuntu is better if your videos/slides/documents etc don't play nice with their setups.

I have used kdenlive before (on OpenSuse) and it has a wmv export profile which works, but I was really hoping to sort this out using Ubuntu.

export settings or profiles in OpenShot that will definitely work for me??

I know that Openoffice Impress on Ubuntu plays every format I've ever tried flawlessly -- but when you give a talk somewhere you are often using someone else's computer and it is usually windows

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: HD Video Playback - Video And Sound Frequently Get Out Of Sync

Oct 17, 2010

When I play large HD videos in mplayer, the video and sound frequently get out of sync, and the video plays a little strangely (occasionally speeding up and occasionally slowing down).

I think it's because mplayer is only running on a single core. As I've got a quad-core processor, it seems inefficient. I've seen that there is theoretically a way to get mplayer to work with multicore setups, but it requires compiling with different options. That'd take me a little while to work through.

Ideally there would be a pre-compiled version in the software centre, or a player which has support built in (again, ideally in the software centre). Is there such a thing available?

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Debian Multimedia :: Audacity Playback / "Error While Opening Sound Device"?

Apr 15, 2010

When I try to playback a sound file in aucadity just after having played one in rhythmbox or totem or vlc (or presumably any other media player), I get the following message :

"Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate."

When I try again 2 or 3 seconds later, playback works fine. In fact if I wait 2 or 3 seconds after having stopped playback in rhythmbox or totem before starting playback in audacity, audacity doesn't give me the error message at all. Just wondering what causes this delay (as there are no delays when I go from rhythmbox to totem or vlc or anything else).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Skype Sound Options: Discard All Samples (playback) Or Generate Zero Samples (capture)

Jul 19, 2010

When I talk to anybody on Skype, the sound is really slow, it sounds like I am a robot. Its running at maybe 1/2 normal speed. I am using Xine backend and internal microphone.


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Worked Fine With The Windows 7, But No Sound?

Sep 11, 2010

I have a new Dell XPS 9100 with 9GB ram and ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5. I installed a dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 64bit. Sound worked fine withthe Windows 7, but no sound with Ubuntu. Did a reinstall with just Ubuntu 64 bit (wiping out the Windows 7). No sound.I first did:

System -> Administration->System Testing
(testing only for sound). I get:
0 [Intel ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel


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CentOS 5 :: No Sound On Playback ?

Apr 6, 2011

It is all good and running except for the sound.

I run: Centos 5.5 Final, kernel 2.6.18-194.32.1.e15

The sound card is an onboard one for Gigabyte X58A series. the driver is recognised as "Intel corporation-82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD audio controller" and the module "snd-hda-intel".

When I put the PCM device on "ALC889 analog" I can hear the test sound in the "audio configuration module" from the system/administrative menu.

However, when I run a movie or an mp3 file, I can see the picture, but no sound. I also can't hear the test sound under "Systems/Prefernces/ Sound " Menu.

This runs fine under windows though I have to configure numerous output plugs through a gigabyte-realtek software.

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Fedora :: Sound Stops During Video Playback F12?

Jan 15, 2010

I've been running F12 x86_64 for almost a week now without significant issues, until now. I found this annoying problem with the audio system during video playback (both with VLC and with Kaffeine).It happens after a while playing a video: sound just stops (video continues). I found that sound is not dead though (can open Rhythmbox and music sounds).I discovered some system messages in /var/log/messages regarding this (attached).What could be happening

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General :: Video Playback Without Sound On Fedora

Dec 12, 2010

No sound on my Fedora when I play stuff on my hard disk. Video plays but there would be no sound. But there is sound/audio when I start using a browser. So I guess flash is working. Any basic trouble shooting stuff for audio? I tried this [URL] but the stuff is way over my head.

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Software :: Sound Switches On And Off In Music Playback

Jan 6, 2009

I recently installed Linux - fedora 10. This is the first time im working with Linux, I have no idea about Linux OS. My problem is when i playmusic in real player 10 or rhythm box, the sound switches On and Off. F10 detects my sound card, I believe there must be some settings that needs to be corrected, My sound card is inbuilt in motherboard(Intel). I ran Alsamixer and alsactl store as root.

Volume is at 100th level and it not mute. Still the same, sound switches On and Off. Should I change anything in the settings of volume control? i have choosen Device as HDA Intel (Alsa Mixer), is that correct??I ran Alsamixer and alsactl store as root. Volume is at 100th level and it not mute. Still the same, sound switches On and Off. Should i change anything in the settings of volume control? I have chosen Device as HDA Intel(Alsa Mixer), is that correct?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.04 & MythTV Frontend On IBook G4 - No Sound And Video On Playback

Jun 8, 2010

I set up Ubuntu on an old iBook G4, planning to use it as a front end to my main box. Installed 10.04 no problem, and from there, used Software Center to install MythTV Front end. Have done the same thing on a netbook, no problem.

However, on this PPC Mac, the front end works fine, navigation, menus, etc, until I try to play a recorded programme - the screen is blank, and I just get white noise from the speakers.

(BTW am trying Ubuntu as I don't have a Mac OS new enough to get any of the current Mac MythFrontEnd builds working)

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OpenSUSE Install :: Sound On 11.3 Is Choppy During Playback With CD And In A Web Browser

Aug 28, 2010

The sound on 11.3 is choppy during playback with CD and in a web browser how can I fix it

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Fedora :: Getting Sound Playback (cracks - Pops And Sparks) With FC2

Apr 15, 2010

i am getting sound playback problesm (cracks, pops and sparks) with FC2. i've followed this instructions, but problem continuous anyway:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Why Is Sound Volume So Much Lower Than Windows

May 20, 2010

This is my third Ubuntu installation, and even with identical hardware, sound volume is dramatically less than under Windows. I turn every slider up all the way, and it is still less than half as loud as Windows.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Won't Play Sound / But Works In Windows

Nov 12, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu and it seems the sound isnt working in it. Anyway - i have two screens. One is a tv and i want the sound to come out of there(its running through a hdmi cable).Works completely fine in windows. I havn't installed nivada plugin thingy as it stops my dual monitors working =(. So maybe this is the problem? From what i remember it worked in wubi though (without nivada drivers)I followed the troubleshoot and couldn't seem to find anything wrong?

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Debian Hardware :: No Sound / Thumb Drives Read Only / No DVD PLayback

Jan 6, 2011

All of a sudden my Debian 5.05 system quits working in several different ways.I think it started after I was trying to set up Virtual Box. My first symptom was that when I was trying to convert a dd backup file to a virtual hard drive, the conversion program, part of the virtual box package, told me I was not part of the virtual box group. So I added myself. I could never get past this error message, so I gave up and figured I would google the answer later.

Next time I am on, my sound card does not work. The volume control in the Panel was a red X next to it and complains about the gstreamer not being present. After another round of google I find the brute force solution of giving everybody in every group rw access to everything in /dev/snd. This works. (My main user account was already part of the audio group. I added a new user and specifically added him to the audio group. Nothing. Only root had audio access.)

At about the same time I discovered I could no longer play DVDs. When the movie player starts, it says I may not have permission to play the movie. mplayer claims there is no stream found to handle url dvd://1Also when I add a thumb drive, the file system is read only.

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Fedora :: Sound Cutting Out And Video Jumping While Local Playback

Aug 30, 2009

I have had some issues since installing Fedora 11 on my desktop (well not after I installed it, once I installed the updates). Anyway sound was cutting out, videos were jumping, speeding up with no sound etc online such as ....., when playing local songs and videos etc. Anyway I followed this guide [URL] and that fixed my playing of online videos, music and when I play local music in totem etc. IN fact there is no issues with sound in those.

However; when I try to play a local video in any medial player it jumps sound, crashes, if it starts playing sound it will cut out and if I move the video forward it cuts out and sometimes crashes the video player. Any ideas why that guide fixed all online video and local MP3 but is till messed up playing local videos?

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General :: Flash Videos Playback - Sound Garbled And Distorted

Aug 11, 2010

I play a flash video, and then play music natively the sound doesn't work. Or I can play flash and have sound but not play music with sound that's on my PC. Or I play my music on my PC, say one song, and the other is high pitched distorted, and rings. I have to exit the program and start it again for it to play nice. How do I resolve this most irritating bug?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Streaming Audio / Sound From Server To Windows

Jun 20, 2010

I have configured PulseAudio with an MPD system-wide as I want to run PulseAudio without an X-Window Server environment, as I'm going to let my netbook act as a "wireless speaker" for espeak to speak out; thus, minimizing the expense of getting a "whole-apartment audio equipment." This is something that I can figure this out, as I have configured PulseAudio to act as a sender by having a separate RTP stream when I configure it in a VNC client.

Plus, I want my Windows Vista 64-Bit machine to receive the output from PulseAudio. I did download the Windows version of PulseAudio from Cendio, but I have problems getting PulseAudio to work, even if I added load-module module-rtp-recv to default.pa in the PulseAudio directory that I installed in PulseAudio directory. I get error after error messages when I run pulseaudio.exe, so it looks to me that it's not going to work anyway.

So I deleted the entire PulseAudio directory. It said something about entropy that I did not know anything about it. So anyway, is there some sort of a server program that listens to PulseAudio output and then send that audio to the client? The server program in the Ubuntu Server (that I plan to use as a sender) must be able to run without an X-Window environment. Is this possible?

I tried to do a search when it comes to streaming audio from Linux to Windows, but the Google search result came up with "Streaming audio/sound from Windows to Linux" which did not turn out very well for me. As a result, I have no luck with doing a Google search for what I'm looking for. In short, is there some kind of daemon that listens for audio and distribute the sound to Windows? It will be for my internal network only.

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Software :: No Midi Playback / Cannot Make EMU10k1 Based Sound Card?

Oct 16, 2010

Here's the problem of mine: I cannot make my EMU10k1 based sound card (Audigy 2 ZS) to play midi.

What I tried to make it work so far:
1. Install sound fonts: unison.sf2 and FluidR3_GS.sf2
2. Use asfxload to load these soundfonts.
3. Check if they are truly loaded:

user@computer: cat /proc/asound/card0/wavetableD1
Device: Emu10k1
Ports: 4
Addresses: 17:0 17:1 17:2 17:3

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Windows Media 9 Codec: No Sound In Mplayer / Totem / Vlc

May 15, 2010

how I fixed my sound problems, that happened only for "windows media 9" videos, after struggling for days changing the players etc. (using Ubuntu lucid 10.04 up to date)First search for "Ubuntu install w32codecs" (or w64codecs depending on your system bus width) and... install them as root or 'sudo'


$ sudo apt-get install w32codecs (or w64codecs)

After updating totem to the very latest version (May 12, 3 days ago) the problem happened to be likely from the source: gstreamer. So I tried to install the latest version of gstreamer, and it worked (the default one packaged in Ubuntu is dated 2008...).


install latest developer version


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Is Not In Full Potential In Lucid Since Switched From Windows

Jul 11, 2010

I have had sound issues with Ubuntu since I switched from Windows. I must say I am enjoying using Linux but, am consistently frustrated with my sound issues. Infortunately, I still can't "fix" my sound to use it to its full potential. The steps I took to get to my current setup are shown in this past thread. [URL] I will sum up behavior and specs:

1. I have a 4.1 speaker sound system that includes, headphone port, mic input, and some usb game ports.

2. I have pulse audio all updated but I have it set to audio duplex otherwise the connection terminates. Meaning, I can't set it to 4.1 output. If I do set it to 4.1 the sound is uneven (amplitude) out of sync and poppy.

3. When I have it set to duplex, I hear decent sound except when I play audio or video files on vlc or rythmbox. Internet vidoe sounds and startup sounds are fine.

4. The sound card for the system is recognized as CS46xx. I have a Hercules Game Theater XP sound card. This is consistent with the alsa.org listing.

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