Ubuntu Multimedia :: Ati Radeon 9000 + 10.10 = Brightness?

Jan 23, 2011

I have been just pretty much having fun with Ubuntu and a couple other distros for a couple years and have not yet ran into a problem like this. I'm pretty good in a command line environment although I end up googling syntax a lot b/c of that wonderful memory I have! Anyways..

I am running an older machine: P4P800 ASUS Mobo, P4 2 Ghz, 3G RAM and an ATI Radeon 9000.OS: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Issues: Seems that anything that Compiz has to render the brightness is really low. CairoDock (w/ OpenGL) does not render like it does on other machines that I have, looks like garbage. I've come to the conclusion that I need to get a better video driver (Hope I'm correct here otherwise I've been going the wrong direction for awhile now).

Things I've tried through research around the net: I've attempted installing fglrx(command line style) from several tutorials I've found here and there. Most of them for older versions of Ubuntu and if I'm remembering right there have been a few significant changes lately, which may be causing my issues? Of course I've tried the easy ways: Installed all fglrx/ati/radeon related packages in Synaptics Package Manager
Checked System > Admin. > Additional Drivers before and after package installations
Ati Website - the drivers that they have are for XFree86. I don't think they can run on XOrg - it's a completely different setup? Again, I don't have a great understanding on how the back end of all this works, so bear with em.

I ran: echo options radeon modeset=0 > /etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf To disable KMS.
Rebooted - Video was much worse I then ran: echo options radeon modeset=1 > /etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf To re-enable KMS Rebooted again. Everything ran fine but I didn't have my Cairo Dock > which I can deal with, that's not why I'm posting.. Well, that's a good chunk of it - there's more but I don't remember most of it as I've been working at this on and off for weeks. Again, a lot of this was tried upon researching anything and everything I could find on the net - so some of it might sound ridiculous, I was just trying anything that would work!!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9000 TV Tuner No Sound

Mar 14, 2010

I have an ATI All-In-Wonder 9000 AGP4x video card with TV tuner function. I following the description on [URL] where I found a how-to for enabling TV tuner. The tuner works in xawtv and avview but without sound. I plugged the cable in from tuner to my sound card and try to increase volume and/or enable mute on/off but nothing to hear. The sound card line-in input works correctly, because when I attaching my MP3 player I hear sound over the sound card. I think maybe have a register accessing/writing error which handle the TV Tuner sound chips to turn on/off. (the tuner works correctly in Windows XP). I'm using Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS with x86_64 (amd64) actually. The lspci output for Video Card:


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Hardware :: ATI Radeon 9000 On Ubuntu?

Jul 22, 2010

I'm having trouble getting this to work, everytime i pop it into the motherboard and start my computer it beeps at me and won't start, i'm thinking it probably just won't work but does anyone have any ideas that MIGHT make it work? i've downloaded the driver package off the ATI website and it doesnt seem to install anything. maybe possibly just hardware conflict??

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Control Brightness / Show Brightness Popup / Screen Brightness Don't Work

Mar 3, 2010

I Install Ubuntu 9.10 and I can't control Brightness, show brightness popup (Fn+F5F6) but screen brightness don't work, I install NVIDIA Driver Linux-x86_64 version 190.53, modiffed xorg.conf.

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Ubuntu :: Radeon 9000 Pro - Unable To Use 1440x900 Resolution

May 15, 2010

After having problems with an onboard graphics chipset I've just installed an ATI Radeon 128Mb 9000 Pro AGP graphics card into my old computer... The problem is that I can't get it to use 1440x900 resolution that my LG L194WT (Ubuntu won't detect it) requires and the highest I can select is 1360x768 and that looks all wrong

lspci gives:


01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 If [Radeon 9000] (rev 01)
01:00.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Radeon 9000] (Secondary) (rev 01)

And /var/log/Xorg.0.log gives:


X.Org X Server 1.7.6
Release Date: 2010-03-17
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0


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Ubuntu Installation :: 8.04 Vs 9.10 - ATI Radeon 9000 Graphics Card Doesn't Recognize

Jan 20, 2010

I have an ATI Radeon 9000 Graphics card that Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't seem to recognize no matter what I do. Knowing that its an older card and that ATI stopped support for it a while ago, I was wondering if anyone knows if I would have better luck on Ubuntu 8.04. I can't get 3d or opengl to work, or install the correct ATI Driver.

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Hardware :: Decrease LCD Brightness - ATI Radeon

Feb 1, 2011

I am running Arch on a Sony Vaio 64-bit computer with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card (xf86-video-ati installed).

I am attempting to decrease screen brightness; I have tried editing /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness (gives me: "write error: Invalid argument") and xbacklight -set <value> (gives me: "No outputs have backlight property").

Anyone know how I could decrease LCD brightness?

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General :: Screen Brightness For IMac G5 W/ Radeon X600 Xt?

Aug 21, 2010

I have come to the conclusion there is no way to adjust brightness for this iMac besides xgamma tweaking.Can someone explain why it is not possible?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Quickcam Pro 9000 Working Off/on?

Aug 22, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10
Quickcam Pro 9000
Logitech USB Headphones


I'm driven quite insane on why nothing is either working or teasing me. I DO NOT want to record on Windows. I have a lag problem with fps there, anway. Seems like guvcview is my best option, but I can't get it to detect anything.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Logitech 9000 Pro - Video / Audio Recording @ 30 Fps

Jan 14, 2011

Can I run this camera: Quote: Bus 001 Device 007: ID 046d:0809 Logitech, Inc as something other than a UVC driven camera? It appears that UVC in 640x480 format is only available at 15 fps. I need to record at fps=30. So I can splice into existing video.


echo "Recording. Ctrl-C or close window to stop" Is there a driver other than 'v4l2' I can use that will give me 30 frames per second?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Does Does Not Work With Adobe Flash In 10.04?

Aug 9, 2010

I have a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 which works with Skype, Cheese, Ekiga, and Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 with no problems. (With Ubuntu 8.04, the video worked with all of these but Skype (couldn't test Skype as it was not available) but not the audio, which was one of the reasons I upgraded). It does not work with Flash in Ubuntu 10.04. Flash does not detect the camera though it does detect the microphone (and says it works, haven't tested it yet). It works (video and audio) with Skype and Ekiga. The video works with cheese and I can record my own voice with Sound Recorder off the webcam's mic.

I have looked at the webcam community documentation [URL]..and have visited Adobe's site [URL].. to click on "always allow". But that does not work either. Flash simply does not see the camera. The version of flash on both computers is the same (10,1,53,64).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 AutoFocus And Focus Settings?

Jul 23, 2011

Basically the only thing you have to do is installing quickcamteam's configuaration file (logitech.xml) with uvcdynctrl. Now I have a real good fully functional HD capable webcam.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Screen After Sleep On Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]?

Dec 20, 2010

When I put my laptop, a Presario X1000 to sleep that uses Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500], when it comes back up, I get just black and white "nosie" on the screen.

Even after I do cntr+alt+F1 and then cntrl+alt+F7 it still doesn't appear to restore the regular screen.

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Debian Hardware :: Getting Lenny Working On Macbook / Can't Use Brightness Keys To Change Screen Brightness?

Feb 9, 2010

I'd been trying to get into Linux before I bought it so I figured that I would try to get it onto my new Mac so that I could use it wherever I am. I decided to try Debian Lenny 5.0.3 a whirl after reading about all the different distros available. I've successfully installed it and I can get to it with rEFIt, and I have quite a few things working such as the video drivers and wifi. However, I've had trouble getting it to a level where it'd be usable away from home. Here are the main problems I'm worried about:

1) I installed pommed but I still can't use the brightness keys to change the screen brightness. I'm not sure if there's some other workaround for this?

2) I tried some recommended power management packages (gnome-power-manager) but it doesn't seem to be accessible or functional right now. I don't have any way to control it or get to it that is obvious to me. Is an icon or anything supposed to appear on the task bar when you install or what? Getting some sort of power management on here is important because it gets really lousy battery life otherwise.

3) Being a Macbook, there's no right-click button. Multitouch would be really nice (two-finger scrolling!) but I'd be OK with ANY way to right-click with the touchpad. I have a wireless USB keyboard/mouse combo that works at home at least . . . right out of the box too!

4) I've seen some packages called the Mactel PPA, but they are made for Ubuntu. Since Debian and Ubuntu are so similar, is there any way to make those work on Lenny? I think that if I got those to work, I could fix some of the problems above. Or do I have to install Ubuntu?

5) I just noticed that the sound doesn't seem to work yet either.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Brightness Isn't Working \ Log In The Brightness Gets Obnoxiously Low?

Mar 22, 2011

I'm having a really strange problem, when I turn on openSUSE, the brightness is fine.owever, as soon as I log in the brightness gets obnoxiously low. I have a MacBook Pro 7.1 with openSUSE 11.4 KDE

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Webcam Brightness Increase ?

Mar 10, 2010

Ubuntu, in its most recent version (9.10) has stopped to support certain webcams that it previously supported with just plug-and-play simplicity. After many searches on the web, I could somehow managed to make my old webcam (Logitech QuickCam Traveler) work. Skype couldn't see it, but adding the command bash -c 'export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so; skype' to the launcher, worked the miracle.

Whatever, the image was very dark, and in a new web search I found a solution [url] As stated there, I opened the Terminal and entered:


All is OK, brightness gets up, I can finally see my face (not a great view, but I somehow got away with it) in Skype's test, but I need that change to be PERMANENT, so every time my parents open Skype (it's my parents' computer) they won't have to mess with Terminal (they're 69 and 72 years old, it's their first computer, so I CAN NOT expect them to use Terminal, they just want to open Skype and use it, as they did when they used Windows (until two weeks ago, when I finally convinced them to switch).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.04.1 - Need To Reduce Monitor Brightness

Dec 19, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04.1
Nvidia gpu ( Asus GeForce GTS 450 Series graphic card)
DVI connection to monitor (Dell 2405)

Using a VGA connection I can use the buttons on the monitor to control both contrast and brightness. Using dvi there is no control(no contrast control and the brightness button changes the numbers but not the actual brightness!) I cannot find the app that controls the Nvidia GPU
(it should exist as I found it on Zenwalk).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Alterate Brightness On A Old Monitor?

Jan 11, 2011

I have a very old monitor that shows too dark colours I would like to increase the brightness via software, in another distro I used gxvattr but in ubuntu doesn't work, I also tried gdcccontrol but my monitor isn't supported. What should I try ?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Change Brightness And Contrast In Totem?

Mar 16, 2011

I know there should be some way to change brightness and contrast in Totem, but I dont think I can find it there.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: High Contrast And Brightness On .avi Video Fies

Jan 27, 2010

since I installed ubuntu 9.10, my video files, specially .avi, are showing up on every player with a high contrast or too much brightness... So i have to go t vlc and adjust the image... =/ I'd like to know how can I make the video files running normally as I used to do at 8.10...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Kaffeine Now Cannot Set Brightness - Edit Toolbars / Sort It?

May 4, 2010

With my Kubuntu Hardy install there are plenty of settings I can change in Kaffeine but with Ubuntu Lucid I cannot adjust the brightness or add/remove items on the toolbars.
Is there some other way to change these settings ?
Kaffeine is excellent for watching and recording Dvb/T television (multiple channels etc).

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Debian Multimedia :: Gnome Resets Brightness After Log Out

Aug 26, 2015

When I logout out of gnome, the brightness reaches maximum level. I've tried adding a script to adjust the directory "/sys/class/backlight/intel_ backlight/ brightness" to the rc.local file. I'm not sure if it has to do with my video card but it certainly could be the case since I'm using an experimental package for the Intel graphics card.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema H5D-00001 Brightness Adjustment?

Aug 16, 2010

I've seen several posts about adjusting the brightness on webcams within Ubuntu going through /sys/module/... /parameters/ however, I need directions for the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema specifically. It runs well with Skype but during the day the image is way too bright so I look like a ghost on cam. I'm running with UBUNTU 10.04 LTS *Lucid Lynx* on a DELL D620 laptop.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Change Picture Format / Brightness And Contrast In Bulk Instead Of One By One?

Feb 22, 2011

Im using ubuntu 10.04 I would like to know if their is a program that can change the format, contrast, and brightness of a large bulk group of pictures instead of doing it one by one?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding A Program Compatible With Intel Mobile 4 For Brightness Adjustment

Apr 24, 2010

I've got: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller as vga screen, and I would like to be able to change brightness and contrast.

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Ubuntu Multimedia ::unable To Change Webcam Brightness, And It Says Gspca Module Couldn't Be Found?

Apr 26, 2010

On aMSN the webcam works,but it's very very dark, and i can't move the adjusment handlers for some reason. Also, i tried several methods to increase the gamma, but it just won't work...nothing changes.how can i proceed?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Adjust Color / Brightness / Contrast Of Flash Video Inside Browser

Dec 14, 2010

Sometimes while watching ..... vids in firefox I often want to adjust the brightness/contrast/saturation levels.I didn't see any addons for the purpose.Is there a way to do this ?I have visited web sites with embedded flash players which includes these controls.

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Debian Multimedia :: Increasing And Decreasing Screen Brightness Crashes Minecraft

May 3, 2015

When increasing or decreasing the screen brightness, Minecraft crashes and to an extent freezes my computer UI. What I mean by to an extent is that I can move the cursor around, but I can't click on anything. I can also run keyboard shortcuts and type, which is how I restore my system by terminating all java processes with pkill.

What causes minecraft to crash and how can I solve it?

Link to error log [verbose] [URL] .....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Configure ATI Radeon HD 4650

Apr 1, 2010

I recently decided to upgrade my old desktop instead of buying a new one. I figured I would go ahead and max out the specs on the motherboard while I was at it. I had a standard AGP slot and the best graphics card I could find for AGP was the Radeon HD 4650 (AGP 1GB GDDR2). So I ordered the parts and went on my merry way.I installed the card and did a fresh install of 9.10, hoping to max perform my "new" system. The card was acting kinda fishy on the live boot and I had to reboot a few times before it magically worked. I got installed etc and when I booted it worked, but it turned out performance was painful. When using Firefox the delay when scrolling down the screen was literally unbearable. No problem right, I used the restricted drivers app to go ahead and install the ATI drivers hoping that it would auto-magically fix things.

System booted but once I logged in the screen would just fill with freezing and garbage so it was impossible to get anything done. I experimented with all three options but this is what ended up being my solution. Download your ATI driver using this site: AMD Graphics Drivers & Software Just select Linux in the OS Select column.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ATI Radeon 5750 Drivers?

Apr 18, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 64 bit (I had 32 bit before) and I want to get my graphics card working. I have an ATI Radeon 5750 hd card. I tried to use the proprietary drivers from "hardware drivers" but I get a watermark in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and the resolution is terrible. Also, the whole screen seems to be vibrating, which kills the eyes, so I got rid of that driver.

I also tried to download and install the driver from ATI website [URL]... but ubuntu couldn't open the pakage. I gave me some error message about the "encoding text" or something like that. So how (if it's possible) do I get my video card working so that I can use compiz and run 1080 resolution? I have been through tons of threads but none of them helped my any.

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