Ubuntu :: Kate Crashed On File Save / All Files Created During Session Lost

Jan 24, 2010

I'm running Karmic 64-bit and Kate 3.3.90.I have been splitting up a very large (16,000 lines) text file by copy/pasting bits of it into smaller files. I had about 40 of these smaller files loaded into a session along with the large file. About 20 were from a previous day of editing and about 20 had been added (and saved) today.

I tried to save the file I currently had open and Kate crashed. I didn't think it was that big a deal until I reopened Kate and all of the files I had added today were gone!!I've looked in the folder and even the backup files that should have been there for files I'd saved more than once are not there.

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Ubuntu :: Save File From Crashed Computer?

May 16, 2011

my ubuntu laptop have crashed and all I get up is a terminal that report that it is a "read only file system". is there any way to move these files to a usb memory or to at least read them?

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General :: Kate Plugin That Enables File Comparison In Kate?

Jul 16, 2010

Is there a Kate plugin that enables file comparison in Kate?, something like the plugin available for Notepad++

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Debian :: Save Session File From Xfce Menu When Shutdown

Nov 14, 2015

I'v installed wmctrl to have a terminal on desktop and I'v configure it with a script I'v found online.I'v add the script to startup menu interface from xfce (I don't know the us name cause I'v it version on system language), when I shutdown I'v save the session, and on the next log in seems that it is run twice, so if I disable the save session button when I log of but in that case it run in the previous status (dir/position)and I want that it run from startup menu from script file....so when I save the session where it save the status??...how can I skip that it run twice with the script running at startup???

#! /bin/bash

xfce4-terminal --hide-menubar --hide-borders --hide-toolbars --title=descon && wmctrl -r descon -e 0,90,10,500,500 && wmctrl -r descon -b add,sticky,below && wmctrl -r descon -b add,skip_pager,skip_taskbarFirst xfce4-terminal

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Programming :: Detecting Newly Created Folders / Files On Local File System?

Apr 16, 2010

Using C++, I want to process sub-folders on my home folder sequentially each with a special naming format and containing some binary files in it:


Give above folders, I will process files in 1/ at first, 2/ at second, 3/ at third, and so on.

For some n/ folder, if I realize that n/ actually does not exist in local file system, I do not want to wait for it. Hence I will keep processing (n+1)/ folder, and so on.

However, when processing some (n+m)/ folder, previously not processed n/ folder may have been created on local file system. In this case, I do not want to miss processing it, but somehow detect its creation and process it. After processing n/ folder, I want to continue from (n+m+1)/.

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General :: Partitioning - Difference Between File System Created By Fdisk And File System Created By Mkfs?

Aug 1, 2011

I'm a little bit confused with partitioning the filesystem in Linux. the difference between creating the file system with fdisk and mkfs (when formatting the disk). I can't clearly tell my problem, so please look at this picture:

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Ubuntu :: Save A Document Created In OpenOffice.org In .doc Format?

May 3, 2010

How do I save a document I created in OpenOffice.org in .doc format? I want to use the same file in a windows OS. Whenever i select the "Windows XP" option then click save OpenOffice crashes. How do I fix this?

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Debian :: Mount An ISO File And Change Some Files And Save It After Changes?

Feb 1, 2011

How to mount an ISO file, change some files and save it after changes?

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Ubuntu :: Wine Crashed Now Can't Type In Txt Fields And Lost Max, Min, And X From All Windows

Oct 29, 2010

Using wine, re-installed EVE (hadn't played for awhile), things went fine, ran eve, things were fine... then like an idiot in the middle of the opening graphic sequence I tried to exit out... big mistake... system hung up and I had to do a hard restart. Upon restart the following has happened:

1. I currently cannot type into SOME text fields. I can type into Firefox, and Open office, but not into KDE wallet, Kubuntu search fields, or the terminal (big problem). If i go out of KDE and straight command line I can run terminal commands. I can also cut and paste into all text fields including the ones I cannot type into.

2. I've lost all X, Minimize, and Maximize from ALL windows, and cannot move windows. I can resize some windows, like firefox however. Windows are not layering properly, if any window is open the "start" button menu will be blocked out, and the opened windows will not layer behind it (makes me have to resize windows to shut down).

3. Tried to go back to a prior good configuration to no avail. The 3 most recent configs have the same errors now, and the configs prior to that are refusing to initialize KDE... screen will flicker and then go strait to command lines.

notes: I have tried changing graphics drivers to no avail, and have redone the keyboard selection to no avail. Also uninstalled wine, but that didn't do anything. basically, I can work within the errors and make stuff run, but it's a huge PITA. running Kubuntu 10.10*was running wine 1.3.5

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Ubuntu :: Kate Editing Java File?

Jan 30, 2011

I am a CS major and Iv'e been using vim with a custom rc file to do my editing... A professor suggested we can use kate with terminal for better speed so I thought I would give it a try. Unlike vim, geany, eclipse and others kate does not indent java code, for example after "{ <ENTER>" it should indent to the right 1 tab, but it does not, so I have to press <TAB> every time I go to new like, and I have to go back and forth for different statements...

This does not make things faster at all, Is this even possible? Any other editor suggestions that do not use GTK, but kde native Qt with terminal emulator?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox - Unable To Save Files By Right Clicking And Save As

Jan 13, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10 dual booting with Windows7.My ext3 /home is mounted as F: in windows.I share a firefox profile between them so that when i am in Windows my firefox uses the same profile as it does when in Ubuntu.It all worked great until recently. I am unable to save files by right clicking and save as. In the config i am unable to set a directory to save to. It neer asks me where to save to. Just nothing happens. some off my book marks are all messed up as well, my rss feeds have the same post on some random website every time i log on and i have to manually refresh to get the correct feeds back. I am unable to delete the random bookmark.

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General :: Commands To Save Md5sum Of Files In A Folder Into A Text File?

Sep 14, 2010

I've found these commands in [URL]:


find -type f -print0 | sudo xargs -0 md5sum | grep -v isolinux/boot.cat | sudo tee md5sum.txt

But I don't understand these commands, even after reading their manuals.

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General :: Xfce: Save Page As: Single File Vs Multiple Files?

Nov 28, 2010

I am using Xfce as the desktop enviroment and Mozilla Firefox as the webrowser. Within the webrowser window, I do File>Save Page As. I save it, and the result is almost always foo.html and directory foo_files. But I think under KDE I could choose the format, one of them being something like "Single page" (only one file; the colecction of .png, etc is embedded into that file). And this is the format I want Xfce (or Firefox) to use when downloading to hdd.

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Ubuntu :: Save Session For Future Logins?

Jan 16, 2010

I have a few questions related to the 'Save Session for Future Login' option you can check (and is checked by default) when you go to shutdown/restart/etc.

1) What exactly does checking this option and shutdown/restarting do?

2) Is there any way to have it unchecked by default?

3) Is there any way to completely remove the option?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Save The Session While Using OS On Pen Drive

Aug 21, 2011

I haven't installed ubuntu but using it from my Pen drive. The major problem I am facing is I am not able to save my current session. For example I will download and install a couple of software like 'WINE', 'java plugin' and other useful software for me, but when I shutdown everything is lost and I get a new copy of OS on my next start-up.I can't install a copy ubuntu on my hard disk as I have only single partition on which windows is running.

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Ubuntu :: Use Scalpel, File Recovery Tool, To Get Lost Mysql Files?

May 30, 2011

As it says in the title I need to use the scalpel file recovery tool, or something similar to be able to recover a lost mysql storage folder.. The system crashed, and I really need these files as fast as possible. So I would love any help I could get.I have been searching in different search engines (including this forum) for an answer to my question, but I can't seem to find it.How can I configure scalpel, or any other similar application to be able to recover my mysql /var/lib/mysql storage directory. I really need these files... And.. I know, I should have taken backup

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Ubuntu :: Where Has Possibility To Auto-save Session On Logout Gone In 11.04?

Apr 28, 2011

Where has the possibility to auto-save session on logout gone in 11.04? Or even just save a session at any point?It has been filed as a bug on URL... but I fear it has been (re)moved on purpose..

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Session Does Not Save Application After Upgrade To Maverick?

Jan 14, 2011

after the upgrade to maverick, gnome-session-save doesn't save applications on shutdown or logout as it did on Lucid.I've noticed the following things:

On Lucid, if I had a stopped job in a shell, the system refused to logout or shutdown, showing a confirmation window. On Maverick, the CPU goes to 100% and then the computer shuts down; on reboot, no application is saved

On Maverick, if there are NO stopped jobs in a shell, I can logout cleanly but only a few applications are saved (eg. terminal, firefox) but others aren't (eg. empathy,evolution) I've checked "Automatically remember application on exit" in "Session management" menu.

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Ubuntu :: How To Save Session And Remember Running Applications Between Thems

Feb 1, 2011

I used to use kubuntu last years, but I decide to give Ubuntu a try instead.A thing that was working on kubuntu's KDE by default, is that when you close your session, the system remembers what applications was you using, so in the next boot up they will be open exactly as it was.I would like to have this feature also on my Ubuntu 10.04, but I've been not lucky searching for the option to enable it.

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Debian Multimedia :: Implement The Session Save / Restore In Fluxbox?

Aug 12, 2011

I ended up adding one line in .xinitrc file.

exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session startfluxbox

Is it possible to restore previous session using bash script when fluxbox starts?

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Ubuntu :: Lost Kde Session Manager For Kde3 And 4, And Now Only Will Boot To Run Level 3

Oct 28, 2010

I lost my kde session manager (for kde3 and kde4), and now Kubuntu 9.10 only will boot to run level 3. This occurred when I used the synaptic package manager to remove all the kde 3 desktop, to then allow an upgrade to Kubuntu 10.04 version, due to a error message about that kde3. I was able to log into either kde 3 or 4 before this, so what do I type in that text mode run level 3 to fix this issue, and to have my KDE session manager back working ? Or do I now need to install a fresh Kubuntu 10.04 with only KDE 4.?

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Ubuntu :: Lost Kde Session Manager For Kde3 And 4, And Now Only Will Boot To Run Level 3?

Oct 27, 2010

I lost my kde session manager (for kde3 and kde4), and now Kubuntu 9.10 only will boot to run level 3. This occurred when I used the synaptic package manager to remove all the kde 3 desktop, to then allow an upgrade to Kubuntu 10.04 version, due to a error message about that kde3. I was able to log into either kde 3 or 4 before this, so what do I type in that text mode run level 3, to fix this issue and to have my KDE session manager back working ? Or do I now need to install fresh 10.04 ?

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Ubuntu :: Save Files On Ubuntu File System?

Jan 28, 2011

I had a dual-boot system with Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04. Now, when I select Ubuntu at the dual boot menu, the computer just restarts, and I get to the same menu, so I cannot get to my Ubuntu system.Windows works as usual.How can I save my files on the Ubuntu file system?I have lots of small files and complex folder structure (it's Java code) so I am looking for a solution that will rescue as much of that structure as possible.

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Software :: Convert Email Files With Attachment To Save As Attachment File?

Apr 7, 2011

I finally got E-mails fetched downloaded to local disk, now a further thing that I would like to do is to rip off the attachments to save as its original file name and extension.A E-mail like this for example:


From root Thu Apr 7 17:21:34 2011
Delivered-To: ted_chou12@tedchou12.cz.cc
Received: from pop.gmail.com []


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Ubuntu :: Can't Recover Files From A PC That Crashed And Wont Shut Down

Apr 10, 2011

My wife's Windows Vista laptop crashed and now will not boot. It is a Compaq and when we turn it on it loads into the HP recovery program. The only option is to format the drive and reinstall windows.

We can't do this however because we need to extract the files for my wife's college classes. I was told that you can use an Ubuntu Live CD to access these files so I burned a CD with 10.10 on it. It access's the computer and it appears to access the folders from the hard drive but all the folders are empty. Also the partition appears empty as well.

I found a thread on here that mentioned that the file system needs to be closed for it to be mounted but the computer had to be forced shut down so that isnt an option. Also i read something about chkdsk /f.

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CentOS 5 :: "gnome-session-save --kill" RESTART The System?

Apr 27, 2011

When I logout Gnome session, the whole system reboots. I found this command, "gnome-session-save --kill", it restarts the system, too.That's what is happening with two of my Dell destops(CentOS 5.6). How could this happen?

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Fedora :: Does Not "save" Nothing (a Guest Volatile Session)

Aug 21, 2009

i need to build a pc, that allow to everyone to use it, and that does not "save" nothing (a guest volatile session)

i see the xguest package, looks good, but has 2 big problems:

1) seems not possible to customize the session (eg: modifying the home), and this one is not so a big one

2) is impossible to choose a localization: with the fedora login screen it is possible to choose the localization only after clicking on thje usernname, but using xguest, if i click on the username starts promptly the session

so i'd like to ask if is there any workaround for have that "volatile" and better if customizable home i thinked , IF possible to copy an home folder to /tmp (if possible and use the /tmp instead the home during the session, obv with enough available ram) OR copy a home from a user to the"GUEST" one at the start (boot, or login), then delete it at logout or turning off the pc

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Ubuntu :: Where To See When Files And Folders Were Created On System?

Jan 18, 2010

I can't figure out where to see when files and folders where created on the system. All I can see in Gnome and the terminal is the modification time. I also want to see the last access time.

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Ubuntu :: Stop Files Being Created On Desktop?

Oct 2, 2010

Everytime I open a drive, an icon shows up on the desktop. i hate that! i want a clean desktop free of icons so i can put pretty widgets and all that other junk . how do i stop this from happening?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Delete Files Created By Scalpel

Nov 23, 2010

I ran Scalpel to retrieve some files from an old HDD, what I didn't realise is how much larger the output from Scalpel is than the original disk space.

So what happened is at about 5% of files carved (pass 2/2) my disk space was full and the program aborted.

Then when I rebooted Ubuntu I can't get in unless using Recovery Mode.

I think this is because there is no disk space left. The error I get is to do with Gnome Power Manager not being configured, I never had this error before.

So I went into CLI prompt and performed 'find -maxdepth 2 | grep *.mpg' and I can see a tonne of mpg directores called ./~/mpg-1-6, ./~/mpg-1-7, etc, and they all have lots of files.

Now I have no way of deleting these, I tried using 'sudo rmdir */*mpg' and it cannot find the directory.

When I go to my home folder and 'sudo ls -al' these aren't listed.

The only way I can see them is using the 'find' command.

Can I chain the find command with a delete command somehow?

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