Ubuntu Installation :: USB Flash Drives Won't Mount?

Apr 30, 2010

After a bit of a rough install, I got 10.04 up and running on an Intel D845GRG motherboard. All seems to be working fine except for USB flash drives. My USB mouse and keyboard work fine, but the two sticks I have (Kingston and PQI) will not mount.

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Ubuntu :: External Drives / Flash Drives And Other Partitions Will Not Mount

Jun 21, 2010

I recently had issues with the latest version of the Linux Kernels and I got that fixed but ever since that has happened none of my Drives will mount and they aren't even recognized.

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Ubuntu :: 3 U3 Flash Drives Won't Mount Or Freeze System, Or Won't Unmount?

May 15, 2011

I have 3 u3 type flash drives, 1 Memorex and 2 Sandisk Cruzers, and one non-U3 (JDSecure).The purpose is file storage.All four work perfectly on Ubuntu 10.04 and XP.I have continual problems with the U3 devices on 11.04. Problems vary from not being able to open the flash drives causing screen to freeze until I remove the device from the hub, or I am unable to unmount the device causing the desktop to freeze until devices are removed.Sometimes I am able to access files in the flash, before the freeze.The non-U3 device works perfectly on 11.04, 10.04, and XP.Sounds like a system problem to me. I have google searched this to death, but can't find a solution.

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Debian :: Flash Drives Auto Mount To Wrong Filesystem

Jun 10, 2011

Sometimes when I plug in a USB flash drive, it is mounted to /dev/usb0 instead of /dev/drivename. This poses a problem for me because I have applications that depend on files I keep on flash drives, and having to frequently change the file paths is difficult. I haven't been able to find anything on this topic with a cursory search on Google or through the Debian reference. Heck, I don't even know what /dev/usb0 is (though I would like to learn, in the interest of being less of a noob). This is happening on a Squeeze system running Gnome, so I believe nautilus is what's responsible for auto-mounting my flash drives.

Beyond that, I don't know what other information I should provide; if you need to know something else, ask me (and perhaps tell me how to access that information). Someone on IRC suggested that I didn't have my drives set to mount in /dev/, but I have no idea how I would go about fixing that. If there's a configuration file that deals with this sort of thing, chances are I haven't touched it since installing this system. Debian installer sees usb drive as cd drive, so it adds it in fstab, but with wrong file system options (udf,iso9660) which is not the one your flash drive uses.

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Ubuntu :: After Upgrade To Lynx None Of Of External Drives Cd Drive Or Flash Drives Are Pick?

May 9, 2010

upgraded from karmic through update managerANDnone of of my external drives cd drive or flash drives are picked upad to go back to karmic and will remain there for a whil

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Mount Data Drives

Jan 9, 2011

I installed 10.10 on my workstation but now my system refuses to mount two existing two data drives that were already there... sudo mount /dev/sdc /mnt/data-b gives me: mount: unknown filesystem type 'isw_raid_member'

I didn't change any BIOS settings... My BIOS is not configured for RAID at all, that setting reads AHCI, which should be okay for my kernel (using the stock 2.6.35-24).

I tried to force mount one of the drives with sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sdc /mnt/data-b

but this gives me an even stranger message:
"/dev/sdc already mounted or /mnt/data-b busy (neither of them are true...)

It's mainly the "isw_raid_member" thing that troubles me... I didn't and don't have a RAID system at all..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Mount Drives After Upgrade

Mar 10, 2011

a few days a go I got Samba messed up and I decided to just reinstall Ubuntu. Ubuntu resides on an 80GB drive and I have 2 1.0 TB drives that I use for storage. At one time (pre-Ubuntu) they were connected to a VIA SATA RAID card and I had them on a software RAID under Windows XP. Both worked absolutely fine under Ubuntu 10.04 (which had bee progressively upgraded from the original install of 9.04.

Now, both drives have been given the same label, and neither one will mount because the file system type is reported as "via_raid_array" rather than the EXT4 that they both should be. TestDisk can read them and identifies the partition as a Linux partition, and the data seems to be there. I have even reformatted one of them and still, it will not mount.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Directories Requires To Mount Drives?

Feb 23, 2010

Since I never got an answer to my last question:I'll ask something simpler. When Ubuntu is booting up, what directories are used for the boot process up until it mounts other drives (such as an SD card).hink that question makes sense,don't hesitate to ask forclarification, though.

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General :: Use Network Drives As Mount Points During Installation?

Apr 7, 2010

Is it possible to use network storage locations as mount points during installation?

cause i want to separate system (ubuntu) with data (personal files).

eg. if i have 5 computers i don't want to recreate /home/david 5 times.

so i want to mount networkdrive/home to /home in local ubuntu server.

so ALL users home folders could be used and maybe also networkdrive/projects to /projects.

in that way its ok if i by accident repartitioned the local ubuntu server cause all data is not there on that server, but in the data server.

is separating "data" from "logic" good in this case?

and is it possible? what protocol should i use for the mapping over internet? (maybe the server is in Sweden, and the data is in Norway).

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Debian Installation :: Recognize Or Mount External Hard Drives

Feb 10, 2011

I just switched to Debian 6 from Mepis 8.5. When Debian loads, it doesn't recognize or mount my external hard drives.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Sharing Windows 7 Drives - Unable To Mount Location - Failed To Mount Windows Share Error Message

Sep 5, 2010

I have recently set up an ubuntu installation on an old PC. After some fiddling with both it, and the windows 7 machine, I have managed to share all of my drives. However, when attempting to access them from ubuntu, only 2 of the 4 hard disk shares will mount, with the other 2 failing with a Unable to mount location, failed to mount windows share error message.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: USB Flash Drive Mount - Un-mount ?

Sep 17, 2010

Its annoying to unmount my flash drive twice.. its not a major problem actually but its kinda annoying , its whenever i plug-in my flash drive.. everything works well except when i need to un-mount it.. I usually unmount it twice using right-click of the mouse, then it mounts itself back, so i have to unmount it again.. Is there any way to control this? How do i setup the auto-mount option for USB flash drives?

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 - Cannot Detect USB Flash Drives

Apr 13, 2010

How do I access a flash drive? I am using Ubuntu 9.10. I would think plugging it in would auto detect but that does not happen. I have tried several different flash drives. I stick them into a USB slot and nothing. I went into Places.Computer and Places.Home Folder. It's not showing there either. I tried several different USB ports. It appears Ubuntu can't detect USB flash drives.

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Ubuntu :: Which Flash Drives Are More Compatible

Jun 12, 2010

The problem of slow usb transfer speeds has been half solved in Lucid. I'm getting 25 mbps plus speeds when it comes to transferring data to portable hard drive. But with my Kingston flash drive the speeds are still as low as 2 mbps. Is this because some flash drives are not meant to be compatible with Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Flash Drives Independent Of OS?

Jul 4, 2010

I'm buying a new memory stick online, but on the page I'm buying it from, it says "OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP, Apple MacOS X 10.1.2, Microsoft Windows Vista / 7" so I'm wondering does this mean it won't work in Linux (Ubuntu)? Because i thought that flash drives were independent of OS.

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Ubuntu :: Virtualbox Usb Flash Drives Not Available?

Dec 28, 2010

I have 64bit Maverick installed and am using VirtualBox 3.2.12 to run 32bit XP Home. In the devices menu, nearly all the USB devices are grayed out. The printer is the only exception. It is working fine. If I plug in a flash drive (memory stick or whatever one wants to call it), Ubuntu sees it and it appears in the menu but is grayed out. When I remove the device, it disappears from the menu. This tells me that VirtualBox sees them. How do I get to access these USB devices? What have I omitted to do?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Duplicate Drives In "Places" - Error "mount: /dev/sdd1 Already Mounted Or /media/Data Busy Mount: According To Mtab, /dev/sdd1 Is Already Mounted On /media/Data"

Feb 13, 2010

Just moved to Ubuntu from XP. Whole process has gone very smoothly, but left with a small problem (i.e. it isn't actually affecting usability) that I don't seem to be able to fix and can't find on forums/internet. I also have a problem with the Floppy drive, but I've seen that problem elsewhere in the forums.

It's a dual boot system with both NTFS and Ext4 drives. All are visible and fully accessible. I decided to convert one of the NTFS drive to Ext4. That appeared to be successful and was successfully remounted as an Ext4 drive. The drive label is "Data". I did have a bit of a problem getting it remounted so that I could see/use it under my log-in as opposed to just under root. It's at this point I think that I did something to create the problem.

I now have two entries for "Data" in drop down menu for Places. The true one is shown as a standard hard drive icon, but the false one is shown as a different icon - possibly an external drive icon (note that the floppy drive is also showing as the same icon and I can't access that, but I've seen that's a problem elsewhere in the forums).

I can write and read to the true "Data" hard drive. If I click on the other false "Data" icon, I get the message "mount: /dev/sdd1 already mounted or /media/Data busy mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdd1 is already mounted on /media/Data". If unmount the true drive and try to mount the false drive, the system mounts the true drive instead. If I log into nautilus as root, neither the false data drive or the floppy appear in the left hand panel.

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Flash Drives For Storage?

Jan 4, 2010

I am running Karmic on a stripped laptop, and running it off a usb thumbdrive.Its purpose is mainly as a slide show/video show inset in a tableI did not really want to go out and buy a HDD, since it does not need to store that much. Then I went to aldi and they had 8gb flash drives for $5, so I got 6. The ultimate question comes down to the best way to make use of them. I ordered a 7 slot USB hum off ebay for cheap, and I was going to go from there. would it be easier/better to just plug them in and make links to them from the normal folders and just operate directly from there, or is there a better option. I guess a usb raid array could be neat

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Ubuntu :: Tested Flash Drives With The 2.6.33 Kernel?

Apr 19, 2010

I've read that that Linux 2.6.33 kernel supports TRIM, vital to maintaining performance of a flash hard drive). Has anyone tried it? I'm wondering whether the 2.6.33 TRIM support works as intended, keeping a solid state drive from slowing down over time as they will do without TRIM. I've considered adding a SSD to my system, as it's about the only thing I can do to make it faster, short of a complete rebuild. But, I don't want to waste the $ if it's only going to work under Windows 7. Articles about SSDs typically only address performance in Windows 7, unfortunately.

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Ubuntu :: USB Flash Drives Not Mounting Automatically?

Apr 24, 2010

I have Ubuntu 9.10 and when i plug in my usb drive it wont mount it automatically and is not shown in the nautilus browser also, but if i search in /dev its visible(its detected) and i can mount using mount /dev/sdc /mnt But if i do this i can only copy files from browser and for all other times i need to use terminal again

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Ubuntu :: Swapfiles On Hard Drives Vs USB Flash

May 22, 2011

So once more am I attempting a shot with Swapboost.

I inserted my practically free 2GB USB flash drive unmounted my two swap partitions and mounted the USB as swap with the Swapboost script.

It is working well. However as I already was running two swap partitions on two separate IDE channels I'm not sure if I'm actually gaining something with this.

Logic says that least I should have increased I/O performance from my drives since I am sparing them from swapping, right?

I will make some experiments later today to see how this affects file transfer speed over my IDE channels and my USB ports (I have in the past noticed a decrease in USB performance with this enabled).

But for now, Swapboost is working nicely.

/dev/sda5 partition9768920-2
/dev/sdb1 partition18555000-3
/media/DOOM_2GB/swap file1946964176432-1

Yes I know it's more swap than I need Buuut.. if I made the swap areas smaller and it would use all of them would it then lead to performance boost?

I am running on small amounts of RAM and some applications I use are very RAM hungry. Mobo only supports 1GB which I'm running on and because of this I put in a video card with 1GB worth of VRAM to save the RAM as much as possible.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Virtual Drives To Be Used As Data Drives?

Jan 28, 2010

i have recently setup and installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a virtulal drive usingVMWare 6.04, installed the desktop gui as well, I need to add other drives for data and loggng, which I did in the VMWare side. I can see the 2 drives in ubuntu, but can not access them, I get he unable to mount location when I try. How can resolve this please as I need these to virtual drives to be used as data drives.

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Ubuntu :: Format Flash Drives/memory Cards ?

Jan 4, 2010

how to format flash drives in ubuntu. In windows there was a "format" on the right click menu but I did not find one in ubuntu. i am using ubuntu jaunty.

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Ubuntu :: Suddenly Flash Drives Think They Belong To Root

May 5, 2011

One day recently, when I plug in a flash drive, Xubuntu won't let me write to it unless I open my file manager as root (gksudo thunar). This happened a few weeks ago, back under 10.10; I didn't say anything because I thought the upgrade to 11.04 might fix it. But the behavior continues.If I stick a zip disk in the drive, I can write to it as normal...but a flash drive gives me read-only permission unless I open Thunar as root. I don't recall doing anything special with my system, except maybe installing MountManager (I've since removed it, but I'm still getting read-only access).

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General :: GUI Way To Use MP3 Device And Flash Drives?

Sep 25, 2010

I have Mandriva 08 with Gnome and Nautilus. My O.S won't open a desktop icon but it does show up in "Computer" and HardDrake. If I go to "Places" "Computer" and open up the "Preferences" there is "Settings" which I will include as an attachment. What is the GUI way to use a Flash drive or a MP3 device on Linux. I would rather not use the terminal if it is not necessary.

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General :: Tied Up USB Flash Drives?

Jul 28, 2010

utility to wake up USB flash drives. I have two that do not get recognised under puppy and xp will see them but not format them Fat16 originally but puppy has used them for save files.

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Ubuntu :: How To Permanently Mount Drives

Jan 21, 2010

i used to mount my drives in ubuntu..How to mount all the drives permanently?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Mount Ntfs Drives?

Feb 1, 2010

ubuntu 9.10 when I try to mount internal drivereceive the following massage Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:Remounting is not supported at present. You have to umount volume and then mount it once again

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Mount Drives In RAID1?

Feb 15, 2010

I tried setting up my own partition table which apparently didn't go well.I have 1 compactflash-disk for linux and 2 hard drives for data which are set up for RAID1. But the RAID-drives doesn't get mounted.This is my first RAID-setup

me@server:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on


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Ubuntu :: Xfce Does Not Mount Other Drives?

May 3, 2010

I like the 20 second boot from press of power button with my new install, BUT I can't mount drives with xfce's thunar. I can mount them with thunar but this way they still do not show up under places or on my desktop. How do I figure out how to mount them properly?

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