Ubuntu :: Greek Character Not Displaying In Html

May 24, 2010

I have the greek XI character (the 3 bars) in a title in an html file as;<h1>ΞJSFΞ</h1> but when saved by gedit and pulled up in firefox it shows;ΞJSFΞ.Could you offer suggestions as to how to fix this please.I think this is a firefox or Ubuntu problem rather than gedit because when I go into vim it shows ΞJSFΞ.

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General :: Displaying Chinese Character In Fedora?

Oct 14, 2010

I need to display chinese character in filename and also on firefox, any link so that I can check out how to do this?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Index.html Not Displaying On Apache2?

May 26, 2011

I'm having a bit of trouble getting my index.html to display. when i use [URL] and type in my dyndns url i just get "index of /" and not the index.html page

ive got a index.html in var/www and home/gav/public_html and set chmod -R 755 to the index.html

and still no joy....

gav@lapfrog:/etc/apache2$ gksudo gedit httpd.conf
Userdir public_html
Options +Indexes
Options All


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General :: Use The Man / Info / Apropos Pages - Character Instructed The Shell To Interpret A Special Character As An Ordinary Character?

Mar 27, 2010

1.What character instructd the shell to interpret a special character as an ordinary character?

2.What directory contains some of the utilities available on the system in the form of binary files?

3. What command is used to search the location of a utility?

4. What command is used to instruct the editor to write the file and quit the editor?

5. What key quits the more utility and displays the shell prompt?

6. What command starts a child shell as the super user, taking on root's identity and environment?

7. Which wildcard characters can be used for searching all the files in the system that start with "A"?

8. The user name or login name of the super user is????


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Ubuntu :: Greek Language Support

Oct 10, 2010

I see 10.10 manages languages like 10.04.

I am English but live in Greece and although "I get by" with Greek, I do not read it very well and certainly do not write it. Consequently, I need to have everything on my PC in English. No problem so far but I do need to enable writing in Greek on occasion as the missus and bairns are Greek and my favourite little translator, GWord, obviously needs it.

I installed Greek language support and this resulted in everything being in Greek and me having to talk the missus through getting it back in English (she has trouble with technical stuff, bless her).

Just enabling translation and/or fonts etc in Language Support has no effect whatsoever.

I just want to press Alt+Shift and type in Greek, Alt+Shift again to be back in English and see my GWord (running under Wine) displaying no gobbledegook!

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Ubuntu :: Build Index.html Into A Full Html Page

Mar 9, 2010

I used wget -r to get all the web pages that were linked from index.html. The pages listed in index.html are all chapters. After using wget -r, all the chapters are now in the same folder on my local hard drive. Is there a way to build the chapters in their proper order into a "long"/"full" web page, rather than simply having each chapter as a link/next link on a previous page?

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Ubuntu :: Certain Fonts Cause Greek Letters To Appear As Symbols

Sep 12, 2010

Some fonts cause some greek letters to appear as squares or symbols - while the rest appear correctly.

Is there any way to make all non-latin characters to use a font different than the one the latin characters use?

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Fedora :: How To Write In Greek

Oct 18, 2009

I have recently installed fedora 11 and i don't know how to write in another language
other than English..
how can i write in Greek?

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General :: Red Hat 6.2 And Greek Language?

Jan 25, 2011

This is my first day here and i have a question to ask. I recently install a red hat linux 6.2 on an IBM netvist a20 and i want to have some messages of the system in my native language which is greek.

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Ubuntu :: Polytonic (ancient) Greek Stopped Working?

Dec 23, 2010

I am ending my dissertation and suddenly the Polytonic Greek stopped working on my ubuntu 10.04! This means that all different accents and accent combinations are disabled. I found in the archives an old thread on this topic from 2007, [URL].

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Server :: Can Files / Directories Have Greek Characters

Sep 14, 2010

Can files/directories have Greek characters? If I selected English when installed Linux?

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Programming :: Client Side To Include HTML Within HTML?

Sep 12, 2009

what is the best way (i.e standard way that is supported on all browsers and probably as well followed by web crawlers).... to include an html file either locally or externally in another ? Of course , i've done the research and i also know that there are server side includes (php , asp ...you name it) at the moment , i'm using this:


<script type="text/javascript" src="path to file/include-file.js"> </script>

however, i've been warned that this method may not show up in some browsers as some tend to ignore this tag and that crawlers like your favorite search engine wouldn't bother reading this. so , what is the best and safest way to do the job? and btw , the reason why i've ousted SSI's from the start is because of among other things:

1) the fact that the included file is static html and because the text is included pretty much everywhere

2) hoping to reduce load time as the code (if successfully recognized) would hopefully be treated like any other embedded external file (e.x like an image) , therefore it would be cached without the need to downloaded it over and over again for each new page on the site.

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Ubuntu :: Frozen Panel - Messing Around With The Alternate Character Panel App And Made A Custom Character Set

Jun 12, 2011

I was messing around with the alternate character panel app and made a custom character set. I then wanted to put it on a new panel and created a new panel. I moved the character set to that panel, and then started to mess around with the panel settings (auto hide, show hide buttons, and expand, to be specific.) So far so good, until I moved the panel from the right side of the screen to the top. I already had a panel here, and it seemed not to like hiding a panel when there was already one on the top.

When the new panel hid itself, all my panels stopped responding (any clicks on them did nothing) and my processor started going at 100%. I tried a reboot and the only thing that changed is that now I can't even see my panels. I'm guessing I need to change the settings back manually through the prompt, but I don't know how to do that. I am using 10.04 and have not upgraded gnome since upgrading to 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: When Create On Windows A Text File In Greek - It Doesn't Recognize It

Jun 3, 2010

When I create on windows a text file in Greek, It doesn't recognize it with Ubuntu... So I created a script:

fileNoExt=$(basename "$fileName")
fileType=$(file "$fileNoExt")


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General :: Keyboard Layout For Mathematical / Greek Symbols?

May 12, 2010

I've been wondering about this for a long time but never thought to ask: I do a lot of scientific work so there are many times it would be really handy to be able to type mathematical symbols or Greek letters which, for the most part, aren't part of the ASCII character set. Like "∞ ρ σ τ ω ∑ ... √ ∫ ≤ ≥ " and so on. Is there a keyboard layout (for Linux) that maps simple key combinations to these kinds of characters? (Assuming all the encoding and font issues are worked out properly) I know I could create one myself but it'd be a lot easier if someone's already done the work, or at least if there's a partial solution I could modify.

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OpenSUSE :: Typing Greek Letters Instead Of English Letters

Dec 12, 2010

Recently I faced a problem in typing in English in OpenSuse 11.3.When I try to type in English it shows me Greek letter and worse than that I think it is really Greek (not only in font) because when I enter my passwords or try to type a command in terminal I get error,I tested with UK and USA and all other English languages and I still have this problem. I even do reset in my keyboard layout setting and in KDE setting but it didn't help.

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Ubuntu :: Displaying Too Many Hardrives ?

Jan 9, 2010

I have two hard drives in my compy. One is 500 gb and the other is ~40 gb. I tried to install ubuntu on the 40 gb one because the 500 gb one is starting to die. When I use a live cd to install and partition the harddrive.

It shows I have 3:

/dev/sdb] and /dev/mapper/nvidia_fhidaeja are physically the same drive but appear as two, independent but equal drives.I kinda just ignore it and move on. I install ubuntu and try to boot and I receive an error saying that grub can't be found. I install and repeat two more times and get the same message. I'm thinking the the "extra" drive has something to do with it, but I'm not sure. I've tried reformatting it and resetting bios but nothing seems to work.

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Not Displaying GUI ?

Feb 3, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit using Unetbootin, and I've managed to get into command line Ubuntu fine. I installed gnome (I think gnome, the command was "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"), typed "startx", and my monitor instantly went to a screen saying "NO SUPPORT". I rebooted, and this time a black screen with a white, low-resolution Ubuntu logo appeared for a few seconds, before "NO SUPPORT" appeared again. My graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1950XT AGP, and my "monitor" is a TV taking HDMI input through an adapter cable from a DVI out, if either of those pieces of info is useful. I'm now back in command line Ubuntu having booted into recovery mode, and I'm using a text-only browser for the first time.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 X64 Not Displaying?

Dec 15, 2010

I have run into an issue trying to install Ubuntu on my desktop. I am trying to install Ubuntu along side of Windows 7, but on a separate drive. When I chose the option to install on an entire drive, the installation worked. However, when I choose Ubuntu from GRUB, nothing displays. The same result happens for the recovery mode (Windows works fine).

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Ubuntu :: OpenOffice Not Displaying Characters ?

Feb 15, 2010

I have a problem when opening documents in OpenOffice write, it doesn't display the characters for certain menu options - just a series of squares instead. It does this in other OpenOffice applications as well.

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Ubuntu :: /dev/sdc1 Displaying / Contents After 1 Day?

May 11, 2010

I was running 9.10-64, upgraded from 9.04 on a 160GB separate boot drive with a 1TB drive for storage. I had mdadm software RAID on 3 500GB drives. I copied off the contents of the md0 RAID device, formatted from ext3 to ext4, then copied it all back. I operated for several weeks this way with enhanced performance and no issues.note: All drives are on MB SATA-II.I wiped out everything and reloaded the 160GB drive with 10.04-64. I removed dmraid and set up mdadm as before with no immediate problems.

The next day, when I pulled up the contents of the 1TB drive (mapped to /1000), it displayed the contents of the root instead. Curious, I attempted to tunnel down to the /1000 folder from within its own listing of /, and saw no files listed. I proceeded to delete the files in the /1000 folder, whereupon I found that my system became unstable. I must have somehow been deleting files from the root itself.I reloaded again. To check if the SATA connector to the 1TB drive may be somehow suddenly faulty, I reordered the connectors and set up the boot priority in the BIOS to match the new configuration. The next morning, I was once again able to see the contents of / when ls'ing /1000. I carefully checked the entry in fstab, the fdisk -l output, and made sure that the directory wasn't somehow showing as a link.

For the next attempt I decided to take ext4 and mdadm completely out of the equation, hoping it was a bug with some combination of the two under the new kernel or something else which could be corrected by replacing the software RAID with a physical controller at a later date. Instead of RAID, I simply formatted each of the 500's as ext3 and mapped them to /500-1 through /500-3 respectively. However, after a day of normal operation, I am now able to see the contents of / when I ls /500-3. The other 4 drives appear to continue operating normally.I have been unable to pull up a similar post prior to creating this one. Perhaps I don't know how to properly search for this issue. If anyone has seen something similar, please link me to the solution.

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Not Displaying All Of Email?

Jun 18, 2010

I get a lot of email from different yahoogroups, but am having a bit of trouble in one group.

Every so often I'll get a message that is written in rich text and sent from the group's web post feature, but only half of it is displayed. If I check the message source the entire message is there, and if I change Evolutions settings to plain instead of HTML then the entire message is there.

The weird thing is it only seems to be the messages from one particular poster that is being cut off.

It'd be nice if I could stick with HTML and Evolution.

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Ubuntu :: Localhost Sites Not Displaying Right?

Sep 15, 2010

My local server isn't displaying images or proper css for my web pages. The pages display just fine on the webserver, but locally no images show, most of the css declarations aren't there and some of the php includes won't show on the page either. It's as if it's 10% working. All the files are in the right place. I changed directory permissions and tried restarting apache but that didn't help.

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Ubuntu :: Directory Not Displaying In Web Browser?

Nov 16, 2010

I have a LAMP environment on Ubuntu 9.04 desktop. I created a directory in /home/user that I use for all my development work called /projects.

I am able to access this directory via localhost/projects as the URI in my web browser; I see a listing of all the separate directories and I am able to click on each directory and see its contents.

Parent Directory
Site-Structure/ 30-Aug-2010 11:39
builds/ 03-Sep-2010 00:02
d6/ 12-Nov-2010 13:25
d7/ 31-Oct-2010 17:44


I have default, default-ssl and projects in my /etc/apache2/sites-available directory. I haven't changed these files since I first created them. I haven't changed the permissions on any of the directories within /home/user/projects since I first set this up.

What can I do to access this directory from the address bar of a browser again?

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Ubuntu :: CPU Usage At 100%, Displaying Extra CPU?

Nov 26, 2010

I'm relatively new with Ubuntu- but I'm pretty experienced otherwise with computers. I just installed Ubuntu on my Intel machine and it seemed to be running a little slow so I checked the System Monitor and found that there were 2 CPU's being displayed (I only have 1) and that one or both were maxed out at 100%. What I have for hardware is one Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor, with 2GB of ram. When I check what resources are running, none of them seem to be taking up that much memory (firefox being the most at 60mb).Any advice on what might be going on here? How is it displaying 2 CPU's when I only have one?

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Ubuntu :: Wallpaper Not Displaying Correctly?

Jan 14, 2011

I don't exactly know how to describe the problem, that's why I included a screenshot of the desktop wallpaper. You can see a small copy of the desktop image on the left corner and the whole desktop with the same image. I changed the desktop and the same thing happened.

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Ubuntu :: Not Displaying Language Properly?

Feb 16, 2011

I have bunch Chinese/Japanese movies/music/txt files.Some of the name are properly displayed while others is just error code.Here's two example:http://img217.imageshack.us/i/mediaplayerj.png/http://img263.imageshack.us/i/exaile.png/also when i plug in my WD passport HD i can see the folder/file name but when i try to open the txt file it all error code

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Is Not Displaying Files

Jul 4, 2011

My desktop is not displaying files that I put on the desktop days ago. I checked all four workspaces.All the files are still accessible from Nautilus > Desktop.When I drag a file icon (from Nautilus to the empty desktop) and release, the icon does not drop on the desktop, the icon quickly moves back to the folder where it came from.The top and bottom panels of the desktop still operate normally.I am running Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit with classic-Ubuntu desktop.I also noticed that Startup Applications is missing "chrome" that I added this morning.I am the only user on this system. The system is a duel boot Ubuntu - win7. The Ubuntu partition is formated ext4 and there is a separate NTFS-formated partition named "storage" for folders that are accessible from both Ubuntu and win7. That should not be an issue because the desktop folder is on the Ubuntu partition, /home/[user]/Desktop. I have not booted win7 in the last few days.The desktop first
appeared empty after I did two things:

1) installed CryptKeeper from Ubuntu Software Center
2) Enable Automatic Login

After I clicked Applications > System > CryptKeeper, the desktop did not respond to mouse clicks. I did not find any CryptKeeper instructions. I don't know how to use CryptKeeper.The login screen still asked for credentials after I rebooted.So I uninstalled CryptKeeper, disable Automatic Login, and rebooted. But the desktop is still not displaying the files.Could CryptKeeper have changed something in my profile?Does Ubuntu have a log file to see exactly what I did?What else can I try to restore my desktop and enable Automatic Login?

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Ubuntu :: Stop Apt-get From Displaying Changelogs With Less?

Jul 26, 2011

One of the minor changes to Ubuntu seems to be that apt wants to display changelogs using less, which requires user interaction before apt proceeds to install the update. This is a kind of an annoyance when you're using a script to propagate updates to a whole slew of machines. Is there a way to turn this off -- or even better, change apt's use of less to cat. (I don't mind the changelogs being displayed b/c I log everything my scripts do. I just want to avoid the need for user input for automation purposes.)

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Ubuntu :: Firefox 3.5 In 9.10 - Web Pages Not Always Displaying?

Nov 14, 2009

Whilst I like Ubuntu as an operating system and generally am fine with Firefox, could anyone explain why I sometimes get errors in trying to get through to various web pages. I don't get the same errors in IE8. As an example, my telephone billing provider; I can login on both IE8 and Firefox and get into all the screens in IE8 but not always in Firefox as happened to me 30 mins ago (I think the version installed is 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.10). There is a message at the bottom of the screen showing that Firefox is trying to connect to a sub page, but it just can't display. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this and is it an encryption issue? This isn't the first time I've had issues with Firefox. In Ubuntu 9.04 the screen used to sometimes go fuzzy when I used the firefox version there.

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