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Ubuntu :: Gnome Desktop Does Not Remember Window Position / Size?

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

The issue is that Gnome will not "remember" the size and location of the window in which an app was last run. For example - I run Disk Usage Analyzer and stretch the window to be the full height of the screen and about half the width of the screen and move it to the far left of the desktop. I then close the app. The next time I run it the app comes up in a "default" window size, not the size I last used, positioned randomly on the desktop.

p.s. I should add that some apps seem to remember their prior window size/position. For example, Firefox, Nautilus.

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Ubuntu :: Remember Last Used Window Position/size?
Is there anyway to get this? Either a desktop environment or window manager that allows this?

Posted: January 2nd, 2011

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General :: KDE Window - Programs Does Not Remember Their Position/size?
I lastly used KDE (version 1.x ). Now I'm using KDE 3.5 for several weeks and one thing really annoys me: there are a lot of programs that don't remember their last window position and/or size. They always default to a specific location/size when I close and open them again. I give you some examples:

Program that doesn't remember anything:
- Konqueror

Program that remembers window size, but not position:
- KMail

Nice Program that remembers everything:
- Basket Note Pads

Is there a way to tell these programs to remember their position/size?And a second question about konqueror: Can I tell konqueror to remember the view mode? I prefer MultiColumn view, but it always defaults to Icon view.

Posted: 11-15-2010

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Debian Multimedia :: Remember Size And Position Windows With Compiz?
In KDE(4) you can set windows to remember their size and position when starting, how is the same accomplished with compiz ?

Posted: 2010-09-17 09:14

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Fedora :: Getting Nautilus To Remember Window Size?
How do I get Nautilus to "remember it's window size? It seems that with F12 when I open a nautilus window it starts at some preset default size, and even though I change it and then close it. It returns to the default size when I open it again.

Posted: 17th December 2009, 10:02 PM

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Software :: Always Open A Window At The Same Position In GNOME?
For something I'm working on, it would be incredibly useful to open a program (qemu, specifically), and have the window by default reside at a set position (in this instance, on the second monitor in the upper left corner). I can do this with gnome-terminal, but that seems to be the only application to have a feature like this this.Is it possible to do this independent of the application itself, so that it would work with any applicatio

Posted: 06-05-2011, 08:49 PM

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Any Music Players That Remember Last Position?
One of the things I love most about SMPlayer is that it will pick up from the same spot at which the file was closed previously i.e. if I watched 20 minutes of a movie then had to go out, when I open up the file again it starts right at 20 minutes. I was wondering if anyone knew of any music player programs that do the same thing, I mostly listen to audiobooks so that feature would come in very handy. Currently I am using Rhythmbox.

Posted: February 17th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Increase Gnome-panel Window List Size?
I am in the process of customizing my desktop, and I have run into a problem. As a programmer, I will invariable end up with tons of windows open. I would like to expand the gnome-panel's Window List's y size to allow more applications to show without being crunched together.

That's the way the desktop currently looks, notice the tiny Window List in the top left. That's as big as it gets. I want to expand it all along the entire left side. I have a feeling the answer is in gconf-editor, but i just can't find the right field to modify.

Posted: October 7th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: Reduce Desktop Window Size Within Screen?
Can the size of the Ubuntu desktop window be reduced so that it displays on a monitor or via a data projector with a surrounding black border? If so, how? The tragicomic chain of events which leads to the question is as follows. Community group, short of cash, want to equip lecture room. Pull-down screen is set up permanently on one wall. Contractor sets up old data projector via ceiling mount. Data projector is just too far away from wall, such that image cannot be reduced sufficiently by the data projector to fit on the screen.

Annoyingly the image, as displayed, is only slightly too large - just enough to lose the top and bottom panels, Applications menu, File Menu on full-size windows, Indicator applet, Trash, and restore desktop button. The data projector is hooked up via VGA cable to a recycled PC running Ubuntu 10.04 with proprietary NVidia driver (version 173) for GeForce 8400 GS. I'll give anything to be able to do this on the PC, rather than having to move the projector!

Posted: August 23rd, 2010

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OpenSUSE :: 11.3 - Setting Gnome Terminal Window Size
I'm using the Gnome desktop in openSUSE 11.3. I've set the "Command" to gnome-terminal --geometry=80x58 for the Gnome terminal in its Launcher Properties. This opens a terminal of the size I want every time I click it. However, when I right-click the desktop and click "open in terminal" it opens a terminal of a much smaller size and I can't figure out how to correct this. The same thing happens when I click:
File->Open Terminal from a terminal window, and also when
I click File->Open in Terminal from from the File Browser.
Why am I getting a much smaller window and how to fix?

Posted: 05-Feb-2011 15:53

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General :: Change The Size Of Desktop/window Fonts In Puppy 4.1?
How to change the size of desktop/window fonts in Puppy Linux 4.1?

Posted: Apr 12 10 at 19:17

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Software :: How To Set Window Position
In X windows, for both a window you're opening in a terminal at the time, and for one that's already open, how can you set the window to a precise location? That is, is there a parameter you can add to the command of opening a program to set the window to a specific location, say pixel 30x30? Likewise, is there a way to set the position of a window that's already open to a specific location?

Posted: 02-25-2010, 11:37 AM

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Ubuntu :: Default Window Position For Firefox
For the last year I was using the version of Firefox that came with 32-bit Karmic Koala. Recently I installed 64-bit Maverick. Meerkat, so I'm now using Firefox 3.6.10. Previously, when first opening Firefox, the window aligned to the left edge of the screen. Now it is centered. The window dimensions are correctly retained between sessions, but not the position. Can I get it to open at the left again?

Posted: March 16th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Change Default Window Position?
I noticed that by default most of my programs start with their window on the top left (at least with my configuration) and I'd like them to start at the middle of my screen.Here's an example. I open (for the first time after logging in) System monitor, and it appears there:URL]How can I do this? I would also like them (the windows) to remember where I've placed them the last time I've used, for example, I want pidgin to start on the right and at the bottom, chrome in the middle, nautilus a bit at the top right, ... how can I do thisDIT: Ok, in Compiz there's an option to put it on the middle, with a 'smart' position, ... but nothing to remember the last position and size!

Posted: March 29th, 2010

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Ubuntu :: How To Make Compiz Remember Window Group
There is the Compiz feature that allows you to group and tab windows.
That is very nice, but is there a way to remember a window group?
Or maybe a custom terminal command where I can call those windows grouped?

Posted: 3 Weeks Ago

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OpenSUSE :: Change Ghome Terminal Default Size And Position?
I'd like to make Gnome Terminal always start using this command line: gnome-terminal --geometry=92x49+0+0 However, when I right-click the icon either in Start Menu Favorites or in Application Browser, there is no 'Properties' option where I can configure this. Nor does there appear to be any option in Gnome Terminal Profile Preferences (other than to run something other than the shell when starting Terminal). Anyone know how make this modification so Gnome Terminal will always start in the same size and position?

Posted: 01-Mar-2010 17:28

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Ubuntu :: Customizing LiveCD With Zenity And Window Position?
I've been making a "gui" for a script to help automate some of the steps involved in customizing a live cd with zenity. I have a menu with radio buttons for each option. When I pick "Remove a package manually", I have it show all of the installed packages as well as a text box for me to type the name into. The only downside to this method is that the package window overlaps the text box. Is there a way to change the window position of zenity windows?

Posted: January 21st, 2011

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General :: Window Manager - Running As A Desktop With KDE/Gnome But Without 'X Server'?
I'm curious, I believe that one of the ways that OSX make the GUI experience of *nix more 'snappy' was to ditch X and run the window manager more directly on the hardware.

If I'm looking to run Linux on a desktop, and have no interest in sending Windows to other machines on the network, can I run KDE or Gnome with no 'X' to eliminate that ever-so-slight lag with the window manager experience.

I guess basically what I'm asking is is there an equivalent of quartz for Linux?

Posted: Oct 14 10 at 21:21

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General :: WinXP Remotely In Debian Gnome Desktop Window
I have a WinXP machine that is monopolizing a perfectly good monitor. I would like to use that monitor in my Debian Multiple Monitor setup. Is there a way that I can operate my WinXP machine's desktop remotely from a Gnome window on my Debian machine? In this window I would like to be able to see and use the desktop of the WinXP installation on the other hardware platform just as if I were on the WinXP machine itself. I use Synergy already to share the keyboard and mouse. Hearing about Remote Desktops suggests to me that this might be possible. If it is possible how is it done? What software / hardware is required to accomplish it? Are there any "secrets" that I need or should know of to make this work?

Posted: 12-27-2010, 02:09 PM

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Fedora :: Any Way To Alter Default Window Position?
Is there a way to alter the default position that windows open such that if I have an application that I want to open (for example) with the lower right corner in the lower right corner of the screen or in the middle of the screen, etc, this can be done automatically? In KDE it can be done by right clicking and adjusting application properties. I don't see how to do that in Gnome. I'm using Fedora 13 with Gnome.

Posted: 5th February 2011, 01:37 PM

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Window Buttons Changed Their Position?
Im running fedora 13 in my machine, where i installed mac4lin theme and after that all the window's close, maximize, minimize buttons changed their position from right hand corner to left end corner. I ve attached the snapshot a window. I cant restore it back.

Posted: 06-20-2010

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General :: Gnome - Lightweight Window Manager For Virtual Desktop / Multimon?
Previous used Ubuntu Gnome with Compiz but for my basic spec intel macbook (4 years old) its a little too heavyweight. So for now Im back on my macbook with os x, but now considering going back to Linux. Im looking for a window manager that has the following properties:

Supports virtual desktop (need 4 minimum) Works well with multi monitors - can move an app with shortcut from one monitor to the other (on same virtual desktop) Can remember window position (i.e. open vim on 2 monitor) - however must coerce everything back to first screen when 2nd screen is unplugged Keyboard shortcut friendly Not too hard to install Works well with minimum hardware such as integrated graphics.

Posted: Jan 16 at 6:29

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Screen Recorder - Can Select The Window/window Size The Axis
I have asked for a video capturing software before but recommend a GOOD screen recorder where you can select the window/window size the axis and also a good editing software which will render/export into FULL 720p HD

Posted: July 17th, 2011

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Define A Default Window Size Of A New Terminal Window?
i'm not sure for using the correct channel here but i hope someone out there can answer my little questions. 1st in older version i was able to change the settings of the terminal look as the font color, background color and so on. I was also able to define a default window size of a new terminal window. But since after upgrading to to the first release this year and a complete new installation of the current release Maverick i do not find this option anymore. Is there a way how to set up the terminal default window size?

Posted: November 16th, 2010

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Software :: Subtitles Position In The Window (Totem/VLC) When Watching A Movie?
Is there any way to position subtitles in Totem in a bottom on the black border of the 16:9 movie when showing in the full screen of 4:3 monitor?Or not necessarely in fullscreen, but in a window where black borders are on the top and underneath the actual video frames.

Now always the subtitles covers part of the video on the bottom, which is a shame as there would be empty space underneath also.

The same question for VLC.

Subtitles, would be in the external file.
And I am not looking a solution which would need transencoding the video file.

btw, for GNOME Mplayer, the solution is to put "-vf expand=:-100::2" into Edit/Preferences/Mplayer/Extra_options_to_Mplayer

Posted: 02-07-2010, 09:00 AM

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