Ubuntu :: Get Xubuntu To Boot With Glint Video Driver Instead Of Vesa?

Jun 13, 2010

Does anyone know how I can get xubuntu to boot up using the glint video driver instead of vesa? I am trying to get it loaded on an older machine and a previous version of ubuntu worked using the glint driver but the latest version of xubuntu (10.04) is using the vesa driver. Which is not working for me. I have tried ubuntu, xubuntu and lubuntu all version 10.04 and neither of them has worked. They all boot up into a terminal window (no GUI).

I tried creating an xorg.conf file and added a line specifying the glint driver. After doing that and trying to startxfce4 I get an error saying that it cannot load the glint module. Unfortunately that machine has no internet connection either. I guess it hasn't recognized my wireless card either.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Remove Video Driver Module For VESA

Sep 16, 2010

I'm trying to remove 3Dlabs / Oxygen gmx , and install vesa - Generic VESA-compliant video driver module.How do I remove 3Dlabs / Oxygen gmx ?I can click on VESA in the 'Choose By Name...' , but when I close that box, it shows No Driver.

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Slackware :: Xorg, Intel Video Card, And Vesa Driver / Xserver, Hangs Hard In A Blank Screen?

Jul 15, 2010

Here goes the problem: I have a Amilo M7400 notebook with an Intel 82852/82855 GME video card, and X is a bit uncompatible with it.I've tried using the vesa driver in the xorg.conf, but when i start Xserver, it hangs hard in a blank screen. I can't open a new terminal and control+alt+backspace won't work.

what can i do? is there a log file for X which details the initialization of it?

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Ubuntu :: Change The Running Driver From Vesa To The Correct Intel Driver?

Oct 1, 2010

I have installed xubuntu 10.04 on a HP Pavilion dv1049ea and am having trouble installing the drivers for the graphics card. When installing i had to use the boot option -xforcevesa in order to get the screen working. Now that it is installed there is constant screen flicker but apart from that all other aspects of the system are working fine. In the display menu i am unable to change the refresh rate. How do i change the running driver from vesa to the correct intel driver? The graphics card is an Intel Graphics 82852/82855.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Fusion In Xubuntu 9.10 - Enabled Video Driver But Effects Still Aren't Working

Mar 23, 2010

I am extremely new to Linux and cannot seem to get Compiz Fusion working. I am running Xubuntu 9.10. I enabled my video driver but the effects still aren't working.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ATI 320M Notebook - Video Doesnot Seem To Be Working Other Than A Basic VESA Configuration

May 5, 2011

I recently took my Compaq Presario 2175US notebook completely apart and resoldered the power jack so that it could be used again (after 2 years of dormancy). After successfully putting it back together (with a handful of leftover screws ) , I was able to successfully install Ubuntu 10.04 (Windows XP seemed silly at this point and I really like using Open Office). Anyway, after a couple of days looking for the wireless driver for the internal wireless, I found the answer and got that working.

Unfortunately, the video does not seem to be working other than a basic VESA configuration. The notebook has the ATI Radeon IGP 320M video chip installed. I have searched for many days (about a week) on the internet for a way to get this working, but have been unsuccessful. Although I have found many posts all over the net (here included) that list folks with similar problems, and having tried many of the "fixes", I am still unsuccessful at getting the video card to work in any more than a minimal manner (no games, no 3D of any kind...etc.)

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Debian :: Can't Get High Resolution With Vesa Xorg Driver (Intel 82845)

Feb 20, 2011

With the upgrade to Squeeze and the 2.6.32-5-686 kernel, my Dell GX260's 82845 video chip suffers from the documented intel driver bug (freezes within a few minutes). I tried to fall back to the vesa driver, but am only able to get 640x480 resolution. The monitor is an LG L1720P.

I turned off kernel mode setting (via /etc/modprobe.d/i915-kms.conf), and modified xorg.conf -- added Modeline entries (from gtf) and
additional Mode lines to try to force resolution. Relevant portions of xorg.conf, dmesg and Xorg.0.log are shown below.



Section "Device"
Identifier "Generic Video Card"
Driver "vesa"


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Black Screen On Laptop's External Monitor When Specifying Vesa Driver In Xorg

Jan 16, 2010

I have an Asus z9100 laptop with an Intel 855GM integrated graphics chip, which is running Karmic (the purpose of the laptop is to be a MythTV frontend so my understanding is that it needs to run 9.x in order to connect to the MythTV 0.22 backend - I have installed and configured this using the installable Mythbuntu package) and the laptop is subject to this bug which causes random freezes:


So, following advice for similar freezes I've seen, I have added the following options to my grub menu.lst on the kernel line:

nolapic nomodeset

and I have edited xorg.conf so that it makes use of the vesa driver instead of the Intel driver. This results in no freezes and if I wanted to watch Myth on the laptop screen I'd be squared away. However, the laptop has a damaged screen so the point was always to output the signal to an external monitor via its VGA out.

When I attach the external monitor and boot with the setup as described, the external monitor is never detected. But I noticed that if I remove the "nolapic nomodeset" from the kernel boot line, it is detected. However, signal is only output to it during the earliest part of boot (when the Ubuntu logo is in the center of the screen before the full-screen graphic with the animated progress line), after which the external monitor goes black and all the display output goes to the laptop screen. The external monitor power button is still lit up green as if it has been detected and is receiving signal, but it's just a black screen.

get the signal out to the external monitor after the initial part of the boot process, using the vesa driver? Here is the current state of my xorg.conf:

Section "Device"
Identifier "Configured Video Device"
Driver "vesa"


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Generic Vesa Driver Xorg.conf File That Will Work With Most Any 1024x768 Monitor

Feb 12, 2010

I am looking for a generic vesa driver xorg.conf file that will work with most any 1024x768 monitor.

This is for a network appliance and our field people have many different type of monitors.

This product will mostly be used "headless" but sometimes our field people will plug in a monitor.

The intel driver will not even start x without a monitor plugged in so I found it necessary to go to the vesa driver.


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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Won't Boot / Can I Force X To Start In Vesa Mode Using Grub Commands

Jun 12, 2011

I'm trying to run ubuntu 11.04 (64-bit) on my hp pavilion tx2100ed but it won't boot. After the grub bootscreen it goes black and doesn't react to Ctrl-Alt F1 ..F4.
Also booting the recovery mode doesn't work
To be able to start the installer I had to use xforcevesa.
Does any one know what this can be and how to solve it?

can i force x to start in vesa mode using grub commands?

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General :: Can't Boot To Xubuntu And Can't Uninstall Xubuntu

Nov 17, 2010

i installed Xubuntu on my system having a dual boot with Xubuntu and windows xp but when i select to boot on Xubuntu it freezes and gets a message saying that the file hal.dll in system32 cant be found. Before showing me this message i tryed to uninstall the Xubuntu inside from windows xp because several problems showed up after installing Xubuntu. I can boot on windows xp but i cant boot to xubuntu and cant uninstall xubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Will Not Boot After Changing Video Driver

Apr 28, 2010

I'm running Lucid (all updates) with an ATI Radeon 3100 video ini a Toshiba Laptop.

I was troubleshooting a problem with XBMC, and tried disableing the propriatary ATI driver. Now ubuntu will not boot. I've tried recovery mode, and it gets to:


And nothing else. I've tried CTRL-ALT-F1 and BACKSPACE, and nothing happens. I know that I just need to re-enable to ATI driver, or possible reconfigure X, but I can't figure out how at this point.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Will Not Boot After Video Driver Update

Mar 28, 2011

However, I have had this issue with Windows computers as well, I just don't know how to beat around this problem and fix it with the new OS.

For starters, I have a Sony Vaio laptop (VGN-NS295J) that's running a ATI Mobility 3430 Video card on F14 64bit.

From the beginning, my device was not recognized with a good driver, so I started jumping through hoops reading forums of how to properly install this driver and get rid of the on board video. After I was successful (so I thought) I rebooted my system, and now after Fedora finishes loading the operating system, the screen goes gray and I can start typing in whatever I want.

I can still log in by Ctrl+Alt+F2 or whatever it is, but I'm stuck to text, and don't know my way around well enough yet.

I believe the issue is that it's trying to treat my laptop as two moniters, or defaulted my monitor incorrectly perhaps? At least this is what always happened to me in the past with Windows.

I just fresh installed F14 today, so I don't have anything of importance on the HD.

*UPDATE* Okay, so i've figured out hitting escape lists two versions of Linux there off the boot. The top one repeats the message I've just given, and the second one will go to the Fedora screen right after the boot (where it fills the emblem diagonally), then the screen flashes like it's starting to run my video card, and the screen goes black.

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Ubuntu :: After Video Driver Update - Black Screen On Boot

Sep 2, 2010

My Machine: Lenovo T400 laptop, 9.04 ubuntu

My problem: while working on my laptop the system Offered an update to my ATI video card............so being the nube that I am I said go ahead and install it............yep that f'd it up. it ran for a while then froze up to the point I had to hard boot the machine. on restart the desktop splash/load screen displays but nothing else afterwards. I can get into restore mode and even terminal but can't seem to find anything........there is an autofix video option but that did not work either.

I spent a week loading and configuring this thing and do not want to start back from scratch...........I have too much stuff to lose on a new install. funny thing is that I just had set the system to do a complete backup of the ubuntu instance for tonight so I would have some way to restore this if something happened...........well it happend before the backup ran tonight........go figure.

Is there a way to reload the default system without loosing my files and such? I would just have to load vmware back on and some other programs but I a okay with that.

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Ubuntu :: Video Card Driver Destroying Boot Progress Sequence?

Jul 27, 2010

I have a full install on a dedicated partition. And the problem persists. I have tacked it down to the driver for my video card [nVidia 9600m GS]. When I disable the driver, it somewhat returns to normal [it works fine on shut down, but boot up is still buggy]. However, this makes Docky complain about compositing [it will still work, but there's a black void around it] not being enabled. I also assume that lacking the driver will cause problems if I try to do anything 3D.

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Fedora :: FC 11 - Video Driver Update Causes Lockup On Boot

Oct 22, 2009

I have a new Fedora 11 install with all updates working on my: Dell XPS M1330 laptop with nVidia GeForce 8400M GS

I wanted to install compiz fusion on Gnome so I followed these step by step instructions from:

Fedora refused to boot, locking up during the process.

Here is what happens...

After updates I had 3 options at boot up:

A) If I choose the TOP one (newest) it will boot up to a black screen and nothing else, I get a white block which moves with mouse. I cant get a shell and any key I hit just echoes back...ctr-alt-del will result in normal shutdown process displaying.

If I watch the services start (F1) I see all -OK- except: nvidia.ko: Driver already enabled

The boot continues with all OK until it gets to:
at which time the screen flashes for about 7 seconds and locks up.

B) If I choose MIDDLE boot option and watch the boot process I see most services start OK except:


Checking for module nvidia.ko [FAILED]
nvidia.ko for kernel was not found [WARNING]
The nvidia driver will not be enabled until found [WARNING]
Driver already disabled


Then the services continue on with [OK] until a few seconds later the screen halts with a mess of colors and symbols on screen and system stops booting. Any key pressed simply echoes back with no other result. Again ctrl-alt-del refreshes screen and shutdown of services proceeds normally.

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Fedora :: Boot Stuck At Splash / Kernel Video Driver

Feb 19, 2011

Looking for an option to get Fedora working again, I followed Leighs guide to install the kernel nvidia driver. On Reboot however I am stuck a the Fedora splash.Is there a way when booting to disable splash, or enter in safe mode?I have an nvidia geforce 9 card and I used the non-PAE install.

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Ubuntu :: No Video After Running Updates Xubuntu 10.10?

Nov 4, 2010

This is an Xubuntu install on a memory stick. I had the video working perfectly after the initial installation of Xubuntu. After I ran the updates and rebooted the system I had no video. It says ,"Server is already active for display 0, if the server is no longer running remove /tmp/.XO-lock and startup again"I looked around for a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file but it does not exist. What next?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Xubuntu 10.04 With My Evga Geforce 6200 Video Card?

Jun 4, 2011

i am having trouble installing xubuntu 10.04 with my evga geforce 6200 video card. My motherboard has the onboard intel 845g? card. The computer will not read the live cd with the video card installed. it hangs on the splash screen right after choosing " try without installing" i have tried nomodeset but that dose not help. I have no problems installing with the video card removed. My computer i a hp pavilion a647c.

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Ubuntu :: Video Card Swap - Screen Using A Default Video Driver

Jan 25, 2011

If I take out the existing video card and put in another one of a different type (but not a different brand), how does Ubuntu behave? I know what Windows typically does. Windows starts up the screen using a default video driver which is at least 1024 by 768 and then asks you what this new bit of hardware is and asks where the drivers are. I'm pretty sure Ubuntu has default drivers of its own, but I don't know what their resolution is.

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Ubuntu Networking :: PCMCIA Card Worked In Xubuntu Jaunty - Have The Inf Driver - Get It To Work?

Mar 5, 2010

still stalling after all those months, everything is explained here


the card works fine in xubuntu jaunty, doesn't in xubuntu karmic or ubuntu karmic. i (my wife) wants to use ubutun karmic, but we still can't get this ATMEL PCMCIA wirelesscard to work on ubuntu karmic like it does on jaunty... and we have the windows INF drivers

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Ubuntu :: Severe Lag For All 3-d Video Games - Video Driver ?

Aug 6, 2011

I am running gnome 3 on ubuntu 11.04, a clean installation from the gNatty version, 32 bit. The machine is a Lenovo t420, with 6GB RAM and a integrated video card.

Everything is running smoothly but not for games. I tried urban terror, Tremulous, Nexuiz, all of the lags from the very beginning as if I was using a machine 5 years ago to run today's video games (ie, takes 10 seconds for a mouse move a show, audio lags, .etc). From my experience it should come from video card driver not installed, but the update manager shows all device works fine (indeed, the screen resolution is 1600X900).

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General :: Activate Wireless Network Card Driver And Video Driver?

Jul 20, 2010

I just installed Linux Mint 9 as a dual boot install with Win XP. Trying to activate wireless network card driver and video driver. Pops up: "You are not authorized to perform this action".How do I get authorized?

Now every time I boot Win XP, the Internet Explorer menu bar is all blacked out and goofy. If I log out and back in it corrects itself. If I reboot it's blacked out again. Re-installed IE8. Still blacks out.Also Firefox in Win XP crashes expectantly. It has NEVER crashed on me previously.

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General :: Video Driver - Some Video Games Are Unusually Slow

Feb 13, 2011

I installed Debian recently, and everything seems to be working fine, except some video games are unusually slow compared to what they would normally be. Tremulous, for example, worked reasonably fine on this computer with Windows XP, but now (Debian) for some reason it's laggy even on the title screen.
Something wrong with my video drivers?

All of the information I know:
The computer is a Dell Dimension 3000
RAM: 256mb? Gnome System Monitor says 247.1mb, SWAP: about 730mb
Processor: Intel Celeron 2.40GHz
HD: 25gb out of a 40gb HD free, and an external 1tb HD with about 920gb free
Debian Release 6.0 (squeeze)
Kernel Linux 2.6.32-5-686
GNOME 2.30.2 (I've tried LXDE also, no noticeable change)
Only linux on the machine.

glxinfo told me this:


64 GLX Visuals

128 GLXFBConfigs:

lspci told me this:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Playback With Ubuntu Server 8.04 -> Xubuntu 8.10 W/ XBMC?

Feb 26, 2010

I've been having strange problems with my server/media center setup lately: The movie just stops in XBMC, as if it had reached the end, randomly, some times only once in a movie, sometimes every 5 min. Then, I have to rewind all the way to where I was to resume the movie.

I'll explain my setup:

Server with Ubuntu Server 8.04 with samba/lighttpd/proftpd/etc. which contains all the media (
-10meters cable->
dlink di-634 router ( -> internet
-30meters cable->
dlink di-624+ router (
-10meters cable->
Media PC which runs Xubuntu 8.10 (due to massive slowdown with the integrated intel gpu in 9.04) running XBMC 9.04. (

I use samba to serve the videos to the media center. I have considered putting them all into the hdd of the media center, but then I would have to put more HD's into it, and that would cause cooling issues due to the case being very small. Having a server has proven quite useful too. The movies I'm watching are in 480p or smaller resolution. First, my routers were in opposite positions. But the di-624+ couldn't take all the traffic going through it anymore after a couple of additional laptops were added to the network, and started rebooting frequently. I thought this was the reason for the stopping, so I decided to switch places (the DI-634 is more stable and also has much better wireless range, being newer and having dual antennas). After doing this, the same thing still happens, and looking at the routers' logs, they don't say anything about rebooting (also I was connected to IRC all the time, no disconnects there either).

Then, I figured my server was running out of RAM or something similiar, but I ruled that out after checking it (it only uses about 10% RAM, processor loads stay at about 1 all the time. I probably forgot to mention this, but this setup used to work 100% before. I haven't changed anything, besides updating both machines with apt-get update & upgrade.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Creating An Extremely Minimal Version Of Xubuntu Using XFCE - Go With Mini.iso Or The Xubuntu Alternate Install CD ?

Jan 12, 2010

I was thinking of creating an extremely minimal version of Xubuntu using XFCE. I have a Dell Mini 9, a netbook that uses a wireless-g card requiring bcmwl-kernel-source to work.What I would like to do is use either the alternate CD or mini.iso minimal install file to perform a command line install-style installation of the system.So far, what I am thinking (from reading this [url].... article:

HTML Code:

http:[url].....is to start off with these packages to begin with:

slim (if possible with 9.10, unsure if it is still available. in short, i want to use a lightweight display manager)

My opening questions are: Should I go with mini.iso or the Xubuntu Alternate Install CD (or the Ubuntu one)? If so, which one? What additional packages will I need to make the hardware accessible and fully functional? All I can think of so far would be sound (I'd like to stay away from PulseAudio if possible, it wreaks havoc with my computer), my webcam, and the memory card slot, if additional packages are needed for it?What other "core" packages should I include in this list? Should I include Synaptic, or other packages, and why?What do I need to take into consideration, since this is both a directly- and battery-powered computer?

HTML Code:
post regarding a "Ubuntu-Desktop-Minimal"-type system.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Can't Log Into Xubuntu 9.10 First Boot

Jan 18, 2010

I just installed Xubuntu on my old iMac G3 and I booted it and when I try to log in it says "Authentication Failure" I'm 99.9% positive I'm using the right username/psswrd, does anybody know how to change it or over ride the login part all together?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Xubuntu Will Not Boot?

Jul 25, 2010

I'm having some trouble installing Xubuntu on an old Compaq PC with 512 MB RAM. The Live CD installs without a hitch, but when I restart the system to boot from the hard drive it locks up just after POST

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Ubuntu :: Wubi / Xubuntu Boot Failure?

Apr 23, 2011

i tried to install xubuntu on my desktop using wubi..it instaled and everything when i tired to boot xubuntu it said


Gave up waiting for root device. Common Problems:
-Check rootdelay=(did the system wait long enough?)
-Check root=(did the system wait for the right device?)
-Missing Modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev

ALERT! /dev/sdb3 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

okay now when i try to boot window$ vi$ta and re Install WUBI window$ cant boot either

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Ubuntu :: How To Downgrade To Vesa

May 26, 2010

and i have an Intel graphic chipset

lspci -nn | grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE


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