Ubuntu :: CD / DVD Creator Non-successful With Burning Discs

Jun 12, 2010

I know, as of 2008, no support, but I'm wanting LTS so I'm trying to get Ubuntu 10. I'm trying to use 7.04,s CD/DVD creator to burn the Iso to a CD. I've tried desktop, and alternate, both by bittorrent, and every time I attempt to burn to a disc, it takes 10 minutes with useless spinning, saying "Preparing to write disc" and then it stops, locking the CD drive and having me to restart the system to get it running again. I've run on 2.0x, 1.0x, and 8.0x, all failing. I could really use help. I'm running a Dell Dimension 4500S, Pentium 4, 512MB ram, with a Cyberdrive CW058D CD-R/RW, SCSI, and IS a burner.

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General :: Conversion - Mobipocket Creator Equivalent - Can't Use Mobipocket Creator

Jan 24, 2010

I'm a Kindle DX owner and I normally download some free PDFs from the internet, but I prefer to read then using the PRC format. As I'm a Linux user, I can't use Mobipocket Creator, then I want to ask for a alternative.

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Ubuntu :: Which Soft To Burn MP3 Discs?

Mar 30, 2010

I've been using ubuntu for quite some time, but just lately I burned a disc with brasero and my car doesn't read it, idk which is a good soft to create mp3 discs?? is there any that auto converts songs to mp3 if they are aac?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Won't Read Most Discs?

Dec 9, 2010

I have several old poweredge 2450 servers I bought recently, used. I have made several Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.04.4 server cds. They all hang on the packages.gz file trying to install. I used the check disc function on the 2450s and it can't read the file, it thinks it is corrupt, though it works fine on a more modern computer.have tried several similar computers. I have burned to CD-R and CD-RW. I have burned at 8x (slowest on my drive).I have checked the MD5. I just don't understand why these computers won't read this disc properly. Or several other discs, like SMS server or tiny core. Won't read them either. Oh, but it reads Ubuntu 10.10 server just fine, installs ok, well slowly, but it works.

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Ubuntu :: Always Checks Discs For Errors ?

Apr 12, 2011

I was just wondering why Ubuntu is always checking my discs for errors. This happens every few times i turn the computer off and back on. Maybe every 2 or 3 times. Is this just ubuntu checking the discs or something to worry about?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Mount Discs

Jun 7, 2011

I am trying to install various software on my new laptop with 11.04, the problem is some software has 2 or more disks.

When I had 10.10, after I installed disk 1 I would right click and select unmount disk and then insert the second disk and select mount disk and it would install. Now I see on 11.04 there's no option and it doesn't matter how I install software, wine or not, it won't read the second disk.

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General :: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Play Blu-Ray HD Discs?

May 20, 2010

Can Ubuntu 10.04 LTS play Blu-Ray HD Discs.

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Ubuntu :: Getting Programs From Fedora Install Discs

Jan 6, 2010

I am fairly new to ubuntu and linux in general but have bee experimenting for a little while. As part of that experimentation I ended up with a set of fedora 11 install cd's except for disc 4 which had a faulty image.The fedora cd's have some programs that may be handy in setting up a server. This prompts my thoughts to turn to getting the programs off the fedora cd's and installing them on ubuntu.Both are a gnome desktop environment, and there are a whole heap of files with names that look to me like files for part of a serious installation.

is it possible to use the ubuntu installer program to look at these and then install only some which I can't do if I just look at the filenames.

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Ubuntu :: DVD Drive Won't Mount Or Load Discs?

Mar 6, 2010

unable to mount cdrom0 mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist

I know the drive is hooked up via SATA.

It has worked before, and I have no idea why it isn;t working now. And I have made no BIOS changes since it worked once. The only change is I installed the newest kernal, that I can think of.

I ran accross someone asking someone with a similar problem to run:

ls /dev | grep cd

so I did and I get: andrew@andrew-desktop:~$ ls /dev | grep cd pktcdvd

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Ubuntu :: How To Scan Discs With Gnome Catalog

May 18, 2010

I had used Discs cataloguing software on the Mac and Windows too, so I'm not new to the concept. However I'm a total rookie when it comes to Linux and Gnome Catalog
Once you have created a new catalog, and a disk inside it (I guess), how do you get Gnome Catalog to perform the actual scanning of the discs? I just don't see any button or menu command for it anywhere

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Fedora :: How To Install ONLY Mysql Rpm From Its Discs

Jul 1, 2010

I installed mysql on my fedora system via a tar download and install instructions. Its working fine.
I wanted to install mysql workbench which is rpm based and it reported that there were some dependencies one of which was mysql. I guess the rpm utility could not see the mysql prorgram since mysql as not installed via rpm mode.
I have 5 discs of the fedora 12 installation. Can someone let me know if the mysql rpm exists on one of these discs and how do I install ONLY the Mysql package on the fedora 12 system that I already have via rpm mode.

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Hardware :: DVD-RW Drive Not Reading Discs?

Apr 22, 2011

Installed Ubuntu 10.10 this morning from CD, downloaded all the latest updates. But when I put a CD or DVD in the drive, I can't access any of the data. Disk utility recognises that the drive is there, but it says "No medium detected".

Disk utility recognises it at /dev/sr0 so I added a line to fstab

/dev/sr0 /mnt/dvd udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0 0

but made no difference

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: K9Copy Making Backups That Are Larger That 4.7gb Discs?

Oct 16, 2010

I have a problem with K9Copy's back up system it cannot seem to shrink a DVD9 down to 4.7gb to fit on a standard 4.7gb DVD Disk, how to correct this? As it renders K9copy totally pointless for me.

PS: This issue didn't exist on Ubuntu 10.04LTS

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Worked On Live Discs But Not On Install.

Jun 21, 2011

I have recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a Toshiba Satellite laptop that used to have Vista installed on it. I've been trying out various Linux live discs (eventually choosing Ubuntu) for over a year now, and whenever I've been on a live disc, the laptop has been able to connect wirelessly to the internet and browse the web. I have a NETGEAR router and I have always been given the option in the upper right to connect to NETGEAR. Tonight, when I installed Ubuntu, I chose to wipe the hard drive completely (I backed up stuff already), and it asked me if I had an internet connection. I tried to connect to NETGEAR but it wouldn't work. This made me a little suspicious, but I chugged along with the installation anyway. Now that it's fully installed, when I go up to see the list of wireless connections, it doesn't give me any options; everything is greyed out. What do I do now? I just wiped an entire hard drive and can't use the internet.

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Ubuntu :: Tron Legacy Icons - Links To Get Those Discs On My Desktop?

Jun 23, 2011

i was checking out some themes, and i found this theme that had tron life discs at the bottom displaying speed, temp, and mem. i followed the links to get those discs on my desktop but i dont kno how to do it.

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Debian Hardware :: The Drive Isn't Reading Discs?

Jan 28, 2010

The drive isn't reading discs. Dmesg says PIO255(auto-tune) requested, PIO4 selected, UDMA33MHz.

An inexpensive drive with many failures noted on Google.

What command would I enter in grub following "ro quiet" to change the mode?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Cloning Discs And Networking?

May 26, 2011

I haven't used linux in a long time, and have to install OpenSUSE 11.3 on ten of our servers. What I plan to do is install OpenSUSE and all our required software on one of the servers, and then clone that drive to all the other server drives (the servers are hot swappable). My question is:

What do I need to worry about conflict wise? So far the only conflicts I can see that I will need to address are machine name (hostname) and set unique static IP addresses? How can I change the machine name (ie. server01, server02 ...) and IP address? Is there any other stuff I need to change as well?

We have a 2U file server running windows. All of the servers (1 x Win and 10 x linux) will be connected to a 24 port gigabit switch.

Is there also any special stuff I need to do to allow access to the Windows server (file etc)?

I will also require remote access to the servers, but assume that this will be easy to setup?

As for sleep mode, I assume that's fairly easy to configure through the interface?

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SUSE :: Additional; Hard Discs For More Memory?

Mar 5, 2010

I'm still running OpenSuse 10.2. The PC has three HDD's, all mounted, but at differing positions, and all formatted Ext3.I can see and examine all 3 discs OK. Some partitions seem to contain common folders.I have run into problems of "insufficient memory" reported, but the second and third discs are very little used, having very many GB free. The memory limit seems to be on the main Desktop, which is where various downloads end up.My questions are:-1. How/where should I mount the additional HDDs so that the PC can seamlessly use this spare disc space as memory?2. What should I do to tidy up the apparent duplicate folders presently seen on the additional HDDs ?3. How can I confidently identify which HDD is in fact the main OS disk ?I am sufficiently PC-literate to understand partitioning, but a bit unskilled still at finding my way through Suse Linux.

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Hardware :: GRUB2 Doesn't Boot Due To 2TB Discs

Jul 10, 2010

Setup of my server:

5 x 2TB samsung and WD discs.
1 x 1TB for operating system.
Mainboard DG45ID

I installed Debian Squeeze on the 1TB disc, everything goes fine. As soon as I attach the 2TB discs the computer boots and just says GRUB with a cursor. If I detach the 2TB discs everything is fine again?

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General :: Liteon DVD ROM - Cannot Recognize All Types Of Discs

Dec 15, 2010

Linux RED HAT 5
Liteon 18X DVD rom
I used Liteon dvd rom for installation, worked well but it dose not recognize all data DVD and all type of cd disks while in windows XP every thing was fine.

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Software :: Error Writing Blu Ray Data Discs With K3b?

Dec 5, 2010

Does k3b require free hard drive space at the finalize media stage? I'm trying to write a 17.6 GB file to 25 GB media with 18 GB free space on the hard drive. My disc seems to write 100% then displays "Error". This is the debugging code:

Burned media
BD-R Sequential (SRM)


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Ubuntu :: Disc Drive Will Read Data DVDs, But Not Audio Discs?

May 31, 2010

I'm having trouble with my optical drive (an LG GH22NP20).I can read a data DVD, but when I put in a standard audio CD it does not recognize it.I hear it spinning around in there, but if I check /media/ there are no files listed.?

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Slackware :: SATA Burners Creating Corrupt Discs?

May 3, 2011

I have two computers with SATA drives and burners installed, and when I try to burn a DVD or CD on either one it comes out corrupt. I have NO such problems on my older IDE drives. Is there a setting I'm missing? I'm getting sick and tired of making coasters.

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Ubuntu :: Says It Is Successful But Getting [VirtualBox] Errors?

Aug 7, 2011

I am trying to run VirtualBox on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, and when I make a virtual machine it says it is successful. However when I try to run the machine I get this error box. What did I do wrong? What can I do to fix this? I've deleted the virtual machine and made a new one. I've uninstalled and reinstalled virtualbox but nothing I've tried works.

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Ubuntu Installation :: What Are The Odds Of A Successful Upgrade

May 6, 2010

what the odds are of successfully installing from 9.10 to 10.04 without something nasty happening?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Any Successful Use Of M-Audio 2496?

Jun 14, 2010

I have been looking for a sound card for stereo classical music. The search has been frustrating. The best-known maker is well known for games and DVDs -- special effects in other words. One card works only on 32-bit distros, not 64-bit. Other cards used to work well with Linux, but stopped several years ago, and all interested parties consider it low priority. Others are priced outside my budget.

From specs and price, the best card for me would be the M-Audio Audiophile 2496, a stereo-only card with reportedly great musical performance. But it is one of those cards that stopped working around 2007, in Ubuntu and several other distros. In the forums it appears to be caused by an incompatibility between ALSA and Pulse Audio, and involves the initialization for the ICE1712 sound chip. So several other M-Audio cards, and cards from other makers, are affected as well. Comments in the Ubuntu forum trail off inconclusively. Some partial solutions have been found that work for some people, but not for all. Some reports say that a return to ALSA or even OSS works. This is discouraging, and I will not spend $100 knowing that a failure is likely.

But the best discussion appears in the Red Hat - Fedora forum for bug 499435. The authors of the ALSA and Pulse systems get into the discussion, and in the resulting ferment, one correspondent develops a workaround consisting of a large change to a conf file, and a couple of little changes elsewhere. The description of the change is followed by several messages reporting success with the card, finally. But please note that this was NOT for Ubuntu. You may find this discussion and the fix via Google by searching "m-audio 2496 red hat". It's right at the top.

The file requiring the big change is

Looking into the same file in Ubuntu, I found that it contains most (not all) of the revision in Fedora. Perhaps the differences between the distros require the modification to be different. The change log for libasound2 (the package containing this file) has no discernable reference to this change, so I am left wondering about its source and validity.

Still, I am not about to spend $100 without some assurance that the money is not thrown away. So now, the question for which this entry was written: Is anyone out there successfully using an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card with the current release of Ubuntu (10.04 or 9.10), using Pulse, ALSA, or OSS? Everybody posts tales of woe. I'm hoping to hear a few tales of success.

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Ubuntu :: Successful Installation Of 32-bit 10.10 / But Can't Perform Updates

Feb 24, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit on my laptop and successfully completed the installation. However, I attempted to install the recommended updates but have been unsuccessful. The updates downloaded just fine, but when I attempt to install the downloaded updates, I get a package operation failed with the following text: installArchives() failed: Extracting templates from packages: 10% Extracting templates from packages: 21% Extracting templates from packages: 32% Extracting templates from packages: 43% Extracting templates from packages: 54% Extracting templates from packages: 65% Extracting templates from packages: 76% Extracting templates from packages: 87% Extracting templates from packages: 98% Extracting templates from packages: 100% Preconfiguring packages.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Successful 10.10 Boot On MacBook Pro 5,3

Apr 12, 2011

Thought that I would share my story of trying to get a USB thumbdrive to boot ubuntu on my MacBook Pro. I originally bought a 32Gb flash drive thinking that it would be as simple as throwing ubuntu on and pressing go. I soon found out the hard way that Apple won't let you boot BIOS(Legacy) OS's from a thumbdrive. A long learning curve later, I could successfully boot the ubuntu Kernel from my thumbdrive alone. I partitioned my drive into 4 partitions an EFI boot partition(1) a fat32 boot partition(2) an ext4 filesystem(3) and a HFS+ rEFIt partition(4).

After following the steps put forth on [URL] I was able to configure grub to properly load the ubuntu kernel, however, it would crash every time I tried booting. I edited my grub.cfg file to load /bin/sh on startup, and that got me to boot into an SH shell, but nonetheless startx would not properly load. A headache and a half later, I discovered that ubuntu does NOT like being booted from EFI. I could have continued these shenanigans and tried to get ubuntu to boot using EFI, but I took the lazy route out.

Apple does not let you boot USB from BIOS, but it does, however, let you boot CD's from BIOS. I burnt a copy of the "Super GRUB2 Disk" from [URL]. Poped it in my CD tray, held 'C' when booting, grub2 loaded, pressed 'detect os' and it booted. Everything works great, video drivers, usb drivers, everything is exactly like if ubuntu was on my HD, and to be honest the speed is GREAT - I would almost go far enough to say that it is faster than booting from a HD, the only issue is that without a SWAP partition, the memory fills up rather fast, and sometimes you have to wait for that to catch up.

To recap:
Step 1: Install Ubuntu to a thumbdrive just like you would a HD
Step 2: Burn the "Super GRUB2 Disk" from supergrubdisk
Step 3: Hold 'C' when booting -> detect OS's
Step 4: Boot from Ubuntu on you Flashdrive, Enjoy!

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: DVD Drive Will Not Read Burned Dual Layer Discs?

Feb 22, 2010

seen this or have suggestions on how to fix this. I can read the original disks but I cannot read the backup. The backup disc was burned on Window$ using Nero.I am trying to read the disc using both VLC and Totem but you can see in /var/log/messages there is an issue with reading the disc. This disc is readable in the Window$ box and on all DVD stand alone players.

Feb 21 20:17:09 delltop kernel: [40761.304725] sr 0:0:1:0: [sr0] Unhandled sense code
Feb 21 20:17:09 delltop kernel: [40761.304752] sr 0:0:1:0: [sr0] Result: hostbyte=DID_OK driverbyte=DRIVER_SENSE


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Red Hat :: Scp Hangs At The End Of A Successful Transfer?

Jul 9, 2009

I'm having a strange issue with a RHEL 5.2 system with SE Linux. I can scp files to it, but I always have to hit ctrl+c to end the scp process. The file transfers 100% and everything, but scp just hangs there for a long time, or until I kill it. If I wait until it dies on its own, its exit value is 1. I'm not sure if it'll help, but here is the output when I add the verbose option. $ scp -v create_users.sh rhel5.2-server: Executing: program /usr/bin/ssh host rhel5.2-server, user (unspecified), command scp -v -p -t .

OpenSSH_4.7p1 Debian-8ubuntu1, OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config
debug1: Applying options for *


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