Ubuntu :: ALT+MiddleClick (resize Window) Doesn't Grab Foreground (top) Window

Jan 16, 2011

If you don't know, users are able to quickly resize windows using the "ALT+MiddleClick" key shortcut/combo. Basically, hold the ALT key, and mouse middle click and hold on a window. Move the mouse around, and it will resize the window for you.


1) Open a single Window.

2) Near the bottom-right-hand corner of the window, ALT+MiddleClick and drag. It should resize. Great. It works.

What Doesn't Work:

Now, the problem arises when you have multiple windows open on the desktop, they are "layered". i.e. you might have several windows open "behind" the one currently "up front". Example:

If I try to ALT+MiddleClick the "foreground window", it rarely actually resizes THAT window, and instead jumps one of the windows from behind to the front, and resizes that one instead!


1) Open 3x gnome-terminal windows and say some nautilus window. Place them overtop one another. (like the above image)

2) Try to ALT+MiddleClick the foreground window.

3) Repeat this always trying to grab the foreground window.

For me, the window manager seems to bring some window from the background to the front! Desktop Recording of the Problem: [URL]


* Ubuntu 10.10
* compiz window manager (the problem does not occur with metacity)
* ATI Radeon RV770 (HD4870) w/ open source Radeon Driver (same problem w/ fglrx driver)
* Versions: [URL]

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Ubuntu Installation :: Hard To "grab" Window Resize Corner?

Dec 16, 2010

Ever since I upgraded to 10.10 (32 bit) I have serious trouble resizing windows. Seems to be accross all applications, from Chrome and FireFox to Thunderbird, Vuze and even the terminal for shell access.The problem is that the upper right corner does not seem to be active all the time. The normal way to resize a window is to hover your mouse/pointer over the upper right corner, and when it turns into an inverted L shape, grab the corner and drag it to resize the window.With 10.10, sometimes the active portion is down a 1/8" or in a 1/4" or in and down. Its rarely at the proper point of the frame of the window.I don't remember this problem at all on my 10.04 installation.

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Ubuntu :: Window Animation (compiz) - How To "grab" Pull-down Menu Window Info

May 13, 2010

Some of my applications use different window types for pull-down menus than what compiz window animation think. This means that I get normal open window animation on these pull-down menus instead of the menu-theme. Inside the CompizConfig you can specify exactly which window types the different animations apply to, and you can use "grab" to probe your window for this info. My problem is that I can't "grab" the info for the pull-down, since it leaves "grab" mode once I try to open the menu (and grabs the info for the parent window instead of the menu). How do I get to know the window properties of the pull-downs, so that I can map them to the relevant window animation theme?

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Ubuntu :: Gnome Alt/middle-click To Resize Window Doesn't Work Anymore

Nov 4, 2010

I'm a big fan of Gnome's alt/middle-click to resize a window. However, it doesn't work anymore for me, and I believe it stopped working (or got toggled off) when I installed the Unity desktop package (just wanted to check it out).

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Ubuntu :: Window In Foreground Is White?

May 13, 2011

Sometimes when I have two or more windows open, the window in the foreground will be white, or blank. This most notably happens when I have Firefox and LibreOffice open in the same desktop. The window in the background is clearly visible, and when I right click on the window in the foreground, a normal context menu comes up. This also sometimes happens when there is only one window on a desktop.

I have played on and off with ubuntu over the years, and am currently using 11.04 on an older HP with an Athlon 64 chip. You may consider my background knowledge of the system to be one step above nil. I'm happy to provide any system info you may want, but you'll likely have to tell me how to obtain it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Window Sticks To Foreground While Playing

Jun 14, 2011

Whenever I'm playing a video and bring another application to the foreground, the video window appears over the foreground application:

I'm running Natty Narwhal 64-bit. This didn't happen back in Maverick. The hardware is an Asus K42JR laptop. If there's any more detailed information that I can provide to help narrow this problem down, please let me know.

I've found a similar issue on the forums, but it seems a bit different. This guy also has foreground window problems, but in his case they occur with non-video applications and are not consistent (it only happens 10% of the time).

With me, it always occurs with only video playback. The choice of video application for playback does not appear to matter (I've tried Totem, VLC). Strangely, the problem doesn't occur when viewing flash videos from within Chrome.

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Ubuntu :: Alt+MiddleClick To Resize Windows?

Oct 28, 2010

On Ubuntu, Alt key + mouseScroll click is resizing the current window. Can i get that on Xubuntu somehow (or should i say on XFCE)?

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Ubuntu :: Really Hard Ot Resize A Window?

Jul 13, 2010

I'm running Lucid 10.04, and I found something rather annoying that I can't find in the forums after a few searches, and would love to see fixed or hear a current solution for. When I try to manually resize a window (like FF or the terminal), I can't grab the left or right sides of it, only the top, bottom, or a side/corner that's flush against the side of the screen. The grab arrow barely appears for the most atomic fraction of time, and sometimes, even if moving slowly, doesn't appear at all. It's not a SUPER big deal, just an annoying aspect of the GUI. If I use my touchpad, I can grab a side if I move super slow, but I hate using that. I use a LogiTech M215 optical mouse. Realistically, I could just change mouse settings a bit and experiment, but that doesn't fix the problem that the "grab area" of the edges of a window is really, really tiny.

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Ubuntu :: How To Resize / Enlarge Window

Mar 6, 2011

Is there a way to increase the area around a window that can change its size? When I'm using the touch-pad I'm not that stable (to much coffee) and find it really had to get the mouse to sit on the one pixel that allows you to resize a window. Or another way to resize a window?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Resize Window

Jun 19, 2011

I am running Ubuntu 10.10 and the window for Gnome Color Chooser that I have installed is no longer able to be resized. I can move it around when I do an alt + mouse click, but the window is too big to view all of the options it contains. The normal ability to resize the windows by their corners no longer exists on the program and the keyboard shortcut to resize the window does not work either.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Resize Printer Configuration Window

Jan 1, 2010

For some reason the printer configuration window opens so that about the bottom 1/4 of it is off the screen.
I cannot resize it or see what is down there. When I click on my printer (epson work force 610) I can see the Driver details line but I cannot see below that so I have no idea what driver I am using. How come this window opens so tall and is not re-sizable??

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Ubuntu :: Can't Resize Window Or Move It Around Using Mouse

Apr 28, 2010

I must have done something to my window settings cos those three buttons in the top right corner (minimize, maximize and close) are gone. I also cannot resize the window or move it around using the mouse What did I do? And more importantly how do I fix this?

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Ubuntu :: Resize Window Border To Small?

May 13, 2010

This isn't a HUGE deal, just a little annoying. When I move the cursor to the edge of a window to resize it, i only get the resize arrow in a very small area and it takes me several tries to get it just right. Is there anyway to broaden the resize area threshold or something?

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Get Window Resize Shortcut Keys?

Oct 28, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.10 running on a partition off of my Win7 hard drive. The thing I really like about Windows 7 is when I hit windows key+left or win+right, the current window will snap over to the left half or right half of the screen, respectively.

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Ubuntu :: Getting Rid Of The Bottom-right Window Resize Handle?

May 3, 2011

Is there a way to make bottom-right window resize handles disappear in Ubuntu 11.04? I run a tiling window manager and thus have no use for them, especially since they can distract and cover information. How do I make them permanently go away?

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Ubuntu :: Natty - Disable Window Resize?

May 14, 2011

Ubuntu classic screen. When window is moved beyond top or right border it is automatically enlarged. How to disable it?

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OpenSUSE :: Resize Of Window In Gnome In 11.3

Apr 9, 2011

the resize of the window in gnome in 11.3 was by dragging a blue screen indicating the resize area of the window now its by dragging the whole window which results in a very sluggish experience on my intel VGA here how can i change it to the old blue way ?

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Ubuntu :: Removing The Resize Window Button From Corner?

Jun 6, 2011

I was wondering if it's possible to remove the triangular resize window button from the bottom-right corner of a particular window (or all windows, doesn't matter). I recently made it so that I have a transparent terminal (with no title bar, borders, etc.) docked onto my desktop, but the one thing I can't get rid of is the ugly-looking resize button hanging out by itself in the middle of the screen.

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Ubuntu :: How To Disable Window Auto Resize In Unity

Sep 1, 2011

Like, if I drag a window to the top of the screen, somehow this is supposed to mean I want the window full screen. Screw that if I wanted it full screen I'd have clicked the button on the top of the menu. Windows 7 does this too and it just as annoying.

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Debian Multimedia :: Can't Move Or Resize VLC Window?

May 4, 2011

I can't move/resize/decorate/restore the vlc window. It takes up the entire screen (even though it is not in full screen mode) on one of my monitors. I'm using Openbox. This doesn't happen with any other type of window.[URL]..

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Fedora :: Compiz Crashes When Resize A Window

Jan 9, 2011

I setup fedora 14 64 bit today itself and am loving it! But the problem i am facing is in compiz! When i enable desktop effects from System/Prefrences/Desktop Effects, everything works absolutely fine. All the effects... But when i try to resize a window, Compiz crashes and all the borders of the window disappear. The ABRT shows an error. Here is what it says

Package: compiz-0.8.6-3.fc14
Latest Crash:Sun 09 Jan 2011 05:44:37 PM
Command: compiz --ignore-desktop-hints glib gconf gnomecompat --replace
Reason: Process /usr/bin/compiz was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
Comment: None
Bug Reports:

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Horizontally Resize Lancelot Window?

Aug 16, 2011

The thing is I can resize the window vertically, but horizontally I cannot. When I put the pointer on the right or left edge of lancelot window the pointer becomes the resize pointer, but usual click and drag does not do anything on the window. Vertically it works fine.

Can I just delete Lancelot setting file to reset it? It seems I could not find where the settings are.

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OpenSUSE :: Auto Resize Window When Moved To The Sides ( KDE )?

Apr 7, 2010

I used linux for a long time now, mostly ubuntu-based distros but these days I decided to try openSUSE. Must say, It is a really nice distro, with lots of new features. There is one that I never seen before but I admit it is very useful: the auto resize window feature. I use the 11.3 (KDE) (milestone 4) version. Just wanted to ask if this is a package for ths or is hard-coded into the system? And is it KDE-specific?

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Software :: Terminal That Auto-scales Fonts Upon Window Resize?

May 30, 2011

Does anyone else know of a terminal emulator that scales the fonts automatically when a window is resized?

My eyesight is horrible but I want to use more terminal applications. I also use AwesomeWM for tiling, so windows resize frequently. Also on the short list are cut/paste by keyboard and good support for launching links.

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Fedora :: Minimize Resize Close Buttons Window 15 Gnome 3 Gconf 2

Jun 4, 2011

No where are how enable get back minimize resize close buttons windows top tab Fedora 15 Gnome3 gconf2

There is a question about this in this thread but the thread title did not have any of the above words in it and since most "new" folks don't think to use the "posts" option, I thought I'd make a new titled post.

This seems to be a big irritant of a lot of people around the net with Gnome 3 so I'm going to confirm what other people have said about how to fix the situation.

In "add software" enter this search term:


You will see quite a few returns, you should click the following:

A process-transparent configuration system (G Conf1-2.3 yada yada)

Graphical Gconf untilities (it may be pulled with the above however).

Install it/them.

One can then type "Gconf2" in terminal and it will open but then close when the terminal is closed, or one can go to activities/applications/tweak advanced settings( the symbol will be the same as for settings in Gnome 3).

In the "Shell" button one will see "Arrangement of buttons on the title bar". Surprisingly, "All" will already be apparent. One need merely verify that it is on "all".

Close gconf.

Nothing will have happened in terms of new buttons even if one closes and opens, say FireFox.

Then reboot.

After the reboot, all three buttons will be present.

There are not a LOT of configuration items in gconf2 but this one seems to be of paramount importance to a lot of people.

One can also do it from command line, and if someone wants to post that please feel free it won't hurt my feelings.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Use The Effects Like Rain, Fire, Wobbly Window Or Drag Window Into Another One Of Desktop?

Mar 31, 2010

I had a friend load Ubuntu on my PC. Everything work pretty well except i cant use the effects like rain, fire, wobbly window or drag my window into another one of my desktop. My comp has Radeon HD3100 Graphics card in it. Is there any graphics drivers I can dl to make the stuff work.

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Ubuntu :: Move The Window Control Buttons When The Window Is In Full Screen Mode?

May 3, 2011

How do I move the Window control buttons when the window is in full screen mode? I.e.: I know how to go into gconf-editor:

gconf-editor --> apps --> metacity --> general --> button layout = ":minimize,maximize,close"
(I've intentionally disabled the menu...)

What I want is my window controls to be on the right side of the window when the window is in full screen mode.

Also I've had an issue with the Unity dockbar glitching out. I can still click on the buttons (i.e. the logout button) but it displays like a nintendo game inserted crooked. Is there a way to 'restart' unity without log out/ log in?

Any one else experienced any glitches with unity auto hiding/showing?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Screen Recorder - Can Select The Window/window Size The Axis

Jul 17, 2011

I have asked for a video capturing software before but recommend a GOOD screen recorder where you can select the window/window size the axis and also a good editing software which will render/export into FULL 720p HD

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Define A Default Window Size Of A New Terminal Window?

Nov 16, 2010

i'm not sure for using the correct channel here but i hope someone out there can answer my little questions. 1st in older version i was able to change the settings of the terminal look as the font color, background color and so on. I was also able to define a default window size of a new terminal window. But since after upgrading to to the first release this year and a complete new installation of the current release Maverick i do not find this option anymore. Is there a way how to set up the terminal default window size?

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Ubuntu :: Window Borders Keep Disappearing - Open Compiz Icon To Reload Window Manager?

Apr 23, 2010

I recently upgraded the motherboard/processor on my computer (as in quadrupled the processor and octupled the ram). The new board has a built in GPU (intel) and from searching the forums, I think this is part of the problem. Every time I boot up the computer, I need to open the Compiz icon and use it to reload the window manager before I see any title bars, borders, etc. 've tried the .bashrc hack (metacity --replace), but that doesn't do anything. In fact, whenever I open the terminal, I need to have two tabs open in order to use it, and when I close it all the borders go away again (even when I haven't done anything). Also, the onboard sound card (intel) doesn't work, but that's another task (I at least have a compatible card for that).

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