Software :: JBG Image Viewer / Converter To Other Formats

Feb 8, 2010

I want to know if there is any application from which I can view/convert the JBG Images to any other format. I have installed XnView and Image Magick. XnView does no support the JBG Images and Image Magick gives error while converting the image.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Converter For Video And Audio Formats

Oct 12, 2010

1)i have used Arista-transcoder recently and whenever i used to convert some formate it shows me the message for the updater(Codecs).for this i add repository to Soft source after that it start downloading but meanwhile in downloading it shows me the error.Moreover,You can see the error in the pic,which i have attached...

2)is their any other converter which i can use for Both purposes(Audio&Video)other than Winff and Arista?

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OpenSUSE :: Video Converter Software To Covert Videos Into Multiple Formats

Jun 20, 2011

A good video converter software for openSUSE to covert videos into multiple will be easy if it ask me to covert videos for a specific device like i-pod,Nokia,Samsung mobiles.

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Ubuntu :: Image Deletion Through Image Viewer?

Jul 6, 2010

Iam looking for an Image viewer that lets me delete images through an 'delete' button/option in toolbox.. Most of the image viewers uses edit menu-->delete option,but iam looking for an direct link,clicking on which deletes the image currently open in image viewer

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Ubuntu :: PDF To Image (jpg) Converter

Jul 18, 2011

Does anyone have any software recommendations in Linux for converting multiple pdf files to .jpegs? The software I'm currently using is Ghostscript [URL] but I'm wondering if anyone here knows of better alternatives.

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OpenSUSE :: Nautilus-Image-Converter Not Working In 11.2?

Feb 3, 2010

i'm running Opensuse 11.2 with Gnome, and installed the "nautilus-image-converter" packages.

but it doesn't work on my system...

Is it the same thing for other GNome users ?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Html To Png (image) Converter?

May 3, 2010

I'm looking for a program (or script), that can convert html to an image (pngI've searched a lot on google, but haven't found anything that actually worked..Is the anyone that know of a converter, that works on ubuntu server?I use php, so it could be nice if php could use the program

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Debian :: Use Output From Command In Image Viewer

Jun 4, 2011

I want an image viewer to show the images in a directory in a random order. For that, I made the following script:

cd /home/DIRECTORY
ls > files
sort -R files
cat files | gpicview

Everything looks fine, but gpicview doesn't open the images! I also tried it with pqiv but instead of just opening the images, it opens a dialog asking me which of the files I want to open.

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OpenSUSE :: Simple Image Viewer For Kiosk App?

May 23, 2010

I am trying to locate a simple image viewer that does the following simple function:

1. Able to open JPEG files (only .jpg images loaded).

2. Open them in full screen mode (launched via terminal command).

3. Able to close once clicked on them in full screen mode (example config file: MOUSE_BTN0 = quit)

I tried a few, I liked the simplicity of Eye of Gnome ( eog ), but the close on a click while in full screen doesn't seem an option? Unless there's a config file hidden somewhere?

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General :: Image Viewer With Transparent Window?

Aug 17, 2011

I would like to display a fully opaque image (e.g. PNG RGB8) on the desktop in an image viewer - but such that I can set the window (showing the image) to be, say, 50% transparent (so I could see through and compare with other windows below). It would be even better if the viewer just shows a "panel" instead of a "window" (i.e. I'd prefer just the image shown, possibly with a border - instead of a full blown window with menubar, titlebar etc).

I'm aware that in Compiz, it should be possible to run a plugin, and have any window you want transparent - but I was hoping for a solution (viewer) that would not be Compiz-specific (and even more preferred, if it is neither Gnome nor KDE specific - but I'm not sure that is possible).

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Debian :: How To Call Standard Image Viewer

Apr 5, 2011

Whenever I want to look at an image on the command line I use Kview, but what I want to use is the standard one you get when you click on an image file in windows mode. For me it's called visionneur d'image cos I'm using linux at my university in France.

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Software :: Fast Image Viewer - Mirage Or EOG?

Sep 7, 2010

Fast image viewer: MIRAGE or EOG? [URL] or [URL]. Which one do you favour? If possible, why such choice. (All choices are matter of tastes and preferences, being respected, and all have 100pct right).

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OpenSUSE :: Activate Nautilus-converter-image Package?

Jan 13, 2009

today I've tried to activate nautilus-converter-image package. due to some package's requirement I've thougth download last release about glib, pango and nautilus... trying install them I've got some errors (here, I've also give an ldconfig command) so at the end I've resigned and decided didn't install nautilus-converter-image. Thinking about replace original package I've reinstall the original. but after reboot when I clik "computer" o "network" icons in nautilus I get an error message like this.(translating) <Nautilus can't handle place "Computer" or "network">

Also I've seen when insert a media usb storage, I can't see in nautilus that device mounted, and also in /media is not present...Ok I know I has been too much superficial... but now It's really annoying problem..

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Ubuntu :: Image Viewer Apps That Edit IPTC?

Jan 10, 2010

I've read about and taken brief looks at F-Spot, Gthumb, GQView, KphotoAlbum, and digiKam. Why is it so hard to find an app that edits IPTC? I think digiKam is supposed to, but 1) I was hoping not to have to run a KDE app on Gnome and 2) I can't even figure out how to use the darn thing ... it seems very unintuitive to me.

I miss Irfanview so much. (and no, I don't want to run WINE. I don't know why so many people are quick to suggest running Windows apps in WINE. If i wanted to run Windows apps, I'd run stinkin' Windows.)

It's one of those weeks for me when I feel like the more I actually try to USE Ubuntu for getting things done (as a long time Windows user), the more my hands are tied. I mean crap... MediaMonkey, Irfanview, ... ugh. Computers are for accomplishing tasks. Apps are for doing those tasks. OSes are for running those apps. I used to be a diehard OS/2 fan back in the day until I finally gave in to Windows. I still knew OS/2 was way superior, but what's the use in running a "superior" OS if you don't have the apps with features you need? I'm not trying to start a fight here and I hope I don't get slammed for my little venting here, but honestly...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Is There Any Image Viewer Similar To ACDSee?

May 20, 2010

Is there image viewer for linux similar to ACDSee?

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Ubuntu :: Image Viewer Sort By Exif Date Taken

Jan 31, 2011

I've tried what feels like at least a dozen different image viewers and I'm still hunting for one that handles viewing by date taken. The trick is that I'd like to just click the jpeg as they come off the camera and then browse through all the photos in the order taken... without having to load them into a photo management application, sort them in their, then start viewing from there. Too many extra steps for too many pictures when you're looking at a collection that is already organized (using the file system, i.e., nested directories) back to 2000. I need (ideally) a viewer where I click the jpeg, then go next next next through them in the order in which they were taken. Does anyone know if this sort of thing exists?

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Debian Multimedia :: Noise On Image Viewer After Rawtherapee Export

Jan 19, 2016

I have a doubt about the Gnome default Image Viewer.It's because I edit my RAW images on RawTherapee, and then export them to jpg.When I open the exported pictures on the image viewer, it looks like has lots of noise.But when I open the same picture on Gimp or Iceweasel, the noises doen't appear.

So, the question is: which image viewer is wrong? Is Gimp and Iceweasel "fixing" the picture automatically, or Gnome Image Viewer is reading it wrongly and showing it with noise?URL...

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Fedora :: Nautilus Viewer - Disable Image Auto Rotate?

Nov 5, 2009

I've noticed in Gnome pretty much all applications auto-rotate images when viewing, but leave the original image data intact. This may sound silly, but when I want to post pictures on, for instance, Facebook they upload as the picture was originally taken. So, if I took a picture with the camera flipped sideways it appears upright in Nautilus and the two image viewers I have installed, but when I upload the picture it appears to be flipped on its side. Does anyone know how to disable the auto-rotate when viewing feature?

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Ubuntu :: Default Image Viewer Failed But GIMP Fine

Mar 19, 2011

The default image viewer in 10.10 (eog) has met its match, a ~500MB image of the moon. I just thought it was kind of funny, while browsing the software center for an image viewer that could handle it, I noticed the description of the one installed by default and thought it was kind of funny, so I snapped this screenshot and thought I'd share it with you guys. By the way I have 4 GB of RAM and can view the image just fine in GIMP, just thought this was kind of funny.

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Programming :: Creating Image Viewer Window Using Python And GTK Widgets

Jul 7, 2010

I'm a total newbie in Linux and only have limited experience of programming - in Hypercard, Javascript and some Python on the Mac platform. Now I want to get started with high-level programming and scripting on Ubuntu 10.04. The project I have in mind is fairly simple: I want to create an image viewer window that I can bring up on a RAW image file in Nautilus - with the help of dcraw, to inspect the image at 100% without going into a separate application.

The viewer should have a button that if clicked, would then convert the file to a TIFF, again using dcraw. That's it, that's all there is to it. My initial impression is that I should be able to achieve this using Python and GTK widgets. Am I right? How can I find the commands and structures I will need to work with?

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Fedora :: GThumb Image Viewer Delete - Files Moved To Trash

Mar 4, 2010

When I am deleting pictures using gThumb image viewer it asks "The selected images will be moved to Trash, are you sure?" And if I press "yes" button - it moves message to ~/.Trash, can it be configured to move them into "real" trash? I have created symbolic link and it solved part of my problems, but files "restore" option is unavailable to files which were moved in to trash by this method.

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Ubuntu :: Image Viewer Opened From Nautilus Doesn't Change Active Window / Fix It?

Sep 1, 2010

There's something very annoying about how Nautilus opens "image viewer" windows.
They open, I can see them, but when I press the keyboard, it's still Nautilus which gets the commands.
This is because Nautilus stays the active window!

Most annoyingly, when I want to have a quick look at an image, and then close it, Nautilus closes instead (Alt+F4).

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
How to solve it?

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Ubuntu :: Wanted: Image Viewer With "copy To Folder" Shortcut?

Jan 8, 2011

I have triedShotwellgThumbF-SpotNone of them has the possibility to define a shortcut which will move current picture to a defined folder.I want to get a collection of pictures to send to a friend. Before that I want to resize using imagemagick.Irfanview allows definition of locations for "Copy to" or "Move to" (F8 shows list of predefined locations, press 0-9 for copy. So effectively two key strokes). Does anyone know about an ubuntu image viewer that makes this possible with one key combination?

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General :: Which Multimedia Formats?

Jan 26, 2011

I'm thinking about sticking my DVDs and audio CDs onto my computer. I will need to convert/transcode them into smaller file formats but I'm confused about all the available containers/codecs/formats etc.What types are "free"? Just Ogg or are there others? I'd prefer to use something that isn't proprietary.What are your recommendations for audio and video files?

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Ubuntu :: OpenOffice 3.01 Not Working Right With MS Formats?

Jan 3, 2010

I just installed the latest version of OpenOffice (version 3.0.1) from Synaptic on Jaunty. OpenOffice can read MS Office 2007 files but cannot save in their format (docx or xlsx). So if I edit a docx document I cannot save it in the same format.

Why can I not save in the MS Office 2007 format? How can I fix this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Are There Multiple Tag Formats?

Feb 5, 2010

The music I ripped with Sound Juicer, or ripped with VLC and tagged with EasyTag both have the same tag issues. The tags work great system-wide in Ubuntu, and if I drop the song on a data CD and put it in my Pioneer stereo, the tags work there, too. I can put the song on my Walkman and then copy it to another Ubuntu machine, and the tags work on the second machine, as well.

However, the Walkman lists the song as Unknown Song, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album. Further, if I transport the file into Windows, the Windows system doesn't recognize the tags, either.This begs the question, are there multiple tag formats?

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Ubuntu :: How To Install SO File Formats

Oct 17, 2010

I have installed Lucid on my HP tx2000 64bit laptop and trying to get the Adobe flash plugin. I have the beta version of the 64-bit plugin from the Adobe website, but it has a .so file that I cannot realise how to install.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Open .bok File Formats

May 19, 2011

I just downloaded ubuntu for the first time and loving the software...but few do i open .bok file formats in ubuntu.

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Software :: Vlc Player To Play All Formats?

Jan 31, 2010

hi am a using ubuntu 9.10...i want a vlc player to play all formats...i dont hav an internet connection..can i download from some site and install vlc player..if yes giv me d link also...?

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Ubuntu :: Defult Formats In OpenOffice?

Sep 7, 2010

I have been following this guide to ensuring that your Linux converts stay with you to create a noob-proof Ubuntu ISO image with remastersys. I want to know how to set the default file formats in OpenOffice to Microsoft formats to ensure that the newbies who use this ISO image don't create documents that their friends can't open.

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