OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Limited Internet Connectivity - Errors Due To Library Missing While Running Configure Script

Oct 30, 2010

I am using opensuse 11.3 on a computer with limited internet connectivity.Can anyone provide a list of essential libraries which would be enough for most applications. I get errors due to library missing while running configure script.

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OpenSUSE Network :: WiFi Internet Works Fine But Limited Connectivity Elsewhere?

Feb 22, 2010

I'm using 11.2 with KDE.

I can connect to the Internet on my WLAN just fine (using Opera) and can dload torrent files (using the same).

However, I have had trouble accessing some community repositories in the past, cannot synchronise with an NTP server (annoying since my battery is low and time and date are reset most reboots) and cannot use the lyrics function or Wikipedia function in Amarok. Nor can I connect to the net using Firefox (though conqueror works just fine...) I cannot download torrents on KTorrent either.

It seems that there is some sort of 'permission'/connectivity issue.

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Software :: ./configure Problem For Libsf Library Due To Apparently Missing Libdb Library ?

Aug 4, 2011

./configure script fails to configure libsf. Please check the following last few lines of configure script error.

But find command shows the following;

It seems the file libdb does exist. man dbopen displays man page for dbopen. I also tried to ln -s /usr/lib/libdb.a and /lib dir but all were in vain.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Configure Fails But Library Not Missing

Nov 4, 2010

I'm trying to install gazebo but I would like the general solution. When I type "./configure" I get the error: "could not find gdal_priv.h" or sometimes "could not find gdal library" But I have it on my computer. It is: usr/include/gdal/gdal_priv.h This means configure is not looking in the right place for this library. Where is the path stored, please? I tried reading the configure file but I could not find it. I tried to replace all instances of gdal_priv.h by gdal/gdal_priv.h but this did not work either. I tried adding /usr/include/gdal to all the env PATH_something_or_other I could see. how to tell to ./configure where to look for libraries. What file(s) should I edit? (I tried config.status, because it contains /usr/include stuff). The files I have are:


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OpenSUSE Wireless :: New Linux User Wireless 'Active' With Limited Connectivity

Mar 29, 2010

I got ubuntu working fine on my netbook and wanted to play around with opensuse. I have it installed and everything works fine except my wireless connection. I have updated everything since the installation through a wired connection, that didn't help. I have read the stickies, but to be honest, I'm so new to this stuff I'm kinda lost. So my wireless network has a WEP encryption and I have entered that password as a 64 HEX Key in the Wireless Manager widget. It connects to the network and says is labeled as active, however there is still the yellow exclamation shield next to the connection. Firefox and other apps don't have access to the internet.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: No Errors Or Missing Dependencies Showing Up

Feb 13, 2010

In KDE I have no System Notifications, Kaffiene, Amarok2, Amarok and Xine immediately exit when opened without an error. If I try to open the System Settings/Multimedia or System Settings/Notifications control panels they also exit without an error. I have audio in other applications, MPlayer, Skype, VLC, Songbird, etc., as well as from the Konsole. I've tested Konsole audio using the published guidelines in the Audio HowTo, 'speaker-test' works fine for all users. In Yast2 I can configure and test the audio card without errors, but I am not able to get USB headphones working. I have been through the 'Check your multimedia problem in ten steps'. There are no errors or missing dependencies showing up. I've booted from the 11.2 Live CD and everything worked fine including KDE Notifications and application audio. I've tried deleting my .kde4 profile, this didn't fix the problem, and application and control panel behaviour remained the same with a clean profile.

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Fedora Networking :: Limited Connectivity - Clean Install F14

Dec 5, 2010

I just installed F14 on my thinkpad R61 notebook and I am not able to completely browse the web. By that I mean that I can connect and access and browse (from firefox) and I can install software and updates but no general browsing. I can successfully ping [URL] in a terminal but I am blocked in a browser.

I tried both hardwired and wireless connections to my router, same issues with both and my desktop machine running F14 works just fine (hard line) on the same router.I also tried disabling the firewall and it does not change anything.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Firefox - No Or Extremely Limited Internet Access

Nov 15, 2009

I've been running Suse 11.2 KDE on a 64-bit Dell Studio 1535 since last week's release, and have had no trouble using Firefox. At some point today, however, it stopped accessing webpages -- or, when managing to grab a page, it would do so without full html rendering. 95% of the time I get an error splash, while the other 5% I get some sort of truncated page that looks nothing like it should. Konquer and Opera work fine, as does KMail.

I tried deleting the file (no luck), then uninstalled/re-installed (no luck), then uninstalled and deleted every Mozilla/Firefox file I could find in order for a fresh install -- but this has not worked after several attempts. I still cannot get Internet access. How to completely wipe-out Firefox in order to allow for a totally new installation?

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OpenSUSE :: Missing Library To Run SeaMonkey

Apr 22, 2011

I've just updated my system from SuSE 11.2 to 11.4 (I'm using KDE desktop environment) I like to install SeaMonkey myself. I use the installer from the Mozilla site. When I try to run SeaMonkey, this is what happens:

./seamonkey-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Where do I get the missing library? I've tried searching for it on the rpmpbone site RPM Search and even they couldn't find it.

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Software :: Install Faac Codecs On Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic.after Running Configure And Make Commands- Errors

May 11, 2010

I am trying to install faac codecs on ubuntu 9.10 karmic.after running the configure and make commands i get this errors:

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Missing Library For Boxee Beta On Mythbuntu 9.04

Jan 13, 2010

I can install Boxee beta on my mythbuntu 9.04 installation, but when I try to run it, I get the following errors:

/opt/boxee$ ./run-boxee-desktop
/opt/boxee/Boxee: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found (required by /opt/boxee/Boxee)
./run-boxee-desktop: 38: /opt/boxee/give_me_my_mouse_back: not found

I get the same error if I run as root. For now, I don't care so much about the second error, but if anybody has some advice about how to resolve the first error (GLIBCXX...), I've used Linux for years (usually gentoo. I would be surprised if the version of Boxee compiled for Ubuntu 9.04 depended on an installed library without the proper compiler version.

Note that I am using *mythbuntu*, not ubuntu itself, so this may be part of the problem, but it would also surprise me... I'm happy to just install the correct library, but where is it?? I assume I should get it from Ubuntu, or I will break something.

I've also posted to the boxee support forum, but not heard back yet (they are probably busy!)...

Also, I've got Boxee alpha running in a 32 bit chroot environment (on my 64 bit machine), so at least *some* version of Boxee runs, but I wonder if there is some conflict between the two versions.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Create Network Bridge / Device Hooked Up Via Ethernet Had No Internet Connectivity?

Feb 25, 2011

I'm on opensuse 11.4 (11.3 won't work with my monitor).

My computer gets internet through wireless and I want to share that internet through its ethernet port. So far I've tried using Knetworkmanager to create a network bridge between my wireless and wired connections. I created a new wired connection and shared it using the ip address settings. I was able to get both connections active, but the device hooked up via ethernet had no internet connectivity.

I also tried this command:
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

but another test resulted in the same fashion (no internet on wired). I believe anything I add to /proc should have an immediate effect, correct?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Multimedia - Cannot Load Library /usr/lib/kde4/

Apr 11, 2010

When trying to access "Multimedia" from System Settings, I get an error message as follows:


Cannot load library /usr/lib/kde4/ undefined symbol: _ZN6Phonon12GlobalConfig28setAudioCaptureDeviceListForENS_8CategoryE5QListiE)Cannot load library /usr/lib/kde4/ undefined symbol: _ZN6Phonon12GlobalConfig28setAudioCaptureDeviceListForENS_8CategoryE5QListiE)

Possible Reasons:

* An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control module

* You have old third party modules lying around.

Check these points carefully and try to remove the module mentioned in the error message. If this fails, consider contacting your distributor or packager. And then when I click OK, it closes, and that's it. how to prevent this, so I can access the multimedia settings and change them. The reason I want to see the settings, is because Amarok 2.3 won't play any songs (even though version 1.4 still works).

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OpenSUSE Install :: Only Partial Connectivity To Internet After New 11.2 Install?

May 7, 2010

After earlier problems with 11.2-32, I replaced the 8 year old MB with a new Asus and an AMD Athlon II dual core CPU, 4 GB of RAM. New HD. First install of openSuse 11.2-64 completed, but have not been able to update repositories and Firefox won't connect to any WWW server outside of the LAN. Errors are about not being able to download from repos, can't resolve address, yet from a terminal on the 11.2 machine I can ping,, and the DNS servers. But the Updater Applet says "repo not available:failed to download..." It appears some programs, including the Updater Applet, can't resolve while others can.

I've gone through the configs of Network Settings in 11.2 to make them match a working 11.1 install on another machine. I've looked at the fire wall settings (http is not an option on the pull down list), Checked the router settings, but that shouldn't be the cause since the machine with 11.1 operates normally from the same LAN.Another odd thing: Obviously can boot from the CD drive, but putting a data disk in, Dolphin doesn't show the files. Related?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Sftp Or Ftps - Configure Another User To Go Over The Web With Limited Folder Access?

Dec 11, 2010

I want to share files over the web with only a few people and limiting them to certain folders. I have been doing a remote access (ssh) to my server to access it from a pc on the local network. I later found out the same program doing ssh (open_ssh) was also doing sftp, great I could do both with one system account. Problem I couldn't find away to configure another user to go over the web with limited folder access without messing up my user to access the pc. I tried ftps by using vsftpd, I couldn't get chroot set up correctly or even log in. So my question is what program and/or protocol should I use to do secure ftp over the web?

OS: Ubuntu 64bit 10.04

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Ubuntu Servers :: Have SSH Running / But Create A New Login With Limited Access

Jun 7, 2011

I have SSH running on a computer I use as a server at home and login to it for my own purposes but am needing to share access to this server with someone else, and I'd like to do it in a way so that when they sign in all they see is the contents of one folder and nothing outside of it. So I'd like them to have full access to this folder and do anything they want with it, but not be able to browse outside of it at all via something like WinSCP (they're using Windows). I'm thinking I need to create a new account for them to sign in with but beyond that I'm not sure what I need to do. The only other special thing is that the folder I'd like them to be presented with is actually on an external hard drive. We're going to be doing a lot of online music collaboration and I need to give him lots of free space to drop files and the internal hard drive doesn't have a lot to spare right now.

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Ubuntu Security :: PHP Is Not Running Under Apache 2 And Limited By The Www-data Filesystem Access?

Jun 30, 2010

I'm about to have a web server at home for the first time. I've always missed having full control and not having to contact my hosting company when I need to do some specific changes - and some changes they won't do for you at all.I've chosen the non-GUI Ubuntu Server with LAMP, and nothing more is installed really except for a couple of command line tools from the repository. The LAMP software has been locked down as good as I can by following some guides on the net and using common sense. Like Apache 2 don't have access to the file system except for the www folder, and setting the headers to Prod. MySQL has skip-networking and I've commented out the listen string to localhost. PHP has a truckload of functions that I've disabled in the php.ini, also by following some guides on the net, among some other security enhancing php.ini editing.

The only thing the server will serve is a well known PHP forum and some html docs, and that's all. Nothing advanced or complicated stuff, and I'm definitely not programming PHP myself or letting anyone do it for me.But I do want to sleep well at night knowing that my server is always on and sitting on the edge of my home network! And can I do that? I've heard that you don't need to be worried about getting your Linux server box hacked, but you should be worried about anyone getting root access to it. But is it really that simple? Ubuntu is shipped without root account and you must have the sudo password, right? What's the odds for anyone to get full access to my system?An issue: I've heard that Apache never must run as root. When I do a ps -ef, I see that there are several www-data processes running apache, but there's one root process running apache too. Is this normal and is it safe?An issue: I've heard that PHP can fail pretty easily. But isn't PHP running under apache 2 and limited by the www-data filesystem access?An issue: MySQL is running as a MySQL user, and I guess that's an unprivileged user right?

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General :: Excessive RAM Usage While Running A Limited Set Of Applications And No Obvious Culprit

May 13, 2011

I have run into a problem with my desktop using roughly 50% RAM (w/o buffers or cache) while running a limited set of applications (fbterm, tmux, weechat, ncmpc, rtorrent) on the command line. This usage only increases roughly 5-10% when starting X (an addition of xcompmgr, awesome wm, zim, parcellite, 2x conky (one replacing root-tails functionality), plus firefox and other apps that may or may not be running from time to time). (h)top is reporting programs only using roughly .1-.2% per proccess and roughly 100 processes (current look at top shows 120 processes, only 32 of which are registering any usage over 0.0%) The RAM usage when in the console (which I will add is about 150MB after boot) is totally unreasonable and I need some direction on trying to find out what is using all of this RAM.

Distro: Arch Linux
CPU: AMD 64 x2 4800+
HDD: 3x WD Black 750G (RAID 5 on partition 2 (swap) and 3 (root), RAID 1 on partition 1 (boot). LVM over root partition)
GPU: Nvidia 8400 GS

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General :: Dial-up Connectivity - Configure Kppp With Firewall - Find Lock Files

Mar 16, 2010

I have a desktop computer running Debian Lenny, a 56 K modem, and a dial-up account, currently configured like this: computer -> modem -> UPS -> phone jack

When I run off a Knoppix live CD, I can use kppp to configure pppd (using PAP/CHAP authentication and hardware control flow) to dialup and surf. When I try to user kppp to configure pppd exactly the same way on my hard drive installation, I get nothing. Both my Knoppix live CD and Debian Lenny use exactly the same version of kppp, but the pppd related files in /etc/ppp look a bit different.

Under both Knoppix and Debian Lenny hard drive installation, when I try to connect, the login debug window of kppp shows:

ATDT [phone number]

At this point I hear the modem dialing out, and when using Knoppix, after a few seconds I see


Which I think corresponds to my route to the InterNet being established through my ISP. When using the hard drive install, I never see the CONNECT, and all indications are that my modem is not sending authentication information at all, but getting stuck right after dialing out, so that my ISP gets a phone call from a modem which... refuses to speak. I never had any problems before, so I am baffled.

So apparently my system is currently misconfigured in some way which prevents point to point protocol from getting out.

I have a firewall on my computer which I set up using guarddog. I have enabled point to point protocol from internet zone to local zone. I know that ppp is a symmetrical protocol, but my understanding is that I do not need to enable point to point from local to internet zone. I have not enabled irc protocol because my understanding is that this is only relevant to software flow control using chat scripts. Does this sound correct? Is there some additional protocol I need to allow in order to use pppd to dial out?

When I reboot my computer (off the hard drive) I sometimes see that the system complaining about a failure to stop every process, and sometimes I see mention of an I have been looking for lock files; would they all be in /var/run?

When I use kppp to configure pppd, I want to do that as my ordinary user for at least two reasons, correct? don't want to run pppd as root user for security reasons kppp is a GUI and root user can't use X (on Debian)

So I should see in home directory of my ordinary user

But not in /root directory, correct? What pppd related processes should I see with ps -ef if everything is working?

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Fedora Networking :: Improve Internet Speeds - ISP Limited Connection Speed

Jul 5, 2010

Is there a way by which i can improve my Internet speed. I have a 100Mbps connection but the download speed is only 100kbps. I know that my ISP has limited by connection speed, but i am curious to try as to how i can get the maximum speed.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Getting ANY Network Connectivity On Macbook 5,5 Running 10.10

Oct 24, 2010

Anyone have success setting up either wireless or ethernet connectivity on a Macbook Pro 5,5 on the 10.10 Maverick install? Normally in the past with 10.04, etc... I just plug in my ethernet cable and update my wireless using "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source", but I can't even get my ethernet to work. I tried to load it from the live CD once logged in but couldn't figure it out.

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General :: Share Internet Connectivity To Another NIC?

Apr 25, 2011

I would like to share my internet connectivity on eth0 with another computer on eth1.

+-----------+ +-----------+ +-----------+
| | | | | |
|ADSL Router|-------------| Computer |-------------|NFS Client |
| | eth0| |eth1 | |
| | dhcp| |static | |
+-----------+ +-----------+ +-----------+

How can i maintain this network topology and allow internet connectivity with dns across my main computer?

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Ubuntu :: No Internet Connectivity On Win 7 Platform

Jul 20, 2011

I am using both win 7 and ubuntu using grub. If I connect to internet in ubuntu its working fine
but if I connect to net using win 7 internet is not working. However if I connect internet in ubuntu and restart win 7 without switching off router I can access net in win7 even if I switch off router and start again its working fine. But when I shut down system and router and switch on in win7 its not connection.

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Software :: Internet Connectivity Only Via IP Address?

Sep 9, 2009

I have a problem on internet connectivity. Let me explain. I'm using webkit for the browser, and when I try to connect to google, it does not connect. But if I use the ip address of this,, everything works. First of I had a suspicion from DNS but it seems ok. Because when I try to ping google, it is working again. I'm using an embedded linux, this problem on a MIPS platform, not PC. But I think there should be some settings onto webkit and this should be same with PC platform.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Library Audiobooks - Transfer Media Player To IPod

Mar 24, 2011

As most do now my local library has a decent catalog of audiobooks, which I would like to be able to listen to on my iPod. These books can be downloaded only by using Overdrive Media Console (which is available only for Windows and Mac, and also requires Windows Media Player to work!) and iTunes if you want to transfer to an iPod.

I've searched around for Linux friendly solutions. They fall into two categories, try Wine/virtual machine/dual boot to run the required software, or give up. But pretty much everything I have found is about four years old now. Has anything changed in the last few years, or is this still pretty much the way things are? At the moment I use my girlfriend's Vista computer to download books, but I would like to be as Windows free as possible, and able to do it on my own computer.

Can anyone offer advice for being able to download audiobooks and put them on an iPod, with a minimum of non-Linux software? Relatedly, I would also be quite happy to replace the iPod firmware with Rockbox, but from what I can tell that would make library audiobooks even less accessible (so asking if this is an option is like asking for $10 after being refused $1).

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General :: Improve Wireless Connectivity On MacBook Running Ubuntu?

Jul 22, 2011

I recently installed Ubuntu on my MacBook and it's great. The only problem is the Internet speed... on Mac OS X it is much faster which doesn't surprise me because both have been optimized to run fast.

I was wondering if there was a driver, or similar, that would improve the speed for Ubuntu?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Configure Internet Connection In 11.0 ?

Jun 18, 2011

I am having opensuse 11.0 installed. I have BSNL BB plan with "Always on" connection. How to configure internet connection in opensuse11.0 ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 New Install No Internet Connectivity / Need That

Oct 5, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 as a dual boot with Win/XP, using the text based installer. Installation seems to have completed OK and Ubuntu boots as expected - but Firefox cannot find any web-page.

How do I start look for the problem cause?

I should say that I previously had installed Kubuntu 10.04 (64 -bit). It was installed for a few months up to May 2010, but then it suddenly lost all internet connectivity after I hibernated the system. Win/XP continued to work with no error. Despite some months of help and advice from the Kubuntu forum, I was unsable to solve the problem. Indeed one piece of advice resulted in the overwriting of my Win/XP installation. I have now re-installed Win/Xp and decided to install 32-Bit Ubuntu - but I am back into the 'no internet connection' problem again. Win/XP works fine.

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Ubuntu :: Mythbuntu 10.10 - Lost Internet Connectivity?

May 2, 2011

The internet has been working happily on my Mythbuntu machine for many months but stopped working overnight.If I try to do "sudo start networking" I get a "Job failed to start" message.There's also a solid orange light on the ethernet socket.As it's been working for months, I don't think my interfaces config needs updating.Looking at what's been updated recently on the system:

1) I've configured the machine to wake from USB. It was working for a couple of days so I don't believe this is the issue.

2) I set up wake-on-lan with ethtool. Again, this was working (although it did seem to disable wake-on-usb and required a reboot to fix)

3) Update to 11.04 - I said no to this, as 10.10 was working very nicely indeed.

I've disabled wake on lan and rebooted. No joy.

ethtool detects the ethernet controller ok and it's listed in lshw.

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General :: Internet Connectivity Via Dial-up Connection

Feb 17, 2009

I'm using Linux Mandrake 9.0 on my Dell 750MHz laptop. Linux is not making a dial-up connection, but modem test showed passed. Is there any utility to fix this problem. I have to often use dial-up connection.

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