Fedora :: Install F14 On Laptop (Dell D820) Thunderbird Doesn't Show Up?

Feb 21, 2011

When I install F14 on my desktop, everything works 100%. I can open up the Add/Remove Software search for Thunderbird for example and install it. When I install F14 on my laptop (Dell D820), Thunderbird doesn't show up when I search, and when I look at the software sources, nothing is checked. When I try to enable it, it says could not contact fedora and it will be disabled. as to what is different between the two installs?

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Debian Installation :: Dell Latitude D820 'dead' On Squeeze Upgrade?

Feb 8, 2011

My Dell Latitude D820 had lenny installed and working fine. I did not have anything exotic installed (other than perhaps nividia drivers). I went about upgrading to squeeze following the notes/documentation on the debian web site. During this process it mentioned that the following firmware was not going to be installed (as it is not freeware; BTW I had non-free in my sources.list):


On reboot it was clear that the new kernel was not in a healthy state. Even when booting with older kernels I had serious stability issues. After about half a dozen reboots trying to resolve problems I was experiencing the laptop would not even load the Dell splash screen on power up. I could not even navigate into the BIOS. Nothing appeared on the monitor (or external monitor).

I put an ISO disk in the DVD drive to see if it would boot from the DVD; it seems to load but absolutely nothing appeared on the screen. I tried navigating the grub menu (not displayed) and load my windows partition. When it booted to the point where windows would normally display the GUI it flashed several times and displayed a 'BSOD' with the following message:

*** Hardware Malfunction.
Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
*** The system has halted ***

It looks like my laptop is now FUBAR. It is out of warranty so any fix is likely to be DIY. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Fedora Installation :: Microphone Doesn't Work With FC14 On Dell Laptop

Nov 18, 2010

How to make the mics work on a Dell XPX M1330 laptop. This seems to be a common problem with built in mics on laptops. I've tried all the obvious things with alsamixer and pulseaudio.

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Installation :: D820 Refuses To Install System / Fedora - Fix This?

Jun 3, 2011

I am a new to linux. I recently purchased a used dell d820. It has 2 gigabites of ram, and has centrino duo. The hard drive is 80 gigabites. I used boot and nuke to erase windows xp, in order to install linux. (I was quite unhappy with the screen, codec, and other problems I was having with windows.)

However, each time I try to install Fedora, or any other version of linux to the hard drive, the computer shuts down ENTIRELY.

Is there a way to fix this? I seems like my machine just doesn't like linux?

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Fedora Installation :: Can't Install F15 On Brand New Dell XPS Laptop / Way To Do This?

Sep 8, 2011

I just got my brand new shiny Dell XPS L502X laptop today and planned to do a dual-boot installation between Win 7 and F15. Win 7 went great but I can't even get the 64-bit Live DVD of F15 to load. The splash screen always hangs while the bar loads, but if I push ESC so I can see what's going on in the background, I get a whole lot of different error messages and the last message is "fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed." What I get is nearly identical to what I found in this post. I've already tried the usual kernel options that have always worked for me in the past, such as noapic, noacpi, and nomodeset. However, the Live DVD still won't boot. There's got to be a way to install this. Any ideas?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Install 12 On Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop?

May 12, 2010

I am using Ubuntu right now. But I wanted to install Fedora 12 on my Dell inspiron 1545 laptop. My questions are can I use a live cd if available for fedora 12 and then install it on my laptop like we can do for ubuntu. Are all the drivers available automatically installed during installation.

The problem I faced my last installation with fedora 11 was that I could not get the wireless installed and I was unsuccessful in installing the wireless drivers using ndis wrapper or b43-legacy or something.

Can you give me a detailed link which could allow me to install the wireless drivers and also the video drivers for my laptop. The problem I am facing with my ubuntu 10.04 is that it is slow, the flash plugin is worst i guess, some of the flash videos are very slow.

Taking all of these into account can someone suggest me a good operating system. I am pretty much interested in learning linux rather than just using it like a windows operating system. I am considering, fedora 12, suse 11.2, linuxmint, centos, mandriva. Which one could be a best possible for my installation.

As I am not willing to purchase a dvd for these linux flavors can I use my flashdrive to install.

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Connect To Internet On Dell Laptop With Dell Wireless Card

Dec 23, 2009

I am using a dell laptop which has Dell 1397 802.11B/G Wireless Mini Card. I not able to connect to internet and was not able to detect what actual problem is weather card is not supported (i.e. drivers are not available) .

Also, if any one can point to exact process to connect to wireless Lan using fedora12.

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Doesn't Show Up In Partition Loader?

Feb 1, 2011

But after installing Ubuntu from Wubi (From the .iso file) and I turn off my laptop, it doesn't show up in my Partition loader. It only shows Windows7 and thats it. Heres my laptop specs:

W7 Ultimate
Intel Core2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26GHz
4094 MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS
ST9320320AS Seagate 320GB 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Notebook Hard Drive

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Fedora Installation :: 13 Install Doesn't Show Ubuntu Partition

Jun 16, 2010

I had Vista installed then Ubuntu Grub showed both... then I wanted to try Fedora 13 an after install I had Fedora Bootloader but it only shows Fedora / other and other is Vista... how do I manually enter Ubuntu partition into /boot/grub.conf or should I just reinstall ubuntu grub and hopefully that will pick up vista and fedora? Lost on where to go with this.

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Fedora :: Lightning Does Not Show Up In Thunderbird Interface

Mar 2, 2010

I have thunderbird-lightning rpm installed but it doesnt show up in thunderbird. In fc11 with thunderbird 2 it was on the left bottom of the screen I think. I checked all the settings tabs but I can't find any reference to lightning. Is this a bug or is there something I have to do to see it? For now I'm using the standalone app sunbird but I really like to have the integrated lightning back in thunderbird. I also tried the lightning plugin from the plugins tab but it complains it's not compatible with gcc3 or something so I guess that's why there is a rpm package.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dell Laptop Won't Install W 10.04

Jul 12, 2010

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 desktop and burned the CD. I changed the boot order on my Dell Inspiron 8100 to search for CD first. On startup, I see it flash - ISO LINUX something ............ The light flashes on my CD drive for a minute or so. I see a little icon at bottom of screen with a stick figure of a man and something else for a few seconds, then I see a white cloud flash on the screen that reduces in size and disappears, after another minute or so of the drive light flashing everything stops and still a black screen. Then, I tried hitting escape key a couple of times and I heard a few seconds of jungle music. The drive light flashes again for a while but nothing else happens. It seems like it's almost there, but not making it all the way for some reason.

By the way, if it matters, my Dell hard drive is partitioned to C: and D: I thought it would run a little faster that way, but not really noticable. I have most everything on C: right now. I hope to install side by side as I have a couple of applications I need Windows for, but would like to use Ubuntu for everything else. More questions about that later, on getting it to boot from the CD?

Since posting the above earlier under Dell, I have been able to boot from a borrowed 9.04 disk okay. And, was able to boot another computer with the 10.04 disk that I burned. The disk is apparently good, so why doesn't 10.04 work and 9.04 does?

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Ubuntu Installation :: On Clean Install Of 10.04 Thunderbird 3 Hangs On Laptop Toshiba Tecra S1?

May 16, 2010

I have a problem with Thunderbird 3 on Ubuntu 10.04. When starting TB3 the 'mail account setup' box appears but can't type anything inthere... I can close the setup box... the main window is very unresponsive but cosing works also immediately. I fisrst did upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 having the problem. Thinking the upgrade might have gone wrong I did a complete fresh install on that laptop, even verified the CD with md5sum before installing. After the fresh and clean install the problem remains the same.

The machine having the problem is a Toshiba laptop Tecra S1 with 1GB of RAM. I do not experience any other problem with Ubuntu 10.04 on that machine, everything else runs like a charm, there also was no error during installation... I think this problem is related to the Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop because other machines I own don't have problems with TB3.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install 10.04 On A Dell Inspiron Laptop?

Aug 20, 2010

I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 on a dell Inspiron laptop. When I choose the install option in the boot menu it loads my to a log in screen. but Ubuntu has never been installed in my laptop.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Dell Studio 1735 Laptop Fails From DVD?

Jul 29, 2011

My Dell Studio 1735 laptop fails to install openSUSE 11.4 install from DVD. The installation tells me it failed to install "kernel.desktop" then grub only has a Floppy entry. When I boot to Recover System /boot has no initrd or kernels.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3 - External Monitor On Dell Laptop - Picture Blurry

Nov 23, 2010

I have Dell Vostro 3300 with Intel HD integrated graphic card and Samsung SyncMaster 2343BW external monitor.

This is the output of xrandr:

It runs on 2048x1152 full resolution, however, the picture on the monitor is blurry, it vibrates and looks like old TV with interlacing.

I tried to disable output to LVDS screen on laptop using xrandr but it doesn't help/

Previously I had HP laptop with integrated Intel and OpenSuse 11.0 and the external screen worked normally.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dell Laptop Lock Up After Update From 04 To 10 Or Clean Install

Mar 17, 2010

I have a Dell Laptop C640 Latitude that locks up with in a min or two of booting up after I update from 09.04 to 09.10 or if I do a clean install of 04.10. I do not know if it is the laptop or the 09.10 that is doing it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Partitioned Hard Drive Install On Dell Laptop?

Jul 13, 2010

I am getting ready to install Ubuntu 9.04 on my Dell laptop, only because 10.04 won't work. I have the hard drive partitioned as C: and D: . I am keeping Windows on C: for a couple of applications that need it. I still have a few things on the D: drive. Do I need to have it completely clean and formatted? And, will Ubuntu ask where I want it to be installed or will it just take the largest contiguous space available? After the install, does the system automatically ask if I want Windows or Ubuntu or how do I tell it which system to bring up?

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Fedora Installation :: Get F12 Running On My Dell D600 Laptop?

Nov 21, 2009

i am trying to get F12 running on my Dell D600 laptop and am having some SERIOUS networking issues.

i had F11 running, but the upgrade process was FUBAR'd and doesn't work so i had to do a clean installation. upon finishing that, i now have no network connectivity.

i try connecting an ethernet cable to eth0 (LAN connection), no connection. i try connecting to my wireless network using wlan0, no connection

i turn off network manager, try adding them manually same thing.

how the frick do i get this thing to connect to the world?

Edit: p.s. the only connection that i've been able to get so far is some halfway connection to my wireless, but it puts me on the 10.x.x.x subnet, and my entire internal network is on 192.168.1.x.

Edit: one other thing, every time i make changes and reboot it tells me to log into system-config-network as root and make further changes

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Update BIOS On Dell Inspiron Laptop?

Jun 8, 2010

I installed REL 5.5 on this Dell laptop (originally win 7) and everything works ok except when i get to the login GUI the LCD brightness (or lack of) sets to it's lowest so i have to click the f5 button to brighten the screen. If I log out, the LCD resets to the dimmest setting (can hardly make out the login GUI) and again I have to click on f5. I believe I need to update the BIOS but I don't know how. The BIOS update I dound on-line if a xxx.exe file.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: HTTP Links In Thunderbird Doesn't Work

Jun 29, 2011

after updating to fedora 15, the http links in Thunderbird doesn't work.I have tried many solutions, but without result.
- in prefs.js add :user_pref("network.protocol-handler.app.ftp", "/usr/bin/firefox");
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.app.http", "/usr/bin/firefox");
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.app.https", "/usr/bin/firefox");- I have tried it with KDE and GNOME.
- move .thunderbird to .thunderbird.backup and reopen thunderbird. But still same problem.
- When I create a new user it works correctly! So I think it must be related to the update.
- I also change the default application (in System Settings) to google-chrome and Opera. But no result.
- http-links in other application (dolphin, nautilus, ...) works correctly

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OpenSUSE Install :: Setup On Dual Boot With MS-Vista On A Dell Studio 1537 Laptop?

Dec 20, 2009

This is not strictly a Linux question, although I am interested in any Linux cautions as to what to avoid that could impact my Linux on the computer in question. I have Linux (openSUSE-11.1) setup on dual boot with MS-Vista on a Dell Studio 1537 laptop. My wife is "fed up" with Vista, and has asked that I replace Vista with WinXP on this Laptop. I would like to do this over the Christmas holiday break. The laptop's 1 year support warrantee has expired. can someone explain to me the function of the two Dell /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2 partitions ?

This laptop was purchased with MS Vista installed, with 3 primary partitions (small /dev/sda1 (called "Dell Utility" ),10GB /dev/sda2 (unknown - appears to be some sort of Dell backup/recovery partition ? ), /dev/sda3 (MS Vista which had the remainder of the 250GB drive, although I have subsequently reduced this to 69GB ).

Again, I note /dev/sda3 is the 69GB MS Vista partition (I reduced it to 69GB when I installed Linux (openSUSE-11.1)). I also believe it may be in /dev/sda3 where I should plan on installing winXP. Currently I have openSUSE-11.1 Linux in /dev/sda4 (divided into extended partitions, with /dev/sda5 (swap), /dev/sda6 (root), and /dev/sda7 (/home) for Linux and it works well. I plan to keep openSUSE-11.1 Linux when Vista is replaced by WinXP Can I remove and merge /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, and /dev/sda3 and replace them with one partition for WinXP ?

Or am I better OFF keeping /sdev/sda1 (Dell Utility) ? and am I better off to keep /dev/sda2 (some sort of Vista ?? recovery) ? and only put winXP on /dev/sda3 ? Aside from the MBR with Grub being destroyed (when I replace Vista with winXP) is there anything else I need to be careful of wrt keeping my openSUSE-11.1 Linux install on this laptop ?

I've also sent a slightly different version of this post as a question to the Dell Support mailing list. p.s. for information, here is some output from Linux commands showing the contents:


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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.3: Unable To Boot On DELL Laptop With External Screen Attached To VGA Plug

Aug 23, 2010

1. When booting standalone (no extra display) everything works just fine

2. After plugging in an external display on VGA slot, the boot process hangs during xdm start


OpenSuse 11.3
KDE environment
DELL Latitude e6510 with 8G of RAM
Graphic card is DDR3 NVIDIA� NVS 3100M 512 Mo

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Fedora Installation :: 12 On Dell Laptop - First Boot Localhost Login ?

Nov 24, 2009

I tried to install fedora 12 in my old dell laptop LATITUDE D800. In first boot I get the black screen with

localhost login:

I see several discussions regarding this issues, but I could not resolve the problem. For example, I cannot find system-config-display. This is a fresh installation and there are no other OS in my hard disc.

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Fedora Hardware :: Dell Studio 1537 Laptop - Can't Get Online With Computer?

May 25, 2010

i just installed fedora on my dell studio 1537 laptop, which has a broadcom 4322 for wifi, but the device isn't showing up and i can't get online with that computer.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Ethernet Card Not Detected In Red Hat 5.3 In Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

Jun 14, 2010

i have installed red hat 5.1 on my dell inspiron 1525 laptop.It is not detecting any ethernet card.driver is marvel yukon 88E8040So far i found this package to be installed kmod-sk98lin-PAE- but it is showing me the dependencies problems..

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General :: Brightness Keys Not Working In Dell Inspiron Laptop With Fedora 12 OS

Apr 25, 2010

I have installed Fedora12 on Dell Inspiron laptop. Here are my key details of my laptop.

<Fn + F4 > ---- For decreasing Brightness
<Fn + F5 > ---- For increasing Brightness
<Fn + F2 > ---- To enable Bluetooth

I am able to enable bluetooth by pressing <Fn + F2>, But I am not able to increase OR decrease brightness of my laptop screen.I have attached keymap of my laptop by the output of

xmodmap -pke
Please find the attachment keymap.txt.

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Fedora :: Tap Doesn't Works In F14 On Dell Xps?

Feb 9, 2011

The tap of the touchpad not working in Fedora 14 have to click with the left button of the laptop.

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Red Hat :: Yum Install Kernel Doesn't Show In BUILD Or SPEC?

Mar 12, 2011

This is from Centos 5.5 so I apologize to anyone who may be offended.I installed my system and it came with kernel 2.6.18-194.el5. I installed the src.rpm of this kernel with rpm, patched, and built it. Then I did a yum -y install kernel.i686 which installed kernel-2.6.18-194.32.1.el5.centos.plus.src.rpm. Since this was a yum install, why doesn't this new kernel version show in the BUILD and SPEC directory?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Server Install On Laptop Doesn't Install Pcmcia Support?

Jan 12, 2011

I am installing Ubuntu Server 10.10 on and old Dell Laptop. The network connection is an Xircom PCMCIA card.During install, the computer sees and interacts via the network just fine. For example, I can ping the gateway. Also, the command "lspcmcia" works and show the Xircom card.When I reboot, however, there is no network access, and the "lspcmcia" command is not there. When I try "lspcmcia" the OS helpfully tells me that I can "apt-get" pcmciautils, but, without network access, that fails.I tried adding the install cdrom to apt using "apt-cdrom" and then tried to "apt-get" pcmciautils and it got further, installing some dependencies, but acted like it still was unable to locate the pcmciautils package.

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Fedora Networking :: 14 Wireless On Dell X1 Worked, 15 Doesn't?

Jun 19, 2011

I did an inplace upgrade on my Dell Latitude X1 from Fedora 14 to 15 using dist-sync as per instructions on the website. It was not entirely smooth but I believe all the packages are now present and correct. Initially, about half the packages were still on f14 and the machine barely booted. I booted single user (nothing else was possible) and persuaded yum to fetch & install the rest.I was using wicd on 14 to connect wirelessly and it "just worked". I used wicd because I found NetworkManager didn't work.

On upgrade to 15, wicd now fails, and NetworkManager still does.icd i get an authentication failure, though the pw is correct. The only clue in the logs I can see is that wicd complains of not finding python-iwscan, and doesn't seem happy in using dhclient. Of course p-iwscan isn't in Fedora. Is p-iwlib similar? For wlassistant onnect failed.NetworkManager is currently refusing to acknowledge the existence of wireless on the machine, though occasionally it has addmitted the possibility. Then however I can neither scan for an SSID nor enter one manually ** Using iwconfig and setting the key manually *appears* to connect to the AP, but dhclient won't get IP data for it (if I ask nicely, it appears to try but isn't transmitting anything)The wireless card is an Intel ipw2200 chipset built into the X1. The ethernet port is working ok now, using a Broadcom chip.

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