Fedora :: Writing To NTFS Causes Fragmentation / Solve This?

Aug 26, 2010

For some reason when i write a file to my NTFS-partitioned external HDD the files seem to get severely partitioned. This only happens when writing to it from within Fedora.
Windows Vista doesn't seem to do this.

This image is a screenshot from MyDefrag.
On my other hard drive i have a 7GB file consisting of 1400 fragments.
i'm guessing this is too much fragmented, because it was a completely empty hard drive before it wrote the file.

What could have caused this please? and how can i solve this?

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Debian :: Risks Of Data Loss When Writing On A NTFS Using Ntfs-3g?

Mar 6, 2011

Are there risks of data loss when writing on a NTFS using ntfs-3g, and will windows have trouble reading from that system later?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Writing Into NTFS Partitions

Apr 3, 2010

I'm new to OpenSuse 11.2, In Yast partitions configurations, I've mounted all NTFS partitions successfully without ticking "read-only", and according to this webpage: NTFS - openSUSE I checked my fstab file, there's no "-ro" in the file. But I still couldn't write to any mounted NTFS partitions, I can't do paste file, can't save changed files into NTFS partition.

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Security :: Reading/writing Encrypted NTFS?

Jul 25, 2010

My main workstation incorporates a mixture of ext3, ext4, and NTFS partitions scattered across a number of hard drives. Several of the ext4 partitions are encrypted, and I intend to encrypt the rest of the Linux partitions in the near future.I run VMware workstation, with several Windows OS guests, including Win2K, WinXP and Win7. My Win7 VM is installed on a virtual hard disk, and that virtual hard disk is encrypted using VMware facilities.So this leaves me with a bunch of NTFS partitions that are not encrypted. These are physical partitions on a couple of different hard drives. The reason I have them is ancient and historical, and as I have upgraded my system over time I have maintained the architecture due to the extreme difficulty of rearranging Windows systems.I still need to maintain Win2K and WinXP support, and rearranging those virtual machines would represent a hideous nightmare for me; I really want to maintain the same hard drive partition architecture.But I want to encrypt the NTFS partitions, in a fashion that can be handled by any of the Windows operating systems, AND can be accessed for read and write from Linux.Is this possible? If not using Windows facilities (I don't think ntfs-3g handles encryption, and there are known backdoors in the Windows facilities anyway), is there any third party solution that would work? Would True Crypt do the job in a fashion that would permit access from all the various operating systems, as required? I do generally mount the NTFS partitions in whichever Windows VM is appropriate, then share them out via SMB, but there are circumstances (like when a VM is not running) where I will directly hit them from Linux. So, it is possible for me to contemplate a solution that only works from Windows, but this would cost me the ability to repair/modify those filesystems directly from Linux, which under certain circumstances (a malfunction of the VM, for instance) could be a problem.

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OpenSUSE :: Permission Error When Writing To NTFS In Dolphin / Get Rid Of It?

Mar 2, 2010

I'm fairly new to linux and I have a dual boot laptop with OpenSUSE 11.2 and Windows 7. I have ntfs-3g and have full read-write ability to my Windows drive through OpenSUSE thanks to NTFS - openSUSE. The only problem is whenever I write to the NTFS Windows drive via Dolphin it does the writing but I get an alert box saying:
"Could not change permissions for <path to new file>" with an OK button.
If I write more than one file I'll get one alert box for each file unless I don't press OK until after it finishes writing all the files in which case it will just give me that one that it was showing (once I press OK there aren't any more boxes).
Since I have full ability to read-write this isn't that big of a problem it's just annoying as hell an I'm sure it's pretty simple to get rid of. code...

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Ubuntu :: How To Ext Fragmentation Resistant

Apr 24, 2010

I told my friend ext3 and ext4 are very fragmentation resistant compared to ntfs and he questioned me as to what happens if a small file was removed from in between other file chunks and then another (larger) file was to be written and it wouldn't fit there; where would it go? His argument was that the ext filesystem does need to defragment in order to get past that and his argument seems logical. Does anyone know the answer to this? (because it actually captured my curiosity)

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Ubuntu :: De-fragmentation Of The Hard Disk?

Jan 30, 2010

How i can de-fragmentation of my hard disk in ubuntu. and what is the command for scan disk in ubuntu.

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General :: File Fragmentation Under Ext Filesystem?

Aug 11, 2011

I heard that the ext file system does not causes file fragmentation. Could some one explain how this is achieved. And how come a file does not divides in to fragments as compared to Windows based Filesystems.

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General :: Avoid Internal And Data Fragmentation?

Jan 11, 2010

Is there any way to avoid internal and data fragmentation?

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General :: System Do Fragmentation On Virtual Address Space?

Apr 21, 2010

I have millions of small chunks of new's and delete's in my program. Even though no memory leak is detected through valgrind or purify, memory grows. But the growth is degrading over the number of times of the execution of the tasks. Can i think that fragmentation plays a role in this?

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Ubuntu :: Ext3 Anti-fragmentation - Does Not Provide The Extents Feature Of Ext4

Jan 6, 2010

I work with lots of big files >500MB. As ext3 does not provide the extents feature of ext4, I am concerned that some fragmentation may periodically affect disk performance. Noted I understand that using ext4 under these circumstances would be pointless, because the extents feature would be required to be disabled to allow compatibility using ext2fsd at this time, thereby removing any tangible ext4 benefit for my purposes.

Question Would an effective method of disk optimisation and anti-fragmentation be to simply copy all files from the ext3 media partition across to another entirely separate empty backup ext3 drive, before copying them all back over to the ext3 media partition again? Would this mean that when all the files are copied back again, they would be placed back in the 'correct and optimum order', so to speak? PS: I cringe in advance at the n00bs who are likely to reply to this thread with 'ext3 cannot become fragmented'!

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Adding Ntfs Module - FATAL: Module Ntfs Is Not Found

Jun 8, 2011

I am using Redhat linux 5 version 2.6.18-164.e15 with platform i686. I need to add ntfs module. I execute following command

#modprobe ntfs

but it say FATAL: Module ntfs is not found.

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Fedora :: Several Bugs With 13 How To Solve Them

Sep 6, 2010

I have quite some issues with Fedora 13 and don't know how to solve them. First of all may application crash always with the same notification

usr/bin/"the crashed ap" was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
When using yum I often get this


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Red Hat / Fedora :: Writing To Log File In C?

Apr 1, 2010

I am trying to write into a single log file from 3 different applications in C. In one of the applications I am forking out 5 instances. I would like to know what is the best way to open and close the log file in which i want to write from these applications. Should I open and close it at the start and end of each application or is it ok performance wise if i open and close it inside the log function which will be called for every write.

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Fedora :: Not Able To Get Kernel Source / Solve This?

Sep 5, 2009

Trying to get the kernel source ...

rpm -ivh kernel-
error: open of kernel- failed: No such file or directory

rpm -ivh kernel-
No package kernel- available.

What am I doing wrong?

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Fedora :: Winetricks Not Working For 1.1.36 / Solve It?

Feb 5, 2010

I've been trying to get Full Tilt Poker running for a while now, with the 32bit wine available for x86_64, but it complains about phonon4.dll not being able to initialize. I've tried using winetricks to get it working, since it's as good a starting point as any, but even if I do the program bails out on me constantly with:


winepath -u %ProgramFiles% returned empty stringles

in a box, or if I start winetricks from terminal.

What's wrong with it?

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Fedora :: F13 Freezes Often At Boot Up / Solve This?

Jul 3, 2010

I have fedora 13 64 bit installed on my desktop. I have i3-530, 2G ram, wd 500g sata, ide samsumg dvd-rw, asus h55 mb, geforce 9600 low profile.
problem is f13 often almost always freezes at boot up.i.e., after grub, that blue heart hangs on there waiting to be filled up.. but wait forever.
what might be the problem?

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Fedora :: Kernel Crash In F14 64 Bit / Solve This?

Dec 26, 2010

The best word that suits me to introduce is I am a novice! :-) but it is the difficult part get over with the new things and learnings!

Well once such situation made me introduce me to you is "Kernel Crash". I've recently installed Fedora 14 64 bit version on my HP HDX premium series, since then this Kernel crash is chasing me down! code...

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Installation :: Fedora Won't Install Into 4 GB / Solve This?

Jun 25, 2011

I usually don't have problems installing Linux but Fedora won't install into 4 GB for me. I get to the partitioner, try to create a 4 GB partition, actually have 7 GB free, but it tells me there is no space on the drive. As I said, I usually don't get this problem but have not tried Fedora before and don't understand.

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General :: Fedora 13 Dvd Won't Boot / Solve This?

Jun 28, 2010

I downloaded Fedora-13-i686-Live.iso from the fedora project web site, and did the instruction on how to burn it using dvd. i used nero selecting burn a CD from an image file. after doing that, i restarted my laptop to install fedora 13 choosing to start the boot at the disk dvd but it won't boot to run the installation. instead the laptop will resume booting to its previously installed OS, fedora 9.

i browse the dvd media and there are 3 folders namely EFI, isolinux, LiveOS and GPL file.

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Fedora :: How To Check Who's Writing To The Disk

Mar 22, 2010

It frozen up occasionally, when that happens, usually the harddisk light lights up continuously. So I suspect some process is writing to the disk, which prevent other process to go on. how do I find out who's using a lot of IO?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Winbind Keeps Writing Messages To Log?

Nov 17, 2010

I have a few Redhat 8 servers that I have shut the winbind service off, yet I see lots of message int he /var/log/messages log in regards to winbind. The message i am seeing are

pam_winbind[25640]: write to socket failed!
pam_winbind[25640]: internal module error (retval = 3, us
er = `root'

There is a lot of these messages in the log.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Writing In Japanese - Use IBus ?

May 26, 2011

I need to write in Japanese, I know that I have to use iBus, but I don't know where to find it. I only know that it is installed, do you know where can I find it? I'm using Fedora 15

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Fedora :: No Mouse On F10 Virtual Machine / Solve This?

Dec 21, 2010

I have just installed Feodra 10(I need Fedora 10 due to the software I have to run) on my Sun Virtual system.

When I move my mouse into the area of Feodra it does not work ( I do not see a mouse pointer)

How can I solve this problem?

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Fedora :: Writing GNOME Programs In LISP?

Nov 27, 2009

Are there frameworks/bindings for writing GNOME programs in LISP or java or one of the BASICs? Can I write a GNOME program in Objective C?

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Fedora :: How To Keep Script From Over Writing Enviornmtent Variables

May 2, 2010

#! /bin/bash
for data in $@


The sript above is executed:-

./script file1 file2 file3 file4 file 5...

The error is that instead of showing the inode etc, of the ALL FILES IN COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS, THE SET COMMAND OF LINUX OVER WRITES THE $@, so only "ls -l' of 1st commadn argument(file1) is displayed. The script should display it for every file in linux directory.

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Fedora :: Can't Switch Keyboard Layout To Another Language / Solve This?

Jan 14, 2009

I have installed LXDE recently and I'm very happy with it,but there's one problem,which is that i can't switch the keyboard layout to another language,which in my case is Arabic,how do i solve this problem?

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Fedora Servers :: Executive File Cannot Be Opened / Solve This?

Feb 4, 2009

I have a server installed with a Fedora 8 and the other client PC were installed with Windows XP. Recently, I copied an educational courseware (this courseware is developed specially for Windows based PC) into the Linux-based server. I found that the .EXE (application file) :were unable to be opened in all of the clients and also the server. How can I solve this problem?

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Fedora :: F11 Sound Crackling In Media Players / Solve This?

Sep 14, 2009

When I installed fedora 11 I had bad sound which crackled and crashed. I followed this guide -http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=225660 - which fixed my issues in videos playing on the web and in VLC. However; in the last few days sound has bugun crackling again in VLC while playing videos (web is fine). All updates have been applied and I am running 32 bit Fedora 11.

Also totem when playing video crashes, freezes, crackles etc while playing videos though playing sound files is fine with no issues. Any ideas how I might solve this and get my sound while playing videos back to how it used to be?

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Fedora :: Can't Find C Library Manual Pages On 11 / Solve It?

Oct 5, 2009

I cannot find the C library manual pages on fedora 11. Are info pages the same as man pages?
or how can I install man pages so that I can use man 3 malloc?

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